War Of Heroes:
Multiverse's Edge
Official Poster
Developer Ubisoft-Pixar
Publisher Activision
Platform Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Genre First-Person Shooter
Release October 20th, 2018
Modes Campaign
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: R18+
Media Optical Disc, Digital Download
Series Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe
Predecessor War Of Heroes: Global Warfare (Chronologically)
Successor TBA
"Where does The Multiverse End..?"

- Tagline

War Of Heroes: Multiverse's Edge is a new installment in the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, and the first Game in a new Sub-series known as the Multiverse Edge Trilogy, which is confirmed to expore new Worlds within The Multiverse. Under development by Ubisoft-Pixar and publishing by Activision, the Game takes place after the events of War Of Heroes: Global Warfare and follows Clementine Everett in a new Reality known as Earth-1313 (also known as 'Earth Edge') as she attempts to liberate it from The Villain Armada. The game is exclusive to the Xbox One and set for release in Fall 2018.

Cast Edit

  • Melissa Hutchison as Clementine Everett
  • Huck Milner as Dashiell 'Dash' Parr (Earth-Edge)
  • Bryant Prince as Kyle Reese
  • Raymond Ochoa as Dashiell 'Dash' Parr (Earth-616)
  • Nicholas Bode as Jackson 'Jacks' Pearce
  • Jason Clarke as John Connor
  • Mark Grigsby as Griggs
  • Craig Fairbrass as Simon 'Ghost' Riley
  • Kevin McKidd as John 'Soap' MacTavish
  • Jason West as Pvt. Massey
  • Idris Elba as Cpl. Barton
  • Timothy Olpahant as Sgt. Arem
  • Vince Zampella as Pvt. West
  • Alexander Roycewicz as Sgt. Alderman
  • William Fitchner as Commander King
  • Aaron V. Williamson as Phoenix
  • Mikal A. Vega as Scarecrow

Synopsis Edit

It is the end of 2014, and it has been 4 months since the events of War Of Heroes: Global Warfare. With the mysterious and evil Military known as The Villain Armada crippled by Earth's Defenders, The Hero Coalition, the very outcome of the War Against the Villain Armada will now change completely across the Multiverse. With the Armada mostly retreating from the Core Realities to the Outer Multiverse, a Hero Knight named Clementine Everett has travelled to Earth-1313, a formerly peaceful and prosperous Reality now invaded and destroyed by the Villain Armada. With the fate of Earth-1313 at stake, Clementine must join the Coalition and Earth-1313's People to stop Scarecrow, the New Villain Lord!

Character Bios Edit

Clementine Everett - As one of the Hero Knights who killed Ozone, Clementine's reputation within the Coalition is beyond reproach and completely impeccable. Even though she is only 11 years old (at least during the Prologue), Clementine can handle any situation with our without Weapons: all she needs is her bare hands! At the start of the Game, she finds a young Orphan named Dash who she decides to take in and protect, and develops a sister-like relationship with him over the course of 5 years (which is the Timespan of this game). She uses an ICR-1 with a Red Dot Sight, Muzzle Brake and Extended Magazine.

Dashiell Parr (1313) - On Earth-1313, Dash is a 6 year old, street-smart Orphan who Clementine finds and befriends in the Metroville Ruins during her Missions to Earth-1313. 5 years later, Dash is now 11 years old and under the guardianship of Clementine, who treats him both as a young Soldier and a little brother. Dash lost his entire family during an Armada Invasion of Earth-1313, and suffers from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder because of this. With Clementine as his guardian and trainer, Dash has massive potential as a Hero Knight. He uses an old, rusty Glock 17 Pistol that once belonged to Clementine's adoptive father, Lee Everett.

Kyle Reese - Kyle is Clementine's love interest, Squadmate and even considered as her 'Counterpart'. After he was found by Clementine in 2014 and saved from a group of Armada Troops, the two fell in love with each other and began a relationship, and eventually killed Ozone, the Leader of The Villain Armada. After the Armada was destroyed and retreated from Earth-135, Kyle and Clementine chased them to Earth-1313 and found Dash, who was only 6 years old (because this Dash is from a Parallel Universe). Kyle also takes care of Dash and is like an older brother to him, while also training the young Mutant in the use of Weapons and hand-to-hand Combat. Kyle uses a M8A7 with a Recon Sight, FMJ, Long Barrel and Extended Magazine.

Jackson Pearce - Jacks is the original Hero Knight who was Clementine's closest friend and Squadmate before the Battle of Metroville (Brink of Annihilation). After the Destruction of The Villain Armada, Jacks became a Legendary Hero and tracked the Armada to Earth-1313 and other Outer Realities in order to liberate these Realities and destriy the remains of the Villain Armada. He uses a KN-44 with a Reflex Sight, Extended Magazine, Fast Mag and Long Barrel.

Plot Edit

Prologue: Attack on Earth-1313 Edit

The game starts in a Coalition Attack Ship which is flying through a Multiversal Portal, as Clementine Everett narrates "The Villain Armada, an evil Military organization from the Unknown Realities within The Multiverse. Our side, The Hero Coalition, believed that ashes were all that remained of their Empire. We were right, but now... We must face them again!" as Clementine is seen inside the Ship's Weapon Room, loading her ICR-1 Assault Rifle. After finishing her preparation for the next Mission, Clementine sees Kyle Reese loading up his Rifles, and then asks "You nervous about this, Kyle?" and then Kyle answers "A little. But we took out the Villain Armada once, we can do it here!" as the Announcer is heard on the Ship Comms, saying "All Hero Knights, report to the Deployment Deck for Drop PODs!" and then Clementine tells Kyle "Let's move, looks like the Squad is being assembled in the Hatch!" as she and Kyle walk towards the Deployment Deck, where a huge crowd of Coalition Soldiers and Hero Knights is seen loading up their Weapons, and then the Coalition Attack Ship flies out of the Multiversal Portal, along with several other Assault Carriers and Fighter Ships, as the Heroes all see a huge Villain Armada Blockade over a new Reality: Earth-1313!

As the Armada Blockade Ships send dozens of Armada Fighters towards the Coalition Forces, a huge Space Battle begins and Griggs (one of the Leaders of The Hero Coalition) tells the crowd of Heroes "Everybody get in the DROP Pods! We'll get to this new Reality and liberate it from the Armada!" as the Attack Ship is hit several times by the Armada Fighters, which are shot down by Laser Cannons. Clementine and Kyle then lead the Coalition Soldiers to the Launch Area, and they enter several Drop PODS, which are then activated and launched from the Coalition Attack Ship. The PODs then fly towards Earth-1313 as Armada Carrier Ships protecting the Reality are blasted by the Coalition Ships and explode as some Drop PODs are shot down, and Clementine sees several Lasers near the Drop POD she and Kyle are inside, contacting their Attack Ship and saying "Bravo 17890, cover fire immediately!" and the Ship Controller responds "Roger that, Striker Actual! Adjust your trajectory for Cover Fire!" as Kyle moves the Drop POD away from the Coalition Attack Ship, which starts using its Plasma Cannons to fire at several Armada Ships, destroying the Blockade as several Missiles are fired, destroying a few Coalition Fighters and Frigate Spaceshipsas the 20 remaining Drop PODs fly into Earth-1313's Orbit.

The game then switches to a few minutes later as the Drop PODs approach the Metroville Ruins as Kyle controls the POD's Orbital Controller to hit Armada Forces in the Streets, destroying several Terrain Walker Robots and dozens of Armada Troops. As Coalition Helicopters and Fighter Jets fly in and shoot down Armada Aircraft, the Drop PODs hit the Streets and Coalition Troops exit them all, along with Clementine and Kyle as Armada and Coalition Forces clash in the Streets and destroyed Buildings, firing hails of Bullets and Missiles at each other. Kyle then guns down several Armada Troops along with Clementine as Armada Fighters and Carrier Ships are destroyed in the air, and the Carriers crash into the City's Skyscrapers and destroy what's left of them as Clementine throws a Thermal Imploder at a Street Barrack in front of her Squad, which then explodes and kills the Armada Troops. Kyle then sees several XS1 Goliaths and then calls in an Orbital Strike, which hits the Streets and decimates Armada Forces in front of them, as Coalition Soldiers and Tanks push forward, and Fighter Jets fire Missiles into the ruined Skyscrapers to snuff out hidden Armada Troops. Kyle then walks through the Streets with Clementine behind the Soldiers and asking "So, how long until we take the City back?" and Clementine answers "Should be about 2 hours. Then, we'll set up a Base Camp and send our Forces out from there and use a Supply Path from our Orbital Fleet, using Orbital VTOLs." as the two keep walking through the Streets and patrol for remaining Armada Troops.

However, the two hear a clunking sound and a gunshot coming from a nearby Building, and Clementine aims her ICR-1 and motions for Kyle to open the Door, which he does as the two breach the destroyed Building and see a young boy aiming his G18 Machine-Pistol at a dead Armada Troop, whose head is blasted in half. As the boy shakes in fear, Clementine puts her ICR-1 on the floor and says "Hey, hey.... It's alright, little guy. We're not going to hurt you." and the boy backs up in fear and tells them "N-no... There's bad guys out there!" and then Clementine answers "It's fine, we took care of them. We're with the Hero Coalition. Is there anyone with you?" and the boy starts crying, and Kyle quietly asks Clementine "How old's that kid..? He's lost his damn parents." and Clementine looks at the boy, saying "He looks about 6 years old... How could the Armada..? How could anyone?" and the boy walks over to the two and Kyle asks "Hey, kid... You want to come with us? It's alright, we won't hurt you." and the boy just nods in response. Clementine then picks the boy up and carries him, asking "What's your name, kid?" and the boy hesistates for a few seconds, then whispers "..Dash." and Clementine, after hearing the name, has several Memories of Earth-616 (during the events of Incredibles: Multiverse Origins) such as: her and Dash charging through dozens of explosions and killing Armada Troops, the Escape from Camp Omega, and the Death of Ozone at Dash and Clementine's hands. Kyle then snaps her out of the Memories and says "Clem, you alright? You look like you've just seen a ghost!" and Clementine holds Dash, responding with "I have... He's just 5 years younger." as she walks away holding Dash in her arms, and Kyle stands there with a puzzled look. Clementine then walks over to a nearby Coalition Strategic Barrier as the younger version of Dash looks up at the Coalition Ships in awe, and then Clementine sets him down in an Ammo Crate and tells him "Stay here, squirt. I'll be back in a minute." and she starts to walk over to a group of Coalition Soldiers, but Dash asks her "Um... What's your name, miss?" and Clementine answers him with "My name's Clementine." and Dash laughs, then says "Clementine? That's a funny name. But it's nice." and then Clementine walks over to a Squad of Coalition Soldiers commanded by Corporal Barton, and she asks "Hey, Barton? I just found this Scavenger kid in a Building, and I was wondering if the Medics are available for a Psycheval or something?" and Barton looks at Dash, who is playing around with pieces of a destroyed Power Core and putting it back together (which is something Dash is known for, repairing destroyed Weapons and Ship Parts) and Barton says "Yeah, that kid looks a little messed up. He's gonna need some Food, some new clothes and Medical attention. We've set up a Medical Wing to the West, head there." and Clementine responds "Thanks." as she walks back over to Dash, then tells him "I'm gonna take you to a Medic, alright? You're gonna be fine." as she and Dash start walking towards the Medical Wing, and the young dishevelled boy holds Clementine's hand in a nervous way.

