War Of Heroes:
Multiversal Warfare
Official Poster
Developer Ubisoft-Pixar
Publisher Activision
Platform Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Wii U
Genre First-Person Shooter
Release November 20th, 2018
Modes Campaign
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: R18+
Media Optical Disc, Digital Download
Series Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe
Predecessor War Of Heroes: Global Warfare (Chronologically)
Successor War Of Heroes: Fall of The Armada
"The End Begins!"

- Teaser Tagline

War Of Heroes: Multiversal Warfare is a First-Person Shooter, Crossover game developed by Ubisoft-Pixar and under publishing by Activision. This new game is an Alternate Sequel to the previous installment, War Of Heroes: Global Warfare, and takes place near the end of the War Against the Villain Armada as Players will take control of Aidan Reese, twin brother of Kyle Reese and Hero Knight within The Hero Coalition, as he continues the winning fight against the fledgling and near-defeated Villain Armada! The game is multi-platform and is set for release in November 2018, 4 months after Global Warfare.

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Synopsis Edit

The year is 2014, and it has been 4 months since the events of War Of Heroes: Global Warfare. With the Battle of Washington DC and the death of the Ultimate Villain Lord, Ozone, at the hands of Kyle Reese and Clementine Everett, the War Against the Villain Armada has seen a massive turning point as Earth's defenders, The Hero Coalition, have finally began to fight of The Villain Armada as Earth comes much closer to it's return to an age of Freedom and prosperity. In the final days of Mankind's greatest War, a young boy named Aidan Reese, the twin brother of Kyle Reese, must now join forces with Clementine and her Team known as the Villain Slayers to bring an end to the War and save Earth once and for all! As a Multiversal Conduit for Aidan Tilden (a character in the Under the Dome TV Show), Aidan Reese also has access to the Multiversal Dome, an ancient City which is rumoured to contain an extremely powerful Energy Sceptre which could annihilate The Villain Armada and bring a New Era of Peace for The Multiverse forever by ending the War Against the Villain Armada!

Plot Edit

Prologue: Battle of San Francisco Edit

The game starts with a black screen showing a Hero Coalition Symbol, and the text: "Our Galaxy consists of some 300 billion Stars. Around half are orbited by Planets, and it is said that on average, conditions on two of a Star's Planets are suitable for life. No great leap of imagination is needed to believe the Universe must be home to a myriad of Life Forms. But what sorts of intelligence would develop on these Worlds? That is truly beyond our imagination." and then the text fades away, and the Hero Coalition Symbol turns into Earth, with another Text saying "What's more, we cannot say that our Universe is the only Universe. At the Quantum Level, until a Wavefunction collapses upon observation, various other Dimensions are simultaneously Parallel as a Superposition of States. The moment Observation occurs, these two Dimensions branch off into seperate Worlds, with the Universe continuing to split indefinitely." as the Earth turns into the Symbols of both The Hero Coalition and The Villain Armada. The text then shows up again, stating "If the Universe splits without end, it's possible it could eventually recreate scenes from the Past. And if those moments played out differently, it wouldn't negate or effect what happened in our Reality - a Paradox would simply mean another Dimension. The following is one possible Memory in one possible Universe, born of Paradox, after Paradox, after Paradox..." and then the game shows the title: War Of Heroes: Multiversal Warfare.

The game then switches to the point of view of Aidan Reese (Kyle Reese's identical twin brother) as he is seen on a UH-66 Blackhawk Helicopter as he looks at the destroyed City of San Francisco as Hero Coalition Forces fly over the Golden Gate Bridge (also in ruins) with Tanks firing at Armada Tanks and Aircraft. A Soldier then goes up to Aidan and asks "You alright, Reese? You're shaking." and Aidan responds "This was the City I lived in, before the War." and then the Soldier tells him "Relax, kid. You just need to try and stomach it, alright? This War'll be over real soon!" and then several LC-I24 Missiles fly in and hit several Skyscrapers, which then collapse and explode in the Streets below as Coalition Forces all land in the Streets, and the Squad Leader shouts "Freedom for The Multiverse! Charge!!!" as all the Coalition Soldiers begin gunning down Armada Forces such as Infantry, Missile Launchers and even Tanks. Aidan then grabs a HVK-30 Assault Rifle and begins gunning down several Armada Troops as a Coalition Attack Chopper flies in and the Pilot says "This is Morpho, prioritizing elimination of enemy threats!" as he fires Missiles into the Streets and destroys dozens of Anti-Aircraft Guns and Armada Troops, and then Aidan takes out a BlackCell Missile Launcher and fires at an Armada Wraith, damaging it and causing the Wraith to crash next to Aidan and his Squad, who all start charging forward and destroying Armada Forces.

However, just as Aidan and his Squad are about to clear the area, several Armada Bomber Jets fly in and fire Missiles into the Streets, and then Aidan yells "Everybody get down, now!!" as the Missiles blast the Streets and a massive Skyscraper falls down and hits the Streets, causing a massive explosion that blasts the Squad back, knocking Aidan unconscious as Armada Forces go through the City. Aidan then regains consciousness as Armada Troops drag him through the Streets and gun down remaining Coalition Soldiers, and Aidan starts fighting back, yelling "Let me go!! Get off me!" and then the Armada Troop pins him down and says "Stop squirming, you little shit!" and Aidan keeps trying to get away, but another Armada Troop stomps on his torso, and then Aidan screams in pain as his Ribcage is heard cracking. The Troop then says "Alright, get up, kid!" and Aidan lies on the ground in pain. Just as an Armada Troop comes in and is about to shoot Aidan, somebody is heard whistling as the 2 Armada Troops are gunned down and then Aidan grabs a Revolver and shoots the last Soldier in the head, blasting the Troop's Brains out. After all the Troops are confirmed dead, Clementine Everett (main character of the Series) walks up to Aidan and asks "You alright?" and then Aidan aims the Revolver at her, saying "Leave me alone!" and then Clementine puts her hands up, saying "Whoa, take it easy! You alright?" and then she looks at him and says "Hang on... I know who you are! You're Aidan Reese!" and then Aidan asks "Wait, how do you-?" and Clementine responds "I know your brother. Your twin, Kyle Reese. You look exactly like him!" and then they hear the sound of Armada Fighters, and Clementine tells him "Come with me if you wanna live!" and then Aidan follows her through the Ruins of the City.

