War of Heroes: Age of Destruction
Official Poster
Developer Ubisoft-Pixar
Publisher Activision
Platform Xbox One
Genre Third-Person Shooter
Release Q4 2018
Modes Campaign
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: MA15+
Media Optical Disc, Digital Download
Series War of Heroes Series
Predecessor War Of Heroes: Origins of War
Successor TBA

War Of Heroes: Age of Destruction is a new game in the Armada Rising WOH Sub-Series, and the 25th intstallment in the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe. The game takes place on Earth-267 during the early days of the War Against the Villain Armada, and The Hero Coalition is fighting against The Villain Armada's Invasion Force, which is slowly crippling the defenders of Earth-267. Players will take control of John Connor (Bryant Prince) as he attempts to lead a Squad consisting of himself, Clementine Everett (Melissa Hutchinson), Angie Salters (Rose McGowan) and several other Coalition Members on a brutal mission that will take them into the heart of the Armada's Territory! The game is exclusive to Xbox One and set for release in Q4 2018.

Cast Edit

  • Bryant Prince as John Connor (Earth-267)
  • Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine Everett (Earth-267)
  • Rose McGowan as Angie Salters
  • Ashley Taylor as Blair Williams
  • Scott Whyte as Sam Dobkin
  • Julio Carnez as Decker
  • Dave Fennoy as Lee Everett (Earth-267)
  • Mark Grigsby as Griggs (Earth-267)
  • Kevin McKidd as John 'Soap' MacTavish
  • Billy Murray as Captain Price
  • Mikal A. Vega as Scarecrow (Earth-267)
  • David Vincent as Ozone (Earth-267)

Synopsis Edit

The year is 2014, and the War Against the Villain Armada rages globally across Earth-267, destroying thousands of Cities and claiming millions of innocent lives, and Military casualties alike. With time running out and no hope in site, leaders of The Hero Coalition grow desperate, and now the Battle of Los Angeles is burning an entire city. With the Coalition Base taken and destroyed by Armada Forces, a child known as John Connor must lead a Squad of Coalition Members into dangerous Armada Territory, with the fate of Earth-267 in the balance!

Character Profiles Edit

John Connor - John is the 11 year old, prophesied leader of The Hero Coalition. Once trained by his Mother, Sarah Connor, before the War even begun, to become the leader that would eventually destroy The Villain Armada. However, he has lost this belief after his parents were killed and is now a common Soldier, but he is incredibly skilled in Espionage, Stealth and heavy Gunfights. Some of his fellow Coalition Soldiers follow his lead, and there's something stirring inside of him that may yet restore his faith. He uses an M8A7 with an ACOG Scope, Grenade Launcher, Extended Magazine, Flashlight and a Long Barrel

Clementine Everett - Clementine, affectionately nicknamed 'Clem' by John, has known John for some time now, and is one of the very few who are familiar with his background. Lately, as things for the Hero Coalition have gone from bad to worse, she's been encouraging John into rising to the occasion and taking the responsibility of being the leader he is meant to become. Annoying as it is, John knows that Clementine has a point. She uses an M27 with a Millimeter Scanner Sight, Long Barrel and Laser Sight.

Griggs - Griggs is a survivor and one who has adapted to the way of the World after the Great Invasion and the start of the War Against the Villain Armada. He's tired of retreating from intense Battles, and hiding like a coward, and instead opts to strike back against The Villain Armada.

Angie Salter - Angie constantly suffers from stress trauma, barely holding it together but desperately looking for a reason to. A former schoolteacher, she has been trained with Weapons and Military tactics in order to face The Villain Armada.

Plot Edit

Prologue (Battle of Los Angeles) Edit

The game starts in Los Angeles 2014 during the War Against the Villain Armada, as John Connor narrates "I try to remember the way it used to be before the War. But it gets harder every day. The Armada is beating us back, so many different stories of defeat and so many different faces of death..." as it shows thousands of Soldiers from The Hero Coalition and The Villain Armada are in the middle of a very intense battle in the middle of the destroyed city, with hundreds of Soldiers dying and Aircraft such as VTOLs, Helicopters and Fighter Jets crashing into the streets and bringing down Skyscrapers. Dozens of XS1 Goliath MECHs then come in and gun down Coalition Soldiers using their Chainguns, the while using Missile Swarms and V09 Rockets to take out Heavy Tanks and Aircraft.

In the middle of the massive, destructive and intense battle, John Connor is seen running through explosions, bullets and gunning down several Armada Troops and shooting down Drones as he runs through a destroyed building, and then sees a massive H-K Drone Ship fly in and search the Building with it's Infrared Mode, and John hides from the Infrared Scanner. The Drone Ship then flies away as John runs to the top of a Hill and sees the massive Armada Invasion Force deploying thousands of Troops, MECHs and Tanks into the City, and John narrates "One thing remains constant: Whatever we try to do to stop the Villain Armada, it's never enough. Remembering the world how it used to be was a source of hope. But the truth is... I'm starting to lose faith." as he looks at the Armada's Forces, shocked at what is happening in the Battle below. However, a Helicopter is shot down behind him and he tries to run away, but it crashes right behind him and then explosion hits him, sending him flying and hitting the ground as he is knocked unconscious.