The game then switches to 20 minutes later as a Field Medic is seen operating on Dash, stitching up various cuts on his torso and injecting Medical Stims into Dash's arms as Clementine and Kyle watch. Seeing the Medic constantly putting the Stims into the young boy's arm and Dash flinching after an injection, Clementine asks "He's gonna be alright, isn't he? I mean, he's really nervous about this." and the Medic tells her "Don't worry, Clementine. This is a tough little boy you've got here, he's really brave." and Kyle agrees with the Medic, saying "He took down an Armada Troop with a headshot, and he's only 6 years old." and after that, the Medic takes a small Blood Sample from Dash's arm and says "I need to run this for DNA, get a confirmation of who he is. You can take him to the Crew Quarters and help him get comfortable. And, uh... You might wanna get him a shower and a good haircut." as he exits the Room, leaving Dash, Kyle and Clementine alone there as Dash sits next to Clementine. After a couple minutes of sitting quietly, Dash yawns and says "Clementine, I'm really tired. Is it alright if I go to sleep, or is there anything else we need?" and then Clementine answers "Yeah, it's fine, Dash. Come here." as Dash leans his head on her shoulder and Clementine wraps her arms around the young boy, and Kyle asks "Clem, what are we gonna do with him?" as Dash falls asleep, and Clementine tells Kyle "The answer's obvious, right? We're gonna take him in, and look after him." as the three sit in the Medical Center, and the screen turns to black.

Act I-III (Main Missions, 5 Years Later) Edit

The game then shows narration from Clementine as she says "5 years. 5 long years, we waged War on the Armada to liberate Earth-1313. It was one of the bloodiest Fronts across The Multiverse, and eventually... The Armada was finally pushed back from most of 1313." as it shows several scenes of Coalition and Armada Forces fighting in City Ruins, with The Hero Coalition pushing The Villain Armada out of the States, and then shows a Tactical Map of Earth-1313, with the Armada Forces being decimated as a Symbol of The Hero Coalition appears above Earth-1313, signifying a temporary Hero Victory.

The game then shows Clementine (now 16 years old) as she watches an 11 year old Dash shoot several Targets near a House that the two are staying in. After seeing Dash successfully hit the Targets, Clementine tells him "You're getting even better at this, Dash. How's the new Pistol feel?" and Dash looks at the old Glock 17 that once belonged to Lee Everett, and says "It's not really new. It's all rusty and scratched." and Clementine laughs, telling him "Yeah, that's an old Glock. An old friend of mine used it, during the War Against the Villain Armada." and she says "His name was Lee Everett. My adoptive father, and one of the Old Hero Knights... But he died in the Battle of Metroville." as she looks away and then has a Memory of Lee's death on Earth-616, as she and Dash watch. Clementine then snaps out of it and puts a hand on Dash's shoulder and says "Alright, little guy... You go and take a break, I need to go and see Kyle." and Dash looks at her and asks "Your boyfriend? You guys gonna need some time alone while I'm here?" and Clementine laughs, before saying "Real cute, Dash... Real fucking cute." and ruffling Dash's hair, then walking into the House. Clementine then goes into the House and sees Kyle standing there, asking "How's your old friend..?" and Clementine answers "He's doing fine. He's well-fed, and he knows how to use Weapons now." and then Kyle says "You've told him about the old Dash, right?" and Clementine looks at him and tells him "Will you keep your fucking trap shut around him? Of course I'm not gonna tell him." and Kyle asks "What..? He can't hear us!" and Clementine responds "He's a fucking Mutant, you idiot! He has Super Speed, and Super-Hearing. And it's a pain in the ass." as she hugs him and asks "So, the Coalition finally let you take some time off? The War must be over really soon, then." and Kyle tells her "We're closing in on the last Armada City in California in a few days: Los Angeles." as Clementine looks at him, then says "There's something the Armada has for LA that I don't get." and then the two laugh, and Clementine kisses Kyle.

Clementine then says "Dash is a pretty good shot now. Maybe we should let him come to California and kill Scarecrow." and Kyle asks "Why? It'd be a little pointless, because the Armada's going to be destroyed anyway." and Clementine laughs, then says "Dash isn't bad. Plus, you two don't spend much time together." as she playfully punches Kyle on the arm. Clementine then says "I've missed you, Kyle. You know, how about.... After the War's over and we're back here, we can have a nice night out, and maybe we can-" and Kyle gestures to the Door, and Clementine looks to see Dash standing there. Kyle says "Save it for later, Clem. We've got a little one here." and then Dash laughs, then tells them "I know what you were gonna say, Clem." and Clementine looks at him and responds "I really hope that's a joke, Dash." and then Dash looks at Kyle and says "Hey, Kyle." and Kyle responds "Hey. You're a lot bigger than 5 years ago. Clem's been teaching you, huh?" and then Dash nods in response. Kyle then says "She says you're getting pretty good. Here, why don't you show me?" as everyone walks over to the Shooting Range, and Dash remembers what Clementine taught him and shoots the Targets, hitting them with exceptional accuracy as Kyle looks in surprise. Clementine then says "He's a crack shot, isn't he? Reminds me of you." and then the two hear a noise on their Data Gloves and check them, seeing that an Armada Battalion has been found, and then Clementine says "The Team's moving out to find the Villains in the Metroville Harbor! We need to get over there." and Kyle asks "What about Dash?" and Clementine looks at Dash, who shrugs and asks "What? I can take care of myself!" and Clementine tells Kyle "He's right, you know. Let's go, Kyle!" as she grabs her ICR-1 Assault Rifle and gets into a Jeep with Kyle to join the Armada-Hunting Team on their Mission.

The game then switches to a couple hours later as Kyle and Clementine are seen in an SUV joining a Coalition Convoy which drives into the Metroville Harbor, and several Coalition Troopers charge in along with the two Hero Knights. Kyle then command the Soldiers, saying "Alright: Bravo Team, take the Breach, Alpha takes the Ferry!" as he and Clementine see a Ferry Ship near the Harbor, and Clementine says "The Heat Sigs are coming from inside that Ferry. Let's do this!" as she takes out 3 Smart Grenades and throws them into the air, and the Smart Grenades fly towards the Ship, searching for Heat Signatures of the Armada Cell. The Coalition Soldiers then start moving through the Ship as a Helicopter circles it, and a Soldier plants a C4 Charge on a Door and Kyle shouts "Cracking Steel!" as he detonates the C4, prompting several Armada Troops hiding inside the Ferry to get blasted and killed as Phoenix (a Villain in some of my other Crossovers) tries to crawl away as Kyle and Clementine gun down his Soldiers, and Clementine contacts the Coalition Soldiers and says "Mortar Strike, now!!" as a Coalition Soldier gets on a Mortar Emplacemen and fires a Mortar at the Ship, which explodes as Phoenix runs away from the rubble, and then falls into the Engine Room. Seeing Phoenix retreat, Clementine throws her Frag Grenade into the Engine Room, which causes a huge explosion that destroys the Engine Room. Kyle and Clementine then turn around as several more Armada Troops kick the Door in and aim at the two, but then the Troops are shot by a Rapid-Fire Sniper, and Clementine turns to the source of the shot, but doesn't see anyone there as an Armada Warlord (a Armored Soldier who uses a BRM Light-Machine Gun) starts shooting at the two, but then a streak of yellow Lightning is seen behind the Warlord, who is then shot in the back several times and falls to the ground. Clementine and Kyle then get out of cover and the Warlord is finished off with a shot to the head, and then Dash walks over the dead Armada Warlord holding an SVU-AS Rapid Sniper and asks "So, uh... This is work for you, Clem?" and Clementine looks in shock, then looks at Kyle, who just responds with "Don't look at me! You've been training him." and Clementine looks back to Dash, and asking "Where'd you gat that Sniper, Dash?" and Dash says "I found it after I picked the Lock on your Weapons Room." and Clementine responds "Well, at least we killed the Armada Troops. Come on, Dash, we're going home." and then they leave the Ship, which is being surrounded by Coalition Forces.

A few hours later, Clementine and Dash are seen in the backyard of the House, and Clementine throws Dash a Combat Knife and tells him "Alright, try this: Rush at me, without Super-Speed, and try to hit me with the Knife. Got it?" and Dash looks at her slightly nervously and asks "What if I stab you, though?" and Clementine shows him her Ballistic Vest and says "Relax, I'm wearing a Vest immune to Bullets and Knives. You won't cause any wounds." and Dash charges at her, and the two start a Mock Battle as Dash keeps trying to get through Clementine's defenses. Clementine then counters and hits Dash in the face, and the boy falls to the ground and groans in pain, and Clementine says "Whoa, you alright?" as she stops, but then Dash grabs and throws her a few feet away, then lunges at her with the Combat Knife. However, Clementine counters and kicks Dash in the stomach, and the boy starts coughing on the ground as Clementine looks at him, but then holds her hand out to him and says "Good work, Dash... That was really good." as Dash gets up, then touches the bruise on his face, and then Clementine says "Sorry, Dash... Guess I went a little too hard on you, huh?" and Dash responds "It's fine, Clem. The one thing I don't like about you: You're a little too overprotective, y'know?" and then Clementine says "Sorry, but I have to be. All I want is for you to buy safe, Dash. Come on, I'll take care of that bruise." and Dash blushes, then says "Clem, it's fine. Honestly, it's alright..." and then Clementine walks over and puts a hand on Dash's bruised cheek, then smiles and tells him "Good, that's another test. A Soldier shouldn't succumb to a little wound like that." and she walks into the House, and Dash follows her and sits down.

Dash then looks over to Clementine and asks "Where do you and Kyle come from, Clementine? Which Reality?" and Clementine looks at him and answers with "We were both born in separate Universes, but... After the War Against the Villain Armada began, we both found each other on Earth-135 and later we came here to pursue The Villain Armada." and Dash takes out a Picture of Kyle and Clementine which was taken on Earth-135 after the Destruction of The Villain Armada, before passing it to Clementine and asking "Is this you two?" and Clementine looks at the Picture, which shows her and Kyle next to a Chinook Helicopter. After seeing the Picture, Clementine answers "Yeah, that's us. Obviously, the boy next to me is Kyle." and Dash asks her "How did you meet Kyle, by the way?" and Clementine sighs, then explains "He used to just be a Scavenger in the Metroville Ruins after the Great Invasion of Earth-135. He was alone, cold and scared before I found him... A bunch of Armada Troops chased him into a Subway Tunnel, and I killed them all. Kyle said that was the first time in the War he'd felt hope, and that he was grateful to me. Anyway, once I killed the Troops... I saw this little boy with dark brown hair, and blue eyes looking up at me, almost looking scared of me." and Dash asks "That was Kyle? Was that him..?" and Clementine answers "Yeah, it was. After that, we went across America to get back to the Coalition Base in Los Angeles and secure a grip over the Armada. And eventually, we launched a full-on Assault against the Armada Stronghold in Washington DC, and we killed Ozone. Then, once the Armada retreated to this Reality, we chased the, here and that's how I managed to find you..." and she looks at Dash, then says "You remind me so much of him, Dash. You and Kyle have a lot in common... And I promise you, that I will never let anyone hurt you, ever. And if they try to, I will cut their Heart out." and then Dash hugs her, saying "Thanks, Clem... But I can take care of myself." and Clementine pulls away and looks him in the eyes, saying "Kyle could do that too, but he always wanted me to have his back." as Dash leans his head on Clementine's shoulder, and then the Hero Knight wraps her arm around Dash, then repeats the same words she said to Kyle on Earth-135: "I'll never let them hurt you". A few hours later, Clementine is seen with Kyle, with a bottle of Whiskey and a few empty glasses as Kyle asks "So, uh... Where's Dash?" and Clementine answers "He went to bed a couple hours ago. He was pretty tired after the Training I had with him." and she drinks some Whiskey and asks "Do you think I'm too protective towards him?" and Kyle asks her "W-what do you mean by that?" as Clementine looks at him and responds "You saw him at the Harbor, right? How he killed that Warlord easily..? He reminds me of you." and then Kyle gets closer to her and says "You're good with him, Clem. And sometimes, you just need to take the reigns off him and just let him face the Armada. He's going to be a Hero Knight... Even if we don't want him to. But what you need is to not worry about as much, if he was the Hero Knight from Earth-616 that you told me about." as she and Kyle keep drinking, and Dash is seen upstairs, listening to the conversation using his Super-Hearing. Clementine then holds Kyle's hand and looks up at him, saying "He was a lot like you are, Kyle. Brave and loyal to the Coalition back on Earth-616, he led us to our first Victory against the Armada. And now, this version of Dash? He's a lot different, and I might want it to stay that way." (referring to the events of Incredibles: Multiverse Origins) as she kisses Kyle on the lips, then she pulls away and says "I love you so much, Kyle..." as she kisses him again, and then Dash sneaks back upstairs. Clementine then laughs and says "God, my head hurts. Either I've had too much Whiskey, or this Multiversal War shit is giving me a headache." and Kyle chuckles, then says "Hopefully, we don't have a hangover tomorrow morning. You wanna go to upstairs, then?" and then Clementine walks upstairs and tells him "I'm going to bed. Come on, Kyle, before you pass out." and the two walk upstairs and into another Room.

