War Of Heroes:
Bonds Across Time
Teaser Poster
Developer Ubisoft-Pixar
Publisher Activision
Platform Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Wii U
Genre First-Person Shooter
Release November 21st, 2018
Modes Campaign
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: R18+
Media Optical Disc, Digital Download
Series Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe
Predecessor War Of Heroes: Global Warfare
Successor TBA
"In 2018... Change History!"

- Tagline

War Of Heroes: Bonds Across Time is the latest installment in the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, and a soft Reboot of the War Of Heroes Franchise developed by Ubisoft-Pixar and under publishing by Activision. This Game was confirmed at E3 2018 and is said to follow 2 different Time Periods that link to the Ubisoft-Pixar Extended Universe. Players will step into the shoes of Clementine Everett during the final stages of the War Against the Villain Armada as she travels back in Time to stop the Creation of the Villain Armada's greatest Weapon: Skynet! The game was confirmed as a Crossover between Telltale's Walking Dead, Terminator, the Avengers and a new Franchise to be adapted: The Lone Ranger! The game is multi-platform and set for release in Fall 2018.

Cast Edit

  • Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine Everett
  • Bryant Prince as Kyle Reese/Danny Reid
  • Armie Hammer as John Reid/The Lone Ranger
  • Ruth Wilson as Rebecca Reid
  • David Vincent as Ozone
  • Jason Clarke as John Connor
  • Emilia Clarke as Sarah Connor
  • Arnold Schwarzenneger as Guardian T-800
  • Chris Evans as Steve Rogers/Captain America
  • Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark/Iron Man
  • Scarlett Johansonn as Natasha Romanoff/Black Widow
  • Paul Bettany as The Vision
  • Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda Maximov/Scarlet Witch
  • Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Pietro Maximov/Quicksilver
  • Mark Rufallo as Bruce Banner/The Hulk
  • Jeremy Renner as Clint Barton/Hawkeye
  • Tom Wilkinson as Dr. Latham Cole
  • William Fitchner as Butch Cavandish
  • Barry Pepper as Captain Jay Fuller
  • Stephen Root as Habberman

Synopsis Edit

In the year 1869, a man from Texas known as Latham Cole discovered something revolutionary: a Technological marvel known as the 'Skynet Core', which had been buried under America for decades. Since his defeat at the hands of the masked Vigilante, the Lone Ranger (in the 2013 Film), Latham decided that Hero Knights were a threat to Mankind and joined a secret Organization known today as: The Villain Armada. He began using the dug-up Skynet Core to begin creating advanced, Autonomous Robots know as 'Terminators', which eventually began targeting the Hero Knights of Earth-2000 during several Conflicts such as World War II.

Now, in the 21st Century, the Terminators serve the Armada as brutal and effective killing Machines. After the Death of Ozone at the hands of Kyle Reese and Clementine Everett on Earth-135, the Terminator Legion was deployed to assist the crippled Villain Armada against the powerful and rising Hero Coalition. Now, with Humanity facing an even larger threat to their very Existence than Ozone, Clementine Everett must travel to 1869 in order to find the Lone Ranger and other Hero Knights of the Past to stop Latham before he can activate the First Terminators in the 19th Century!

Plot Edit

Prologue: Attack on Skynet Central Edit

The game starts off showing a T-700 Sentry, which is seen walking towards several Coalition Troops with dozens of Armada Troops who are gunned down, but then a Stinger Missile flies in and hits several T-700s and Armada Troops. Out of the explosion, Kyle Reese charges in with a BlackCell Plasma Launcher and fires at an incoming ASP-1346 Walker Tank, which malfunctions and explodes as Kyle takes out an ICR-1 Assault Rifle and guns down several Armada Troops and T-700 Sentries in front of him. Kyle then gets into cover when a Wraith Gunship flies in and shoots at the Wall that Kyle is hiding behind. However, Clementine Everett is heard saying "That one's mine!!" as she shoots the Wraith with an XM-53 Missile Launcher and then dodges the crash, getting into cover wit Kyle as John Connor shouts "Go, go!!!" as dozens of Coalition Soldiers fire at the Armada Troops and Terminator Units as Helicopters and Fighter Jets fly above, hitting the Battlefield with several Missiles and Airstrikes. Several Skynet Dropships fly in and open their Hatches, and then the Heroes all look in shock as dozens of T-900 Assassin-Terminators drop in front of them, and Scarlet Wotch blasts them back using her Psionics, and then she says "Hawkeye, help me hold them off! The rest of you, get inside Skynet Central!!" as Hawkeye and Quicksilver help Scarlet Witch hold the T-800s off, destroying several of them as the rest of the Team (Kyle, Clementine, John, Iron Man, Captain America, Hulk and Sarah Connor) all run inside Skynet Central as the Steel Entrance closes behind, leaving Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver and Hawkeye to deal with the several T-900s charging in to defeat them.