The two then make their way through the City Ruins as Clementine hides behind a pile of rubble and passes a SVG-100 Plasma Sniper to Aidan and says "Take this, and keep an eye on the Soldiers." as an Armada Commander walks up to the Soldiers and orders them around as Clementine explains "That Commander's name is William Carver, the Villain Lord who serves as Scarecrow's right hand man. He's destroyed several Realities of the Multiverse, killing billions..." and Aidan tells her "Sounds like you've got some huge grudge on this asshole." and Clementine responds "He's killed most of the Hero Knights on my Squad, the Villain Slayers. For 2 months, I've hunted him, and now we can finally kill him!" as Aidan loads his SVG-100 Railgun as Carver and his Troops move away into a destroyed Building, while several Armada Troops remain. Clementine then instructs "There's a VTOL Unit about to fly in, use the roar of their Engines to silence the Bullets. Ready?" and then Aidan nods in response as the VTOL Unit flies above, allowing Aidan to gun down all of the Armada Troops as Clementine says "Armada Patrol moving in! Follow me, Aidan!" as she grabs a Kuda Sub-Machine Gun from a dead Coalition Soldier as she and Aidan hide from a patrolling Armada Unit, which has Infantry Soldiers and a Walker Tank. As the Tank passes, Aidan grunts in pain due to the injury to his Ribcage, and Clementine covers his mouth and says "Keep quiet, Aidan! They spot us, we're dead meat!" as the Patrol Unit passes, and the two Heroes run across the Streets and into a Building as Aidan falls to the floor, groaning in pain due to his injuries.

Clementine then helps Aidan and says "Aidan, hang on. You're gonna be alright." and Aidan responds "Clem, my ribs... I think they're broken." and then Clementine lifts his shirt up and sees his heavily bruised stomach, saying "Okay, don't worry. I'll get you patched up, alright?" and then she takes out a Stim Pack and uses it on Aidan, before wrapping the wounds up and then saying "Hold still, okay?" and then she twists Aidan's Ribcage, and Aidan nearly screams in pain. After Aidan takes a few minutes to rest, he starts to stand up as Clementine says "Let's move! The Patrol's found their dead-" but then the Building is blasted by a Walker Tank as several Armada Troops charge in, but Clementine and Aidan gun them all down as they run up the Stairs to escape. After a couple minutes of being blasted by Tanks, Aidan and Clementine are hit by an explosion as they jump out of the Building, and then several Armada Troops surround the two with their Walker Tanks. However, several A10 Warthogs fly in and Airstrike the Tanks as Aidan and Clementine fight hand-tp-hand against the Armada Troops, and then several Coalition Soldiers charge in and kill the Armada Troops. Griggs (a Hero Knight and Commander of the Coalition Forces) runs up to the two and says "Clementine! So, this is Kyle's twin brother?" and then he, Clementine and Aidan gun down Armada Forces, and Aidan responds "My name's Aidan, by the way. You're Griggs, the Commander of the Hero Knights?" and Griggs says "The one and only! Listen, you two: my Squad is going to charge through the Streets, and take out Carver at the Communication Post! Aidan, you know how to use a BlackCell, right?" and Aidan nods in response, then Griggsthows him a BlackCell Plasma Launcher and says "I need you and Clementine to take out those Walker Tanks guarding Carver, or a lot of people are gonna die!" and then the three Heroes charge through the Streets, as the Coalition Soldiers gun down dozens of Armada Troops, also taking out Sentry Guns in the Buildings and calling in A-10 Warthogs to destroy Gun Emplacements on the Rooftops.

After slaughtering the Armada Forces and moving through the Communications Post, Clementine says "Carver will try to run! All Units, focus your fire on the Waller Tanks!" as Aidan fires his BlackCell at a Walker Tank and destroys them, but the Coalition Soldiers are gunned down by a Wraith, which Clementine shoots down with an XM-53 Launcher, causing the Wraith to crash into a Armada Base Building, which Aidan and Clementine charge into and gun down all the Armada Troops, and the two see Carver looking at a Monitor which shows Scarecrow talking to him. Carver then turns around and says "Well, well... Clementine, I thought you'd given up on trying to find me!" and then Clementine responds "Never. Not after what you did to my Squad!" and Carver chuckles mockingly, saying "You damn Hero Knights..." as he takes out a Revolver and shoots at Clementine, but Aidan jumps in the path of the bullet and gets hit in the shoulder. Clementine then screams "No!!" and then Scarecrow, seeing the whole thing from the Monitor, laughs and says "So, you abandon Kyle Reese for his twin? That's just rich!" as Carver paces around the Room and says "You can burn with your Hero Knights!" as he aims his Revolver at Clementine, who is holding Aidan. However, the Base is then hit by Missiles as a Coalition Chopper, Morpho, flies past and allows Clementine to charge at Carver and punch him multiple times, before throwing him to the floor and using a Wrench to smash Carver's arm to pieces, before taking out her iconic KRM-262 Shotgun and saying "This is for my Squad, asshole!" and then she blows Carver's remaining arm and left leg off, and Carver screams in pain as Scarecrow simply laughs from the Monitor, saying "You think you'll ever win the War, Clementine? You and Aidan Reese cannot overcome me, or my Armada!" as he shuts off the Monitor.