A few minutes later, John regains consciousness as he sees Clementine Everett, Blair Williams and several others come in and start shooting at hundreds of Armada Troops. Clementine then runs over to John and helps him up, saying "You OK, John?" and John tells her "I'm fine, Clem! We need to move now!" as Clementine passes him an M8A7 from a dead Armada Soldier, and Blair yells "Get into cover! Mortar Strike!!" as everyone dives into cover and then try to charge through the exploding Mortar Rounds all around them, gunning down dozens of Armada Troops at the same time. After several minutes of charging through XS1 Goliath MECHs, Armada Troops, shooting down VTOL Warships and Chinook Helicopters, John, Clementine and Blair manage to get to the Extraction Point as several UH-60 Blackhawks land and hundreds of Coalition Troops run into them as they start taking off. However, after Blair and the others get in the Chopper, a VTOL Warship comes crashing down and the explosion hits John and Clementine, the latter being evacuated on to the Chopper as John is trapped underneath several pieces of Debris, and a piece of Shrapnel has impaled him. Clementine then yells "John!!" as she runs out of the Chopper as it takes off, and she runs over to John and says "Hang in there, John! I got you." as she tries to pull the Debris off of him, but they see several of the Blackhawks get shot down from a massive Laser, and Clementine sees an Armada Harvester (a Giant Robot owned by the Villain Armada) slowly walk up, and she desperately uses all her strength pull John out of the Debris. Clementine then says "On your feet, Connor! Come on!!" as the Harvester fires Laser Missiles at them, and they run into a Building and have a close call with an explosion, which then collapse roof as the two start running as fast as they can to avoid getting crushed, and they dive out of the Building just before it explodes. When John lands, he screams in pain as the Shrapnel in his stomach goes in deeper due to his impact on the ground, causing his blood to pool as Clementine helps him up again and they run underground into a Subway System, and the Harvester gives up in chasing them and continues it's patrol of the ruined City.

Act I-III (Main Missions) Edit

The game then switches to 2 hours later at night as Clementine patches up John's wounds, and John says "Ow, that hurts..." and Clementine tells him "Well, what would you rather do? Have Shrapnel in your stomach or have me patch your wounds up?" and John responds "I never said you weren't good at patching me up. Just that it hurts, a lot." as they finish up and then start walking through the Los Angeles Outskirts, through a massive Monsoon as the rain beats down on the two. John then tells Clementine "I don't know what's worse, Clementine. Dodging bullets, falling Skyscrapers and crashing Aircraft, or freezing my ass of in this Monsoon." and Clementine says "I know an abandoned Radio Station nearby, we can stay there for tonight. Let's go!" as she starts running towards the Radio Station behind the Hollywood Sign, and John follows her with his M8A7 ready in case they run into any Armada Patrols.

A few minutes later, the two are seen inside the Radio Station as the Monsoon ensues outside, and John is lying down on the floor trying to sleep, and he says to Clementine "I heard stories, you know. About people who went crazy after the Great Invasion. My Mom always said that the Armada hunted these crazies down and experimented on them for some kind of Supersoldiers Program. You think they might be the XS1 Goliath Pilots?" and Clementine tells him "Those stories aren't true, John. There's no such thing as monsters." and John responds "I know." as he takes out a picture of him with his parents, Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese (this version of Kyle Reese is his adult counterpart from a Alternate Timeline, NOT the 11 year old one from War Of Heroes: Global Warfare. That version of Kyle Reese and the John Connor in this game are played by the same actor, so they look the same). Clementine then asks him "You miss them, don't you?" and John answers "Yeah. I'd do anything to have them back, Clem. I mean, they trained me with Weapons, turned me into the Soldier I am today, but... Every day for 4 years, my Mom always told me Inwas destined to become the leader of the Coalition. But I'm just a normal soldier, a little kid, and every day I slowly start to lose faith about two things: that my parents were wrong, and that the Coalition won't win. What do you think?" and Clementine tells him "You're more than just a regular kid, John. You're unique, and honestly, I think that your Mom and Dad were right. You just need to take some responsibility and accept it, because the Hero Coalition can't hold the Armada back for much longer. You are the one who's going to turn this War around, turn the Coalition from defensive to offensive." and John asks her "What if I don't know how to?" and Clementine answers "Promise me that you will hold on to hope. You need to keep hope alive, John. Alright, we should get some sleep." as she starts to fall asleep, and John has a flashback to what his mother, Sarah Connor, told him before the War: "The Future is not set. There is no Fate but what we make for ourselves".