Inside the Skynet Central, the Hero Knights charge in and gun down several T-700s, along with Guardian (a Reprogrammed T-800 played by Arnold Schwarzenegger) using his bare hands and Heavy Weapons to destroy several more T-700 Sentries. Outside, Hawkeye uses Explosive Arrows to damage several T-900s (which takes wa more damage than a T-800/700) as Quicksilver runs around and uses his Super-Speed to punch the T-800s, and then Scarlet Witch jumps through a Portal she created and blasts several T-900s to the ground as Hawkeye is slashed twice by a T-900, which Scarlet Witch blasts backwars several feet. Scarlet Witch then starts to help Hawkeye up, but the T-900 quickly gets up and launches its Vibranium Arm-Blade at her, stabbing the Mutant in the back and running her through. Hawkeye then yells "Scarlet! No!!" as he holds her, but then Scarlet Witch quickly dies as Quicksilver sees this and screams in rage, running fast through 3 T-900s and destroying them as he throws a punch at the last T-900, but the efficient Terminator calculates and adapts to his move, stopping the punch and ripping off Quicksilver's hand and grabbing him by the throat. The T-900 then squeezes Quicksilver's throat, and then uses its Vibranium Arm-Blade to stab Quicksilver throigh the neck, decapitating the Hero Knight. The last T-900 then drops Quicksilver's headless body and steps on the Avenger's head and starts approaching Hawkeye, who shoots an Explosive Arrow into the Terminator's leg. The T-900 then shoots a Laser from its eyes, hitting Hawkeye and slowly vaporizing him, which eventually happens. However, the T-900 hears a beeping noise and sees the Explosive Arrow and explodes, destroying the final T-900 and stops all pursuing Terminators trying to enter Skynet Central.

The rest of the Team then opens a huge Automatic Door and they see a huge Reality Terrain Device, and Clementine asks "A Reality Terrain Device..? The hell is that doing here?!" and then Kyle responds "Fate... This RTD's function is Time Travel, and we're going to use it. This might just work, Clementine." and Clementine asks "What? What's going to work..?" and then Captain America says "The Terminator Initiative was originally conceived by Doctor Latham Cole. In the Late 1860s, he was one of the World's leading Technologists. But covertly, he found a dark secret, buried by the Armada for decades beneath the State of Texas. Cole found the original Skynet Core, and used 19th Century Technology to create the T-30s... The first ever Terminators." and then Kyle tells them "Latham decided, after his defeat at the hands of the Lone Ranger-" and Clementine asks "Lone Ranger?! He was just a myth!" and John tells her "No, he wasn't. He was one of the original Hero Knights, and so was Kyle's Counterpart... The Ranger's nephew, Danny Reid!" and Kyle explains "My Counterpart, Danny, was one of the Heroes targeted by Cole and the T-30s, but at the Railroad Unveiling in 1869, he and the Lone Ranger found Cole... And killed him!" as it shows a Train falling from a destroyed Railroad and into a River Bank, with Latham's body going down with it and being buried underwater, as the Lone Ranger and Danny Reid watch from another Train. In the Present, John says "But killing Latham didn't have the outcome the Hero Knights expected. It only persuaded the Armada of the need for his Terminator Program, and in less than 200 years, the Machines that have travelled across The Multiverse and killed so many Hero Knights were created!" and then Iron Man tells them "And it all began that day back in 1869, the day Danny Reid first killed. The day he truly became a Hero Knight! But if one of us can be sent back, stop the Railroad Incident, then we can stop the Terminators from ever being born." and then Captain America responds "And end the Armada, before it's even created!" as John nods in agreement. Clementine then says "I'll go. I know Kyle more than anyone, and if this Danny Reid kid is basically him... I can convince him and the Lone Ranger not to kill Cole." and then Kyle grabs her hand and says "Clem, no! It'll rip you apart!" and then Hulk tells them "If you do this, Clementine... You'll be changing History as we know it. Some of our Counterparts could get killed, and some of us may never be born!" and Black Widow suggests "We could just find Skynet and destroy it! We can keep fighting." and the Vision asks them "Until what..? You all have a decision to make here! I say send Clementine back to 1869." and Sarah Connor tells them "Agreed, she knows Kyle and The Multiverse better than anyone!" and Captain America asks "Why don't you go? You and Kyle stopped Skynet twice before." and then Guardian comes forward and tells them all "Based on Clementine Everett's emotional attachment to Kyle Reese, I see much to indicate she is the greatest candidate to find Danny Reid." and then John says "Enough! The decision's made." and Captain America tells the Team "We can't keep running. If we do that, we die eventually and the Armada wins. Or you can give up this life, so the other Hero Knights and everyone else who died in this War can have a Future!" as the Team keeps arguing.

Iron Man then asks "You're asking us to sacrifice our lives for a Future we may not even be a part of? If Clementine does this, there might be no Avengers!" and Clementine says "If there's going to be no Villain Armada... I'll do it!" as she motions for the remaining Avengers to go outside, which they do to hold off the Terminator Legion. After the Steel Entrance closes, Clementine starts walking towards the Reality Terrain Device to go back in time as Sarah says "Once you go there, you have to succeed. Once your Mission is complete, you'll vanish from 1869 and find yourself back in 2014... Probably." and Clementine responds "Uh... Thanks for the advice. Guess I should go, then." as she walks towards the RTD, and then Kyle says "Clem, wait. I have to tell you something!" as Clementine turns around as Kyle wraps his arms around her waist and kisses her on the lips. After several seconds, Kyle stops and pulls away, saying "That's for good luck." and Clementine holds his hand, responding with "Ever since I met you, I've always had good luck." as she hugs him tightly and says "I'll miss you, Kyle..." and then she walks into the Reality Terrain Device and goes through the Portal, and as she goes through, she sees several of Kyle's Memories, such as his 11th birthday, his parents' death at the hands of an Armada Grunt and the day she saved Kyle from the Armada Patrol on Earth-135, then she begins seeing Corrupted Memories of Earth-2000, seeing Danny and the Lone Ranger killing Latham Cole, and as Cole is buried underwater under the Train, he opens his hand and a Villain Armada Pendant floats through the River.