The game then switches to the next morning as Kyle wakes up, as Dash shakes him awake and says "Kyle, wake up! Come on, dude, get up!" and then Kyle completely wakes up and sees Clementine sleeping right next to him. Kyle then sits up and holds his head, asking "God... What the fuck happened last night? My damn head is killing me." and Dash laughs, then says "Yeah, you and Clem were, uh... Pretty hammered last night. And I'm not even gonna say whatever happened after that!" and Kyle says "Fucking hell. Shit, dude... What is it anyway, Dash?" and then Dash tells him "Just letting you know: You got a call from Ghost telling you to get over to the Coalition Base. Like, by an hour from now!" and Clementine wakes up, asking "What the hell does that skull-masked, overbearing asshole want now?" and then Dash shrugs, then says "I don't know, but he sounded really serious. Said something about Armada Bases hidden in the Illinois Mountains. You're gonna want to get to the Coalition Base." as he walks out of the Room. As Clementine walks out of the Room, Dash asks her "Hey, Clementine... Can I talk to you just for a second? It's kinda important." and Clementine walks over to him and kneels down to his height, asking "What is it, Dash?" as Dash sighs and puts his hand over his other arm, then asks "What's 'Earth-616'? And what did you mean when you said there's 'another version of me'?" and then Clementine looks at him in shock and hesitated with her answer, then tells him "Dash, it's complicated. This is hard for me to tell you, but... When The Hero Coalition first encountered The Villain Armada 5 years ago, the Reality known as Earth-616 in the Core Realities was invaded as a distraction for the Great Invasion of Earth-135. Before I even met Kyle and was transferred to Earth-135, I served alongside another Hero Knight to repel the Original Armada Invasion. And after 2 months of Cities turning to ruins, millions dying on both sides and Earth-616 becoming a barren Wasteland... You and I saved that Reality." as Dash experiences a Memory of him and Clementine shooting down Armada Carrier Ships from the Sky during the Battle of Earth-616, dueling Ozone onboard the Armada Flagship 'Earth Destroyer' and the final Memory of the Earth-616 version of Dash carrying Clementine away from an Escape Pod in the heavy rain, while dozens of Armada Ships fall from the Sky and join most of the destroyed Armada Main Fleet crashed into Earth-616's Surface. Dash then snaps out of all the Memories and looks at Clementine in shock, saying "Wait, that was... You and me? H-how is that-?" and then Clementine tells him "That version of you was another one... An older Dash, for starters. On Earth-616, you were an amazing Soldier, a good friend. And you were one of the greatest people I ever knew." and Dash starts tearing up, then says "So, the whole 5 years we spent together... It was all a lie?! Just for nothing?!" and then he punches a wall, crying as Clementine walks over to him and tries to comfort him. However, Dash responds by shoving her away and shouts "Leave me alone!!" as he starts walking out of the Room, and Clementine tells him "Dash, please... Just listen to me!" and Dash turns to her and responds "For 5 years, you raised like I was your own son! And then I find the truth after all this time, and find out the girl I care about has... Lied to me about who I am? Who I used to be?" and Clementine tries to say "Dash, that version of you, he wasn't you!" and Dash tells her "Spare me this bullshit about The Multiverse! You and Kyle deserve each other, you know that? You're a couple of lying, deceiving Hero Knight scum!!" and then he uses his Super-Speed to run into his own Room and slams the Door shut in a fit of anger. After Clementine leaves, Dash stands in the middle of his Room as his eyes glow yellow and tears fall down his face, and then he screams in rage and a huge Telekinetic Wave wraps around Dash before causing a small explosion of Energy which blasts back several objects around the young and powerful Mutant.

Several minutes later, Kyle is seen driving through the New Metroville City as Clementine sits in the passenger seat beside him, with tears in her eyes due to having to tell Dash the truth. After arriving at the Parking Lot in the Coalition Base Center, Kyle then tells her "Clem, I might be really bad at giving emotional support, but... Why don't you just talk to him later?" and Clementine sadly responds "Because he won't listen to me anymore. You know what he called me before he walked away? A lying, deceiving Hero Knight scum. What if he's right?" and Kyle looks at her in shock, saying "Don't talk like that, Clem! You did what you had to do." and Clementine just laughs in response, then says "Oh, Kyle... Ever the fucking optimist, as usual. Dash and I fought alongside each other on Earth-616 before I even met you, but now that fucking relationship has been shattered with this Dash! He hates me now, and I can never repair that... His Powers are out of control too. One time, when Dash got really frustrated while we were in a Training Session, he only had to scream and then a whole wave of Telekinetic Energy smashed up the Training Room, disintegrated the Holographic Targets. The Original Dash? Super-Speed. This Dash? Super-Speed, Super-Hearing and Strength... Telekinetic Energy, and God knows what else!" as Kyle looks in shock. In the Hero Coalition Base, Ghost is seen inside his Office with Clementine and Kyle, saying "When I called you, Dash was the one who answered. I had to make an excuse that you guys were on a S&D Mission, but that's not why I told you two to come here!" as he takes out a Classified Document which reads 'Blood Sample - Eyes Only' as he hands Clementine the Document, and the Hero Knight asks him "What's this?" as she opens the Document, seeing a DNA Test with Dash's name imprinted under it, alongside another which reads 'Dashiell Parr - Earth-616' and then Ghost explains "The first DNA Sample was from the Earth-616 Dash. It's a normal Mutant Gene Code, but the other Sample... Is from the Earth-1313 Dash!" as Kyle and Clementine both look at the 1313 Dash's Genes, which show a massive spike in the Mutant-X Strain which the Earth-616 Dash does not have.

The game then switches to several days later as Kyle and Clementine are seen outside Dash's Room, with Kyle saying "Clem, he's been doing this for 4 nights in a row now! He's having a lot of Nightmares all of a sudden." as Dash is heard mumbling in his sleep, saying "No, no... Clementine, Ozone!!" as Clementine sighs, then tells Kyle "He's not having a Nightmare. The Multiverse has tapped into his Mind while he sleeps and shows him more Memories of Earth-616." as Kyle tells her "Well, you need to get in there and calm him down! Read his Mind, or whatever bullshit the Multiverse lets you do to other Hero Knights!" and Clementine sarcastically asks him "Oh yeah, how about I call Professor X for you? Or better yet, get fucking Jean Gray to come here and calm him down? Great fucking idea, Kyle!" as Kyle tells her "You know what I mean. Use your Memory Link and get into Dash's head, and make him wake the hell up. You're good at this kind of shit, Clem!" as Clementine says "Fine, I'll do it but only for him!" as she opens the Door to Dash's Room and sees the young Mutant sleeping, tossing and turning while screaming from his Memories of Earth-616 (the events of Incredibles: Multiverse Origins). Clementine then puts her hand on Dash's head and uses a Memory Link (a Power which allows 2 Heroes to share Memories of the War Against the Villain Armada), and sees several Memories such as: The Battle of Metroville, Ozone shooting the Earth-616 Dash in the chest, and Clementine screaming "No!!" as Ozone responds "Easy, Clementine! I haven't even started with your boyfriend yet." as Clementine (on Earth-1313 reading Dash's Mind) says "Dash, stop!! Wake up!!!" and then Dash wakes up screaming, and sits up as Clementine tells him "Hey, easy, Dash. Are you alright?" as Dash looks at her with tears streaming down his face, then hugs her and says "Clementine... Oh God, what was that? What did I just see?" and Clementine comforts him. After calming the young Mutant boy down, Clementine says "Those Memories, you shouldn't have seen them. That is why I kept your Origins a secret from you, Dash... To free you from that pain." and Dash looks at her, then asks "You have them too?" and Clementine nods in response, saying "Until I was 13 years old, I couldn't control the Memories. I woke up in the middle of the night all the time, crying because of what I saw in those Memories. Kyle would try to comfort me and tell me it was all just a Dream, but I knew that it was the exact opposite." as Dash asks her "Well... What kept you sane?" and Clementine answers "You and Kyle, were the two people keeping me sane. I thought that you, me and Kyle could all be a family and start a new life together... But I never had a family after my parents died." as she looks away from him, shedding a few tears herself.

Dash then looks at Clementine with tears running down his face, and then holds her hand affectionately, saying "I'm sorry about that little argument we had last week. I mean, I was just really angry and didn't know how to react once you told me about our... Partnership, on Earth-616." and Clementine tells him "I understand, Dash. You have a right to be angry with me, but either way... You're still gonna be my beautiful little boy." and she runs her hand through Dash's blonde hair, and the young Mutant leans his head on Clementine's shoulder. Dash then says "Clem, my Powers are out of control... What's wrong with me?" and then Clementine wraps her arms around Dash's back, saying "No, no... There's nothing wrong with you, Dash. You're just a Mutant, and Mutants have these amazing gifts that some fucking Humans want to resent and hate. But I will never let any Humans hurt you, alright? And if any of them try, then I'll make their fucking Species suffer." as Clementine's eyes glow purple with Telekinetic Energy (which happens when Clementine shows her Villain Form). However, Clementine suppresses her Villain Form and her eyes turn to their normal yellow color, and Dash then taps into his Super-Hearing, but then looks in confusion after hearing two Heartbeats coming from Clementine's body, the other one not being there before and extremely faint. Dash then says "Wait, what..? Why are there two Heartbeats coming from your body?" and Clementine hesitates with her answer, then says "Dash, I... I didn't want to tell you until tomorrow, but... Dash, I'm... I'm pregnant." and then Dash looks at her in complete shock, then his expression turns to slight joy as he asks "You... You're pregnant?! As in, pregnant with Kyle's baby?" and Clementine nods in response, saying "Guess what else, Dash? You're gonna be a big brother. Well, technically..." and Dash looks at her overjoyed, and asks "Do you think it's gonna be a boy or a girl?" and Clementine laughs, saying "Well, me and Kyle always said that if we ever had a kid, we'd want it to be a boy. And I think there's a small chance the baby might be a Mutant..." as Dash lies down closer to her and says "I... I remember Earth-616, Clementine. What you and I did there, how we crippled the Armada and how you left my Reality to find Kyle. I remember what an amazing person you were as well, and how much we both loved each other." as he gets up and stares Clementine in the eyes, then hesitates as his face gets closer to hers. After a few more seconds, Dash nervously kisses Clementine on the lips and holds the kiss intimately for several seconds as if Time and The Multiverse have completely stopped due to the two holding such a strong emotional bond with one another. After several more seconds of kissing Clementine, Dash pulls away as he blushes red and says "I, um... I just..." as Clementine puts her hand in his shoulder and says "It's alright, Dash. You don't need to apologize, there's nothing to be sorry about." and Dash tells her "That felt so wrong. But it felt kind of right too." and Clementine silently looks at Dash, then sighs and walks out of the Room, saying "Get back to sleep, Dash... And don't tell anyone about this, ever. Or else you'll deal with me, alright?" and Dash nods in response.