The game then switches to the next morning as John and Clementine walk through the Hills and Clementine asks "So, what now?" and John answers "We follow the Riverbed back to the Coalition Territory, head back to the Hideout in Chicago. We should reach there in about 2 days." as they keep walking, but they hear someone tell into their Radios "This is Bravo 2-7, Sam Dobkin! We are going down above the LA Hills. Grid 224352, request any Coalition Members this net to-" and the two see a Blackhawk Helicopter crash into a nearby site, and John gets his Radio, then says "This is John Connor, we have your position, Dobkin!" and Sam tells him "John, thank God! We thought you'd gone down in the City last night. Damn it, we've got an Armada Patrol coming! Get over here as fast as you can!" as John and Clementine load their Assault Rifles and make a run for the Crash Site. The two then run through underneath a destroyed Highway and start to gun down dozens of Armada Troops, killing several more as they run through a destroyed Building. John then runs up the stairs and tells Clementine "You head into the Crash Site! Kill any Armada Troops you see, I'll cover you from the 2nd floor!" as she takes out a XRG-160 Sniper and sets it up, going prone in front of a window and aiming the Scope at several Armada Troops firing at the crashed Blackhawk Chopper, where several Coalition Soldiers are seen shooting at the approaching Armada Troops.

After all the Soldiers are killed, John walks out of the Building and Sam Dobkin, Angie Salter, Decker and other Coalition Soldiers all get out of the Chopper crash and several pieces of cover, and they approach Clementine and John, with Sam saying "Thanks, guys. I suppose we should get out of here and head for the Coalition Hideout in San Francisco. Let's go!" and Decker yells "Enemies incoming! Armada Troops and XS1s!!" and dozens of Armada Troops come in and start firing at the Heroes, who all get into cover as several XS1 Goliath MECHs drop in from the sky using Drop Capsules. As the Heroes all fire at the Armada Troops and kill them, John is almost hit by a XER Missile from a Goliath, but dives into a nearby Building and is hit by an explosion, and he hits the ground hard. John then disorientedly looks around as Clementine gets shot in the shoulder, then falls to the ground as the other Coalition Troops get into cover, but 4 of them are killed by the Armada Troops and the 3 XS1 Goliath MECHs. However, Clementine slides an RW1 Rail-Pistol over to John, and the latter shoots an XS1 in the chest, and causes the MECH to fire another Missile into the Building that John is in, causing the Building to start collapsing on to the Street as John runs through the Building, and the roof starts collapsing behind him, and he jumps out just before the Building collapses, but a huge explosion from a Pipeline goes off and blasts John back.

After all the enemies are cleared, Clementine helps John up and asks "You alright?" and John answers "Yeah, I'm alright. Looks like your shoulder is kind of the opposite, though." and Clementine holds her shoulder in pain, and then Sam comes forward and says "Alright, let's move. Angie, Decker, bury our dead and move up! Collect all the food, ammo, water and whatever other supplies you can! We're heading for San Francisco!" and John objects, saying "Whoa, hang on a second! We've still got Soldiers trapped in Armada Territory! What are we gonna do about them?" and Sam tells him "I'm sorry, John. But it's too late for them now. Come on, we're getting out of here!" and then Clementine agrees with John, telling Sam and the others "John's right, we can't just leave them! If we leave them behind, we're no better than the Armada!" and Decker tells them "It's too late! Now let's move before the Armada Search Party gets here!" and the Soldiers all start to run down the destroyed and abandoned street, while John and Clementine hang back, the former says "These fucking assholes are making my trigger finger itchy." and then they follow the Squad down the streets.

The game then switches to 4 hours later at night as John sits on the roof of a Building, and the Squad is inside. Clementine then comes over and sits next to him, saying "Dobkin says we can't go in to Armada Central and rescue those Prisoners. Fucking dick." as she loads her M27 Assault Rifle, and John asks "So, uh... Where were you before the Great Invasion?" and Clementine answers "I lived in Macon. My parents died when I was 8, and I met Lee Everett. He was my adoptive father, and he took care of me for 3 years. Then, the Armada came, and they... Well, they destroyed almost every city in America, and they killed everyone I cared about." and John says "Yeah, this War's been going on for a few months now. And already, millions have died." as he puts several Bullets into his M8A7 and puts the magazine in, asking "You really think that I'm destined to be the Coalition's leader?" and then Clementine says "Well, you are capable. You're a great example of what the Hero Coalition is. The opposite of The Villain Armada, that's what I think you are." and John's face goes red slightly, and he says "Thanks, Clem. Listen, uh... When we reach the abandoned Coalition Outpost that Sam told us about, how about you and me go to Armada Central and rescue those Prisoners? The Coalition could finally gain some leverage, because we're hanging from a thread that the Armada's about to cut." and Clementine hesitates with her answer, but then responds "Yeah. We can't just go out on our own, though." and they start to decide who to take with them. Decker then appears behind them and says "I'll come with you two. Blair's coming too." and John turns to him, asking "Why would we take you when you sided with Dobkin?" and Decker answers "We couldn't openly disobey a Commanding Officer. But now that Sam is complying with us, Blair and I are coming with you two." and then he leaves. Clementine then says "Alright, now we have people that are backing us up. We're about 2 miles out from that Coalition Outpost, so we'll restock on ammo and supplies there. Right now, I think we need some rest." and then she and John walk back inside the Building, and then Clementine sits near a wall and tries to get some sleep, while John does the same.