Act I-III (Main Missions, 1869) Edit

The game then switches to the year 1869 as Clementine arrives in the town of Colby, Texas through a Multiversal Portal. After regaining her senses and looking around, she gets up and starts walking towards a Police Station. Clementine then enters and asks "I need information." and the Officer looks at her, asking "Information? What kind of information does a little girl like you need?" and then Clementine sees 3 more Officers walk in, asking "Sir, did you see that outside? A giant Portal just came outta nowhere!" and Clementine turns to them and says "Yeah, I came through that." and one of the Officers asks "What do you mean you came through it?" and Clementine sighs, then asks "Would you believe me if I said that I'm from the Future?" and an Officer chuckles, followed by his colleagues' laughter. The Officer then says "That's nice, a comedian. So, you gonna scram or are we gonna have to persuade you?" and Clementine snaps back with "You gonna leave, get on your fucking Cavalry Horses... Or am I gonna have to give you a taste of the 21st Century? Trust me, I know how these things play out?" and the Officer mockingly asks "Oh, because you're from the Future?" and Clementine answers "No... Because of these!" as she takes out her Weapons. However, instead of modern Pistols, she instead holds two Model 1865 Shotguns, and shouts "Oh, come on!" as the Officers draw their Revolvers, but Clementine quickly uses the Shotguns to blast two Officers back, dodging another's Bullets and punching him in the face. Clementine then grabs the Officer and throws him through his partner's desk, before shooting the last Officer in the head and then saying "Time to find you, Danny. And stop the Armada!" as she looks through a Citizen Registry and sees the name 'Rebecca Reid' and says "Close enough." as she leaves the Station as the Officers all lie dead.

Meanwhile, in the Texas State Prison, several men ride up on Cavalry Horses. After stopping at a Checkpoint, a Cavalryman asks "Droppin' off or pickin' up?" and the Hooded Man looks at the Soldiers in front of him, then says "I'll go with pickin' up!" as he takes out a Revolver and shoots the two Officers, saying "Now that's an entrance!" as he and his Soldiers charge into the Prison and start massacring dozens of Cavalrymen as the Hooded Man's cloak is blown off, revealing him as Butch Cavandish (a Villain in Lone Ranger 2013). Butch then comes around a corner as he shoots 4 Cavalrymen in front of him, and a 5th tries to a,bush him. However, Butch counters by cutting the Officer's chest open and ripping his Heart out, before eating it (a reference to the 2013 Film) and then walking into the Cell Block and saying "Your bail's here, boys!" as Latham Cole, Habberman and Jay Fuller (all Villains from the Lone Ranger) exit their Holding Cells as Butch laughs evilly, looking at the scarred Latham.

The game then switches to the Colby Outskirts as Clementine walks up to a House and knocks on the Door, and then John Reid (The Lone Ranger) answers and opens the door, asking "Who are you?" and then Clementine answers "This is where Rebecca Reid lives, right? Who are you?" and then the Ranger responds "John Reid. I look after this place." and then Clementine looks at him in surprise, asking "You're the Lone Ranger? I've come a long way to find you and your family!" and then the Ranger tells her "I don't know what you're talking about, but I'm gonna have to ask you to leave!" as he starts to close the Door, but Clementine blocks it and says "I'm looking for Danny Reid. Either get him out here, or things are gonna go badly for you, Ranger!" and then John looks at her and then let's go of the door, saying "If you're that insistent, then follow me." as he walks into the House with Clementine. The Lone Ranger then shouts "Danny, there's a girl here to see you!" and Rebecca Reid (Danny's mother) stands up and asks "What's happening, John?" and then the Ranger answers "This girl wants to see Danny, she insisted. Heavily." and then Danny Reid, Kyle's Counterpart (and bearing an exact resemblance to him), is seen on the stairs, and Clementine says "My God. You look just like..." and Danny asks "Who are you?" and then Rebecca asks "Danny, you know this girl?" and Danny responds "Well, she looks slightly familiar. Anyway, this is private Property, so I'm gonna have to ask my Uncle here, to ask you to leave." and then Clementine laughs, saying "Well, that's going to be a bit tricky. Because I was sent here for you." and Danny tells her "Well, tell whoever sent you that I'm... Busy." and Clementine responds "Again, a bit tricky. Because the person who sent me... Was you. Or your great-whatever grandson, about 145 years from now." and Danny just laughs, and then Clementine says "I know, just bear with me." and Danny asks "145 years..? Nearly 2 Centuries from now, as in 'from the Future, nearly 2 Centuries from now'?" and Clementine nods in response, then says "Yeah, basically 2 Centuries. Late 2014, to be exact. A boy named Kyle Reese, your Descendant." as the Reid Family listens to her explain everything.

After explaining everything to the Reid Family (and I mean everything), Clementine tells them "We have to stop Latham Cole. If I succeed, the Villain Armada will never be born and neither will his Terminators. I need your help... Kyle needs your help." and Danny asks "So your saying they took Cole's Projects and, what? Weaponized them?" and Clementine explains "Yes. In the beginning, the Terminators were only assigned to assassinate Hero Knights across The Multiverse, but... After the Armada was crippled and Ozone was killed by me and Kyle, the Terminators were used against the entire Hero Coalition, and it was a slaughter. I'd never seen anything like it, Heroes and Villains tearing each other apart... And it all starts with Latham Cole. He's going to use his Terminators to target Humanity and kill the Hero Knights of this Reality, but if you kill him... It will be even worse!" and then Danny hesistates with his answer, but then Rebecca and the Ranger both nod, and Danny turns to Clementine and tells her "I'll help you. Not for any of your Future crap, but for the Hero Knights. I already lost my father to him, and I won't lose anybody else." and then Clementine nods to him in respect. The Heroes then look at a Blueprint of the Latham Industries Building, and the Lone Ranger says "If Latham is who you say he is, then this is where he'll be. There's 20 Floors in his Building, and we're gonna have to infiltrate it through the Roof. We can go in via Grappling Hooks and attach the Ropes to us, then head down the Floors and take out the Security." and Clementine asks "Danny, you can use a gun, right?" and Danny nods in response, and Clementine says "Thought you would, Kyle was always a crack shot with anything. Assault Rifles, SMGs, Snipers..." and then she looks at them all, saying "21st Century guns. Wouldn't expect you to know about them." and they keep planning their Stealth Mission.