Carver, now on the brink of death, says "Clementine... Please... Kill me." and Clementine looks at him in rage, and then throws Carver's Revolver to the floor, before putting it a few feet away and says "Why don't you crawl, Carver? Suffer, and then do it yourself!" and she walks over to Aidan and helps him up, saying "We should move-" but then the Building explodes, and the two Heroes get up and Clementine says "Scarecrow... That bastard! He's ordered an Airstrke!!" as Griggs contacts them, saying "Clem, our Forces have retaken the City! Get outta that Building now!" and then Clementine and Aidan run through the Building, and Clementine says "Aidan, we have to jump! The River's our only chance!!" as several Armada Troops enter and then fore at the two, who both jump into the City River, and the Building explodes as the Hero Coalition destroys the Command Building and the entire Downtown Area with an Orbital Strike.

Act I-III (Main Missions) Edit

A couple minutes later, Clementine drags Aidan out of the River and sees that he isn't moving, and she starts to perform CPR and says "Come on, Aidan! Don't you die on me, damn it. Come on!" as Aidan shoots up and coughs blood-colored water out of his mouth. Clementine then asks "You alright, Aidan?" and Aidan holds his shoulder and says "That asshole hit me in the shoulder... It hurts." and Clementine helps him off the ground and contacts Griggs, saying "Griggs, it's Clementine. Aidan and I are out of the City. You copy?" and Griggs responds "Copy that. You guys are on your own for now, but we'll send a Transport once we're back at Base. It'll take at least 2 days." and Clementine shuts off her Comms and says "Let's move, Aidan. We should get into the Outskirts and wait it out there!" as she and Aidan head for the San Francisco Outskirts. After a few minutes, the two stop in the Woods and Clementine says "Here, we need to treat that wound you got. Your shoulder looks a little messed up." and then Aidan takes his shirt off and Clementine sees the wound, saying "The Bullet went straight through. I just need to clean the wound, bandage it and you should be alright." and Aidan asks "Who taught you how to do this?" and Clementine explains "My guardian, Lee Everett. Taught me a lot of things before the War began, just like you and Kyle were taught." and Aidan laughs, saying "My parents always told me and Kyle: 'What goes around, comes around'. I guess you're what goes around, Clem. You've fought alongside me and Kyle too." and Clementine patches up Aidan's wound, saying "You're a good fighter, Aidan... Just like him. Come on, I'll scout ahead and you follow me." and they take the Weapons and Supplies they have and keep walking through the Outskirts of the now-destroyed San Francisco.

The game then switches to 4 hours later at night as Clementine and Aidan are near a fire, and then Clementine activates her Comms and asks another person "You never told me!" and the man responds "Told you what, Everett?" and Clementine responds "You know what I mean, XO. Kyle and John weren't the only infants born to Mary and Dennis Reese! Aidan Reese is the 3rd child." and XO asks "Triplets? How did the parents hide the fact they had triplets?!" and Clementine looks at Aidan, who is sleeping next to her, and she says "I don't know, but... I'll make sure I look after this one, while Kyle and John are kept separate in this War." and XO tells her "If these triplets all meet, it could cause a massive cataclysm in the Multiverse... It is not time for them yet. Keep an eye on Aidan." and the Comms shut off. Clementine then looks back to Aidan and nudges him gently, saying "Aidan, get up. Come on, Reese, wake up." as Aidan wakes up and asks "What is it?" and Clementine asks him "When your parents trained you and Kyle... Did they mention the name 'John'?" and Aidan responds "No. Why are you asking?" and Clementine tells him "No reason. Kyle mentioned you and him didn't have much Training before the Great Invasion. You known how to use a Sniper?" and Aidan shakes his head, and Clementine hands him a Hunting Rifle and says "We'll head deeper into the Outskirts and I'll teach you how to use that Rifle. Let's go!" and she runs into the Outskirts as Aidan follows her.