The next morning, John wakes up as Dobkin is telling Decker and Blair "-first, we need to resupply everything we have. Let's move out!" and John looks to the side and sees Clementine still asleep, leaning her head on John's shoulder. John then gets up and shakes Clementine awake, saying "Clem, wake up! We need to move out." and Clementine gets up, exhaustedly asking "Where now?" and John answers "Looks like we're heading to that Coalition Outpost as planned. Let's go." and he starts to walk towards the others, and Clementine tells him "Just so you know, me snuggling up to you like that? Doesn't mean anything, like, at all." (that quote was just for a few laughs, by the way). John then asks Dobkin "How far's the Outpost?" and Dobkin answers "Should be about a mile from here. Once we've resupplied our Ammo, Weapons and other Supplies, we should be able to go our seperate ways, but I have to be honest with you two: John, what you and Clementine are about to do is complete and total suicide! Who knows what is in Armada Central?" and John loads his M8A7 and answers "Guess we'll have to see. Decker and Blair are coming with us, maybe you and Angie can get out and call the rest of the Hero Coallition in for a Bombardment Strike. If we do that, we can cripple the Villain Armada and turn this mess of a War around!" and they start walking through the destroyed City and towards the Coalition Outpost.

A few hours later, the Squad keeps walking through the destroyed and abandoned Streets of Los Angeles as John and Clementine stay behind the others, and John says "Guess we did manage to convince them, right?" and then Clementine laughs, then says "Yeah. Too bad we don't have a Chopper, though, because my feet are fucking killing me!" and then, after a few more seconds, a wall behind Decker gets blasted open as an XS1 Goliath MECH comes in and punches through Decker, blasting his intestines out as Angie yells "No!!" and everyone starts shooting at the MECH, which spools up its Minigun and then fires at John and Clementine, who dive into cover, and then Dobkin yells "Run!" as everybody runs into a nearby Building as the XS1 starts walking after them. The Squad then makes their way into an abandoned Building, and then the Goliath walks in and starts shooting at them, but then the Roof explodes and crashes on the Goliath. John, Clementine, Angie and Blair then look up and see Dobkin standing there, saying "Told you guys to trust me! Let's move." and then the Squad moves to the 2nd Floor, and then everyone jumps through the windows and into the Streets (might be going into a Futuristic Assassin's Creed here).

The Team then run into a Building as they stop in exhaustion, and John says "Holy shit... Decker's dead, that MECH just... Killed him." and then Clementine tells him "Don't worry, we lost them. The MECH is dead..." but then the wall explodes and then 3 XS1 Goliaths and several Armada Troops charge in, and the Squad starts shooting back at them, and start running up the Stairs as John tells Clementine "I hate it when you're wrong!!" as they find an area with several Pipe Grenades and Rocket Launchers, and then Clementine sees the Weapons and says "Jackpot! Everyone grab these Weapons!" as they load their Weapons and start gunning down the Armada Troops with Assault Rifles and SMGs, while also using the XM-53 Rocket Launchers and Pipe Grenades to kill the XS1 MECHs. After a few minutes and close calls, John says "Grenade out!" as he throws a Frag Grenade at a few Goliaths and Armada Troops, which explodes and kills all the enemies and blows a doorway open, and then everyone runs through into the final Hallway as even more Armada Troops storm in and another battle starts. After a couple more minutes, the Heroes are all backed up into a corner, resulting in John getting shot in the shoulder by an Armada Troop with a KRM-262 Shotgun, and he screams in pain as the Troop walks up to him, saying "John Connor, prophesied Hero Knight. You're quite famous with our Troops, you know. Gonna make me famous killing you!" as he aims the KRM-262 at John, but then Dobkin yells "No!!!" as he dives in and the Troop fires the Shotgun, hitting Dobkin in the back, who lands a few feet away from John and then John grabs an RW1 Railgun Pistol and shoots the Armada Troop in the head and killing him as the Heroes clear out the remaining Armada Troops, securing another victory.