The game then switches to several hours later as Clementine, Danny and the Lone Ranger are all seen on the adjacent Building to the Latham Industries Building, and then Clementine sees several Cavalrymen ride up on Horses below, with several Shipping Crates and a Prisoner with them. A Cavalryman then says "Get the Prisoner to the Cell, and take the T-30s to the Ship Yard!" as Clementine looks in shock, asking "T-30s..? They already have their Terminators!" and then the Lone Ranger asks "What are we waiting for, then? Let's move!" as he takes out a Zipline Launcher and fires it, attaching 3 Ropes to the Latham Industries Building and asking "Rebecca, you in position yet?" and Rebecca responds "The Sniper is ready. Modified 1867 Rifle, with an Aperture Sight and Extended Magazine." and Clementine looks at the M-1867, saying "That's pretty good, considering its 1869. But the 21st Century has it better!" as she, Danny and the Lone Ranger all use the Zipline Ropes to move towards the Latham Building. The Team then hits the windows of the Building and they start moving down the Floors, executing several Guards and patrolling Cavalrymen on the way, while Rebecca also uses the M-1867 Sniper to kill even more Soldiers from across the Street, and then Clementine gestures to Danny and the Lone Ranger to ready for a Breach and Clear.

The Team then shoots through the Windows and kill several Cavalrymen, and then Clementine jumps in the Building as she takes out a Marshal 16 Pistol and guns down 2 more Soldiers, followed by Danny and the Ranger, who hold off even more Cavalrymen as Clementine grabs all the Intel Files she can, and then Rebecca starts sniping all the Soldiers as Danny, Clementine and the Ranger all run for a Doorway, and then find themselves in a Prisoner Chamber and Clementine sees a man with a bag over his head. She then walks up to the man and removes the bag, but is shocked to see who the Prisoner is: Ozone, the Villain Lord that she and Kyle killed in War Of Heroes: Global Warfare! Ozone then looks at her equally shocked, and asks "Clementine..?" and then Clementine shuts in rage and punches Ozone in the face, saying "You... You fucking bastard!" as she grabs him by the neck and Ozone tells her "Nice to see you too, Everett. So, how's it been going on Earth-135 with Kyle?" before laughing mockingly. Clementine, now seething with rage, punches him in the face several times as Danny shouts "Clementine, that's enough! Whoever this guy is, you can deal with him later!" and Ozone, now bleeding, asks "Who the fuck are you, kid? You look exactly like Kyle Reese, but... Your DNA is all off!" and then he gets up and reluctantly starts walking out with the Team. However, several Guards charge in and aim their Marshal 16 Pistols at the Team, but then Ozone uses his Chronkinesis to slow down Time and then starts running across the Room, hitting the Guards in the backs, heads and even redirecting Bullets at them all as he runs across the wall and grabs a Marshal 16, shooting two Guards simultaneously as he stops in front of Danny and Clementine, redirecting the Bullet Paths towards the walls and stopping his Chronokinesis as several Guards are blasted across the Room, shot to death and several Bullets hit the walls as Danny, Clementine and the Lone Ranger all look in shock at Ozone, and Clementine just scoffs and angrily says "He's still an asshole, you know!" as they all exit the Building with all the Files they need on the Terminators... And Hero Knights that Latham Cole has killed!

The game then switches to a few hours later as Clementine and Ozone are sitting near Danny, Rebecca and the Lone Ranger, and Clementine tells him "I've waited a long time for this day, you Villain scum! Do you have any idea what you've caused?" and Ozone responds "It's not my actions that changed the Multiverse. It's theirs!" as he points at the Reid Family, saying "It's not my fault that the Armada decided to green light the Terminator Program. I wasn't in control of that!" and Clementine tells him "You still took away almost everyone I loved, and the people I cared about!" and Ozone snaps back "Maybe you should have fought harder for them!" as Clementine stands up, saying "You want a fight, Ozone?! I'll give you a fight!" as Danny shouts "Clem, don't!" and then Ozone motions for him to stop, saying "Just let her deal with it, boy!" as Clementine grabs Ozone by the neck and screams "You abandoned me! You took Kyle away, then you abandoned me!!" and Ozone tells her "Ghost, Scarecrow, Price, Hawkeye, Spectre... Your fellow Hero Knights, all of them, dead!! Countless others experimented on, tortured! And where were you, Clementine?! We were supposed to protect them!" as the Lone Ranger yells "Ozone, stop it!" but Ozone keeps reprimanding Clementine, saying "Where were you?! Hiding underground, you and Kyle! Both of you, pretending to be people you never were..! You abandoned us all." and the Reid Family looks in shock.