A couple hours later, a small Deer is seen walking through the Woods as a gunshot is heard, and the Deer is shot and falls to the ground, dead. Aidan is then seen near a clearing and Clementine tells him "Nice shot, Aidan. You're a natural already!" and Aidan laughs, saying "At least we've got something to eat, right?" and Clementine goes over to the dead Deer and skins it, and then Aidan sits near a fire and asks "So, you and Kyle... What was it like?" and Clementine responds "What do you mean?" and then Aidan asks again "I mean, what was Kyle like? I haven't seen him since the Great Invasion." and then Clementine explains "The first time I met Kyle, I shot a bunch of Armada Troops right in front of him. He said that was the first time in the War, that he'd felt hope, and... Of course, after that he followed me around America like a little stray dog. I taught him how to destroy the Armada, how to make Grenades, and how to use a Sniper. Tried to teach him to make a Molotov once, but that didn't exactly work out." as she starts laughing, along with Aidan. Aidan then looks at her and asks "A Molotov?" and Clementine responds "Yeah, the Cocktail exploded and burnt a few strands of Kyle's hair off. God, we were laughing for days. Sometimes, I thought I was the only person during the War to see Kyle Reese smile..." and Aidan loads his Sniper, saying "I heard Legends about you, Clem. They say that Kyle said: 'She was the one who saved me', and all that. How strong you were, how you prepared him for the Uprising Against Ozone, when nobody else was ready. How there was nobody else like you... And there never would be." and Clementine just looks at him, and then her face goes red as she smiles and looks away. As Aidan eats the cooked Deer Meat, Clementine then says "You know, Aidan... I was separated from Kyle 2 months ago, because the Villain Slayers needed Members to the Illinois Line, where the Armada was most vulnerable. Now we've heard that Cities like Chicago and Haddonfield were liberated by The Hero Coalition and I knew that it would be Kyle." as Aidan laughs, then responds with "That sounds like my brother, alright. He was always a tough kid even before the Great Invasion." and Clementine asks him "What do you mean by that?" and Aidan laughs, then explains "This one time in School, these 3 other kids were picking on me, for no damn reason. Kyle came in and told them: 'Get away from my brother, assholes' and then one of them tried to punch him. Big mistake, 'cause Kyle grabbed his arm and threw him to the floor, then beats the shit out of the other two. The teachers gave the 3 other kids detention, Kyle and I were free to go... And guess what our parents told us later?" and Clementine asks "What did they say..?" and Aidan smiles at the Memory, then repeats the words of his parents: "We're proud of you. Both of you'. Those were their exact words, because they knew Kyle and I were born to fight... Born to fight in a Global War, and kill anyone who tried to destroy any Reality." as he keeps eating the Deer Meat he cooked earlier. Clementine then sits down next to him and says "Your brother's a tough boy, Aidan. The shit I've seen him, both of you go through would turn any regular Soldier completely pale. He's been shot, stabbed and a Armada Ship even crashed on him once... But he kept going. I heard that you, Aidan... You were trapped in a Building for a whole day during the Battle of Metroville, after a massive Skyscraper fell on your Squad. And what did you do?" and Aidan tells her "About 40 Armada Troops came for me in a timespan of 3 hours. Snipers, Infantry and even Grunts came and I hid in a Building, all I had with me was a IR-150 Sniper but I managed to hold out for 5 days alone and cold, with no food or Ammo Supplies. I barely slept, and all I had was this crappy makeshift Shelter inside the Building and only 2 hours of sleep." and Clementine looks at him, saying "Jesus... I haven't seen Kyle do that before! You're, uh... Wow, just really resilient." and then Clementine keeps eating the dead and cooked Deer as Aidan shivers due to the cold weather. Aidan then says "God, it's freezing out here. And this is California, so that's really weird." and Clementine laughs, saying "The cold weather? Probably the Climate Change brought on by the War Against the Villain Armada." and then Aidan nervously gets closer to Clementine and asks "Is it alright if I... Get some body heat off you?" and Clementine responds "Yeah, I don't mind." and Aidan leans his head on Clementine's chest, wrapping his arms around her and the two lie down near their Campsite.

Several days later, Aidan and Clementine are seen moving through the Outskirts of Atlanta in the State of Georgia in an attempt to reach Coalition Command in North Carolina, and Aidan says "Jesus, my feet are killing me! Can we take a break, Clem?" and Clementine answers "Hang on, Aidan. We're almost there anyway, I wanna show you something." as the two look at the Atlanta Ruins from the Woods and see the Suburbs bearing South of the City. Clementine then reaches into her Supply Bag and takes out some Canned Food, saying "Here, you look really hungry. These things have literally saved my life at one point or another." as Aidan eats pieces of Raw Meat from the Can and Clementine sits down on a log right on the edge of the Atlanta Outskirts. Aidan then sits next to her, still eating and says "You know, a few days ago when we were near that Campsite in the Woodbury Ruins?" and Clementine asks "Yeah, what about it?" as Aidan comments "When I huddled up to you for warmth, and after we both started falling asleep, I gotta say... That was the most comfortable 7 hours of sleep I've had in the whole damn War." as Clementine blushes red and says "Aw, Aidan... Stop, you're making me blush." and then Aidan responds "Hey, it's my Reese charm. Here's another thing Kyle and I have in common: We're fucking chick magnets." and Clementine tells him "I second that belief, because I'm the voice of experience." as the two laugh and Aidan finishes eating.

Aidan then starts to get up, but hears his shoulder blade crack slightly as he groans in pain, and Clementine asks "Your shoulder okay? Thought I fixed that a week ago." and Aidan sits back down and mutters "Fucking Carver. Could you, uh... Check my shoulder for me?" as he blushes slightly, and Clementine answers "Yeah, sure. Get that shirt off, then." as Aidan removed his shirt and Clementine looks at his shoulder, which has a scar from Carver's Bullet and no longer has a Bandage on the healed wound. Clementine then puts her hand on Aidan's wound and looks at his skinny torso, saying "The wound has no prominent bleeding, as usual. It must be a cracked Bone inside your shoulder... You've taken pretty good care of your body." as Aidan blushes red at the compliment, and says "You're flirting with me, huh?" and Clementine laughs and says "No I'm not, Aidan. I was just saying... Here, I'll get your wound better for you." as she rubs Aidan's shoulder blade which is dislocated. As Clementine rubs the wound, Aidan says "Ah, that hits the spot. You're really good at this, aren't you?" and Clementine answers "Thanks, Aidan. You're a brave guy, you know?" as Aidan laughs again. Clementine then finishes taking care of Aidan's disjointed bone, and says "There, that should have done it by now. How do you feel?" and Aidan moves his shoulder around and looks up at Clementine, before smiling playfully and saying "That was real nice... Feels amazing." and then Clementine blushes and tries to hide it, and Aidan laughs and tells her "Aw, don't hide it! It's way too cute for you to hide it." as Clementine punches him on his good shoulder teasingly, saying "Come on, Aidan. Let's get to Atlanta, so I can show you what I want you to see." as she runs towards the Atlanta Ruins, and then Aidan laughs and yells "Hey, wait up! My legs are still killing me, you know!" as he follows Clementine into the City Ruins.

