War of Heroes:
Rise of The Dead
War Of Heroes- Rise of The Dead
Teaser poster
Developer Ubisoft-Pixar
Publisher Activision
Platform Xbox One
Genre First-Person Shooter
Release June 5th, 2018
Modes Campaign Mode
4 Player Co-op
Survival Mode
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: R18+
Media Optical Disc, Digital Download
Series The Walking Dead Alternate Series
Predecessor War Of Heroes: Global Warfare (Non-Canon, Chronologically)
Successor TBA

 In 2018... The Dead Will Rise!  


War Of Heroes: Rise of The Dead is a new, non-canon installment in the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe developed by Ubisoft-Pixar. This game takes place in 2014, on Earth-23000 during the War Against the Villain Armada as The Hero Coalition is finally starting to beat back The Villain Armada after the events of the previous game, War Of Heroes: Global Warfare. However, the Armada launches a simultaneous and large-scale Attack on 3 States that have been taken back by the Coalition. This causes a huge Dimensional Shockwave that causes millions of Walkers (Zombies from The Walking Dead) to invade Earth-23000 and decimate both Armada and Coalition Forces.

Now, players will step into the shoes of Clementine Everett as she and her guardian, Lee Everett, start a new Team known as the Deadkillers to defeat the Walker Invasion Force and save the World! The game is exclusive to the Xbox One and is set for release in 2018.

Cast Edit

  • Bryant Prince as Kyle Reese
  • Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine Everett
  • Raymond Ochoa as Dashiell 'Dash' Parr
  • Nicholas Bode as Jackson 'Jacks' Pearce
  • Dakota Goyo as Scott Tilden
  • Max Charles as Jack Walker
  • Brandon Routh as David 'Hesh' Walker
  • Dave Fennoy as Lee Everett
  • Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes
  • Chandler Riggs as Carl Grimes
  • Norman Reedus as Daryl Dixon
  • Michael Madsen as William Carver
  • Owen Thomas as Troy
  • David Morrisey as Phillip 'Governor' Blake
  • Mikal A. Vega as Scarecrow

Synopsis Edit

The year is 2014, and the Reality known as Earth-23000 has become a Battleground of the War Against the Villain Armada. After 7 months of death, destruction and all-out War, The Hero Coalition has managed to push back their evil counterpart, The Villain Armada, and have almost succeeded in restoring Freedom to Earth-23000! However, the Armada has launched a massive attack on 3 States occupied by the Coalition, simultaneously. After hours of fighting, the massive Battle causes 7 different devices known as a Reality Terrain Device (a Teleporter that can send people to different Realities in the Multiverse) to malfunction and create a huge Dimensional Shockwave, which results in a Multiversal Rift that causes millions of Walkers (or Zombies) to invade Earth-23000 and lay waste to both the Hero Coalition and Villain Armada!

Now, 1 year later, the year is now 2015 and the War Against the Villain Armada has been put on a forced hold and has been replaced by the War of The Dead! A new Hero Team known as Deadkillers (a Faction of Heroes who go on missions to kill Walkers) have started to conduct Special Operations within the Quarantined Zones of America. However, a Deadkiller Squad led by Rick Grimes has now gone rogue, and it is left in the hands of Kyle Reese, Clementine Everett, Jackson Pearce and Lee Everett to purge the Walker Army and save Earth-23000 from Rick and his Rogue Deadkillers!

Plot Edit

Prologue (CDC Hypocenter: Learning The Truth) Edit

The game starts in 2015, after the events of War Of Heroes: Global Warfare and after the Walker Invasion of Earth-23000. The screen then shows scrolling text, which then turns into: 'Encryption# 6E-67-20-74. Protocol: Alpha. The Center for Disease Control Epicentre is well understood within Atlanta, Georgia, although the Hypocenter within the structure is unknown. Deadkiller Squad: Zulu has been sent to CDC Headquarters to investigate Inner Implosion after the Battle of Atlanta during the Walker Invasion of Earth-23000' and then the text turns into a location, saying 'Hypocenter: Atlanta, Georgia, USA. CDC Building. Active Mission #470. October 19th, 2015' as it shows the destroyed and desolate City that was once Atlanta (now the Atlanta Ruins), with fallen Skyscrapers, dead bodies of Humans and Walkers alike, along with crashed Aircraft and Tanks in the streets.

The game then shows Kyle Reese (main character of Global Warfare) as he sits in the Atlanta Hills loading a KN-44 Assault Rifle, and then Clementine comes up to him and says "Kyle, the mission's on! We need to move!" and then the two walk down the Hills, and Lee contacts them and says "I'm sure that I don't need to remind both of you: the Deadkillers' presence here must remain 100% deniable. There will be serious consequences if the Armada learns of our involvement within the CDC Hypocenter!" and then Kyle responds "The only way they'll find out is if they take us down!" and then Clementine tells him "You know that isn't going to happen." and then the two arrive at the Center for Disease Control, which now has a massive chunk taken out of it and rubble all over the ground. The two then hear growls, and Kyle yells "Walkers, incoming!!" and then he and Clementine fire at several Walkers coming towards them and running (Walkers in this game, unlike their normal Walking Dead versions, can run and jump) and then Kyle throws a Contact Grenade at a few Walkers, which explodes on impact and then kills several Walkers. However, this causes an ARE-20 Quad Tank (a massive, Bipedal Tank with legs and 4 sides of a Circular Body for Weapons) to reboot under the rubble of the CDC, and then Clementine tells Kyle "You know what they say: if you're gonna fuck up, get it out of the way early!" as the Quad Tank fires Missiles at them, and then they get dive cover. Kyle then sees an XM-53 Missile Launcher and then says to Clementine "Fire at the Shield Component under the Tank! I'll launch a Missile at it!" and then Clementine nods in response, then fires her HVK-30 Assault Rifle at the Quad Tank, bringing down its Shields as Kyle fires 2 Missiles at the Tank, but then the Quad Tank fires a Direct Energy Laser from its Railgun, and then causes a Truck next to Kyle to explode, sending the boy flying.

Kyle then lands on the ground hard and groans in pain as the Quad Tank gets ready to fire at him. However, an XM-53 Missile comes out of nowhere and hits the Tank's weak spot, and the Tank explodes from the inside and it falls to the ground, and then Jackson Pearce, AKA Jacks, comes in and tosses away an XM-53 and then helps Kyle up, and then sarcastically saying "Real discreet, Reese. Real discreet, I'm so sure that there isn't an army of Carver's guys coming for us right now!" and then Scott Tilden (a new character appearing in War Of Heroes: A New Dawn) walks up and responds to Jacks by saying "Relax. Carver's too much of a pussy to send his Scavengers out to City Ruins!" and Clementine, now near the CDC Entrance, shouts "Hey, guys! We should move right now!" and then Scott forms a plan, explaining "Alright, here's how we're gonna do this: Jacks, you'll be out here covering me while I call Command for an Extraction. Kyle, Clementine, you two will move into the CDC and complete the Mission, then meet us out here." and the entire Team agrees on the plan.