A few minutes later, Clementine sits in another Room as she hears a knock on the Door, and Danny comes in and asks "Hey, Clementine... Are you alright?" and Clementine responds "No, Danny... I'm not. What if Ozone is right, what if everything that happened in the Future is actually my fault?" as she looks at a Picture of her and Kyle (taken in the Coalition Base in 2014), and Danny asks "What's that? A Picture?" and Clementine nods, then says "Me and Kyle, in 2014 after we killed Ozone." and Danny looks at Kyle, saying "He looks just like me. How's that possible?" and Clementine laughs, saying "I don't know, but... I always thought he was really cute." and Danny blushes, responding with "So, you guys are really close, I guess. You love him, don't you?" and Clementine answers "Yeah, I do love him. More than anyone else in the Multiverse. When I first met Kyle, it was after the Great Invasion that almost destroyed Earth-135 and left America in ruins. He was a Scavenger in the San Francisco Ruins, and I saved him from a bunch of Armada Troops that we're going to kill him. Then, after that he followed me across California like a little stray dog, and looking after him was kind of like that. But as the weeks went by, I could tell he'd fallen in love with me. Then, after we both killed Ozone and crippled the Armada, the Terminators came... But Kyle and I, at least we were still there to stop them. And now, Danny, with your help I can stop Latham and the Armada in this Timeline." as the Lone Ranger listens to their conversation, looking through the slightly open Door.

The game then switches to 2 days later as Latham Cole walks through his Office with Butch Cavandish and Captain Fuller, the latter saying "The Meeting doesn't begin until another hour, Dr. Cole. We have everything ready upstairs for your, uh... Special guests." and Latham responds "Good. Prep the T-30s for a Trial Run, in case something goes wrong. I don't want another incident like 2 days ago. You see Ozone or Clementine, shoot them!" as he enters a Meeting Room and sits at a Table with several Villain Knights, saying "Good afternoon, gentlemen. I know you all have hands to shake and History to make downstairs, so I am going to get right to the point: There is a greater threat out there than any State or Nation you're planning to invade in any Reality... Hero Knights. Now, to counter this threat, I have prepared some of my greatest Weapons for your Armada, and the greatest Technology that Humanity has ever seen. I call them: Terminators!" as a Film Reel turns on and shows several Pictures of T-30s, which are extremely outdated (by 21st Century standards) Terminators, with Wires and Plastic instead of a Metal Endoskeleton and a Hivemind (which is what all Future Terminators function on). Outside the Office Building, Clementine and Danny walk towards a Guard Post and nonchalantly shoot two Guards using their Silenced Marshal 16s as the Lone Ranger and Rebecca ride a Horse towards the Building, entering from both the Roof and Doorways. Inside the Building, Latham tells the Villains "These are only in their Development Stages, but I assure you: if the Villain Armada shared its Technology with me, I would be able to blast the Project forward decades. Maybe Centuries! I will be able to design these Terminators into walking, Metal Assassins! They would have the Flight Capability of some Aircraft from the 21st Century, and be equipped with Advanced Weapons that could fire up to 600 Rounds of Thermoseramic Ammunition! But, what makes these Early Terminators even more special is their Ability to detect a Hero Knight, or a Traitor to the Villain Armada, instantaneously. And it won't trigger, even if I turned it on in this very Room!" as a T-30 scans the Meeting Room.

However, it detects a Signal coming from a Cloaked Man sitting opposite of Latham, who says "Unless... There's one of them here!" as the T-30 targets the Cloaked Man, who stands up slowly, and Fuller aims his Marshal 16 at the Man, along with Cavandish, and then the man's Cloak is removed to reveal Ozone, who throws several Knives at the Villain Knights and Cavandish, stabbing Cavandish in the head and brutally killing him as Ozone uses his Telekinesis to push Fuller out of the Meeting Room as Danny, Clementine, the Lone Ranger and Rebecca all run into the Meeting Room as Ozone pulls Latham into his grip using Telekinesis, and the Heroes all shoot at him. Ozone then weakens with several Bullets in his torso, coughing out blood and then falling out of the Building through a window as Latham crawls out of the Room, along with Fuller. Clementine then runs outside and sees Ozone limping into a Bar across the Street, and she goes inside and follows Ozone to the back, before pinning him to the wall and holding a Knife to him, saying "You so much as talk loud, and I'll stab you in the fucking throat!" and Ozone tells her "Lee's trained you well. And I bet Kyle misses you a lot!" and then Clementine puts the Knife to Ozone's neck, saying "The mission is not to kill Latham, it's to just stop the Terminators! Without them, the Armada will be nothing and you'll never have to be a Villain!" and Ozone asks "What if I like being a Villain, huh? The Armada will use Latham's discoveries to create the Terminator Legion and wipe us all out! I was only doing what I thought was necessary to secure Earth's Future!" and Clementine snaps back "What's to stop me from just killing you now, and securing Earth's Future?" and Ozone answers "Nothing... Doesn't matter anymore, Clementine. They have the Terminators now, and the Villains of this Reality still live." as Clementine sighs, then asks "Well, whose fault was that?!" and Ozone responds "Mine. They're creating the Terminators, and now they're Excavating this City to find the Skynet Core in order to create Skynet and take the Project further... We have to strike now, while we still have the upper hand!" and Clementine looks at him, then says "I've seen too many friends die, Ozone. I don't want another War." and Ozone coldly responds "This is War. What's happened to you..? Are you still the Villain-killing Hero Knight that I knew? Or are you still Kyle's little protector?" and Clementine hesistates with Her answer, then says "I won't kill Latham Cole... Goodbye, Ozone!" as she walks away, and Ozone watches her go and sighs.