The game then back switches to '5 Years Earlier' as an 11-year old Clementine is seen sitting in the Coalition Base Quarters, with Dash (6 years old) sleeping in a Bed next to her. Kyle then enters the Crew Quartes and says "Hey, Clem. How's the little guy doing?" and Clementine looks at Dash, who is sleeping and leaning his head on her shoulder as Kyle laughs, saying "Aw, that's just adorable. He's getting really comfortable with you, y'know that?" and Clementine looks at the young Mutant and smiles, saying "He's a really cute kid. You know, back on Earth-616... Dash was an amazing Soldier, and in the last 4 months I've been taking care of him? He's really growing on me." and Kyle sits next to her before laughing and saying "Imagine what Dash is gonna be like when he's older. You know what my parents always said about me? 'Little boy, little problem... Big boy? Now that's gonna be a handful." and Clementine responds "Relax, Kyle. I fought in the War Against the Villain Armada, I'm sure I can look after a 6-year-old boy. Especially one I know on another Reality when he was 11." and Kyle asks her "What was Dash like, on Earth-616?" and Clementine sighs, then answers "He was brave, courageous. An amazing Soldier, one that could turn the tide of a whole Battle on his own. He had nice, long blonde hair and a pair of dreamy blue eyes..." and Kyle tells her "Alright, I get the picture. You two were close then, as in 'close like you and me are' close?" as Clementine blushes red and then looks down at Dash. However, Clementine smiles and says "Yeah, I was, uh... I had a crush on him after the Great Invasion, but about 6 months into the War I realised that I'd completely fallen in love with him. It was long before I met you, though." and Kyle asks her "What happened to the Original Dash?" and Clementine wraps her arm around the Earth-1313 Dash's back, then answers Kyle by saying "The same thing that happens to everyone in the Multiverse Wars..." as she starts tearing up slightly, then wipes her tears away and says "If The Villain Armada ever hurts this Dash, I... I'll kill them all, every last one of those scum." as Kyle looks at her in sympathy. Clementine then says "He already likes me as his guardian, y'know. And he's a troublemaker..." and Kyle smiles and asks her "Why, what did he do?" and then Dash (now awake) says "I broke into the Cafeteria and stole a bunch of Food Rations." and Clementine laughs, ruffling the young boy's hair and saying "You're lucky nobody caught you, Dash. You're lucky I'm in a good mood today too." and Dash asks "Why, what would you do to me if you weren't? Punish me, physically?" as Kyle says "Aw, come on Dash... Clem would never hurt you no matter what trouble you cause." and Dash jokes "Oh, just wait until I get a red ass one day." as he gets up and Clementine tells him "Hey, watch that dirty mouth or you will get a bare red one once you've over my knee. You gonna go for a shower or something? You can't be comfortable in those Scavenger Clothes." and Dash nods in response and Clementine says "Alright, I'll get it ready for you." as she walks through her Personal Quarters with Dash as Kyle sits down nearby, then sees a Picture fall out of Clementine's pocket. Kyle then picks the Picture and sees it is an old Earth-616 Memento taken during the War Against the Villain Armada and shows Clementine standing with an 11-year-old Dash in the Headquarters of The Hero Coalition.

The game then switches back to Present Day as Dash and Clementine are both seen in the Pool located in the Backyard of their House, with Dash sitting at the side next to the Pool barely wet while Clementine swims underwater in her bikini, with Dash staring at her in slight mesmerization and starts having several Memories of Earth-616, showing him and Clementine fighting against an Armada Attack firing AA-Turrets at Helicopters and Tanks. However, he snaps out of it after Clementine comes up to the surface and says "Hey, Dash... You alright?" and Dash responds "Yeah, yeah... Um, I'm fine." and Clementine laughs, asking "Why don't you come in? Or did you just get into those swim-shorts for nothing?" as she splashes him slightly and holds his legs, saying "Come in, don't be so moody. I'm trying to take your Mind off the whole War Against the Villain Armada." and then Dash cracks a smile, and then stands up and jumps into the Pool, shouting "Cannonball!!!" as he hits the Pool and splashes Clementine with the water due to his jump. Dash then blasts up to the surface and squirts water out of his mouth, then uses his Speed Teleportation (a variation of his Super-Speed) to get behind Clementine and splashes her back, and then the girl grabs him by his waist and breathes heavily as the two get closer. Clementine then laughs and says "See? How do you feel now, little guy?" and Dash answers "Couldn't ask for a better person to be with. I feel really happy when you're near me, Clem." and then Clementine says "I know you have those Memories, Dash... It's alright to tell me, you know." and then Dash swims over to the side of the Pool, getting out and sitting in the Sun as Clementine sits next to him. Running her hand through Dash's soaked hair, she asks "Dash, what's wrong? Tell me." and then Dash explains "I have these... Memories. And last night after you left my Room, I had another. This one was longer, though, clearer... We were standing in the Coalition Base, sitting on the Rooftop and talking about the War at night. Among the Metroville Ruins, and we watched a lot of VTOLs taking off." and Clementine says "Yeah. I remember, whenever The Villain Armada took a break from their Attacks, you and I always snuck off at night to the Metroville Ruins Boneyard." as she laughs at the Memory and says "We always took Hunting Rifles with us from the Armory, and we played this game about shooting a bunch of Barrels near the Boneyard Ships. You always had the upper hand with your Mutant powers, but I won a few times. And whenever one of us shot a Red Barrel and it exploded, we were both laughing for 2 minutes straight." as Dash laughs a little, and then nervously moves over to Clementine and holds her hand. Dash then kneels over in order to match Clementine's height, and then kisses her on the lips again as the two wrap their arms around each other and then fall into the Pool, and then come up to the surface still kissing as Dash puts his hands on Clementine's lower back, and Clementine lifts Dash up to her chest and continues kissing him as their chests touch intimately. Dash then kisses Clementine's neck while wrapping his legs around her lower back, saying "I want this, Clem... With you. And I will always be by your side no matter what." as Clementine breathes heavily and stares into Dash's icy blue eyes, saying "I've had these feelings about you for a long time, Dash. A lot happens in 5 years..." as she kisses Dash again and the two touch their bodies together in an extremely passionate and intimate way. Dash then pulls away from Clementine and starts breathing heavily, blushing red and saying "Clem, are you sure you want to do this? I'll stop of you want me to." but then Clementine pulls Dash back in and kisses his lips hard, then says "No, it's alright. Everything's alright, Dash..." as the two keep kissing.

A couple hours later, Clementine is seen drinking Beer inside the House as Dash is seen sleeping on a couch next to her now completely dry as Clementine gets a call from Kyle on her Smartphone and then answers it as she asks "What is it, Kyle? Another Armada incursion?" and Kyle is heard answering "Yeah, the Armada attacked a TV Station a couple hours ago. They're sending out a Broadcast of Scarecrow's old Speech throughout the City, and they've taken over at least 3 City Blocks." and Clementine asks "Let me guess, you need me?" and Kyle responds "Not exactly, Clem... We can do it without your help, but it'd be quicker with you there." and Clementine sighs, saying "Yep, I'll be there in about an hour at the Coalition Base. I'll leave Dash here, he can take care of himself." as she hangs up and then walks over to Dash, saying "Don't worry, little guy... I'll be back in a few hours." as she leans down and kisses Dash on the forehead, and the young boy groans in his sleep as Clementine walks out of the House and locks the Door behind her.

Dash's Memories of Earth-616 Edit

The game then switches to another Sequence of events within the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, showing the events of the upcoming Incredibles: Multiverse Origins XL (so this is basically a Teaser for that game) as it goes inside Dash's Mind and shows his Memories of the War Against the Villain Armada: A loud explosion is then heard alongside yelling and screaming, with Bullets heard flying everywhere and the sounds of Military Vehicles such as Tanks, Helicopters and VTOL Warships are all heard. In the Memory, Dashiell 'Dash' Parr is seen on The Reality of Earth-616 during the Second Battle of Metroville, which would push The Villain Armada back to the East Coast of America, as he runs through dozens of massive explosions gunning down several Armada Troops using his iconic AK12-HT Assault Rifle as huge amounts of Destruction is seen around him, as the Skyfleets of the United Dimensions Coalition and The Villain Armada are seen in the Sky ripping each other apart by shooting each other's Ships and Fighters out of the City Skyline, firing Photon Missiles into Skyscrapers and other Buildings to bring them down and cause them to crumble into the Streets while also dropping down Soldiers in their respective sides, and gunning down their enemies. As the Coalition and Armada Militaries tear each other apart and completely rip the City Landscape to pieces, Dash brutally guns down even more Soldiers as he runs out of ammo then holsters his AK12-HT, taking out a Machete and using it to brutally and quickly cut down even more charging Soldiers while also using his Super-Speed and his MK-120 Pistol to gun down more Armada Troops with precision and agility, and then he (in an impressive display) sees an incoming Missile fired from an Armada AT-MP (All-Terrain Missile Platform) and then uses his Super-Speed again to jump into mid-air and redirect the Missile into the AT-MP, which then explodes and causes a chain reaction which destroys several Armada Drone-Tanks and dozens of Armada Troops are killed. Dash then tosses a Thermal Imploder at a Building which then explodes and kills several Armada Troops and also brings down the Building as he sees an 11-year-old Clementine Everett firing at a ASP-C Walker Tank with an XM-53 Missile Launcher, which damages the Vehicle as Clementine jumps at it with a set of Gravity Spikes in order to destroy it, but the Walker Tank activates its Repulser System and blasts Clementine back, and the girl flies back and violently slams into the ground as the ASP-C readies its Laser Cannon. However, Dash then activates a Robotic Overshields in his Incredibles Suit (a vastly more Futuristic version of the Suits seen in the Incredibles Movie) and then jumps in using his Super-Speed and blocks the Walker Tank's Laser with his Pulse Shields, which deflect the Laser back into the Walker Tank and causes a massive explosion which blasts Dash back and also spreads to a nearby City Street, destroying several Buildings and Military Vehicles along with killing Soldiers on both sides.

After the explosion, Dash lies on the destroyed and corpse-littered ground of his Home City and looks down at his stomach, which has an huge piece of Shrapnel sticking out of it alongside Bullet wounds, small-large cuts and bruises all over his body, alongside tears all over his Advanced I-Suit as he hears a Coalition Commander announcing over the Commlink: "All Coalition Units this Net, the Armada Forces have been neutralized in City Square! Repeat: Armada Fleet is pulling back!" as Clementine runs over to Dash and picks him up by his arm, asking him "You alright, Dash?! C'mon, we have to move!!" as she sees several Armada Troops running in from Building Ruis in front of the two, then guns them all down as she hands Dash an SE-14C Laser SMG and says "Come on, let's move up!" as she runs ahead of the staggering Dash, who guns down 4 more Armada Troops up ahead, and then sees an XRE-15 Fighter Jet fly in and get shot down by an ARX-160 Fighter, only for a Coalition AA-Gun to shoot it down, and then several Coalition Troops fire Missiles at an ASP-M Walker Tank and destroy it, along with T-45 Airspeeders iconically taking down a Terrain Heavy Robot (an AT-AT Model used by The Villain Armada during The War of The Multiverse) and then blowing it up as it falls. Dash then falls to his knees as he sees several Armada Troops running at him, only for several FE-15 Fighters to commence an Airstrike and kill the Troops as Dash guns down the remaining Soldiers, but then falls down into unconsciousness as Clementine is seen running up to him in concern, and the last thing Dash sees before passing out is 4 of the Armada Carrier Ships falling from the Metroville Skyline, in flames and decay as Coalition-Armada Forces continue to slaughter each other.