Kyle and Clementine then enter the CDC Hypocenter with their Weapons raised, and as they move through the Hallways and rooms, Clementine says "Remember the Safe Zones, Kyle? The Coalition-owned Areas where..." and then Kyle responds "Yeah. We were in the Illinois Camp, right? I remember what that felt like: away from the Walkers, as if they never even existed. Ignorance was bliss, right?" and then they hear Walkers growling, and then they go into a back-to-back formation and aim their Assault Rifles. Clementine then asks "Just another day as Deadkillers, right?" and then Kyle answers "Yeah. Let's kill these Undead bastards!" and several Walkers come charging in from the Chamber above and the two Heroes shoot at the Walkers, who are running in and attempting to kill them. After a couple minutes of killing the Walkers, Clementine sees even more coming in throught doorways, and then Kyle looks at a Hypocenter Shaft below his feet, saying "Let's take a scenic route!" as he shoots the Shaft with his KN-44 and then he jumps down into the Vent Systems, followed by Clementine. The two then make their way through the Vents, Kyle contacts Jacks from underground and says "Jacks, you read me?" but all he hears is static, and then Clementine tells him "Don't worry, Kyle. Comms can always screw up!" and then they exit the Ventilation Systems, and come across a huge Steel Door with a Clock that says '00:00:00:00'. Clementine then scans the hand of a dead CDC Agent and takes his Fingerprints, putting them on a Console which opens the Steel Door in front of them, and the Door opens to reveal a shocking site: the entire Room filled with dead CDC Agents and huge pools of blood, and Kyle, disgusted by the massacre, says "Oh, I think I'm gonna puke!" and Clementine simply looks in shock and says "Who the hell would... Do this? It's horrible!" and then they see several CDC Scientists dead in their chairs, with their eyes and ears literally cut off in a brutal manner. Kyle then starts to gather Classified Documents and taking Evidence Pictures of the dead CDC Scientists, and then Clementine looks at one of the Documents, which has a Deadkillers Symbol on it, and looks at it in complete shock. She then turns to Kyle and says "Kyle, the CDC Explosion was no accident! It was caused by one of ours..." and then Kyle asks her "What?! Who could have..?" and then Clementine reads the Document, saying "The last reported Operation at this Station... Was Rick Grimes' Team!" and then Kyle looks in shock, and the screen turns to black.

Act I-III (Main Missions) Edit

The game then shows the point of view from a Hero Coalition Satellite in Low Earth Orbit, which scans Atlanta, Georgia as Kyle's voice-over is heard, saying "No, it can't be Rick and his Squad! It was Carver, killing style even says so!" and then Clementine responds "Alright, maybe it was Rick, maybe it wasn't. Regardless, we need to contain the Walker Army and get more Civilains into our Quarantine Zones. Jacks, tell him what you told me!" and then Jacks explains "The Coalition is hounding the Deadkillers for an explanation on the CDC Hypocenter. Safe Zones across America are all being put under Martial Law by Coalition Forces. Face facts: Rick and his Team sold us out!" and then Kyle says "Alright, so... All signs point to Rick's Team being compromised. But, Rick or Carver... Either way, we should find out where Rick and his Squad went after going MIA!" and then Clementine tells the two "Most logical place for them, would be the Alexandria Safe Zone. I know a guy in there, his name is Morgan. Shifty son of a bitch, but he'll get us close to Deanna, the leader of Alexandria!" and then the screen turns to black, as the next Mission begins.

The game then shows a black screen, and the Mission Details say 'Encryption #20-67-6F-69. Protocol: Echo. Reasonable Provocation has been established, the Deadkiller Rogues' Base of Operations suspected as Alexandria Safe Zone, Georgian Outskirts', and the Details turns into 'Provocation. Alexandria Safe Zone, Georgia, USA. Active Mission #471" and the game shows Kyle, Clementine, Morgan and Eastman (a new character In The Walking Dead TV Show) inside Morgan's House in the Alexandria Safe Zone. With all 4 of them assembled around a table, Morgan explains "The Alexandria Safe Zone has never been stronger. Woodbury Armed Forces, Carver's Scavengers - No one will dare try to invade here!" and then Kyle jokingly says "The Hero Coalition sure made it look easy!" and then Eastman tells him "Listen, kid: The only reason the Coalition is here is because they're the good guys! They may have declared Martial Law in here and all the other Safe Zones, but we all have a common enemy: The Walker Army, and The Villain Armada." and then Clementine asks him "You still relying on that 'Art of Peace' bullshit you taught Morgan?" and then Morgan says "Never mind about what Eastman taught me, alright? Why should we be interested in what you damned Deadkillers have to say?" and then Kyle and Clementine look at each other, and Kyle nods. Clementine then looks at Morgan and says "Rick Grimes and his Deadkiller Squad. Ring a bell?" and then Morgan looks at her, shocked and taken aback, then says "Rick Grimes?! Nobody's seen him, or his Squad, since the Walker Invasion! He went MIA after the CDC Hypocenter exploded!" and then he looks at Kyle, saying "I've seen you rarely, kid. But let me tell you something: when your old friends desert you, you have to make new ones! Let's see what you can put out there for this deal, Clem. Maybe we can go to the Coalition Police and work something out!" and then Clementine responds "That's all we ask!" and then the door opens, and they hear a familiar voice ask "It it, now?" and then Clementine mutters "Oh, shit. No..." as Deanne (leader of the ASZ) and Carver (antagonist of The Walking Dead: Season 2 Video Game) walk in with Alexandrian Security, and Eastman says "Carver, Deanne, uh... This is unexpected. I didn't know you'd just come in here-" and then Carver tells him "And we didn't know that Deadkiller Special Forces would come here either!" and then Clementine responds with "Listen, Carver... Whatever you think you heard, you heard wrong. We're not looking for trouble, we're here on unofficial terms!" and then Carver walks up to her, with a menacing look on his face, but Clementine doesn't even flinch.

Carver then says "Don't insult me with lies, Everett! Don't think I haven't forgot about your little escapade at my Scavenger Camp!" and then Clementine stands up and looks at him, saying "If that's the terms we're on, then I guess this is gonna be a repeat of the Past, Carver." and then Deanne asks her and Kyle "You think we don't know why you're here, Deadkiller scum?!" and then Jacks contacts Kyle, saying "You've been made, Reese! I'm outside with Scott and Hesh, what's the plan?" and then Kyle looks at Clementine and shouts "Now!!" as he and Clementine dive to the side, Eastman punches Carver while Morgan smashes a Glass into Deanne's face, and then Jacks (along with Scott and Hesh) fire through the walls of the House, killing Carver after riddling him with Bullets as Deanne is hit in the shoulder, and then the other Deadkillers come in and then pass Assault Rifles and SMGs to Kyle and Clementine as Jacks says "Every Trooper in the Alexandrian Security Forces will be on our asses right now!" and then Kyle asks "Well, what are we gonna do?" and then then Alexander Aaron, AKA Phobos (a member of the Deadkillers and character from Marvel Comics' Secret Warriors) takes out a C4 Detonator and says "Provide them with a distraction!" and he pulls the Trigger, and then a massive explosion os heard, and the screams of Alexandrians and gunfire is heard, along with Walker growls. The Deadkillers then charge outside, and Clementine tells Mirgan and Eastman "There's a VTOL coming in to Evac any Civilians! Get everyone you can, and get to the Evac Site!" and then Morgan nods in response, taking a Marker Flare with him while Kyle, Clementine, Phobos, Jacks, Scott and Hesh charge through the Streets, shooting at dozens of Walkers and Alexandrian Security Forces, and Civilians all around run with Morgan and Eastman, or are getting devoured by the Walker onslaught.