A few hours later, Clementine is seen with Danny inside the Reid House as she says "Danny, you have to. I'm sorry, but it's the only way you can see the truth!" and Rebecca asks "So, you want my son to go into your Memories and find Kyle to see the Truth? How is that even possible?" and Clementine answers with "The Multiverse can do many things, Mrs. Reid. I don't know how Danny can do this... But you can communicate with Kyle. Listen: Listen only to the sound of my voice, let your Mind relax. You are in control... Calm, and at Peace. Now, look into my Mind and use what you find to put the pieces in place. The Multiverse doesn't control your destiny... Only you can decide an outcome!" as both Danny and Clementine stay silent, and then Danny suddenly sees several Memories of Earth-135, such as Ozone's death, Kyle and Clementine gunning down dozens of Armada Troops and Clementine holding an unconscious Kyle as screams and cries of several Humans are heard, and Danny snaps back in fear and starts crying, saying "You... You've gone through so much... Pain..." and Clementine tells him "No, look past me! Don't focus on me." and Danny responds "No, I don't want your suffering! I don't want your Future!!" and Clementine calls him down, saying "Look past my Future, and search for yours!" as Danny calms down and concentrates.

Danny then wakes up inside Skynet Central and looks around, then sees Sarah, John and Kyle around the Reality Terrain Device, and Danny looks in shock at Kyle, asking "K-Kyle..?" and then Kyle looks at him (while everyone else is frozen in Time), saying "Danny? I knew Clementine would find a way to manipulate Time and the Multiverse... She always does." as Danny looks at Kyle, shocked by the Dystopian Future he sees. Danny then looks around at the Heroes and tells Kyle "So this is what becomes of us..? Clementine was right. The Villain Armada does this to us!" and Kyle responds "Not if we show them a better path." and Danny looks at him and asks "You still believe the Armada can redeem itself?" and Kyle tells his Counterpart "Just because someone stumbles, loses their way... It doesn't mean their lost forever. Sometimes we all need a little help." and Danny says "I'm not the Hero Knight that Clementine came for... I looked into her Mind, and it almost overwhelmed me!" and then Kyle responds "You're afraid, and Clementine knows it." as Danny starts crying, saying "All the loss you two faced. All those voices... So much... Pain." and Kyle answers "It's not our pain you're afraid of. It's yours, Danny! And as frightening as it might be, that pain will make you stronger... If you allow yourself to feel it, embrace it, then it will make you more powerful than you could ever imagine... It's the greatest gift we have, to bear our friends' pain without breaking, and it's born from the most Human part: Hope." as it shows Flashbacks to Ozone's death, the Battle of Washington DC and the Victory of The Hero Coalition in 2014.

Kyle then says "Please, Danny... We need you to hope again!" as Danny finds himself back on Earth-2000, and Clementine asks "You saw him, right?" and Danny tells her "He told me something... About an Unveiling in the City." and then Clementine has a Vision of Ozone shooting Latham in the head as several T-30 Terminators (which are extremely old, 1860s Terminators with Wires and Plastic for bones and skin) fly above him and gun down several Civilians with their Gatling Guns, and the Vision finishes as Clementine says "Oh, God! It's Ozone, he's going to kill Latham in front of the Armada!" and the Lone Ranger tells them "Ozone knows that if he kills Cole at an event like that with the whole World watching-" and Clementine responds "Then I came 145 years back in Time for nothing!" as Danny tells them all "I can't believe I'm saying this: But we have to save Latham before the Armada witnesses his death!" and then the Game switches to Ozone walking through the Hallways of the Latham Building, holding two Steel Bullets as the Guards try to stop him, but he uses hisTelekinesis to push them aside and fires the Bullets into 2 more Guards, then kills the Receptionists as he enters a Trophy Chamber, seeing Ghost's Skull Mask, a Terminator Arm belonging to Guardian, and his own Helmet inside Display Cases. Ozone then uses his Telekinesis to pull the Helmet out of the Display Case and then looks at it menacingly.

Act IV: Past and Future Battles Edit

The game then quickly switches to 2014 as it shows all of the Avengers outside, guarding Skynet Central to give Clementine more time to reset the Future. As the snow falls and wind is heard, Black Widow sees several H-K Drone Ships and scans them, seeing they have 15 T-700s each, with the Drone Leader carrying 30 T-900s, and Widow says "Guys, they're coming! 18 miles out!!" and then Hulk (in his Human form) goes up to her and says "We can only stop the T-700s, and we can't stop that many 900s!" and Iron Man flies in, saying "No... But we can slow them down!" as Hulk transforms into his iconic Form and then Iron Man boosts towards the Drone Swarm.

In 1869, the game shows Clementine and the Reid Family as they enter the Town Gathering, and a Guards,an asks "Can I see your invitations, please?" and then Clementine uses a Telepathic Control and says "Yes, you may. These 3 are with me!" and the Guard falls for the 'Mind Trick', saying "Move along, then." as they walk into the crowd of Civilians in front of a huge Stage which has a curtain covering the back, and Clementine uses her Memory Link (which is an Ability linked to the Multiverse) to find Ozone, and after a few minutes of scanning the Civilians, she doesn't find Ozone. However, Latham Cole walks onto the Stage with Fuller and Habberman as the crowd cheers. Latham then announces "My fellow Americans, today we face the greatest threat in our History: Hero Knights!" as the Civilians all murmur, but Latham gestures for them to be calm, saying "We have prepared for this threat. In the immortal words of George Washington: "Behold, the World will never be the same again!" as the curtain falls down and unveils 20 of the T-30 Terminators, and the crowd cheers and applauds Latham and his creations. On the Outskirts of the City, Ozone floats in front of the massive Rock Formations and then he starts gripping them, and after a few minutes he manages to pull them out of the ground and then takes out several more, floating in between all the Rock Formations as he closes in on the City, gripping the T-30 Terminators on the Stage at the Town Gathering and taking control of the Machines, which start flying in the air as Latham tells Fuller "What are you doing?! I didn't tell you to activate them!" and Fuller looks at him and says "I didn't!" as the T-30s aim their Gatling Guns at the Civilians and start gunning them down, along with the Cavalrymen at the Town Gathering.