The game then switches to several hours later as Dash wakes up inside a Coalition VTOL Mothership which is flying above the Chicago Ruins and Dash sees he is inside his own Personal Quarters strapped to IV Machines and Blood Bags, and then the boy slowly regains his vision and sees that Clementine is sleeping in Dash's Bed (Dash is inside a Hospital Bed) as Dash then hears a News Broadcast stating that "This afternoon, the Forces of the United Nations Multiverse Forces and a mysterious Invading Faction known as 'The Villain Armada' clashed in the Metroville Ruins with their Ground Forces and Spacefleets, the Battle extending to the Metroville Ruins Boneyard throughout the Conflict. This marks the 87th large-scale Battle within the War Against the Villain Armada which started 5 months ago after the Great Superhuman War ended with Mutant-Human Peace and the devastating event of the Great Invasion of Earth-135. Coalition Forces were able to absolutely decimate the Armada SpaceFleet and Ground Forces, pushing them out of the City with the help of both Human and Mutant members, and in regards to this High Commander King had this to say:" as the Broadcast shows a speech from Commander King at the Main Base of the Multiverse Security Council: "I cannot express how proud we all are of our Elite Combat Unit, branded as the Multiversal Combat Recon Force. These extremely valued men, women and even in some cases children are of 2 united Humanoid Species: Both races of Human and Mutant can rest well across The Multiverse knowing they have an unbroken Alliance ever since the end of the devastating Superhuman War 1 year ago, and that prejudicial actions towards Mutants, verbal or physical, will not be tolerated-" as the News Broadcast suddenly turns off. Dash then turns to see Clementine holding a TV Remote and smiling at him, and then Dash smiles back as he says "Hey, beautiful. How you doing?" and then Clementine gets up and sits next to Dash's Medical Bed and kisses him in the cheek affectionately, saying "Yeah, I'm alright... Thanks to you saving me from that ASP." as Dash blushes and responds "Well, what kinda best friend would I be if I left my girl to a Laser Blast." as Clementine laughs playfully and gently punches his arm, asking "Oh, so I'm 'your girl' now, huh?" as Dash laughs and then stops for a few moments, then sits up slightly and then kisses Clementine on the lips as Clementine looks surprised for a second, then closes her eyes and holds the kiss for several seconds as she wraps her arms around Dash's bruised waist, and then (quite conveniently) the Heart Monitor attached to Dash speeds up significantly as he intimately kisses Clementine. Dash then wraps his arms around Clementine's waist and then puts his hands on her back as he still holds the intimate kiss as the two press their bodies together, before pulling away and lying down as both of the Hero Knights breathe heavily and Clementine says "Wow, Dash... That was amazing." and then Dash holds her hand through his bandaged one which is attached to 2 IV Tubes, and Dash tells her "I think when we pressed together, you bruised my Ribs a bit more..." and then Clementine smiles playfully and says "Sorry..." but then Dash smiles back and kisses her in the cheek, before whispering in her ear: "But it's fine, that was the greatest thing I've ever felt in my life." as Clementine blushes red in slight embarrassment and says "Aw, Dash... Stop it, you're making me blush." as Dash laughs, and then Clementine touches his chest and then says "Anyway, we'll be landing in the Coalition Main Base in a couple hours. You alright to walk back to your Personal Quarters?" as Dash answers "I'll be alright to walk. It'll be a little lonely without you, though..." and then Clementine gets up and tells him "Don't worry, Dash. I'll be back in a few days, just going over to Chicago to make sure the Armada can't lick its wounds." as she kisses him on the forehead, before walking away and closing the Door to Dash's Quarters, and then Dash falls asleep after his closest friend and now lover leaves.

After showing the Memory of Dash and Clementine onboard the VTOL Mothership, the game shows Dash asleep in his Personal Quarters inside the Coalition Base (located in the Metroville Ruins) as the Doors quietly open, and then Clementine walks into the Room and walks up to Dash, shaking him awake and saying "Dash, wake up! Come on Parr, get up!" as she nudges him gently and Dash wakes up. Looking around disoriented due to his sudden awakening, Clementine holds him by the cheek and says "Hey, sleepyhead. You alright?" as Dash groans and rubs his eyes tiredly, responding "Well, I'm alright considering the Battle of Metroville a couple days ago. My ribs still hurt, but I guess that's all..." as Clementine sits next to him and gently presses her hand on his shoulder, saying "Good. Now get up, we need to move!" as Dash asks "Why, where are we going?" and Clementine gets up and responds "The Metroville Ruins Boneyard, if you get what I'm talking about." as Dash laughs and asks "The Game?" and then Clementine smiles playfully and says "Red Barrels? C'mon!" and then Dash gets up and follows Clementine to sneak out of the Coalition Base, holding a Hunting Rifle in his hands.

A few minutes later, Dash is seen with Clementine outside the Coalition Base and heading into the Woods behind the Metroville Ruins which is now liberated by the United Nations Multiverse Forces and its Military Wing, the Multiversal Combat Recon Force. Dash then asks "You think anyone saw us?" as Clementine laughs and responds "Nobody ever does, Dash. Come on then, slowcoach!" as she runs ahead, and as Dash laughs playfully he tells her "Hey, I can't use my Super-Speed! My Ribs are still hurt..." as Clementine stops at a Hilltop and says "Well, maybe now I can finally beat you in a foot race!" as Dash follows her up the Hilltop and the two move towards the massive Metroville Ruins Boneyard, a huge Ship Graveyard which contains hundreds of Carrier Ships, Fighters and other Military Vehicles belonging to both The Hero Coalition and The Villain Armada if said Vehicles aren't already strewn across the Metroville Ruins. A couple minutes later, Clementine climbs up a Crashed Carrier Ship, holding her hand out to Dash who is boosted up, but then starts falling due to his still-healing Ribs however Clementine holds him by the waist and pulls him up, saying "Hey, I got you. You alright?" as Dash breathes heavily due to the close call and responds "Yeah, I'm fine. Thanks for that..." as Clementine sits on top of the Crashed Ship and points at several Barrels located in the Ship Storage Unit. Clementine then says "The usual, game is 'Target Practice'. Whoever hits the most Barrels without blowing the Red ones up wins. Winner gets to... Ask the loser a question." as Dash nods in response, saying "Alright, let's do it. I'm gonna kick your ass for the 10th time." and then Clementine teasingly says "9th! That one after Chicago, it... It didn't count." as Dash aims the Hunting Rifle at several Barrels. The two Heroes then start firing their Hunting Rifles at several Barrels in order to win the Game, with Clementine being extremely subtle while Dash starts shooting incredibly fast, but then Dash groans in pain due to his Ribcage and slips up, shooting a Red Barrel which then explodes as Clementine laughs, saying "Yes, I win!! Alright..!" as she sees Dash clutching his Ribs which has reopened in the Surgery wound and cut as Clementine says "Dash, you alright?!" and then Dash tells her "I'm fine, it's just... Nothing." as Clementine sees the reopened wound and takes out a First Aid Kit, saying "Here, take your shirt off. I've got some Bandages in here, I'll get that wound closed again." as she puts a Medical Stim into Dash's arm and injects him with it, then starts suturing the wound as Dash gasps in pain and cringes as Clementine tells him "Try not to move around, Dash. Try talking to me about something, that's good to distract from the pain." as Dash asks her "So, uh... Did you miss me? When you were over in Chicago last week, I mean." and Clementine is seen as halfway through closing Dash's cut wound, answering his question with "I was really lonely without you there... It's different when I can't hear your bragging about how many Soldiers you've killed, or how many Tanks or Ships you've destroyed!" as Dash laughs, responding "Yeah well, it's true... I've killed a lot of Armada Troops and destroyed most of their Ground Forces. So I think I actually do have bragging rights, huh?" and then Clementine finishes suturing the wound, wrapping a Bandage around the wound. As Clementine is done treating the wound, Dash holds her hand as she is about to sit back and pulls her in close, kissing her on the lips as he wraps his arms around her and then Clementine gets even closer to Dash to the point where their bodies are pressing together as the two lie down and keep kissing as Clementine gently touches Dash's scar and stops kissing him, and as Dash blushes red and breathes heavily he says "Clem, I... I love you." as Clementine puts both her hands on Dash's chest with Dash putting his on the very bottom of Clementine's back, the girl saying "I love you too..." as the two start kissing again intimately with Clementine lying on top of Dash, and the Memory ends as the two young Hero Knights reveal their love for each other under the star-filled Skies of the Metroville Ruins Boneyard.

The game then switches to the year 2015 on Earth-1313 (1 year after the Batle of Earth-Edge) as a 7-year-old Dash is seen waking up after experiencing the Memories of the War Against the Villain Armada, looking around in his Bedroom and crying due to the gritty and traumatizing experience, and then the young boy walks downstairs and sees a 12-year-old Clementine sleeping on the Couch. Dash then walks over to his adoptive mother and pulls on her sleeve, saying "Clem..? Clem? Clementine, wake up!" as Clementine wakes up and sees the young boy looking at her with a sad look on his face, the boy saying "I... I had a Nightmare." and Clementine responds by asking "What? Really?" and then Dash nods in response, saying "I'm really scared..." as Clementine comforts him by running her hand across his cheek and wiping his tears away, saying "Come here, sweetie." as she picks Dash up and teasingly says "Wow, you're getting really heavy... You're a strong little guy, aren't you?" as Dash hugs his adoptive mother and tells her "I guess I have a bit of my Dad in me, then." as Clementine asks him "Look, little guy, I know this can be a little traumatic for you, but... What happened to your old Family?" as Dash looks at her with tears in his eyes, and the girl tells him "It's okay, sweetheart. You don't have to tell me..." and then Dash lies down with his head on Clementine's hip due to their difference in height. Dash then explains "I was 6 years old... Violet and I were in the Yard in our House, and I was practicing for Baseball. My Dad was watching TV with my Mom, and my baby brother Jack was sleeping upstairs. And I was waving to my Mom from the, uh..." as he starts crying, then says "And then the Sky was filled with these weird Ships, and a bunch of big Robots came down into the Streets. They started firing Missiles into the Metroville Skyscrapers, and then... The House exploded." as he breaks down crying, saying "Violet and I managed to get out, but... 3 months later, a bunch of bad men took her from me." as Clementine hugs her adopted son and starts rubbing his back to calm him down, saying "Shh, Dash... It's alright, honey, I got you... I'm here for you, sweetie." as Dash puts his head in Clementine's chest and sobs, saying "Clem, are those bad people gonna hurt me?" as Clementine holds Dash's face and says "Dashiell Robert Parr, you look at me when I tell you this: I will never let anyone lay even a hand on you. And if anybody tries to hurt you or separate you from me, ever... I will kill them. You got me?" as Dash nods in response, and then Clementine asks him "Do you wanna go to sleep down here, so I'll carry you later?" as Dash wipes his tears away and nods in response as he lies down next to Clementine and leans his head on her chest, saying "Thanks, Clementine... For saving me." and then Clementine runs her hand through the young boy's sandy blonde hair and tells him "It's alright, you don't have to say thank you. I don't know what I'd do if you got hurt by anyone, y'know that? You're my sweet little boy, aren't you?" and Dash wraps his arms around Clementine's waist and lays his head in her stomach, and then starts falling asleep after a few minutes as Clementine wraps her arms around the boy and picks him up, carrying him upstairs and kissing him on the cheek affectionately.