After several minutes of fighting through the Streets of Alexandria and killing Walkers, ASF and bringing down Blackhawk Helicopters, the Deadkillers get to Deanne's Office and then Phobos plants a Breaching Charge on the Door, then says "Alright, do it!" and then Scott detonates the Charges, causing the Door to explode and send 2 Alexandrian Guards to get blasted back, and then Kyle and Clementine charge into the Office and gun down 3 more Guards. Deanne then aims a Five Seven Pistol, but then Phobos shoots her in the shoulder and punches her in the face, saying "Clem, get the Hard Drives! They'll help us track Rick. If this piece of work is unwilling to cooperate!" and then he grabs Deanne by the neck and says "Where is Rick Grimes, where is his Deadkillers Squad going?!" and then Deanne spits blood in his face and says "So, you're the God of Fear, right? Son of Ares?! I'm not scared of you, you little shit!" and then Phobos' eyes glow purple as he uses his Olympian Powers to inflict fear in Deanne, and says "Hear me clearly, Leader of Alexandria! Do not fuck with the Deadkillers, do not fuck with my friends... And most importantly, do NOT fuck with the God of Fear!!" and then Deanne screams in fear as Phobos taps into her Mind. Clementine then says "I've got the Intel! We need to move now." as several Walkers storm the Office, and then the Deadkillers shoot at them, but later get surrounded and are about to get destroyed by the Walkers. However, a Hero Coalition VTOL then comes in and fires its Minguns at the Walkers, and then Skye (one of Phobos' Squadmates in the Secret Warriors Comics) opens the Hatch and says "Come on, move!!" and the Deadkillers get on the VTOL, and takes off away from the Alexandria Safe Zone as dozens of Civilians are evacuated from the now-destroyed Safe Zone, and the Deadkillers have accomplished their goals.

The game then switches to 10 hours later as Kyle and Clementine are seen in the Deadkiller Base, and Kyle is loading his KN-44. Clementine then walks up to him and asks "Hey, you alright, Kyle?" and then Kyle responds "Not really. Those were Civilians getting slaughtered back there!" and then Clementine looks at him, and then asks "What do you mean? We were helping get every Civilian we could!" and then Kyle tells her "Phobos' plan wasn't necessary! He brought those Walls down, not caring how many CivilIans would be put in danger or even killed!" and then he goes back to modifying his Rifle. Clementine then sighs and puts her hand in Kyle's cheek and eyes him, saying "Hey, look at me. You need to understand, that what we do is for the greater good. This is War, Kyle! People will die. You think you're the only one who's lost friends, family?!" and then Kyle responds by saying "I watched my parents and millions of others die! The Armada took everything from me!" and then he starts to cry, then says "Do you get that, Clem?! You're the only person I have left to care about. I can't bear losing you, not like this..." and then Clementine hugs him, saying "I love you, Kyle. But you need to understand, I have lost people too! Every day for us is Hell, but... We can get through it. Because all we need is each other, right?" and then Kyle answers "Yeah, but... What if Rick wins?" and then Clementine reassuringly says "He won't. Because we will not let him! We're Deadkillers, Kyle... It's what we do!" and then she kisses Kyle on the lips.

Later, the game switches back to the POV of the Deadkillers Satellite in Low Earth Orbit as it scans for Rick and his Deadkillers Team, and Phobos' voice-over is heard, and he says "Using the Data we found in Alexandria, we've been able to locate someone with strong connections to him and his Team." and Clementine asks "So, where is this 'enemy Contact'?" and the Satellite scans and shows a Military Outpost used by the Woodbury Armed Forces (a faction led by Phillip 'The Governor' Blake, an antagonist of The Walking Dead TV Series), and Kyle remarks "Well, well... If it isn't our worst enemies, the Woodbury Armed Forces. I guess the Governor's gonna be there, then?" and then Lee answers "That's unconfirmed, but the Enemy Contact is our priority. But, we do have actionable reason to believe that Abraham Ford will be there to personally oversee the Woodbury Troops stationed there, and he's flying in via a Plane." and then Phobos asks "Any bright ideas, then?" and then Jacks says "Let's make sure Abraham gets one hell of a landing! The Outpost has a DEAD System equipped to take out any incoming Aircraft, we can use that to our advantage!" and the screen turns to black, starting the next mission.

The game then shows a black screen, and the Mission Details 'Encryption Classified. Protocol: Oscar. Hero Coalition Deadkiller Team approved for Mission. Mission: Priority 1: Retrieve enemy Informant held in WAF Outpost. Secondary Objective: Execute Kill/Capture Order on former Deadkiller, Abraham Ford. Team: Delta. Date: 21:00 Hrs, Oct 27th 2015' and the Mission Details turn into 'Coalition Deadkiller. WAF Outpost. Team: Delta. Oct 27th, 2015' as it shows Kyle, Clementine, Phobos, Hesh and Scott in the Tower Control of the Woodbury Armed Forces Outpost, right next to the Runway. Kyle then gets on a Traffic Control Console while Hesh puts on a Headset and talks to Woodbury Command, which says "Traffic Control, I need all oncoming Planes moving to Runway 1-1." and then Hesh responds "Copy that, diverting all Traffic to Runway 1-1. Cargo 410 Niner, we have a Fuel Fire on Runway 1-9. Divert course for Landing to Runway 1-1, please confirm?" and then the whole Squad hears a knock on the Door and a Woodbury Guard shouts "Hey, what's going on in there?! Open this door, now!!" and then Kyle activates the DEAD Turrets (huge Laser Railguns that shoot down any Aircraft) and several Woodbury Gyard lie dead across the Room, revealing what the Squad is up to. Hesh then turns to Kyle and says "You're up, Reese!" and then Kyle starts a System Recalibration and responds "Hacking Module in place, recalibration of DEAD System is a go!" and Clementine hears several Woodbury Guards knocking at the Door, and Phobos says "It's Woodbury Armed Forces! They're gonna get in here!" and the whole Team readies their Pistols and SMGs, then the DEAD Targeting System says "System Recalibration complete. Please select Target." and then Kyle sees the Plane that Abraham Ford (a protagonist from The Walking Dead TV Show) is on, and targets it with the DEAD System, and the Woodbury Pilots on board the Plane contact Hesh (who has been posing as an Air Traffic Controller), saying "ATC, the DEAD System shows us as Target Locked. What's going on down there?" and then Hesh responds "Negative here. Possible malfunction on your end?" and then he shuts off the Connection, turns to Kyle and says "Fire it, now!" and then Kyle fires the DEAD Turret's Weapon Payload at the incoming Plane.

The Team then hears the Plane coming down, and Hesh yells "Shit, get down!!" and then the Plane crashes into the Air Traffic Control Tower, and then the Team hears the groans and growling of the Walker Horde that is coming towards the Outpost. Clementine then says "The whole WAF is gonna be coming right to this place right now!" and then Kyle says "We can use the Walker Horde to our advantage, and kill anyone that gets in our way! Clem and I will head for the Cell Blocks. Phobos, Jacks and Hesh, you three move up and get us Transport out of here!" and then Hesh opens the door and the Team split up, heading to different parts of the Outpost.