Meanwhile in 2014, the Avengers all work together to shoot down several H-K Dropships which are firing Lasers and Missiles at them, and succeed in destroying several of the Dropships, but the remaining ones send out dozens of T-700 Sentries, which Hulk starts punching and smashing the Terminator Sentries as Black Widow guns the other T-700s down with a BRM Light Machine Gun, and Iron Man boosts away from the Laser Fire and shoots down the T-700s and H-K Dropships with his Arc Laser Gauntlets. In 1869, Clementine, Danny, the Ranger and Rebecca all start to shoot at the T-30s controlled by Ozone using their Weapons as Latham runs into a nearby Building with Fuller and Habberman. Latham then furiously asks "What the hell happened out there?!" and Fuller responds "I will fix it!" and then Latham snaps back with "You said that before! I wanted to make a statement, and now the whole damn World will know we can't protect them! We represent the damn United States." and then Fuller tells him "Sir, I will fix it!" and then Latham says "You damn well better!" as Danny and Clementine work together to kill several more T-30s, and get into cover as they dodge the Gatling Gun fire, and then Ozone floats in and drops the Rock Formations down on them, which traps the Heroes and squashes several Buildings, and then Rebecca is hit by a Rock and trapped under it, wounded.

Back in 2014, Hulk lifts up a destruyed (but still functioning) ASP-1230 Walker Tank, and then nods to Black Widow before throwing it at the H-K Dropships with the Reactor Core exposed. Widow then takes out her Locus Sniper Rifle and fires, which causes the Walker Tank to explode in mid-air and destroy the H-K Dropships, along with every one of the T-700 Sentries. As the Avengers all look at the falling and flamed H-K Dropships, Black Widow turns to everyone as Iron Man lands next to her, asking "Everyone alright..?" and all the Avengers nod in response. However, a T-900 Terminator leaps up from behind Black Widow and stabs her in the back, running her through as the other Avengers look in shock, and the T-900 tosses Widow's body away as Iron Man screams "No!!" and starts firing at the T-900 as Captain America and Vision see the T-900 Legion climbing down Skynet Central and fighting the Avengers, and then 2 more T-900s surround Iron Man and fire their Lasers at his Arc Reactor, and Iron Man screams in pain as he explodes, and then even more T-900s jump in and fight the Avengers.

In 1869, the Lone Ranger charges at Ozone and engages in a fistfight with him, but then Ozone catches the Ranger's punch and breaks his arm, knocking him to the side and slowly exhausting him by throwing debris at him. As Danny and Clementine hold off the T-30s and try to get to Rebecca, Ozone uses his Telekinetic Grip to levitate several Cavalry Swords behind the Lone Ranger, then slowly starts to stab the Hero Knight, and the Ranger screams in pain and Ozone laughs, saying "So much for being a Legend!" as he throws the Lone Ranger aside, slamming him into a Rock Formation. Ozone then grips the Building that Latham and the other Villains are inside, and then rips the Building out of the ground and slams it in front of him, as he rips the front wall off and sees Latham, Fuller and Habberman inside. However, Clementine jumps in from behind a crumpled Rock Formation and shoots Ozone in the back, and the former Villain Lord falls to the ground.

Clementine then picks up a T-30s decapitated head and looks at several Civilians behind her (along with the Reid Family) as the Lone Ranger and Rebecca stand up and Danny also watches Clementine, who makes a speech to thecrowd: "You built these Weapons to destroy us. Why? Because you are afraid of the Hero Knights, because the Future is different!" as the game shows the remaining Avengers in 2014, with Hulk punching several T-900s. However, another jumps on his back and fires a Laser into his neck, blasting it open as even more T-900s arrive and grab Hulk, then rip him in half and brutally kill him. Clementine's speech then plays over the scene, with her saying "Humanity has always feared that which is different, but I'm here to tell you, to tell this Reality: You're right to fear us. We are the Future, we are the ones who will defend the Multiverse... And anyone who stands in our way will suffer the same fate as these 3 Villain Knights you see before you!" as she points to Latham, Fuller and Habberman as Danny and the others look in shock. In 2014, a T-900 is blasted by Vision's Laser, but adapts to the Power and uses a Shield to walk up to Vision, and another T-900 distracts Vision and is also blasted, and then the other T-900 takes out its Vibranium Arm Blade and slices Vision's arm off. Vision tries to fight back by blasting the T-900 back, but the 2nd kicks him and he goes flying, and another T-900 stabs him in the back, while in 1869 Clementine says "Today was meant to be a display of the Armada's power. Instead, I give you a glimpse of the Devastation that every Reality, together, can unleash upon them..! Let this be a warning to the Villain Armada, and to my fellow Hero Knights out there, I say this: No more hiding, no more suffering!" as it quickly shows Captain America in 2014, fighting the T-900s in an explosive and epic last stand. Clementine is then heard saying "In this Reality, you've lived in the shadows in shame and fear for too long. Come out, join me, and fight together in a Coalition that we will make... A new Tomorrow, that starts today!" as Captain America manages to kill 4 T-900s with a Thermal Imploder and his Vibranium Shield, but 3 remaining Terminators surround him and stab him one after another, and Captain America screams in pain as Clementine senses the Avengers' deaths in 1869.