However, Dash then wakes up from his 'Two-Level Memories' in his 11-year-old Earth-1313 Form, and he sees that he is still in the House after Clementine left to intercept an Armada Attack in the Metroville Downtown Area, and after completely waking up and getting his Mind away from all the Memories, Dash walks over to a Shelf which has several Pictures on it such as: Clementine and a 9-year-old Dash holding a Glock 17 Pistol (when Dash first learnt how to use a Gun), a Picture of Dash sleeping next to Clementine and finally the one that catches Dash's eye... The Photo of Kyle and Clementine on Earth-135! Dash picks the Photo up and then caresses Clementine's side of the Picture (suggesting that this Dash has some kind of Oedipus Complex, being attracted to his adoptive mother), while hearing his words to Clementine on Earth-135: "I love you, Clementine..." and then starts fighting back against his Earth-135 Counterpart, saying "No, Parr... What are you doing? She's your adoptive mother! Stop thinking about the other Clementine..." as he starts crying slightly, but then hears the Door open as Clementine enters the House. Dash then puts the Photo back on the Shelf and sees Clementine, saying "Clem!!" and running over to her in relief, grabbing her and hugging her from around her waist as he cries in joy and says "I... I was so worried about you." as Clementine kneels down to Dash's level and runs her hand through the boy's blonde hair, telling him "Hey, it's okay... I'm right here, Dash." as Dash responds "I heard about the Armada attacking Downtown, and I was worried that they had... I..." as Clementine hugs her adopted son and soothingly tells him "Shh, Dash... It's alright." as she kisses the boy on the forehead, asking "Are you alright? You look a little pale." as Dash answers "I, uh... Nothing, I'm just really happy that you're alright. Those Armada Troops, did they manage to... Hurt you, like get a bullet in you or blast a Missile?" and then Clementine tells him "Not a scratch, Dash. I can see how concerned you are about me, and you don't have to be... I'm okay." as Dash hugs her again and even kisses Clementine on the cheek. Dash then blushes and puts a hand over his arm in embarrassment, saying "Wow, that felt... Familiar." as Clementine startes him down then asks "You've been looking into those Memories, haven't you?" and then Dash nods in response, then says "I got wounded after the Liberation of Metroville, didn't I? And you took me to a VTOL Mothership... And then we kissed on board it." as Clementine laughs, saying "Yeah, I remember that. You saved me in that Battle, and I... I guess that's when I realized that I loved you." as she sits down on the Couch next to Dash and says "And I went to Chicago a few days later, I was thinking about you every day. I mean, your handsome face, long blonde hair and hypnotizing icy blue eyes..." and then she looks at Dash and kisses the boy on the lips, wrapping her arms around the boy and pressing against him as her face goes red and she lies down alongside her adopted son and keeps kissing him. Dash then stops kissing Clementine and pulls away as he says "Wait, no... Clem, this isn't right at all. I'm your adopted son, and I shouldn't be doing this with you... I may not be related to you by blood, but this still doesn't feel right at all." as Clementine caresses the boy's cheek and sighs before telling him "Dash, I know that you're anxious about all of this and you're probably really confused about this, but... You shouldn't go by what your Mind tells you sometimes, because it's your Heart that matters." as she puts her hand in his chest and feels his heartbeat which is extremely fast and loud as Clementine asks him "What does your Heart tell you?" and Dash responds "I guess it's... Telling me that I love you. My Mind is showing those Memories, but I'm not sure it's even my body anymore." as Clementine looks at him and runs her hand through Dash's hair, and the boy then gulps and tells her "Oh, fuck it. I can't hold it back anymore Clem, I..." as then he leans over to her and kisses her on the lips, holding her by the waist as he keeps on kissing her in an unabashed and unresisting posture before pulling away and telling her "Clementine, I love you so fucking much. Ever since I was 6 years old and you found me in the Metroville Ruins, I always felt like there was something strange about you and me whenever I was around you... I thought about you all the time, every day: Whenever I went to School, while I was sitting on the couch here or just walking down the damn Streets, I always..." as he starts crying slightly and pouring his Heart out to Clementine, who caresses his cheek and says "Aw, Dash... You really don't have to say that. Don't you start crying now, sweetheart." as Dash wipes his tears away which are now falling down his face as he hugs Clementine and holds her in a tight embrace.

The game then switches to '3 Years Earlier' and shows the Everett Residence at night in the New Metroville City, with an 8-year-old Dashiell Parr lying down and sleeping on a Couch in front of a TV while a 13-year-old Clementine is seen walking into the House and talking to Keith Riley (the son of Simon 'Ghost' Riley and one of the Villain Slayers from the War Against the Villain Armada) on her Cellphone, saying "Keith, just give me a couple weeks. I know the Multiversal Combat Recon Force needs my help with Covert Ops, but..." and then Keith can be heard asking "Let me guess: Dash wants you to stay?" and Clementine responds "He barely sees me anymore, Keith. I've only spent 4 weeks with him in the last 2 months, and whenever he sees me come to the House, he's... Well, he's ecstatic." as Keith sighs before telling her "Alright, Clementine. 6 weeks vacation, we'll get somebody to replace you, but... Eventually, you'll have to leave Dash again." and then Clementine sighs in relief and says "Alright, thanks Keith... Bye." as she hangs up on Keith and then walks into the Living Room and nudges Dash gently, whispering to the young child and saying "Wake up, Dash... Come on, little fella, wake up." as the boy wakes up and rubs his eyes before exhaustedly asking "Clem? Hey!" as he hugs her and says "I've been waiting for you all day. Oh, thank God you're alive..." and Clementine hugs her adopted son back and holds him in a tight embrace, telling him "It's okay, little guy. It's alright, it was just an Armada Outpost." and then Dash sits down on the Couch and moves over slightly so Clementine can sit down next to him. Clementine then ruffles Dash's hair and wraps her arms around the young boy's waist and asks "So, uh... How's everything been with School?" and then Dash tells her "One of my Teachers gave me some Homework for my Art Class... Said I had to draw a portrait of someone." as he takes out a Book and says "I don't really like Art as a subject, but I made this one just for this one time." and then he hands her the Book after flipping a page, showing a drawing of Clementine which is very accurate and detailed as Clementine looks at the drawing and smiles before telling her adopted son "Wow, Dash. This is really nice, I bet your Teacher will like it." and then Dash responds with "I, uh... Think the other kids might make fun of it, though. Y'know, like 'Who's that, Dash? Your girlfriend?'. That kind of thing?" and then Clementine nudges the young boy and laughs before saying "It's amazing, Dash... You can take it back home after School and keep it." as Dash gets up and says "I just remembered, take this." as he shows her a small Box and Clementine asks "What's this?" before Dash answers with "Your birthday? You kept saying you wanted something nice, so I figured... Y'know." as Clementine opens the Box and sees that it contains a Diamond Necklace, and Clementine smiles as she remarks "Aw Dash, you shouldn't have! This is beautiful..." and Dash smiles before saying "I'm glad you like it, cost me $400 to get it. Hope you don't mind." as she holds the Necklace in her hand and says "No, it's fine. Kyle gave you the Money, I'm guessing?" as Dash answers "He said it was for his 'precious diamond of a girl', so I figured a Diamond one would be fitting. I wrote you this Card too!" as Clementine looks at a Birthday Card and reads what Dash has wrote: "Clementine: Hope you have an amazing day now that you're 13. I can't believe it's been 2 years since you came into my life and found me in that old ruined Building, and since that day you have been the most loving and beautiful person I have ever met. You're kind-hearted, caring and a complete angel and I couldn't have asked for a better Mom... Love, Dash".

As the Memory from 2016 goes on, the game then shows the date 'October 21st, 2014' as an 11-year-old Clementine is seen outside a Destroyed Armada Outpost looking at the flames and destruction alongside dead Armada Troops and crashed Helicopters while Clementine (now without her iconic Baseball Cap, having longer hair which touches the bottom of her neck and wearing a purple hoodie) reaches into her shirt and pulls out a Diamond Necklace, smiling at the Necklace and tracing her finger across it as she hears Dash say "Clem, the Base is clear!" as he runs up to her using Super-Speed and the girl asks him "Do you have it, Dash?" and Dash responds with a cheeky nod before showing her a Data Recovery Module, mouthing "The Armada's fucked." as he walks past her and Clementine giggles in response to Dash's remark about the Destruction of The Villain Armada and the two then start walking through the Outskirts of the Metroville Ruins Boneyard as Clementine says "Amazing work as always, Dash. You and I make an amazing Team, although that is about the 300th time I've said that." before Dash responds "Stole the words right outta my mouth, Clem... Should we set up a Campsite near here or something? Because I really don't wanna walk back to Base." as Clementine laughs and starts flirting with Dash, saying "Well, you could always carry me and use Super-Speed to get back there. A little romantic, don't ya think?" and Dash laughs, holding Clementine's chin and kissing her on the cheek affectionately, with Clementine clutching her Diamond Necklace which Dash notices and asks "You wear it on the Battlefield, huh? What if you lose it..?" and Clementine whispers in his ear "You gave it to me, so I'm gonna wear it for good luck. And it shows how much we love each other..." as she walks forward and says "Alright, you know that Lake that's near the Outskirt Woods? We can set up a Camp near that Lake. C'mon!" and then she runs ahead of him. Several minutes later the two are seen sitting in front of a Fire right next to the Tent that the two have built in their Campsite next to a massive Lake, with Clementine looking up at the stars alongside Dash and saying "Those stars are beautiful, aren't they..?" and Dash answers "Yeah, it's just mesmerising how they show themselves in the night sky to almost every Dimension in The Multiverse, in almost exactly the same way... Beautiful and amazing, just like you are." as Clementine blushes red at the compliment and tries to hide her reddened cheeks with her longer hair, and Dash smiles before asking "You're blushing? Wow..!" as Clementine stops trying to hide her emotions for Dash and then turns to him, asking "So, it took you all this time during the War to say that you love me? Why?" and then Dash laughs, saying "To be honest, I was really nervous about talking to you about it. You're a pretty intimidating girl, and I thought that any boy who asked you out was gonna get an amazing ass-kicking." and then Clementine caresses Dash's cheek and says "Take that Mask off, Dash... I wanna see those beautiful blue eyes of yours fully." as she takes off the boy's Incredibles Domino Mask and putting it on the ground while Dash clutches Clementine's Diamond Necklace and the two kiss each other on the lips intimately and hold the kiss for several seconds, then stop for just a couple seconds before starting to passionately kiss again while Clementine wraps her legs around Dash's and says "You are the greatest Hero Knight I have ever met in my life, Dash... And I swear that as long as you and I are together, nothing in the whole Multiverse will be able to stop us." as she huddles up to Dash and the two lie down next to each other in the Campsite, but Clementine then stops kissing Dash and pants heavily, asking "Do you want this? With me, Dash?" and Dash holds on to Clementine's shoulders and says "More than anything in the Multiverse..." as the two are then seen inside the Tent that they have set up, with Dash taking his Advanced I-Suit off completely and lying down as Clementine gets on top of him and while kissing him begins taking off her Hoodie and she presses up against Dash's body. Dash then starts taking off Clementine's jeans by unzipping them and taking them off as the two (now half-naked) put the Sleeping Bag Covers over each other's bodies to get warmer, and then Dash is seen moving his hands down Clementine's back and taking her underwear off before pressing against her harder as the two start to have sexual intercourse, kissing each other on their necks and lips during said intercourse and after a few minutes, Clementine starts moaning in absolute pleasure along with Dash getting on top of Clementine and grinding against her as Clementine puts her hands on Dash's bare back and pulls him in closer, causing her to moan louder alongside Dash letting out a few groans as the two consumate their relationship.