John then starts to get up as Clementine says "John, you alright?!" and then she helps John up, and then Blair says "Oh, no..." as Dobkin starts to stand up by supporting himself on a wall, but then collapses as Clementine asks "Wh-what happened to you?!" and then Dobkin painfully responds "I... Saved John... Knew he was... A Hero Knight." and then Angie asks "What? What do you mean, Dobkin?" and then Dobkin explains "I heard the legends about John Connor, the Hero Knight who would lead us to victory against The Villain Armada. John, listen... Just keep fighting the good fight. Don't let Ozone win. You're a good person, John Connor... And a good Hero..." as he breathes heavily and then dies as the whole Team looks at him and then John says "Come on, let's go." and then he walks away sadly as Clementine looks at him with a worried look on her face.

The game then switches to 4 hours later as John sits on a destroyed Rooftop and sees a few Armada VTOLs fly above, and he cries slightly as Clementine walks up behind him and sits next to him, asking "You okay?" and then John answers "I can't believe it. Decker and Dobkin, they're gone... Just dead." and then Clementine says "It wasn't your fault, John. There was nothing you could have done to stop those Armada Troops from killing them." and then she sees a clot of blood on John's coat, and says "John, you're bleeding. What happened?" and then John says "Got hit in the shoulder by a full Shotgun Round." and then Clementine responds "Holy shit, why didn't you tell me?!" and then John shrugs, saying "It's nothing, honestly." and then Clementine tells him "Here, let me take a look." and John rolls up his sleeve and sees his shoulder with bullet holes in it, and dry blood dripping down his back. Clementine then says "Looks like the Shells went straight through. I'll get you patched up." and she starts treating the wound. After a couple minutes, John groans in pain and asks "So, how does a girl the same age as me know how to patch up a gunshot wound?" and then Clementine answers "My guardian, Lee Everett, he taught me. He taught me a lot of things before the Great Invasion." and then she finishes treating the wound, and says "That should be okay now. How do you feel?" and then John responds "Physically, amazing. Mentally? Not too much." and then Clementine tells him "Okay, well... Try and get some rest." and then she hesitates for a few seconds, but then gives John a kiss on the cheek and says "We need you, John. Now more than ever." and then she walks back into the Building, and John sighs and follows her back to the Squad.

The game then switches to the next morning as John is seen operating a Comms Device, saying "This is John Connor, responding to the Coalition Mayday Call. Any Units in the area, respond?" and then he hears a signal say "Roger that, Connor. This is Griggs, glad to see you're all still alive." and then John turns to Clementine and asks "What do we have?" as Clementine scouts the area using her Advanced Binoculars, and she sees a massive Armada Base overlooking the City, and she answers "There's an Armada R&D Base in the Outskirts, overlooking the San Francisco Line." and then John calls Griggs, saying "Armada Central is in San Francisco, protected by an R&D Base near the Line. Clem and I are moving with the Squad now, get ready to commence the Attack." and then Griggs responds "Roger that, Connor. Command out!" and then John gets up and then he tells the Squad "Okay, here's the plan: We're going to take down the Armada R&D Base protecting Armada Central in San Francisco, and then the Coalition Air Regiment and Infantry Battalion will come into the City and Attack from our Chicago Stronghold. An Attack like this will officially turn the War in our favor and the Armada will be pushed back." and then Blair asks him "Well, why are we targeting the Armada's Central Base?" and then John answers "I didn't want to tell you guys, but... Ozone is there, and Scarecrow..." and then Angie tells them "Whoa, what?! The Supreme Commander of the Villain Armada and his Second-in-Command brother are going to be inside the Central Base of the largest Military Force in The Multiverse?!" and then Clementine tells her "John says we can kill both of them. And if that cripples the Armada, then I agree with John!" and then Blair says "Yeah, of course that's the reason you agree with him. Clem, you only agree with John because you've got a soft spot for him!" and then Clementine turns to her and responds "Fuck you, Blair! If you want to be a pussy here, then fuck off! Otherwise, step up and stand against Ozone." and then Angie says "It's not about taking a stand for Humanity! Clementine, it's about you and your boyfriend ordering this Team around until we're all dead! If you're so keen on helping the Hero Coalition keep their damn secrets, then maybe I should out a Bullet in John's head right now!!" and then Clementine punches her in the face, knocking her to the floor. Clementine then walks over to her and says "You listen to me. The only reason you're not sitting in an Armada Prison Transport right now is because nobody is coming to help us! This Team is all you have now, and we need to do this if we want to secure Freedom for the Human Race!" and then she walks away, and John looks at her and mouths "Wow..." and then they all move out, and Angie wipes some blood away from her mouth.