In 2014, Kyle senses what Clementine is doing and says "She's going to kill Latham! I have to stop her." and Sarah asks "How? What are you gonna do?" and then Kyle answers "I can use my Memory Link to her, and freeze Time so I can talk her down. Everyone and everything will freeze in place except for a Projection of me, Clementine and the Reid Family. Guardian, can you hold off the T-900s." and Guardian responds "I can. But I do not see a viable success margin-" and Kyle tells him "Then do it, I need time to do this!" as Guardian walks up to the exit with 2 XMG-35 Chainguns, and starts firing at the incoming T-900s. The game then switches back to 1869 as Clementine aims her Marshal 16 Pistol at Latham, but then everyone freezes in place except for Clementine, Danny, the Lone Ranger and Rebecca. After the Time Freeze, Kyle appears in front of Clementine, who says "Get out of my head, Kyle!!" and then Kyle tells her "Clementine, please don't make us the enemy today!" and Clementine responds "Look around you, we already are!" and then Kyle says "Not all of us. All you've done so far, is save the lives of these men... You can show them a better path!" as Danny, Rebecca and the Ranger all look in complete shock at Kyle. Kyle then walks up to Clementine, who is crying slightly, and says "I've been trying to understand why you do things like this, ever since the day we met. And look where that's got us. Everything that happens now is in your hands..." as he looks Clementine in the eyes and says "I have faith in you, Clem..." as he vanishes, and Time unfreezes as Clementine still aims her Pistol at Latham.

Danny then walks over to Clementine, before slowly holding her hand, and Clementine looks back at him with her Pistol still trained on Latham and the other Villains. In 2014, Guardian runs out of Ammo after killing several T-900s, and the remaining 3 Terminators fire at him with their Lasers, hitting him head-on and bringing him to his knees. Guardian then screams in pain as his T-800 Endoskeleton is destroyed by the T-900 Lasers, and his Human Flesh is reduced to ash as Sarah cries after hearing her partner die. The 3 remaining T-900s then enter the RTD Chamber as Kyle and John look on in fear, and the T-900s charge up their Lasers to fire at the last Hero Knights, and after a few intense seconds, Clementine drops the Marshal 16 to the ground, and then a Dimensional Shockwave is triggered in 2014 on Earth-135, covering the entire Reality in Multiversal Energy. The Multiversal Energy (triggered by Clementine sparing Latham in 1869) then spreads to Los Angeles, destroying the T-900s and Skynet Central as Kyle, Sarah and John all vanish from the Timeline, and then the Multiversal Energy spreads into Low Earth Orbit and consumes the Villain Armada's entire Space Fleet and destroys it in a huge explosion, and the War Against the Villain Armada is averted in 2014 and The Villain Armada is destroyed.

Back in 1869, Clementine walks over to Latham and grabs him by the neck, then throws him over to the Lone Ranger and says "He's all yours, Ranger!" as Ozone stands up in pain, then looks over to Clementine and the Reid Family. Ozone then tells them "If you let them have me, I'm as good as dead! You know that." and Clementine responds with "I know." and Ozone nods to her, saying "Goodbye, Hero Knight." and Clementine answers "Goodbye, Ozone..." as Ozone floats into the air and then flies away as Clementine looks at Danny with a sad look on her face, and then walks away as she sees a Multiverse Portal open up in front of her. As Clementine walks away, Rebecca asks "Danny, you are we should let them go..?" and Danny answers with "Yes. I have hope for them. There's going to be a time... When we're all together." as Clementine walks through the Multiverse Portal, leaving for the New Earth-135.

Epilogue: The New Earth-135 Edit

The game then switches to Clementine as she wakes up inside what looks like the Crew Quarters of a Coalition Base, before slowly getting up and looking outside, seeing hundreds of Civilians walking through the Streets of San Francisco along with Coalition Police Forces. After seeing that the Skyscrapers are adorned with Hero Coalition Flags, Clementine opens the door and sees several Heroes such as Vision, Hawkeye, Captain America and Iron Man still alive and talking to several other Heroes, and then Scarecrow (now a Hero due to the Timeline Reset) walks past her and says "Hey, Clementine. Late start again? Hope that doesn't turn into a habit." and then Clementine looks at him, confused, then heads to the Main Hallway.

After walking to the Main Halls, Clementine sees Hawkeye and Phoenix (another Villain from my other Crossovers) training some Novices at a Shooting Range, along with Captain Price and Ghost as she quietly says "They're alive..?" and she realizes the Timeline has been reset, and she walks over to a Weapons Room and sees Kyle standing there, asking "Kyle..? You did it." and Kyle asks her "Did what? Clem, don't we have some Trainees to teach?" and Clementine tells him "Actually, I think I could use some help first." and Kyle asks "What do you need?" and then Clementine answers "Pretty much everything in History after 1869." and then Kyle stops in his tracks, seeing the Memories of Clementine and Danny back on Earth-2000, and everything during the War. Clementine then smiles at him and remarks "I think the History I know is... A little different." and then Kyle tells her "W-welcome back!" as he hugs her, saying "You did it, Clem... You averted the War!" and then Clementine responds with "Well, I did have a promise to keep. What's the last thing you remember..?" as Kyle hesistates and after a few seconds, he is about to answer: The game then cuts to the End Credits before Kyle can say anything, leaving the game on a possible cliffhanger.

Post-Credits Scene Edit

After the Credits, the game switches back to 1869 and shows something in the Desert, covered in sand. However, the wind picks up and comes in, blowing the sand of the object and reveals it to be a T-800 Skull, which has been destroyed and dented through unknown means. After the T-800 Skull is revealed, it starts vibrating and then blasts out of the Desert sand, and then it lands in Ozone's hand. Ozone then looks at the T-800 Skull and says to himself "This War... It has just begun!" as the screen turns to black, teasing the next Crossover Game.

Sequel Edit

Main Article: War Of Heroes: Age of Ragnarok

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