A couple minutes later, Dash and Clementine are seen lying down in their Tent as it rains heavily outside and Clementine shivers despite wrapping the Sleeping Bags around her naked body and saying "Dash, I'm kinda cold... Can I huddle up to you?" as Dash flirtatiously responds "You can huddle up to me any time, Clem." before wrapping his arms around her and holding her lovingly as he tells her "That was the greatest experience I have ever had in my entire life, Clementine... I feel kind of tired after the end of it, though." and Clementine wraps her arm around Dash's chest and kisses him on the cheek affectionately, telling him "I want to spend the rest of my life with you, Dashiell Robert Parr. I want to live that life with you outside this War." as Dash exhaustedly responds "Same here, Clem... After this War is over, how about you and I find another Dimension to live in and we just have a House to ourselves? Maybe we could even have a couple of kids?" and Clementine laughs slightly after Dash mentions having children together, and she kisses the boy on the forehead and answers his question with 2 words: "Of course", and then switches back to Earth-Edge in 2019 as Clementine is seen smoking a Cigarette on the Porch of her House as Dash walks over to her and asks "Clem, I meant to ask you this 10 minutes ago, but... Why are you smoking? Isn't that gonna be really bad for your baby?" as Clementine says "I told you I was pregnant, Dash... But that doesn't mean I necessarily told you the truth." and Dash sits next to her and asks "W-what? You mean that you're... Not pregnant?!" as Clementine inhales her Cigarette Smoke and then exhales it before throwing the Cigarette away and telling Dash "The Pregnancy Test that I took was actually a False Positive. There was no baby, Dash... And besides, even if there was I wouldn't harm the baby by smoking or drinking because it has a Hero Knight Biology." as Dash looks at her with the tears which welled up in his eyes start falling and he wipes them away, and Clementine holds him by the shoulder and pulls him in to comfort the young boy, shushing him and saying "It's gonna be alright. Come on, Dash... You know I absolutely hate it when you cry." as Dash asks her "So then, you and Kyle..?" and Clementine sighs before telling him "I just told him a few days ago, and he said that he needed some space to think so he went over to Earth-135 to visit Coalition Command." and she holds Dash in her arms as the boy wipes his tears away. Dash then asks "W-when did you find out that you weren't pregnant?" and Clementine answers "A few days ago, I didn't want to tell you until tomorrow... I went to the Hospital and the Doctor explained that it was a False Positive." and then Dash says "So, you're not gonna have a Child? That's depressing." and then Clementine rubs her adopted son's back to comfort him, saying "Dash, you're my son. I love you as my Child, more than anything in this World or any others that The Multiverse holds." however Dash then responds "Well, I don't want you to love me as a son! I... I saw another one of those Memories while I was asleep." as he looks at the Diamond Necklace which Clementine still wears and says "I remember on Earth-616, when you and I destroyed an Armada Outpost near the End of the War. You and me, we..." and then Clementine looks away from him with tears in her eyes, telling him "We had sex, I remember. And you asked me whether or not I wanted to have children with you." as Dash rhetorically asks "And what was your answer?" and then Clementine answers "Dash, listen: I can't love you in that way. It's way too much for me to comprehend... Our relationship is fragile and complex, but you need to learn to control those Memories." as Dash holds her hand and leans over to her, tears in his eyes as he tells her through a sob-filled and breaking voice: "I can't stop this, Clementine... I don't want to stop it either. I don't want to hide these feelings for you anymore..." as he leans over and kisses Clementine on the lips, and the girl then wraps her arms around Dash's waist and pulls him up her torso for Dash to match her own height as Dash keeps kissing her, moving his own lips down to her neck as Clementine stands up while holding Dash in her arms, saying "C'mon, let's get back inside the House..." as she opens the Door to the House and goes inside along with Dash whom she is carrying affectionately, and then the game quickly shows Clementine laying Dash down on a Bed and unbuckling her belt as the Door slowly closes while Dash is seen sitting up and kissing Clementine while lifting up her shirt and the screen turns to black.

The game then switches to the next Morning as Dash wakes up in a Bed shirtless, rubbing his eyes exhaustedly and looking at his muscular torso (with the boy having a 2-pack and his arms being very muscular for his age) as he sees Clementine sleeping next to him with only her bra and underwear on while she starts moving around slightly, and then Dash smiles at her and gently wakes her by caressing her cheek as Clementine then wakes up and smiles at Dash affectionately, before saying "Morning, Dash... Oh God, I'm starving." as Dash laughs and tells her "You are officially the first person in the History of Mankind who has ever gotten hungry 10 hours after having sex." as Clementine playfully knocks him on the shoulder and says "Hey, I'm not the one who fell asleep after finishing... What, you got tired?" and Dash yawns, saying "It was amazing, Clem. I felt like my whole body started to ache, and then it actually felt good... Then I lay down and fell asleep after the climax." as Clementine tells him "Most men do. It's kind of a natural response..." and Dash looks at her after blowing a lock of his blonde hair out of his eyes, saying "I'm not a man, though... I'm only a little boy." and then Clementine lies down next to him and tells him "Well, you're a man in my eyes. After last night, I'm never gonna take that statement back." as she comfortably puts the Bed Sheets over her body and Dash wraps one of his arms around Clementine's waist and stomach, before kissing her neck lovingly. As Clementine caresses Dash's cheek, the latter tells her "So, when you went to the Hospital and the Doctor told you that your pregnancy was False... Does that mean that you're, um... You're..." as he starts stammering, and Clementine asks him "What's the matter, Dash? C'mon, you know you can tell me." as Dash gulps and asks her "Are you... Infertile?" as tears fall from his eyes and Clementine looks at him in concern before saying "Dash, I am not infertile. The Doctor told me that my pregnancy was a False Positive, but they also said that my Ovaries are completely fine." as Dash sighs in relief and lies down, and then Clementine puts a hand on the boy's shoulder and asks "Why did you ask me that?" and then Dash turns his head away from her, then tells her "I think that... I'm worried I might get you pregnant after last night." as Clementine sighs and then hugs him to comfort the concerned young boy, saying "Dash, it's alright... Everything's gonna be alright." as Dash sobs into her chest and grabs her, wrapping his arms around Clementine before saying "W-what if you do get pregnant?" after calming down, with Clementine's response being "Listen to me when I say this, Dash: If that problem does come around, then Kyle cannot know. He mustn't know, otherwise... Look, if I actually will turn pregnant with your Child, I promise that I'll do my best." as she takes Dash's hand and closes his palm on the Diamond Necklace which hangs from her neck, asking "You got it?" as Dash clutches the Necklace, nodding in response as Clementine ruffles his hair and says "Good. You'll always be my boy, alright? My sweet, beautiful little boy." as she starts tearing up herself.

The game then shows Clementine sitting down in a Tent on Earth-616 after she and Dash had sex, putting her bra and underwear back on as she looks at Dash fast asleep next to her with the boy tossing and turning in his sleep as Clementine hears him mumble "Clem, Cle... Missiles... Armada... Too strong." and Clementine sees that Dash is having another way one of his Nightmares about the War Against the Villain Armada, so in response Clementine puts her hand on Dash's cheek and starts caressing it to comfort the young Hero Knight, as Dash starts breathing normally in response to this comfort (which Clementine traditionally uses to calm the boy down during his Nightmares) while Clementine moves her hand down from her boyfriend's face and onto his arm and feels it; her emotions taking over as she blushes red and stops holding Dash and saying to herself "Stop it, Clementine... Don't think about him. You love him, but you just have to let him cope with his Nightmares... No, you have to help him! You can't just let him suffer from his own Mind." and then she looks at Dash who holds her arm in his sleep and says "No, Clem... Don't go. Please..?" as Clementine feels a tear fall down her cheek and then after some hesitation she kisses Dash on the forehead. However, Dash then wakes up and opens his eyes exhaustedly before asking "Cle... Clem? What is it?" and then Clementine starts wiping her tears off of her face and saying "Oh... Morning, Dash." as Dash notices her response and asks "Are you... Are you crying?" and then Clementine makes an excuse by saying "No, sweetie. It's only the rain, I just went for a quick walk to the Lake." but then Dash sighs and tells her "A walk out in the freezing cold rain, in your bra and panties? Come on Clem, don't start lying here." and then Clementine says "Alright... It's just that I'm really worried about you because of your Nightmares. You wake up in the middle of the night, crying and sweating from all of the experiences that your Mind gives you... And I can't bear the feelings that I have." and then Dash sits up and runs his hand through Clementine's hair, before moving down to her back and saying "Hey, look: Everything is gonna be alright, Clem." before starting to kiss and nuzzle her neck, with Dash saying "It's gonna be alright. I'm not going anywhere, Clemmy." as Clementine laughs and responds with "Oh, I love it when you call me that. Come here, you amazing Soldier..." as she gets on top of Dash and lies down with him before beginning to kiss him on the lips, and then separates away from him and flirtatiously says "Listen, when we get back to the Coalition Base I'm gonna go to my Personal Quarters. And then I'm gonna take a long shower... You wanna join me?" and then Dash chuckles and asks "Oh... Shower sex, huh? Now that's what I call an amazing offer." and then Clementine giggles and says "I could use some rest after we get back... Probably gonna sleep for half a day." as Dash huddles up to her and wraps his arms around her back and stomach. Dash then asks "Hey, Clem? If we ever had a child, like in a few years... Would you want it to be a boy or a girl? And what resemblance do you think he or she should have to us? and then Clementine thinks for a moment and then answers his question with "I don't know, Dash. Maybe a little boy, with your amazing blue eyes and maybe black hair like me. And if he was a Mutant... Maybe his Power should be Speed Teleportation or Telekinesis. I'm not sure." (the Powers that Clementine just mentioned are foreshadowing the Edge Dash's power above the Original Dash), and then Dash responds "Yeah, that sounds nice. What about names?" and then Clementine sighs and says "Jesus Christ, Dash... You haven't even gotten me pregnant yet and you're already talking about kids?" as Dash laughs and says "Aw, who knows? Maybe after last night, there's gonna be a new addition to the Parr Family." and then Clementine laughs and says "You're such an ass, y'know that?" so Dash simply responds "But you still love me, don't ya?" as the two laugh and then start kissing again, with Dash laying his head on Clementine's shoulder and closing his eyes before saying "Y'know Clem, this is what I want after the War is over: You and I together, with a Home to ourselves and maybe... Maybe a couple of kids." as Clementine puts her arm over Dash's shoulder and simply responds by kissing him on the forehead and running a hand through his sandy blonde hair.