Inside the Atlanta Ruins, Clementine and Aidan walk into the Suburbs and walk through the Streets looking at several Houses, and then Aidan asks "Why are we here, Clem..? Why are you dragging me all the way to Georgia just to show me something?" and Clementine answers "I wanna talk to you about something, and there's something that belongs to me in one of these Houses." as she walks into one of the Houses with Aidan, and then looks around seeing a Living Room with destroyed furniture, bullet casings on the Floor and blood splatter all over the place as the two lower their Weapons. Clementine then walks over to a Desk and sees an Answering Machine, which she activated as it says "You have 3 new Messages: Message One, left at 5:43 PM." as the Message plays, and a Woman's voice is heard saying "Hey Sandra, this is Diana. We're still in Savannah, um... Ed had a little 'incident' with some crazy guy near our Hotel so we had to get him back to the ER to get it checked out. Anyway, he's not feeling well enough to drive back tonight so we're staying an extra day. Thanks so much for looking after Clementine and I promise we'll be back in time before your Spring break." as Aidan looks in shock at Clementine, and asks "This is your old House..?" and Clementine simply responds by playing the Second Message, which says "Message Two, left at 11:19 PM: Oh my God, finally! I don't know if you've tried to reach us, all the calls are getting dropped, they're not letting us leave and aren't telling us anything about Atlanta. Please, please... Take Clementine with you and get back to Marietta, I've got to get back to the Hospital. Please let me know that you're safe..." as Clementine listens to the Messages as tears fall down her face, and then the Third Message sends her over the edge: "Message Three, left at 6:51 AM: Clementine, baby? If you can hear this, call the Police. That's 9-1-1... We love you. We love you... We lov-" but then the sounds of explosions, falling Buildings, screaming, gunshots and the prominent Walker growls are heard and the Message cuts off, and then Clementine screams in rage and punches the Answering Machine hard, breaking it as she starts crying and Aidan looks at her in shock and sympathy. Clementine then says "After my Dimension was globally destroyed by the Outbreak, my Group and I went to Savannah to find them... But they were already gone. Do you know why I stay alone by myself in this War, Aidan?" as Aidan shakes his head as in 'no' to her question, and then Clementine explains "When we arrived in Savannah, a Villain who nobody knew the name of contacted me through a Radio, saying he had my Mom and Dad. I fell for it, and he took me... My Group all went through the City to save me, and they did... But they all died across the City, and Lee died just before we escaped. I was alone, and that's how I've been for 2 years." and Aidan asks "Well, what changed your mind in San Francisco? When you saved me in the Battle?" as Clementine looks at him and says "Because a lot of people have already died because of me. I'm already feeling a lot of guilt, and I didn't want your death on my conscience." and Aidan looks back at Clementine and tells her "Hey, come on. People die, because of the World we live in. They died for you, so you could live!" and Clementine just gets up and starts loading her L96A1 Sniper Rifle. Clementine then says "If you wanna believe that lie, then go for it, Reese. But I'm going to believe the truth... As soon as we get to the Coalition Base over in California, we'll go our separate ways. I'll go away all on my own again, so you won't die because of me." as Aidan's eyes widen in horror and he exclaims "What?! Clem, I'll die in Battle without you to protect me!" and Clementine shakes her head in response, saying "I've survived for almost 2 years on my own and I wasn't nearly as strong as you are right now. I know you'll make it, but you won't if you stay with me..." and Aidan asks "What are you talking about?" as the two children look into each other's eyes with pleading, but very different stares: Clementine a pleading stare for Aidan to understand that he needed to stay away from her, and Aidan pleading for her to not leave. Clementine then looks down crying and says "I'm a death magnet, Aidan. Everyone who stays with me dies, and that's why you need to leave. It took me a while to figure it out until I was 10, but at least I know that in time for you to stay away." as Aidan shakes his head, asking "You really think that's true?" and Clementine exclaims "Yes, that's how I lost everyone!" but then Aidan counters "Well, I don't. I think you're punishing yourself over what happened to a few people... People who were your friends and family." as Clementine clenches her fist as tears fall down her face as she physically threatens Aidan, saying "That's... That's not true." and Aidan puts his hand to Clementine's fist and holds it, saying "Yes it is. You look like you're in misery... And you only add onto that when you meet good people and then leave because you think you cause people to die." and Clementine starts sobbing as the boy's words cut through her like a Knife, and she says "But it's... It's the truth." and Aidan brings her closer, backing down slightly after seeing the girl so upset, and says "It's not..." and Clementine yells at him "You're wrong!! My guardian, Lee... Died because a Walker bit him while he was looking for me! If it wasn't for me, he would still be alive along with the rest of the Group! I ruined everything because I talked to some Villain on a Radio who lied about my parents and keeping them in some stupid fucking Hotel! I killed my Group!!" and Aidan shouts back "Listen to yourself!! Did any of that make sense, especially because you were 9 when it happened?!" and Clementine looks at him in shock, and Aidan holds her hand and says "There are awful people in this World, Clem. Someone took advantage of you and your Group died because of that person." and Clementine says "But I-" and then Aidan exclaims "No, shut up!! Listen to me, please, just..." as he starts crying himself, then says "You're not going to blame yourself for all that anymore because the truth is that those people died to save and protect you! And don't say that their lives would have been better off without you, because someone risked everything to save you in your time of need! They loved you, and they made their choice to save you... And without you, I would have died last week in San Francisco. So don't say your life is a waste, and things would have been better of because I... I... Need you, and I think you need me." as Clementine looks in shock at the boy as tears fall down her face, and then Aidan hugs her tight and says "Shh, shh... Don't cry, Clem. It's alright, I'm here for you now... You don't have to be alone ever again." as the two children stand in the middle of the destroyed House, both crying.