In the Cell Blocks, Kyle and Clementine set a Breach Charge on the Steel Door, which leads to the Room where their Prisoner is being held. The Charge then explodes as Kyle moves in and then guns down 3 Woodbury Guards, then Clementine shoots the last Guard in the head. The two then look at the Prisoner cuffed to the Table and sees that the 'enemy Informant' is someone they thought was dead: Edwin Jenner, Lead Scientist of the CDC presumed dead after the Battle of Atlanta! Clementine then uses a Laser Cutter to uncuff Jenner and grabs him by the neck, furiously asking "What the fuck?! We thought that you died, Jenner!!" and then several WAF Guards charge in and aim their Weapons at Kyle and Clementine. Kyle then asks "Plan B?" and then Clementine asks him "What Plan B?!" and then Kyle detonates multiple C4 Charges, bringing down the Cell Block as he and Clementine run out of the Tower with Jenner in tow. The two Deadkillers then charge through even more Woodbury Forces as a VTOL Warship comes in, but then Jack Walker (Hesh's 11 year old son) contacts Kyle and Clementine and says "That one's mine! as he fires an XM-53 Missile which hits the VTOL and sends it crashing into the Tower he was on, then jumps down as the Tower explodes, before using his Gravity Spikes to blast several Woodbury Troops back, then uses his Sparrow Bow to fire an Explosive Bilt that hits a Woodbury Soldier, which then explodes and kills even more enemy Soldiers and Walkers. Jack then stabs 2 more Woodbury Troops with his Ballistic Knives and then takes out 2 Annihilator Pistols and kills even more Soldiers, and even some Walkers. Kyle and Clementine then walk over with Jenner and look at all the dead Soldiers and Walkers as Jack loads up his Tempest Direct Energy Weapon (a huge Railgun that fires a Current of Electricity), and says "The others have found an APC Turret Jeep in that Garage. Let's move!" and then they start walking towards the Garage, but then hear a clanging noise coming from the crashed Plane near the Tower.

The Plane's remains are then blown open as Abraham Ford comes out in an XS1 Goliath MECH, and says "You think you can beat me, huh?! Come on!" as the sounds of growling Walkers is heard as dozens of them start running in, and then Abraham spools up the XM-80 Chaingun and fires at all the Walkers, while Kyle, Clementine, Jenner and Jack all run into the Garage, shooting several Walkers along the way as the Door closes. Hesh then goes to his son and says "Hey, Jack. Nice work out there!" and then Jack responds "Well, I was trained by the best, so..." and then everyone gets into 2 APC Armored Turret Jeeps. The Team then drives out as Kyle and Clementine both get on Mingun Turrets and then start to gun down Soldiers and Walkers in their way, while also bringing down Towers and a couple VTOL Warships chasing them across the Hills. Abraham then comes in using the XS1 Goliath's Pursuit Mode as Kyle and Clementine start shooting at him using Miniguns. However, Abraham fires a Missile Swarm and triggers explosions near the APC, which charges through a Pipe System and stops. Hesh, who is driving, says "Shit, the damn APC stalled! Jacks, where are you guys?!" and then Jacks answers over the Comms "Still moving towards the Extraction Zone! Get here as soon as you can, because we have Jenner here!" and then dozens of Walkers start moving in, and Kyle says "Oh, crap! Clem, hit these Undead freaks! Give them all this thing can take!!" and then he and Clementine start destroying the Walker Horde with their Minguns as Jack punches the APC's window open and starts hitting the Walkers with his Tempest, causing the Electric Current to pass through several Walkers and kill them in one shot.

After a few more seconds, Abaraham jumps in with a damaged XS1 MECH and then jumps onto the front of the APC, grabbing Kyle and saying "You little shit!" and then throwing him several feet away as Clementine yells "No!!" and then Abraham uses the XS1's Boost Jump to get to Kyle, but his Chaingun falls off the MECH and then he says "Screw it! I don't need that Chaingun to kill you!" as Kyle tries to get up with destroyed Ribs and a massive gash on his head, saying "Screw you!" as he takes out an Annihilator Pistol and tries to shoot Abraham, who catches Kyle's hand, then uses the XS1's Charged Strike Ability to punch Kyle in the arm, fully breaking it. Kyle then screams and falls to the ground, crying in pain as Clementine tries to run towards him, but is confronted by event more Walkers as Abraham kicks Kyle in the stomach, breaking his Ribs even more as Kyle keeps screaming and crying in pain, and then the XS1 starts to malfunction, and then Abraham gets out of it and grabs Kyle, who is now bruised and bloody, by the neck. Abraham then says "Now, you have no chance of killing Rick. You think the Governor will just hand him over on a silver platter!" and then he takes out a Combat Knife and holds it to Kyle's neck. However, Clementine then shoots Abraham in the shoulder, causing him to drop Kyle and Clementine runs up and tackles Abraham, before taking out a Knife and then brutally stabbing Abraham several times in a fit of rage, screaming "Die! You!! Piece! Of shit!!!" and then disembowls Abraham by ripping his Intestines out, then stabbing him in the chest and ripping his Heart out, before picking him up and then throwing him off the Cliffside. Kyle then looks at Clementine with a terrified look on his face, and Clementine (covered in Abraham's blood) goes over to Kyle and holds out her hand to help the injured boy up, but Kyle backs up and aims his MR6 Pistol at her and starts shaking uncontrollably, terrified, and yells "Get away from me!!" and Clementine looks at him in both regret and shock. She then slowly approaches him and takes small steps, saying "Kyle, please... Just put the gun down, okay? I need to get you out of here, now!" but Kyle backs up even more and yells "Just leave me alone! Stay away from me, alright?!" as Jack and Hesh move in, and then the Chinook Helicopter with a Deadkillers Symbol flies in, and the screen turns to black.

The game then switches to 2 days later as Kyle is seen in the Deadkiller Base, walking through the Hallways with his arm in a cast. Clementine then walks up to him and says "Kyle, wait! I need to tell you something!" and then Kyle turns to her and asks "What? You found Rick, now you want to go and slaughter him like he's a wild fucking animal?!" and then Clementine tells him "Kyle, Rick cut a deal with the WAF! He's on the WAF Mobile Base right now, a huge Ship called the 'Skylord'! We can end this right now, they're heading to New Woodbury!" and then Kyle angrily responds "I'm not going there! What you did to Abraham back there... Who have you turned into, Clem? Someone who ruthlessly murders the people who cross their friends?!" and then Clementine tells him "I did that to protect you, Kyle!! I told you that I would protect you, promised you... And I almost broke that promise. And I just got this massive rush of anger after what Abraham did, so... Yes, I went overboard a little! But it was to protect you." and then she wraps her arms around Kyle's waist and says "Please... Kyle, help me this one last time! We're getting the entire Coalition and US Military on our side, and we're launching a Strategic Attack on the Skylord Flagship. I can't do it without you." and then she walks away, and Kyle asks her "How long until we Attack?" and then Clementine turns to him and cracks a smile, saying "3 days. We'll make this right, okay?" and then Kyle answers "Yeah, we will. Just so you know, Clem... I don't hate you for what you did to Abraham, but... You really did scare me." and then Clementine just loads an XR-2 Assault Rifle, and says "Well, let's hope we can do this last mission right!" and they get ready for the Attack on the WAF Flagship, the Skylord!