3 hours later, the Squad moves through the Hills near the Armada R&D Base as Clementine and John walk a few feet behind Angie and Blair. John then says "Hey, Clem, uh... That was pretty cool, what you did back there." and then Clementine laughs, saying "Yeah, well, I can't really bear it when one of our Squad isn't willing to help us in this War. Listen, John... When this Mission is finished, the War could be over. And I don't know how I'm going to go back to the way the World used to be." and then John looks at her and puts his hand on her shoulder, saying "Clem, I... I don't know either. We hate this War, but it's like a part of us now. Like an addiction... All the death, all the suffering and sadness. We can't escape it." and they keep walking towards the Base with the reat of the Squad. John then says "By the way, I was thinking about the little talk we had last night. You know, before you kissed me?" and then Clementine blushes, then asks "W-what about it?" and then John answers "You're right, this War will be over soon. But for now, all we can do this hope and... Wait, until the Villain Armada gets defeated. If we don't succeed here, there is no Future. But this War ends now..." and then he holds Clementine's hand and says "Clementine, I... I've been manipulated by The Multiverse ever since I was born. This War, the Armada... The Multiverse created them from Fate, and we met from Fate. But there's one thing the Multiverse could never manipulate." and Clementine looks at him, asking "W-what?" and then John pulls her closer, saying "The Multiverse never manipulated me into falling in love with you... I did that all on my own." and then Clementine starts tearing up, saying "John... I..." and then John responds by kissing her on the lips. After several seconds, the two stop as Clementine tells him "I love you." and the two kiss again, and John says "I love you too, Clem. Come on, we have an Armada to destroy and a War to win!" as the two start catching up with Angie and Blair, and the Team sneaks up on the Armada R&D Base, and then move through the Perimeter. However, they see no Armada Troops or XS1 Goliaths patrolling the area, and then Angie says "Something's not right here. Keep your eyes peeled, fingers on the Trigger. The R&D Section is on the left, few Chambers this way. Let's move!" and then the Squad makes their way through the Building.

However, after going through the first Room, the Blast Doors shut behind them and then the whole Squad raises their Weapons as Ozone (leader of The Villain Armada) is seen on several Screens, and then he says "John and Clementine, the two Hero Knights who hold the fate of Earth in their hands. Did you two and your Squad really think that you could ever infiltrate one of my Facilities and not expect a fight?! I am Ozone, the Ultimate Villain Lord, and no Hero matches up to my skills!" and then dozens of Armada Troops charge in and aim their Laser Rifles at the Squad, and then John hides a Flashbang behind his back and pulls the Pin, saying "Ready, Clem?" and then Clementine responds "I think you know the answer." and then John tosses the Flashbang and it explodes, blinding the Troops as the Squad guns them all down, before Clementine throws a Smoke Grenade and the Squad starts moving through the Corridors.

After a few minutes of gunning down Armada Troops and fighting their way through the Facility, the Team reaches the R&D Chamber and then Angie tells them "Everyone cover me, I'm planting the C4 Charges!" and then 4 XS1 Goliath MECHs come in and start shooting at the Squad, who take cover and then throw Frag Grenades at the MECHs, which all get damaged as John guns them down with a BRM Light Machine Gun. After a couple more minutes, Angie says "Charges set! Let's go!!" as the whole Team kills more Troops and run for the Base Elevators to escape before the explosion. The Squad reaches the Elevator as the Charges explode and the Facility goes critical, and then the Squad gets into the Elevator as John says "Look for the Controls!" but then Angie sees the Elevator Controls in the Hallway, and she runs towards them as John yells "Angie, no!!" as the Roof of the Facility explodes and starts collapsing as Angie presses the Controls, and she turns to the Squad and says "John, I have faith in you!" and then the Elevator closes as John looks on sadly, then says "Angie..." as the Facility starts exploding, and then the Team runs outside as the Building collapses. After escaping, the Squad looks at the Facility and John says "It... Shouldn't have been Angie back there." and then Clementine looks at him, saying "John, you inspired her! You're the reason she came on this Mission!" and then John responds "And now she's dead. She was right, you know, when she said it was a suicide Mission." and then they look at the fallen R&D Facility.

Just as the Team is about to leave the area, they hear Ship Engines powering up as Blair says "Look!" and then John and Clementine look up at the Sky, seeing several Coalition Carrier Ships, Fighter Jets, A10 Warthogs, Helicopters and V2 Ospreys flying through the Sky towards Armada Central (the Villain Armada's Main Base) and then Griggs says "Good to see you guys are still in the fight, Connor! We're sending down an Osprey to pick you guys up, and you can all use the Turrets for Air Support." and then the Squad gets on the arriving V2 Osprey and fly away with the rest of the Coalition Fleet as the A10 Warthogs start bombing the Outer Defenses of Armada Central, while the Fighter Jets engage the Armada Fighters above the Base, and the Helicopters drop in Troops and provide covering fire with their Miniguns.