The game then switches to several hours later at night as Clementine is seen sitting next to a Fire near a Campsite as she replays Aidan's words over and over again in her head: 'Listen to yourself! Did any of that make sense..?', 'There are awful people in this World, Clem. Someone took advantage of you...', 'You're not going to blame yourself for all that anymore because the truth is that those people died to save and protect you! They loved you... I need you... And I think you need me.' and then Clementine jumps up after feeling a hand touch her shoulder, then turns to see Aidan who says "Sorry... Didn't mean to frighten you." as he sees tears flowing down Clementine's face, then sits next to her and sighs. He then blows a lock of his long, light brown hair out of his eyes and says "I'm sorry about what I said earlier, I... I didn't want to sound mean when I said all of that. I just... I don't know." and Clementine responds with "You were right, and I... I..." as she loses concentration and then starts crying again, and then Aidan says "Hey..." in a soothing voice and then hugs Clementine as the girl cries on his shoulder, and Aidan says "Shh... It's okay." and Clementine says "I... I blamed myself for what happened to them. I lied about Kyle, Aidan... He was never transferred to Illinois, I abandoned him 2 months ago. In the Coalition Base, I waited until he went to sleep in his Quarters, and I snuck out with some Weapons and Food Supplies. I drove him away, I drove his love for me away and suppressed it... Then I abandoned him. I abandoned my whole Squad: Jacks, Dash, James, Alex... And I haven't seen them again, and it's all because I fear the death I bring to others." as Aidan wraps his arms around her and says "It's alright, just... Breathe normally, focus on my voice: Listen only to the sound of my voice, let your Mind relax... Let Peace be upon you, you are in control... Calm, at peace." and then Clementine stares into the boy's icy blue eyes and runs a hand through his light brown hair, and then after some hesitation kisses him on the lips. After several seconds of holding the intimate kiss, Clementine pulls away and breathes heavily, then says "That felt... Well, it felt sort of..." and Aidan asks "Peaceful? Comfortable, is that the word you're looking for? Because I know I'm lookin' for those words." as Clementine blushes red and says "That's the second time I ever kissed a boy. First time was Kyle, ironically... You?" and Aidan shrugs, saying "First kiss. Y'know, they say it always goes downhill after the first kiss." and then Clementine kisses him again and laughs, asking "Who in the fuck says that?" as Aidan responds "Good point." as the two lie down next to their Campsite overlooking the Atlanta Ruins.

The game then switches to 5 days later as Aidan and Clementine are both seen moving through the Los Angeles Ruins in California, and then as the two walk towards the Coalition Base, Fort Santa Monica, Clementine says "Aidan, I'm really nervous. Once I walk into that Base, and I see the other Villain Slayers again, what am I gonna say to them? Especially Kyle, he'll be out for fucking blood." and then Aidan responds "Don't worry, they'll understand your reasons for leaving. Just go to Kyle, have some time alone with him... Relax, take a deep breath. Kyle's missed you, and I'm sure he's dying to see you again." as Clementine blushes lightly and says "T-thanks, Aidan. You've been really kind to me over these last 2 weeks, Y'know that?" and Aidan blushes also, then responds "Um, yeah... No problem, Clem. C'mon, let's go into the Base and find your Squad." and then the two approach the Base. After bypassing the Security Checkpoints and Camera Systems after a few minutes, Clementine opens the Steel Door to the Base Hangar as she and Aidan enter, seeing several Hero Knights such as James Fairbanks, Alex Fairbanks, Dashiell 'Dash' Parr and Tyler Green standing in the Hangar Door after having expected Aidan and Clementine's arrival. Looking at her Squad in slight shock, Clementine looks down in shame due to her 'selfish' actions and Dash tells her "Well, I'll be damned. Clementine fucking Everett, the girl who made this Squad and turned the War Against the Villain Armada around... And then almost dismantled the Villain Slayers because she can't stand up to death-" but then James punches him in the rib calmly and says "Dash, you know why she left! Leave her alone..." and then Tyler says "Oh, what's wrong James? You butthurt that your girlfriend dumbed you for Kyle, then left him later?!" and then James turns to him and says "Hey, fuck you, asshole!" and then Tyler snaps back "How about I end you right fucking now?!" and then James takes out a Glock 17 Pistol and says "Not if I fucking end you first!!" and Clementine tells "Enough!!" as the Squad stops fighting, and Clementine says "I'll sort this argument out later. James, where's Kyle?" and then James responds "He's in his Quarters, he got a new Room for himself though. I'll take you there." as he walks towards an Elevator and then Clementine looks at Aidan and says "It's alright, he's an old friend." as she follows James and the whole Squad stays in the Coalition Hangar Bay.