The game then switches to 3 days later as Kyle, Clementine, Jacks, Phobos, Scott and many others are seen in a C-130 Troop Transport as explosions trigger in the Sky all around them as everyone runs into their XRE-15 Fighter Jets and then Kyle sets it to Autopilot and get on the Weapons System as Clementine contacts everyone, saying "Sentinel Flight. Fence in!" and then the C-130 is hit by a Missile and then the Fighter Jets are ejected as the C-130 crashes into the Skylord Flagship, and then everyone starts to fly through dozens of enemy Helicopters and Jets, shooting them down as WAF and Deadkiller Forces wage a massive and destructive Final Battle on the Skylord, while The Hero Coalition starts to move into the New Woodbury City and then starts destroying it in a massive Battle. After several minutes of shooting down enemy VTOLs, Troop Transports, Fighter Jets and Helicopters, Kyle says "Alright, guys, this is gonna be a rough landing!!" as he ejects from the XRE-15 Fighter Jet as it crashes into the Skylord Flagship and then sees a C-130 crash into the Flagship Bridge, then falls down onto New Woodbury as Jacks says "Kyle, Clementine! You two move into the Flagship! Phobos and I will cover you!" as WAF Forces fire at them in an intense gunfight as Kyle and Clementine jump down into the Flagship Interior and then move through the Corridors, gunning down WAF Soldiers as they charge their way towards Rick's location.

After several minutes of gunning down enemy Troops and Walkers that managed to stow away onto the Flagship (which would take the Player about 30 real-time minutes), Clementine and Kyle finally make their way to the Main Bridge of the Flagship and then see Rick standing behind a Glass Pane, and then the Governor picks up a Bloodhound Revolver and tries to shoot the two Heroes, but Clementine shoots him in the chest, critically wounding him. As the Governor collapses and bleeds on the floor, several Woodbury Armed Forces Soldiers charge into the Bridge and aim at Kyle and Clementine, but Rick holds his arm out and gestures for them to lower their Weapons, which they do. Rick then turns to the two and syays to them "You don't understand. The Woodbury Armed Forces, they're the good guys here!" and Clementine and Kyle both approach him, and Clementine asks "How are they?! They're destroying Hero Coalition Ops, Worldwide! They're putting the entire World in jeopardy, and for what?!" and Rick tells her "They built a Society, from almost nothing!! A World torn by almost a year of Warfare, a massive Walker Invasion that resulted in another, year-long Conflict! What have the Deadkillers brought us? Besides violence, War, death!" and then he nods to Daryl Dixon, who is aiming his Locus Sniper at Kyle. However, Clementine tackles Kyle to safety and yells "Get down!!" and then Rick runs out of the Bridge as Kyle and Clementine both gun down the Woodbury Soldiers, before taking cover from Daryl's gunshots.

Clementine then says "I'll draw his fire! Get ready to shoot once he shows his face! Ready?" and Kyle says "Yeah, I'm ready!" and then Clementine gets up and shoots at Daryl's cover, and the Sniper moves out and shows himself and fires, but Kyle shoots him in the shoulder and then jumps into cover as Daryl throws a Grenade into the Bridge, causing it to collapse down on to the Deck of the Flagship. Kyle and Clementine then get up weakly as they see Rick inside a massive VTOL Mothership (a much larger and more Weaponised Version of the VTOL Warship), then the Mothership rises above the Skylord Flagship and Rick fires its Missiles, which Kyle and Clementine dodge as Phobos contacts the two, saying "The Flagship has a Mobile Armory below the Deck! Sending you two Miniguns and Missile Launchers now!" as Kyle says "I'll take care of Daryl. You get those Weapons and bring down the Mothership!" as he goes into the Comms Tower to fight Daryl, while Clementine dodges the Miniguns and Missiles launched by the VTOL Mothership above. Kyle then goes into the Comms Tower, but then Daryl comes from around the corner and punches him in the stomach, and then takes away his KN-44 Assault Rifle, disassembling it and tossing it aside and then says "Come on, kid! That all you got?!" and then Kyle gets up and says "Show me what you're made of, old man!" and then the two charge at each other, fighting hand-to-hand inside the Comms Tower of the Flagship. On the Deck, Clementine jumps away from a Missile Swarm launched by Rick and grabs an XWET-600 Minigun from a Mobile Armory and starts firing at the VTOL Mothership's Turbofan Engines, managing to chip through the Armor as Rick unloads Minigun rounds towards Clementine, who simply dodges the hail of bullets. After a couple minutes, Clementine manages to destroy several RAPS Blade Drones sent in from the Mothership, then destroys the VTOL's 4th Engine as Rick screams in frustration and then fires a Missile Swarm at Clementine, causing her to lose her Minigun and get blasted back by the explosions. In the Comme Tower, Kyle blocks Daryl's punches and then breaks the Sniper's arm, and then kicks him forward. Daryl then says "Obedience is Peace, Kyle! That's the motto of the Woodbury Armed Forces. Are you ready to give up your freedom of speech and choice to achieve Peace and Order in the New Society that Woodbury is creating?!" and then Kyle, now exhausted and bleeding from the fight, coughs blood and answers "Dixon... Shut the fuck up!" and then Daryl takes a swing at Kyle, trying to punch him. However, Kyle catches Daryl's arm and then kicks him, resulting in Daryl smashing through a windiw and then falling on to a massive bar of Shrapnel, which impales him in the back and bursts out of his chest, running him through and killing him, leaving Rick as the last remaining Rogue Deadkiller. Just as Rick aims a Minigun at Clementine from the Mothership, a Squadron of Fighter Jets with the Symbol of The Hero Coalition flies in near the Skylord Flagship and fires several Missiles at the VTOL Mothership, hitting it as Rick screams "No!!!!" and the Mothership comes crashing down into the Flagship, tipping it slightly as Phobos says to Clementine via Commlink "Get the hell outta there!" but the Mothership crashes right in front of Clementine, causing an explosion that blasts her back.

Clementine then screams in pain as she gets her arm impaled by Shrapnel from the Mothership, which is now crashes in front of her in flames. She then says "Kyle, I'm pinned! Jacks? Phobos?!" as Rick approaches her, and takes out a Combat Knife. Clementine then looks up at him and says "Rick, stop! The Armada's done something to you, they're controlling your Mind!" and then Rick raises his Combat Knife and responds "They put a Mind Control Chip into my Spinal Chord... They made me do this!" and he starts hesitating to stab Clementine, who tells him "You can fight it, Rick! You can fight it!" and then Rick says "I must get it out!!" as he stabs himself in the back of the neck and screams in pain as he reaches past his flesh and rips out his own Spinal Chord with a Mind Control Chip on it, then falls to the floor next to Clementine. Clementine then says "It's okay. You did it, the Walkers are gone. The Armada's been destroyed. We're safe!" and then Rick says "Not safe... He's still... Here... It's... Jacks..!" and then a gunshot is heard, and a bullet hits Rick in the head, blowing his brains out and killing him as Clementine screams "NO!!" as she turns her head and sees Jacks standing there with an MR6 Pistol, and she yells "Jacks? What the fuck are you doing?!" and then Jacks walks towards the crashed VTOL Mothership and says "The Governor, Abraham, Daryl... And now Rick. They're all dead!" and then he reactivates the Mothership, and says to Clementine "You know, all along... Ozone, the Supreme Commander of The Villain Armada? He's my father!" and then Clementine looks at him in shock, asking "What..? No, that's not possible! How?!" and then Jacks doesn't answer, and instead gets on the Mothership with his back turned to Clementine, and says "You've won. You got what you wanted! The Walkers have been wiped out, and all your enemies are dead... Including Ozone!" and then the Mothership takes off, and Clementine yells "Jacks, where are you going?!" and Jacks responds "Imagine yourself in a Multiversal Forest!" and then Phobos contacts Clementine, saying "Sitrep! Is Rick secure?" and then Clementine responds "He's dead. Jacks killed him!" and then the VTOL Mothership takes off and heads for the City of New Woodbury, which is getting destroyed the a massive Battle.