Act IV (Final Battle at Armada Central) Edit

The game then switches to a few minutes later, as the Final Battle starts intensifying inside Armada Central, and then John and Clementine are inside the V2 Osprey and start firing the Minigun Turrets and Rockets at the Anti-Aircraft Guns and Armada Ships in the Sky, while also shooting Armada Troops all over the Base as several A10 Warthogs commence their Airstrikes on the Base as Carrier Ships from both sides are hit by Missiles and crash into the Base. The Osprey then lands as John, Clementine, Blair, Griggs, Soap and Price all equip their Weapons and start charging towards the Base in the middle of the highly intense Battle, dodging Missiles, bullets and explosions as they gun down dozens of Armada Troops and allow their Soldiers to advance as Aircraft crash all around them, and the Armada Carrier Ships sustain heavy damage in the air. John then dives away from an incoming XM-53 Missile and then grabs a Crossbow, firing its Explosive Bolts, which hit several Armada Troops and 3 XS1 Goliaths as Clementine jumps in from a pile of rubble and starts ripping through Armada Troops with her M249 SAW Light Machine Gun, while Griggs, Soap and Price all get into a back-to-back formation and gun down even more incoming Armada Troops.

After several minutes of fighting Armada Forces through the Base, John exhaustedly picks up his M8A7 and starts gunning down even more Troops as explosions go off everywhere, and the Squad starts to get surrounded as John runs out of Ammo and takes out his CA87 Shotgun, and gets shot in the shoulder (again) by an Armada Troop. John then shoots the Troops with his CA87 while Clementine uses a Glock 17 Pistol to kill even more enemy Soldiers. Just as the Squad is about to get surrounded, they hear the Coalition Comms saying "Air Support on the way!" as several A10 Warthogs fly above and start firing Missiles at the Armada Troops, XS1 Goliaths and even Armada Helicopters, which are all destroyed by the Airstrike. After the Airstrike is finished and the Armada Forces are flattened, John then falls to his knees and Clementine runs over to him, asking "John, you alright?!" and then John nods in response, but then everyone looks over to see Ozone hovering in the air with the damaged Armada Flagship, Earth Destroyer, above him. John then gets up and breathes heavily, then asks Ozone "That the best you can do?!" and then Ozone raises his arm and then a huge crowd of Armada Troops come charging in and assemble in front of the Villain Lord.

Clementine then looks at the Armada Battalion and looks over to John, saying "You had to ask?" and then Ozone tells the whole Squad "This is the best I can do. This is exactly what I've wanted: all of you, against all of me! How can you possibly hope to stop me?" and then John responds "Like Clementine said. Together." and then the whole Squad loads their Weapons, and then Ozone gestures for his Troops to kill the Heroes, and the huge crowd of Armada Troops start charging towards the Heroes, who start gunning all the Soldiers down as they are surrounded. The Heroes then keep on fighting and use all the skills they have to kill the Armada Troops, and then Ozone uses his Exo Suit to fly in and tries to kill Clementine, but then John jumps in and grabs him, before punching him into a wall and using an XM-53 to blast Ozone through the wall and into the Central Base. Before Ozone can get up and fight back, John jumps in and punches Ozone over and over, but then Ozone catches John's last punch and twists his arm, nearly breaking it as John screams in pain and falls to the floor as Ozone says "You..? Again? I should have killed you on Earth-135!" and then John looks at him, asking "What the Hell are you talking about?" and then Ozone laughs, saying "Of course, you don't know. Clementine never told you, huh? Well, you'll soon find out... Kyle Reese!" and then John looks up at him in confusion and shock, but then Clementine blasts Ozone with an EM1 Quantum and runs over to John, asking "You alright?" and then she helps John up, and then John has a Memory from Earth-135, where he (as Kyle Reese) is being saved by Clementine in a Subway (which is the opening scene of War Of Heroes: Global Warfare). John then looks at her and asks "Why did he call me 'Kyle Reese'? Kyle Reese is my father, and he's dead!" and then Clementine doesn't answer, and John asks "What aren't you telling me, Clem?" and then he is about to say something else, but then they are interrupted when Scarecrow (Ozone's brother) comes in piloting an Armada Interceptor Jet and then fires at the two using the Laser Cannons, which blasts the two several feet away from each other.

After Scarecrow's attack, Ozone starts to run away as Clementine shoots at him. Outside the Base, Griggs starts pulling Coalition Soldiers out of crashed Aircraft and pieces of rubble, but then Scarecrow starts flying towards him and shooting at the ground, moving the Laser Cannons towards Griggs as John gets up, and then runs over towards Griggs. Griggs then uses his own body to shield the Coalition Soldiers, but the Lasers only explode behind him as he slowly turns around and sees himself unharmed, but then turns to John. After the smoke from the Lasers clears, John is seen standing there filled with Laser holes all over his body as he breathes heavily, then says "Griggs... Get everyone... Out of this Base..." and then he falls to the ground as Clementine watches in shock, and then tears fall down her face and she drops to her knees and screams in grief, and then Soap and Price all run over to Griggs, who is picking John off the ground and then looks up at them.