James and Clementine then enter an Elevator with a few other Soldiers, and then after moving down a couple Floors the Soldiers get off, with one saying "Last stop, see you Villain Slayers for the Attack tomorrow." and then all Soldiers get off the Elevator save for James and Clementine. Once the Elevator closes and starts moving down with 5 Floors left, James holsters his NVED-20 Assault Rifle to his back and then turns towards Clementine, kissing her on the lips intimately as Clementine looks in surprise for a moment but then closes her eyes and starts kissing James back. After 2 Floors are still left on the Elevator, James pulls away from Clementine and starts breathing heavily, saying "I'm sorry, I just... I had to." and then Clementine responds "Relax, James. Look, there's a massive Celebration Party on later, right?" and then James nods in response, saying "Yeah, it's a Celebration for the Battle of San Francisco. There's gonna be drinks, food and everyone in the damn Base is gonna be there. Why?" and then Clementine responds "How about after we get to the Party, and celebrate a little... Y'know, have a few drinks and that... How about we go back to your Quarters?" as James blushes red, then says "Um... Sure, yeah. It'll be a fun night, then." as Clementine wraps her arms around him and kisses him on the lips again, then says "Alright. See you at the Party then, babe." as the Elevator stops and then James pulls away from Clementine, who then walks out of the Elevator and then winks at James as the Elevator closes and takes James back up to the Hangar Bay.

Clementine then walks through the Villain Slayers Crews Quarters and goes to the furthest Room in the Corridors marked 'Kyle Reese' and sighs in slight nervousness and knocks on the Automatic Door, asking "Kyle, can you open the Door? It's me, Clementine..." as the Automatic Door opens because of Kyle's Fingerprints and then Kyle peeks over from the Door, looking at Clementine in slight shock for a few seconds and then asks "W-what are you doing here..? Come to laugh, huh? Laugh at my fucking ignorance, how I thought that you loved me when really you just manipulated me to love you?!" as he starts closing the Door but then Clementine stops the Door and tells him "No, don't shut me out! Kyle, please... I just want to talk to you." as Kyle looks at her in tears and then Clementine says "It's alright, Kyle... Come here." as Kyle grabs her and wraps his arms around her shoulders, crying after being reunited with Clementine as the latter steps into Kyle's Quarters and closes the Automatic Door, wrapping her arms around Kyle and holding him in a tight and intimate embrace. As Kyle cries into Clementine's shoulder and says "I-I thought that you'd never come back..." the girl comforts him by running her hand through Kyle's dark brown hair and saying "Shh... It's alright, Ky. I'm right here." as Kyle keeps sobbing but stops and cracks a smile, letting out a small laugh and asking "You still use my old nickname, huh?" as Clementine laughs and responds "What? I thought it was a cute nickname... Ky." as she pulls away from him and playfully punches his shoulder to try and cheer him up, but Kyle (still emotionally hurt from Clementine's departure) looks at her as his eyes turn red and puffy due to his crying and he says "I, uh... I missed you, Clem. So much, and every night for the last 2 months I cried myself to sleep and after that I mostly woke up after dreaming about you... You just went away in the blink of an eye, without leaving a Note or an Audio Log-" and then Clementine puts her finger over his mouth, saying "Shh. You don't have to say anything, Kyle... I know just how much I hurt you. And I am so, so sorry." and then Kyle holds her hand and says "I'm sure that you had your reasons for leaving. Just, please don't leave me again..." as Clementine looks at Kyle's icy blue eyes and face which looks identical to Aidan apart from a darker shade of brown hair as Clementine wraps her arms around Kyle and then kisses him on the lips, and Kyle (although initially surprised) returns the kiss softly and puts his hands on Clementine's shoulders, holding her in his arms as the two reconcile and kiss intimately in their Personal Quarters. However, Kyle then pulls away, sighs before lying down on his Bed and then says "Clem, I... I don't know whether or not I'm ready to take you back. I mean... Why did you leave?" as Clementine sighs and sits on the edge of his Bed, before answering his question with "I wanted to protect you, Kyle. And I thought that I should've stayed away from you so that you wouldn't have to either bear the burden of me dying in Battle... Or you dying and me having to deal with that loss." as Kyle looks at her in sympathy and then gives her a rebuttal by saying "Clem, you didn't have to leave me just because of your fear... I mean, I thought you were dead the last couple months and whenever I went out to fight the Armada, I was scared." as he starts tearing up and says "I was scared of them, Clem." and then Clementine tells him "But you remembered what I taught you, huh?" as Kyle nods in response, so Clementine says "Listen closely, Kyle, because what I'm about to say is really important." and she gets closer to Kyle and holds his chest, saying "I want to leave The Hero Coalition with you." as Kyle looks at her with an expression of shock crossing his face, asking "You... What?" and then Clementine eyes him before explaining "Look, the War Against the Villain Armada is almost over; the Armada Council is mostly destroyed with the Death of Ozone and Carver's Assassination and their Military is affectively crippled along with their Spacefleet. We've done our part in this War... The Hulmans don't even need us or any other Hero Knights anymore!" and Kyle asks her "So what, you and I just leave the Coalition to fight the Armada themselves? Just because the Armada's almost destroyed, doesn't mean they'll be gone in a couple more months! It could take years for the United Dimensions Coalition to stop the Armada Remnants, so we still have to help them!" but then Clementine says "Why should we help them, when they won't give us anything in return? We should just take what they've already given us, and build a new life together." as Kyle answers "The War isn't over yet. When it ends, the Coalition Council will give us everything that we've always wanted: Money, recognition... You name it-" but then Clementine laughs and says "You think I care about their fucking 'thank-you gifts'? What do you think is gonna happen when then War is over and Humans rebuild this Dimension? They will continue to kill, fight and slaughter one another over Politics, money and Nations! Their Politicians will still turn corrupt and make the Common Populations pay for that corruption... Is that what you want to happen? If we leave now, the War will take longer to end and The Villain Armada will weed out and destroy all the Militaries and corrupt Leaders that the UDC has in its pocket. And we will be somewhere else, away from all the Conflict..." as Kyle sits up next to her, looking in complete shock as he says "Clem, none of the Leaders are corrupt! The Coalition's fight is for Freedom and Populism, and once the Multiverse Wars are over they'll be able to provide all of Mankind with Peace and Unification!" and then Clementine stands up and picks up her XM-LAR Assault Rifle before saying "I knew that you wouldn't understand... At least Aidan can understand me!" as Kyle looks at her with tears forming in his eyes and Clementine (realizing what she has just done) holsters her XM-LAR on her back as Kyle starts crying slightly, so she says "Shh, c'mon now... Oh, I'm sorry, Kyle. I didn't mean it..." as she puts a hand in his shoulder to comfort him as tears fall down his face.

