Walker Invasion of Earth-23000
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Previous American Occupation of Afghanistan
Concurrent War Against the Villain Armada
Next War of The Dead
Conflict War Against the Villain Armada
Date September 13th, 2014
Place United States of America
Outcome War Against the Villain Armada Temporarily Ended
United States of America Mostly Destroyed
400,000 People Dead
Deadkillers Founded
The Hero Coalition:
United Nations
The Villain Armada:
Walker Army
Aiden Pearce
General Elias Walker
Phillip 'Governor' Blake
William Carver
2,000,000 Coalition Soldiers + US Troops
Entire US Air Force and US Navy
1,000,000 Armada Troops
Entire Armada Fleet (Air Force, Navy etc.)
400,000 700,000
The Walker Invasion of Earth-23000 is the first event in War Of Heroes: Rise of The Dead, and an Event taking place after the events of War Of Heroes: Global Warfare and the direct result of War Against the Villain Armada, an extremely destructive, violent and deadly conflict fought between The Hero Coalition and The Villain Armada which eventually led to the Walker Invasion after the Battle of Washington DC.

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