A couple minutes later, Griggs sets John down in the Medical Bay of a Coalition Evac Ship, and then dozens of Coalition Troops come on to the Ship, ready to evacuate as Coalition Command sends out several A10 Warthogs to drop a Nuclear Bomb on the Base that will permanently cripple the Villain Armada. Meanwhile, Clementine is seen walking towards Ozone, who is now battered and bleeding, and he says "Clementine... If you stay here, you'll die." and then Clementine looks at him furiously and in grief, then says "I just did. Do you know how it felt?" and then she rams her fist through Ozone's open chest, and then starts brutally ripping the Villain Lord's Heart out, and then she rips Ozone's Heart out. Looking at the dead Villain's Heart, she looks back at Ozone and says "It felt like that!" as she walks over to the Coalition Evac Ship and sits next to John, who is lying on the Medical Bed next to her, and then the Coalition Evac Ship takes off, and once it is in a Safe Distance, the A10 Warthogs fly in and drop the Nuclear Bomb, which explodes and then causes a massive explosion that destroys the Central Base (along with any remaining Armada Forces with it), and then onboard the Medical Bay inside the Coalition Med-Evac Ship, Clementine holds John in her arms, saying "I'm sorry... I should have done more to protect you." as she starts crying quietly, and then John groans slightly in pain as his eyes open, and he tells her "No, Clementine... Don't say sorry, because you did all you could. The War's over, isn't it? The Armada's been destroyed?" and Clementine smiles in relief and then huge him with tears still streaming down her face. Clementine then says "Yeah, John. They're gone... It's all over now." and then John lies down on the Medical Bed, then groans in sharp pain and says "Ow... Those Lasers fucking hurt!" and then Clementine laughs slightly, saying "Oh, walk it off, you big baby! Where did they hit you?" and John answers "Chest, stomach, right arm... Yeah, it's just my Ribcage, a few other bones... And my internal Organs." as he lies down and says "I think I just need a little rest, huh? Or do you wanna stay here with me?" and then Clementine holds his hand and kisses him on the forehead, then walks out of the Medical Room and into the Ship Hallways. After the Door closes, Clementine activates her Comms Device and says "XO, we may have a problem. That idiot, Ozone, spilled the beans about Kyle Reese! Connor knows now." and XO (a character briefly heard in War Of Heroes: Multiversal Warfare) responds "Shit, that fucking moron. How do we proceed, then? Silence Kyle before John and Aidan find their brother?" and Clementine answers "You hurt Kyle or Aidan, you answer to me! And that will NOT be pretty! Besides, I have something else in mind, XO." and then she takes out a Documents Folder from a nearby Desk in her Quarters, which reads 'Provocator Program: Operation Birthright', teasing and harkening back to the events of War Of Heroes 3: The Sinister Six as the game ends and the Credits roll.

Epilogue: Coalition Victory Edit

The game then shows the text "The Villain Armada was defeated on August 22nd, 2014 after their Central Base was destroyed and their Supreme Commander was killed. With the entire World free from their grip, The Hero Coalition began the rapid Reconstruction of Earth-267 and was later refounded as the Global Government known as the United Dimensions Coalition. After rebuilding Earth-267 in their beliefs of Freedom and Democracy, the Reality became a Utopian Dimension and is now a Reality founded upon prosperity and Freedom of the Human Race".

Mid-Credits Scene Edit

The game then shows a darkened area as mechanical whirring and Mechanisms are heard, and then a metal Door slowly opens to reveal a Terminator Skull, which is then grabbed and picked up by Scarecrow. The new Villain Lord, disgraced by the failure of his brother, says "Fine, Ozone... I'll do it myself!" as he crushes the Terminator Skull, and then 2 more Villain Lords: Armadeus Ren and Skynet appear behind him, and then the screen turns to black and shows a 'To Be Continued...' Text, teasing the next Game.

Soundtrack Edit

  • 1. Main Menu Theme
  • 2. Battle of Los Angeles
  • 3. The Harvester
  • 4. Coalition Retreat
  • 5. Legends of The War
  • 6. The Chopper Crash
  • 7. Crash Site Battle
  • 8. John Connor's Theme
  • 9. Decker's Demise
  • 10. XS1 Goliath Chase
  • 11.The Ambush
  • 12. Pushing Them Back
  • 13. Dobkin's Death
  • 14. Infiltrating the R&D Facility
  • 15. Planting the Charges
  • 16. I Have Faith In You (Angie Death)
  • 17. The Coalition Arrives
  • 18. John and Clementine VS The Armada
  • 19. Ozone Arrives
  • 20. End of A Hero? (John's Sacrifice)
  • 21. Ozone's Dying Secret
  • 22. The Armada's Defeat
  • 23. Credits Theme
  • 24. Bonus Theme (A Hero's Steps - Credits)
  • 25. The Armada Will Return (Ending Theme)

Sequel Edit

Main Article: War Of Heroes: Age of Destruction II

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