Final Mission (Act IV: Battle of New Woodbury) Edit

The game then switches to 2 hours later as Clementine wakes up in an Infimary, and Kyle is sitting next to her, saying "Hey, Clem. You've been out for nearly 3 hours now." and then Clementine gets up, asking "Where's Aiden? I need to go and talk to him about Jacks!" as she starts to walk towards the exit of the Room, but Kyle puts a hand on her shoulder to stop her and says "He's keeping an eye on Jenner. We're moving him to New Woodbury now." and then Clementine shrugs him off, saying "Did you hear what Jacks said to me? Ozone... Was his father!" and then Kyle looks in complete shock, taken aback by the revelation. He then asks "How... Does he know? Nobody ever told him anything about Ozone, his existence was a mystery!" and Clementine responds "Guess he ran a DNA Test or something, maybe his Mom told him... Where's Nicole?" and then Kyle tells her "She's with Aiden." and then Clementine quickly starts walking through the Hallways of the Base, and Kyle shouts "Where are you going?!" and then Clementine responds "To ask Aiden and Nicole a couple of questions about Jacks! They're gonna have Hell to pay!" and then she enters the Room where Aiden and Nicole are interrogating Jenner, and tells the Deadkiller Guards "Get the Doctor back to his Cell!" and the Guards do as she instructed, taking Jenner away.

Clementine then looks at the two and asks them "Did you know?" and then Nicole asks "Know what?" and then Clementine glares at her angrily, saying "Don't play dumb with me, either of you! Did you know that Ozone was Jacks' father?!" and then Nicole sighs, before answering "Yes. I knew all along!" and then Clementine, enraged beyond belief, takes out a MR6 Pistol and tries to shoot Nicole, but Kyle grabs her arm and says "Clem, no!! Don't do it! It isn't her fault!" and then Clementine pulls her arm away and turns to Kyle, saying "This bitch has been undercover the whole time! She waited until we killed Ozone, then told Jacks about his true father! She knew how Jacks would be react, what he would do! Probably fed him lies ever since he was a baby!" and then Aiden tells her "No, I knew too! Ever since Jacks was born, I knew fully who his father was! Never questioned it when The Villain Armada invaded Earth, either!" and then Kyle snaps at him, saying "Why didn't you fucking tell us?! And who the fuck thought it was a good idea to tell Jacks that Ozone was his father?!" and then Nicole tells him "Well, why don't you ask Jenner? We're heading for New Woodbury now, to fight in the Final Battle of the entire War! The Armada is back!" and then Clementine asks "Well, who's their Leader?!" and then Aiden turns to her, then says "You know the answer to that. Ever heard the saying 'Like father, like son'?" and then Nicole tells all of them "We're going to Ramses Station in New Woodbury. We've worked out a deal with the WAF to defend the City from a Villain Armada Invasion headed our way now. This will be the most intense fight in the entire War Against the Villain Armada." and then the screen turns to black.

The game then switches to 2 hours later, and shows a black screen with a text that says 'Encryption #6B-65-20-69. Protocol: Echo. Deadkiller Strike Force and Woodbury Armed Forces are participating in a Joint Operation to take down The Villain Armada. The Battle of New Woodbury is approximately 20 minutes away, Armada Forces outside City Limits. Mission: Interrogate Doctor Edwin Jenner in Ramses Station, New Woodbury and locate Jackson Pearce. Uncover information about the Multiversal Forest. Prepare Operation: Rise and Fall. Active Mission #464' and the test turns to the date 'Rise and Fall. Ramses Station, New Woodbury, Georgia. November 6th, 2015'. The game then switches to Clementine's First-Person POV as she, Kyle and all the other Deadkillers are seen on an Emergency Train which comes in to Ramses Station, a massive WAF Base in New Woodbury. Kyle then says to Clementine "Hey, you still with us?" and then Clementine responds "Uh, yeah. I just... Zoned out for a second there." and then everyone gets off the Train, and Kyle says "Not really a bad idea. I think we just traded one bad situation for another!" and then Nichole looks around and sees dozens of Body Bags, then says "I think we're fighting a losing Battle. The information that Jacks has on all of us can target Strategic Weak Points within the Deadkillers and Woodbury Armed Forces. The Alexandrian Security Forces has been destroyed by the Armada, and we're next!" and the Deadkillers all walk up a Staircase, leading to the Main Hall of Ramses Station. Kyle then says "Let's hope Jenner talks fast and gives us something useful!" then Aiden responds "He will. You don't hide out in New Woodbury unless you're really trying to run from something!" and then the Heroes get to the Main Hall, where they see Griggs (a character who appears in many of my games), who tells them "I was told you were coming. We have your Prisoner!" and then Nichole says "We appreciate your help... Especially seeing as the WAF has cut a deal with us, and the Alexandrians have fallen to the Armada!" and then they start walking through the Main Hall, seeing injured Civilians and Troops in an Infirmary and people scrounging around to find Ammo and Weapons.

As the Deadkillers and Griggs walk through the Base, Clementine explains "Deadkiller Resources have been spread thin in the wake of Rick's recent attacks. We believe that Jenner might have valuable information leading up to The Villain Armada's Return." then Kyle tells Griggs "That's a polite way of saying that shit's fucked up for everyone. You want help? Get in line!" and then Griggs turns to him and says "We were lucky to secure Doctor Jenner before the Villain Armada advanced from the Alexandria Safe Zone! I'm warning you, we might not be able to ensure his safety much longer!" and they all keep walking towards the Cell Block. Griggs then says "We're ill-equipped to deal with the Armada's Technology!" and then Nichole asks him "What's your Operational Strength?" and Grgigs answers "We have less than 1000 men, a dozen Armored Vehicles and a Squadron of VTOLs... Essential Supplies are low." and Clementine asks him "How are you still holding on?" and then Griggs responds "You can thank Imran Zakhaev." and then everyone stops, and Kyle angrily says "What?! Imran Zakhaev was a hypocritical egomaniac who thought he could make a better World by fucking everything up!" and then Griggs keeps walking and says "After the Second Russian Civil War in 2011, and Zakhaev's death, all Hero Coalition-allied Nations had to abide by the Allied Nuclear Defense Act. Directed Energy Air Defense Systems must protect all major Military, Civilian and Industrial Targets in Coalition-allied Nations." as the Team walks towards the nearby Cell Block, and Griggs tells them all "The D.E.A.D.S. are the only reason America hasn't become the Villain Armada's bitch!" and then Kyle says "Maybe so, but I wouldn't thank Zakhaev. He was prick who got what he deserved!" (Imran Zakhaev, for those who don't play CoD, is a main antagonist of Call of Duty 4 and the reason everything has happened in the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, the Call of Duty Series itself) and the Heroes go into the Interrogation Room, seeing Jenner through one-way Glass.