Kyle then asks “Aidan understands you more than me? Does that mean you... Hate me?” as Clementine responds “Don’t say that, Kyle... I love you so much, and I would do anything to keep you safe. But it looks like you and I just have different opinions on what should happen to the Hero Coalition once this damn War ends.” and then she kisses Kyle on the lips, as the two lie down and Clementine exhaustedly says “I think I’ll skip that Celebration Party tonight. What about you?” as Kyle holds her affectionately and says “A night with you after not seeing you for months? Wouldn’t miss that for the World...” as Clementine leans her head on his chest and asks “You can forgive me, right? For everything?” and in response, Kyle simply looks into her yellow eyes with his sky blue ones as he wraps his arms around her waist before kissing her on the lips intimately, holding the kiss for several seconds as Clementine starts moving Kyle's hands to lift up her shirt and after Kyle notices this, he blushes a bright red and tells her “W-whoa, someone’s excited!” as Clementine asks “What’s wrong? Nervous about it?” and Kyle tells her “I, uh... Think we should wait a little while before getting to that part of our relationship, Clem.” as Clementine sighs and lies down next to him.

The game then switches to a few hours later in the middle of the night as Kyle wakes up in his Personal Quarters, groaning exhaustedly before rubbing his eyes and seeing Clementine peacefully sleeping next to him with her iconic Baseball Cap left on the End Table as Kyle runs a hand through her black hair, which has grown out slightly since the events of Global Warfare, but then the boy hears a Female voice saying “Aw, Kyle... Look at you two together.” as Kyle recognizes the distinct Irish accent to the voice, turning around to see his Mother, Mary Reese, standing near the closed Doorway with Kyle looking at her in shock as he asks “M-Mom?! W-what are you doing here..?” before Mary walks towards him and says “Kyle; my sweet little boy... Your Father and I are so proud of you and Clementine.” as she sits on the edge of the Bed, and Kyle jumps up into her arms and starts crying, saying “Mom, I... I miss you and Dad so damn much.” before Mary hugs her son back and says “I know you do, Kyle... We miss you too. But we’re happy for you because you have someone like Clementine to protect and love you.” as Kyle sobs into her shoulder and says “I... I still remember those Armada Troops gunning both of you down right in front of me, while I begged them to stop. They just aimed their Laser Rifles at your heads, and... And...” as Mary hugs him tighter and kisses her son on the forehead, running a hand through his dark brown hair and saying “I know you hate the Armada for certain things, but you should think of this from a morally neutral point: Not all of the Villain Armada is evil.” and Kyle tells her “The hundreds of millions they’ve killed, entire Nations and Continents they’ve destroyed... So much Goddamn pain.” as Mary says to him “But think of Mankind’s state now that the War’s reached a stalemate: They have become more co-operative and unified than any other point in their History, and now the next Generation of Humanity will be able to live in peace and freedom thanks to both the Armada and Coalition... You and Clementine can lead that. But you must become more persistent in your actions.” as she starts to fade away, and Kyle desperately says “Mom, don’t go! Please, Mom!” as Mary starts to let tears fall down her face, saying “I love you, sweetheart...” and Kyle begins breaking down and sobbing, yelling “No!!!” as a quick white flash is seen, but then Kyle shoots up from his actual sleep and shouts “Mom!” however realizes it was all just a dream, with Clementine sitting up next to him and saying “Hey... Looks like you had a nightmare.” before Kyle wipes his tears away and notices he is sweating heavily, getting out of his Bed and saying “I’m, uh... Just going for a shower.” as he is seen grabbing a Medicine Box from the End Table. Kyle then pours himself a glass of Water and drinks it to swallow a couple of Pills he has taken, with Clementine tiredly looking at the Medicine Box and saying “Hypnocil? Isn’t that the new Hero Knight Drug that the Coalition Medical Division developed?” as Kyle explains “Yeah, Hypnocil is a Sleeping Pill for Hero Knights, basically. It’s derived from actual Sleeping Pills that the Humans use, mixed with Biochemicals from Hero Knights.” as Clementine hands him the Hypnocil Box and says “I’m guessing it’s for your Nightmares.” as Kyle nods in response with tears in his eyes which then fall down his face as Clementine hugs him and says “Hey, it’s alright. Everything’s OK, Kyle...” while the Hero Knight boy cries on her shoulder, and then Clementine tells him “I’ve got something to show you. Follow me.” as she walks through the Base Hallways with Kyle at her side, the boy wearing his iconic Scavenger Jacket for warmth (due to the Winter Era of the War kicking in).

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