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WageGannon6 Superstars Rumble is a fanon game made by WageGannon6. It will feature characters from WageGannon6's current series and upcoming series.


Like Shrek SuperSlam & Super Smash Bros but way diffrent. Instead of filling up a meter or getting a current item to KO opppenents, You will have to collect the letters S-L-A-M to do that. In order to earn a letter, you must do either a charged attack or a attack using a weapon. Once you have earned a letter, that letter will go to your Slam-a-Meter. Once you have all four letters, You can unleashe a super attack known as a Superstar Slam.


Arcade mode is a mode where you fight several oppenents in a epic adventure. First, you start of by picking a character then your first fights are 6 random fights with some of your unlocked characters. After the 6 random fights you will face your rival, before the rival battle, you will see a cutscene where your character meets up with their rival. After the rival batlte, You face the final boss of this game. The final boss of the game is a Kaiju version of Ice-Bat, once you defeat him, you beat the game. (Duh :P)

Versus BattleEdit

Versus Battle is a single fight mode where you pick your character, pick your oppenents, pick your arena, and fight! Here are some modes in that mode. The can also be played in Multiplayer.


Battle is the second main mode of the game. Here is a list of modes for it.

  • Normal Battle: Score the most slams before time runs out!
  • Slams To Win: Score an certain ammount of slams to win!
  • Lives: Last one standing, wins!

Capture the Flag Edit

Capture the Flag is where you hold on to a flag until time runs out. First one to have the most points while holding the flag, wins!

Slam Crazy ModeEdit

Slam Crazy Mode is a mode where all your attacks are a Superstar Slam. Period.

Survival ModeEdit

Survival Mode is a unlockable mode. To unlock it, beat arcade mode with all starting characters.

Playable CharactersEdit








Assist CharactersEdit




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