Clementine and Kyle then enter the Interrogation Room, and Jenner stands up, before saying "I don't care who you are or what we're dealing with, what I do know is that you are holding me here without cause and I demand to speak to a Legal representative!" and then Clementine angrily says "That would be me. Have a seat!" and she shoves Jenner back onto a chair, and then brings up a picture of Jacks and says "This boy right here, do you know him?" and Jenner looks at the picture, but has a shocked look on his face and doesn't answer. Clementine then slams her fist down onto the table and shouts "Do you know him?!" and Jenner shakily responds "N-no!" and then Kyle tells him "Well, he knows you. Or at least he'd like to! You were involved in a Biotechnology Firm known as the Center of Disease Control, or more specifically, the Villain Armada Black Project running out its Basement!" and then Jenner says "That was long ago, almost 10 years ago!" and then Kyle gets face to face with Jenner, saying "Yeah? Well your past, it's catching up to you. Right now, you're in very real danger! Not only is The Villain Armada carving New Woodbury to pieces, but Jackson Pearce may very well want you dead!" as Jenner looks in shock at the two. Clementine then says "So as your 'legal representative', I advise you to cooperate fully with this investigation!" and Jenner stutters, then says "I worked as a Behavioural Psychiatrist for the Project's Test Subjects!" and then Kyle angrily asks "Yeah, those Test Subjects in Atlanta... Were they volunteers?!" and Jenner chuckles and tells him "By the very tone of your voice, I am in no doubt as to what you're inferring. Likewise, I am in no doubt... That you already know the answer to your question!" and then Clementine looks at him, then says "Yeah? Well, let me ask you another one!" as she throws the table across the Room and grabs Jenner by the neck, then shoves him into a wall with her bare hands and shouts "What is the Multiversal Forest?!" and then an explosion goes off and the Base shakes, then Clementine and Kyle walk out of the Interrogation Room and Clementine screams "Fuck!!" as gunshots and screaming is heard outside, along with explosions as Griggs says "It's the Villain Armada! They're attacking the City, they're here for Jenner!" and then they open the Door, and then see several RAPS Drones roll in and and then explode, blasting several WAF and Coalition Soldiers back.

Kyle, Clementine, Griggs, Nicole and Aiden then open fire on incoming Armada Troops, and then they see a VTOL Warship outside which gets shot down and crashes into the Building and blasts Kyle back, then several Armada Troops aim their Weapons at him while others engage in the massive gunfight. However, Clementine comes in from behind them and throws one away, then grabs 2 more Troops by the throat and snaps their necks, throwing them off the VTOL and then Kyle guns down 3 other Armada Troops using his KN-44, then Clementine says "Let's move, we have to protect the City! Griggs, you're with me and Kyle! Aiden, you get Jenner into the Emergency Bunker!" and then brings up a Holographic Map of the City, which shows major Checkpoints and Streets to defend. Clementine then says "We're heading to Checkpoint Bravo near 42nd Street, right by the Governor's old Building! Let's move out!" and then they exit the Building, seeing dozens of VTOL Warships with Cargo and Vehicles lifting off and heading into the City, which is getting completely destroyed by the Battle. Griggs then says "I'll drive, get in that Armored Jeep!" and then the three all get into the Armored Jeep, equipped with Spike Launchers, Missile Launchers and Miniguns, and Griggs starts driving through the chaotic and war-torn Streets, and says "Alright, we'll need those Spike Launchers. The Armada is moving through our biggest weak point: Checkpoint Bravo! If they get through there, the Woodbury Tower will fall and we will lose this." as it shows Woodbury Armed Forces and The Villain Armada fighting across the City, with falling Buildings, Aircraft crashing into the Streets and several Tanks, Jeeps and other Vehicles exploding, along with dying Soldiers on both sides.

The game then switches to 2 hours later as Kyle, Clementine and Griggs start fighting through the destroyed Streets of New Woodbury, and Kyle yells "Come on, we need those Spike Launchers! The Armada has Terrain Transports coming in!" as he gets up into the 3rd Floor of a Building, and then several Armada Troops surround them in the Offices, but a VTOL Warship comes in and starts firing its Miniguns through the Building, shooting the Armada Troops and killing them as Kyle and Clementine shoot what's left, but then a Terrain Walker comes in and shoots the VTOL down, and it crashes into the Building and blasts Kyle and Clementine back, knocking the two out. After a couple minutes, Kyle slowly regains consciousness as he hears Troops in the Streets yelling "The Armada's slaughtering our Forces! Get those Spike Launchers into position!" and then he sees several Missiles and Bullets flying through mid-air in the Streets, destroying Buildings and killing WAF and Coalition Soldiers. Clementine then runs over after shooting 3 more Armada Troops, and then says "Kyle, come on! This Building's about to collapse!!" and then several explosions go off and a few Talon Drones fire at the two, but then Kyle uses his Blackhat Hacking Device to hack into them and quickly blow them up, and then the Building starts to collapse, and then Kyle and Clementine jump out and the Building explodes and the two Heroes are hit by the explosion and are blasted into the River, and then several pieces of Debris from Helicopters, Fighter Jets and the Skyscraper fall into the River.

Kyle then gets out of the River and gasps for breath and sees crashed VTOL Warships, Helicopters and destroyed Tanks as Clementine helps him up to his feet and says "Come on, Kyle! We have to move up!" as an XRE-15 Fighter Jet flies in, but gets shot down by an ARCAC-230 Walking Tank, which then turns to shoot Kyle, but Woodbury Troops hit the Repulsor Core with a Tracer Missile, which causes the Tank to explode from the inside and fall. Kyle then guns down even more Armada Troops with an AMR9, carried by his one good arm, but then 3 XRE-15s fly in and Airstrike the scarred battlefield, killing dozens of Armada Troops, then Kyle looks up to see the Fighter Jets firing Missiles at a falling Armada Carrier Ship, which is covered by flames and electrical currents as it falls towards the City, along with another massive Carrier Ship falling from the Skies above the City. Kyle then falls to the ground as Clementine drags him behind a crashed VTOL and asks "Kyle, you alright?!" and then Kyle responds "No. My left arm's broken, I can only shoot with one arm!" and then he coughs blood, and Clementine looks down and sees a huge piece of Shrapnel in Kyle's stomach, and says "Oh, God... No, no!! Kyle, hang in there!" and then she turns to Griggs and yells "Griggs, get a fucking Medic down here! Kyle's hurt!!" and then Griggs says to the Soldiers "Hey, we need a Medic down here!" and then Kyle says "No, Clem... Jacks is going for Jenner! Woodbury Tower... Get over there, now!" and then Clementine responds "No, Kyle, I'm not going to leave you! We've been through too much together for me to just abandon you here." and then Kyle tells her "Clementine, please! Do this for me, okay? Don't let the Armada win today, and don't let Jacks consume everything we've fought so hard for... If you're not doing this for me, then do it for Earth and the Human Race." and Clementine starts to cry, saying "If I leave you here... You'll die." and then Kyle puts a hand on her shoulder, pulls her in and then kisses her on the lips. Clementine then says "I can't, Kyle... I just can't leave you here to die. I love you..." and then Kyle tells her "Just... Don't forget me, alright? Don't forget the person you are, because of me." and he gives her an MR6 Pistol, and says "Put a bullet in Jacks' head for me." and then Clementine, after some hesitation, takes the Pistol and then stands up, saying "I love you, Kyle. And I promise, I'll finish this War!" as she walks towards Woodbury Tower, which now has a huge chunk of its Structure taken out and a massive Armada Assault Ship crashed next to it, along with several crashed Hero Coalition Ships and crashed Aircraft, destroyed Tanks and dead Soldiers from both sides.