The game then switches to a few days later as Dash and Clementine are seen standing inside a War Room alongside all the other Villain Slayers and the Multiverse Combat Recon Force after the Intel Raid that the two conducted the previous week, with Captain Jonathan Price is seen standing in front of them all while strategizing over a Holographic Map as he says "Thanks to the Data Recovery Module recovered by Clementine and Dash during their Base Raid, we now have key Strategic Advantages over The Villain Armada and we're getting ready to strike at several of their Key Bases. These Attacks are why you are all here today: In 5 days and at approximately 0700 Hours, your Squadrons and the United Nations Multiverse Forces will conduct a massive Battle against the Armada Battalion stationed in the Ruins of Chicago, and this Battalion is codenamed 'Scar Squadron' after their Leader, the Armada Lord known as Scarecrow." as he shows a Hologram of the Chicago Ruins and simulates a massive Strategic Mocement of Tanks, Helicopters, VTOL Motherships and even Coalition Protector Ships as he announces "This Battle will be the last one in the Autumn Era of the War Against the Villain Armada, as the Winter Era is setting in now that the Armada has almost been pushed back to the East Coast. Once Winter sets in... It's going to be World War I's Fronts a hundred years late!" as he turns off the Holographic Map, dismissing the Squadrons as everyone leaves the Room including Price himself, but then just as Dash is about to leave Clementine grabs him by the hand and shoves him into the Maintenance Room before starting to kiss him hard, practically clashing against his face as Dash kisses her back in a prolonged and passionate way, before stopping to catch his breath and saying "Whoa, somebody's excited! You look like X-23 trying to gnaw Jacks' face off!" and Clementine remarks "Please, if Jacks and X-23 were making out, her Claws would pop out from excitement!" (and on that note, there are two versions of Laura Kinney/X-23 in these Crossovers: The one from the Logan 2017 Movie and the X-23 from the Marvel Comics 'X-23 Series' such as Target X) as Dash laughs and starts nuzzling Clementine's neck and telling her "A Maintenance Closet isn't exactly the most ideal place, though... How about my Quarters in 10 minutes?" and then Clementine breathes on Dash's neck and bites him on the ear, whispering "It's a mystery why Jacks hasn't woken up with Claw marks all over him... At least with me, there's no risk of that." as Dash chuckles flirtatiously and kisses her on the cheek and wrapping his arms around her waist. After the scene in the War Room, the game switches to Clementine as she is seen in Dash's Personal Quarters turning a Shower on and checks the water, before saying "Dash, I'm just going for a shower! I'll be out in about 10 minutes..." and then she hears Dash asking "O-oh, do you... Do ya need any help w-with that?" and then Clementine laughs, before saying "Ha, ha..." as she takes her shirt and jeans off, and then she turns to the Door and sees Dash sitting on a Bed after peeking out the Door as she takes the rest of her clothing off and gets into the Shower, starting to wash herself as all the grime and blood of the Multiverse War is washed away by the water and soap soaking her. After a couple minutes however, Dash then walks in before he gets into the Shower after taking his Advanced I-Suit off and is heard asking "You don't mind if I join ya, huh?" as he wraps his arms around Clementine's bare stomach and the Hero Knight girl flirtatiously responds "Well, not really... As long as you're gentle." and then Dash laughs and whispers "Clem, I'd never do anything to hurt you in any way." as she turns around and kisses Dash on the lips, swapping her position in the Shower with the boy as Dash is soaked by the water and then starts kissing Clementine back while wrapping his arms around her waist and back, pulling her in extremely close and moving his lips down to her neck and after a few seconds, Clementine sways her head back and starts moaning along with Dash, indicating the two have started having sex as they kiss each other softly during the intercourse as Dash (after a couple minutes) touches Clementine's breasts and then stops for a moment, breathing heavily as he says "Clementine Everett, I love you so Goddamn much... And I swear that I will spend the rest of my life with you." as Clementine hugs him while also breathing heavily with the water from the Shower pelting down on them as she says "Dashiell Robert Parr... You are the greatest Hero Knight I've ever met in my life, and I would be so grateful if you and I could spend our time in this War by each other's sides." as Dash holds her lovingly and whispers "I promise you that will happen, Clem..." as he starts nuzzling her neck, before starting to have sex with her again.

The game then switches to '5 Years Earlier, Earth-Edge' showing Clementine in her House in the Metroville Outskirts (just outside the City and close to the Woods) while she looks over several Coalition Files on information such as the Armada Leadership, various Spacefleets across The Multiverse and other Dimensions affected by the War Against the Villain Armada before she closes the Document Folders and sighs, but then hears a voice asking "Clem..?" before she turns around and sees a 6-year-old Dash standing in the Doorway as she asks "Dash? What are you doing up? It's past midnight!" and Dash innocently tells her "I can't sleep. Can I stay up with you for a bit? I'm not tired." as Clementine sighs and sits down on the Couch, with Dash lying down with his head on her leg as Clementine remarks "You're lucky I'm not giving you a spanking right now." and in response, Dash simply giggles and says "You wouldn't do that to me, even if your life depended on it." as Clementine laughs and in a joking manner says "Oh, I would. I catch you getting outta bed again, I'll tan your hide." and the two both laugh at their banter and Clementine tells him "I'm just kidding, Dash. What can I do to make you get to sleep, though?" as Dash shrugs and answers "I don't know, I'm just not tired. Why don't you tell me about your job? That usually sends me right off." and Clementine chuckles and says "Ha ha, very funny." as Dash asks her "Can I be like you when I'm older?" and Clementine realises what he is talking about, telling him "No, Dash. We talked about this: You can't work for the Coalition when you turn 10. It's too dangerous, and I won't have you living the same life I do. I worry about Kyle enough as it is..." as Dash asks her "What if I promise to be careful, then? I'll be extra careful, I swear!" before Clementine lays him down on the Couch and puts a Blanket over him, saying "Dash, sweetie... You're like a son to me. I couldn't handle seeing you train as a Soldier, or teleported to some desolate Dimension." as Dash sighs, saying "I just don't want to be stuck in Metroville for all my life. I want to help people!" and then Clementine says "Look, Dash... I know that you want to help people, and that's because you have an amazing heart. You are kind and sweet, caring and compassionate... It reminds me of someone from an old Story that my Mom used to tell me." as she stands up and says "Which is why I'll tell you that same Story tonight." and Dash excitedly responds "Yes!" but Clementine tells him "And you'll see that being a Soldier and fighting in a War is nothing to hope for." as she sits down next to her frowning adopted son and opens a Book containing a huge Painting of an Ancient Tribe formed by Early Humans colonizing a lush and natural Landscape, reading to Dash: "It was a very long time ago, during the time of Dawning for Mankind. Only a couple hundred years after they were created, a Tribe of Nomads from an Ancient Continent known as 'Oros' inhabited the Land of Oros, seeding this beautiful place of nature with light, good and the best of Mankind. It was when Time was new, and the long History of the Human Race was nothing but a distant dream... The Tribe of Oros was led by a strong Hunter and his noble, kind lover, a woman of intense spirit and heart. 300,000 years ago, this couple conceived and gave birth to a young boy whom they gave no name... This Child was very kind and good just like his parents, however when he was 14 years old, he took control of the Tribe of Oros and learnt that the Ancient Egyptians were trying to create a Government that would rule over other Humans that their Pharaoh deemed weak, and the Egyptians were enslaved by their Empire." as she flips the Book Page to one of a massive and destructive Battle between the Tribe of Oros (then known as the 'Orosian Armada') and Egyptian Empire, with the Soldiers and Centurion Knights clashing in a slew of blood, intestines and clashing Steel while the Orosian Leader clashed against the Egyptian Pharaoh in an epic display as Clementine explains "Absolutely infuriated by the concept of a Government ruling over a populace, the Orosian Leader born with no name clashed with the massive Egyptian Empire, killing him in an amazing Battle that any Modern Society would marvel at." before showing a Page where the Orosian Leader stands in front of the enslaved Egyptians, his Soldiers freeing the Slaves and sending them to their freedom and luxury: "For thousands of years, the Orosian Leader and his Armada protected Central Europe and Africa in an attempt to maintain the freedom and rights of every single person living, and with every Generation born into the Ancient Earth, more Revolts from far older men and women would occur. The Elders believed that the Orosians were only looking out for the youngest of Humanity and disregarding the old and adults, so when hundreds stood up against the Orosian Leader..." as she flips to another Page where the Orosian Leader wields a Katana against hordes of Humans with Swords and Spears in a massive Battle.

However, as Clementine is telling the story of The Great Creator to a 6-year-old Dash, the game switches perspectives to an overshot of Earth-1313 and also brief Flashbacks to the War Against the Villain Armada on Earth-616 such as: Dash and Clementine fighting Armada Forces in various Cities, a Speech from Ozone being broadcasted to Armada Propaganda, several ferocious Battles in Space and Low Atmosphere as well as events on Earth-1313 such as Clementine training Dash in their Woodland Residence, the two talking together in a casual way and a Picture of Dash next to Clementine (the latter having a proud smile on her face) as Dash holds a Glock 17 Pistol. As the Memories all begin to meld into one another and form one huge collective Consciousness and attain a sense of amalgamation within The Multiverse, Earth-1313 is engulfed in a huge Energy Wave which boasts outwards into the Solar System, growing exponentially to cover Planets such as Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune (moving outwards from the Sun), and as the Energy Wave engulfs the entire Milky Way Galaxy, dozens of Portals appear at the Galactic Edge and take the Energy Wave to other Realities of the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe such as Earth-135, Earth-270, Earth-650 and finally Earth-TRK160 (Clementine’s original Dimension). But upon the Energy Wave hitting Earth-TRK160, the camera pans far ahead to show several Tetrahedron-shaped shadows in Deep Space, and then as the Energy Wave created by all of Dash and Clementine’s Memories from Earth-616 and 1313 washes over the Shadows, the Tetrahedron Ships activate to show dozens more alongside far larger Flagships, which light up on various Areas of the Ship Hulls and Engines, as one massive Tetrahedron Ship flies in front of the others and causes the screen to turn black.

The game then switches back to the War Against the Villain Armada on Earth-616 as a VTOL Warship flies towards Coalition Base located deep in the Outskirts of the Midwestern States, before landing in front of a Hangar Bay containing the Coalition Council such as Captain Price, Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley, Robert Parr, Helen Parr, John ‘Soap’ MacTavish and a few United Nations Representatives as the VTOL Warship lands, with the various Villain Slayers walking out of it as Jackson Pearce tells Dash “You really should come to this Meeting, Dash. They’re gonna congratulate you for destroying a Tank Battalion!” as Dash laughs and says “Nah, I’m too busy for the UN’s goons. Besides, Clementine’s probably worried sick about me.” as Jacks stops in the Hallway and asks him “How is Clementine? She’s been sick the last couple days, hasn’t she?” and Dash responds “Yeah, it’s probably just Nausea or something. The War’s really stressful on her, y’know?” as Jacks tells him “This damn War takes its toll on everyone, Dash... Physical and mental.” as he walks down the Hangar Bay with everyone else, with Dash sighing and holstering his ARX-160 Custom Rifle on his back, walking across the Base to his Personal Quarters and using his Facial Recognition to open the Door, before closing it after entering as Clementine walks up and hugs him, saying “Hey, you... I was worried sick.” as Dash tells her “I’m here, Clem. It’s alright... I’m right here.” as Clementine separates from him before wrapping her arms around Dash’s waist and kissing him on the lips. After a few seconds, Dash separates from her after noticing her trembling demeanour, asking “Are you alright, Clem? You’re shaking.” as Clementine leans her head on Dash’s shoulder and starts crying slightly, tears dropping from her eyes as she says “I have something to tell you, Dash... It’s about me being sick.” as Dash asks “What is it?” before Clementine tells him “I... It isn’t just Nausea.” as she something out of her pocket and puts it in Dash’s hand, and after a single second the Mutant boy gasps and looks at the item in complete shock: A Pregnancy Test, which reads Positive. Clementine then says “I started puking a couple days ago, and... This Morning, I thought it wasn’t just Nausea because of how long it’s been going on. Then I remembered... Nausea is a Human illness, not a Hero Knight one.” as Dash stares at the Pregnancy Test and then puts it down on a Desk, before sighing as he feels tears going down his face, before he quickly hugs Clementine and starts crying, kissing her on the cheek and saying “Oh my God, Clem... This is amazing. I can’t believe it...” as Clementine tells him “I told Price, and he said that... I’m gonna have to take Maternity Leave.” and then Dash touches her stomach, saying “Yeah, we don’t want you going out to the War, even this early into your pregnancy.” as Clementine walks over to a Desk and sits down as Dash lies down on his Bed and tells her “I... This is amazing, Clem. I can’t... Wow.” as Clementine laughs and lies down next to him, saying “Oh, say it’s amazing when we’re up all night taking care of a crying baby.” and Dash responds “Ah, as soon as that baby sees our faces, it’ll stop crying.” as Clementine asks him “What do you want it to be?” and in response, Dash looks her in the eyes and says “I don’t mind, as long as it’s healthy and safe.” as Clementine lays her head on his chest and tells him “I bet you can’t wait to tell your Family.” and Dash laughs cheekily, saying “I can’t wait to see the looks on their faces.” as the two lie down in their Personal Quarters.

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