Ending Edit

Clementine then heads through the destroyed and ruined Woodbury Tower and sees massive pools of blood all over the floor and walls, with dead WAF Soldiers on the ground and Bullet Casings all over the place, and then Clementine says to herself "What have you fucking done, Jacks? I'm going to kill you for this, you Armada scum!" and then she goes into the Interrogation Rooms and then hears a voice behind her say "You said you'd follow Kyle to the ends of the Earth. Look how that worked out for you!" and Clementine immediately turns around, seeing Jacks there, holding Jenner hostage with a Pistol to the man's head. The new Villain then taunts her, saying "Poor little Kyle... You promised to protect him, and now he's gone! Tell me, how long did it take for your pathetic little boyfriend to die, Clem?" and then Clementine aims her MR6 Pistol at Jacks, saying "Shut up!! One more word comes out of your mouth, I blow your fucking Brains all over the walls!!" and then Jacks asks Jenner "Hey, doc! I'm gonna ask you a question, and you'll answer it correctly: who's getting out of here alive?" and then Jenner answers "Go to Hell, you little piece of Villain scum!" and then Jacks aims his .47 Magnum Revolver at Jenner's back, then says "Wrong answer..." and he shoots Jenner in the back, and then the bullets blast out of his chest and Jenner's dead body crashes to the ground. Jacks then lunges forward and punches Clementine in the face, then shooting her in the stomach. As Clementine groans in pain on the floor and spits blood, Jacks grabs her by the throat with one hand and then kicks her into a piece of debris, before aiming his Revolver at Clementine and walking towards her.

Jacks then aims his Revolver at Clementine's head and says "Now, you'll die for what you did to my father!" and then Clementine says "Checkmate!" and then her Data Glove comes online, and says "Code confirmed. New Woodbury DEAD Systems targeting." and then Jacks looks at her in shock, then asks "What was that? What did you do?!" and then Clementine answers "You lost, Jacks... It's over!" as several DEAD Bombardment Missiles come in and hit Woodbury Tower, causing a huge explosion that makes the entire Floor collapse, sending Clementine and Jacks both falling down to the Tower Lobby below. Clementine manages to hit a huge piece of Shrapnel from the collapsed Floor and hold on, and then sees Jacks getting up and walking away as 2 remaining Armada Troops aim at Clementine, but she lets go of the huge Shrapnel and slides down into the Tower Lobby, using the MR6 Pistol that Kyle gave her to gun down the 2 Armada Troops, and then she slides towards Jacks and stabs him in the leg. Jacks then screams in pain and falls to the ground, then Clementine stabs him in the shoulder and aims her MR6 at Jacks' head, and then Jacks says "Do it... Just kill me! What are you waiting for? Come on! I killed Kyle, destroyed New Woodbury... And I turned you into a broken shadow of who you used to be, Clementine! Just kill me!" and Clementine starts slowly pulling the Trigger. However, she says "No..." and then she grabs Jacks and picks him up, and Jacks yells "Do it!! Clementine..." but Clementine responds by turning him around and then starts leading him outside with an MR6 to his back, and the entire WAF and Hero Coalition is outside, arresting remaining Armada Troops and dragging away dead ones as VTOLs and Flagships fly in and land.

Clementine then hands Jacks over to Military Police, who handcuff him as he says to Clementine "I'll see you, 1 year from now. Watch for the Armada, and be ready..." and then Clementine turns to him, and says "No. You're just a sad little boy, talking to yourself. I'm going to let you talk." and then the MPs take Jacks into a Razorback VTOL Transport, which takes off as Clementine watches, then several Fighter Jets fly in the sky, signalling the end of the game as the Credits roll.

Mid-Credits Scene Edit

After the Credits, the game shows Jacks sitting in his Cell at the Metroville Prison, and then the Alarm starts going off as several Guards charge in and aim their Assault Rifles at Jacks. Morgan and Eastman then enter Jacks' Cell and Morgan orders "Secure him!" as the Guards start to walk towards Jacks. However, the lights then go out and Eastman yells "What happened to the lights?! Fuck!!" and then Jacks punches a Guard in the stomach, before stabbing him in the throat and taking his M8A7, then shooting 2 more Guards and shooting Eastman in the chest, before grabbing Morgan by the neck, and then throwing him to the floor. He then says "You and I are gonna go to the City Outskirts. Try anything dumb, I blow your fucking head off!" and the screen quickly turns to black as Morgan surrenders.

The scene then switches to Lee Everett's House in the Metroville Outskirts, as Morgan and Jacks walk up to then front door. Jacks then puts his Pistol up to Morgan's back and says "Open it, now!" and Morgan complies, opening the door and saying "Lee, it's Morgan. I'm here to-" and then he tries to punch Jacks in the face, but Jacks catches his fist and breaks Morgan's arm, then bringing the man to his knees and smashing his head against the door, and proceeding to brutally snap Morgan's neck, killing him. Lee then walks up to Jacks and remarks "Now, that's an entrance! Started to think you weren't gonna make it." and then Jacks walks up to him, and says "My father, he was Ozone all along. My Mom never told me, neither did my uncle. I never even knew who my Dad was." as it shows a quick Flashback to the end of War Of Heroes: Global Warfare, showing Kyle stabbing Ozone in the throat with a piece of Shrapnel.

Jacks then tells Lee "Kyle and Clementine took him from me..." and then Lee asks him "Well, what did you learn from that?" and then Jacks looks at him angrily, then responds "What did I learn?!" and then takes out a Combat Knife, stabbing Lee in the stomach and then digging the Knife in for a couple seconds, then ripping it out and brutally finishing by slicing Lee's throat, and saying "The Coalition... Will die!" as Lee holds his stomach and sliced throat, but then collapses to the ground as blood squirts and pools everywhere, then Jacks simply walks out, stepping on Morgan's dead body along the way.

Sequel Edit

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Soundtrack Edit

  • 1. Main Menu Theme
  • 2. The Deadkillers
  • 3. CDC Hypocenter
  • 4. Hypocenter Infiltration
  • 5. Walker Ambush
  • 6. Rick's Team
  • 7. Covert Ops
  • 8. Alexandria Battle
  • 9. Woodbury Armed Forces Theme
  • 10. Outpost Battle
  • 11. Abraham Ford
  • 12. Ford's Death
  • 13. Kyle and Clementine Theme (The New War)
  • 14. The Skylord
  • 15. Skylord Air Battle
  • 16. Crash
  • 17. Infiltrating the Skylord
  • 18. Confronting Rick (Governor Death Theme)
  • 19. The Mothership (Rick Boss Battle)
  • 20. Death of The Fallen Hero (Rick's Death)
  • 21. Making Decisions
  • 22. Jenner's Interrogation
  • 23. Battle of New Woodbury
  • 24. Kyle's Death Theme - What Has Jacks Become?
  • 25. The Confronation
  • 26. Credits Theme (I Live (Orchestral Version) - Black Ops III Score)
  • 27. Bonus Theme (Afrojack - Unstoppable)

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