War of Heroes: The Armada's Knights
WOH The Armada's Knights Poster
Official 'Villains' Poster
Developer Ubisoft-Pixar
Publisher Heavy Iron Studios
Platform Xbox One
Genre First-Person Shooter
Release June 1st, 2019
Modes Campaign
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: MA15+
Media Optical Disc, Digital Download
Series Alternate WOH Series
Predecessor War Of Heroes: Roads To Victory
Successor TBA

"There has been an awakening!"

- Tagline

War Of Heroes: The Armada's Knights is a new game in Infinity Ward's Alternate WOH Series, and an Alternate Sequel to War Of Heroes: Roads To Victory. This game is described as an 'Expansion' of the Post-Villain Armada Series in the War of Heroes Universe. Players will step into the shoes of Kyle Reese and Clementine Everett as they face a new threat from the now crippled and destroyed Villain Armada known as the Knights of The Armada! The game is exclusive to Xbox One and is set for release on June 1st, 2019, a whole year after the first game, War Of Heroes: Global Warfare.

Cast Edit

  • Bryant Prince as Kyle Reese
  • Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine Everett
  • Jason Clarke as John Connor
  • Nicholas Bode as Jackson Pearce
  • Noam Jenkins as Aiden Pearce
  • Dave Fennoy as Lee Everett (Visions)
  • Daisy Ridley as Kayla Barton
  • John Boyega as Blake Everett
  • Scott Porter as Luke
  • Dan White as Mike
  • Brandon Routh as David 'Hesh' Walker
  • Scott Whyte as Logan Walker
  • Adam Driver as Armadeus Ren
  • Gwendoline Christie as Captain Phasma
  • Andy Serkis as Supreme Leader Snoke
  • Dohnmall Gleason as General Nux

Character Bios Edit

Kyle Reese - Kyle is a 13 year old member of The Hero Coalition, and was a major fighter in the War Against the Villain Armada. After the Villain Armada was destroyed in the Shattered Nexus Explosion and Scarecrow was killed, Kyle went back to a normal life in his home city of San Francisco after the War had ended in Coaliton Victory. However, this all comes under threat when the remains of the Villain Armada come back with their latest upgrade: The Armada Knights! Kyle uses an ARK-7 with a Recon Sight, Grip and QuickDraw. Kyle has also had a change in appearance in this game: his hair is longer, down to the bottom of his neck, and is light brown instead of dark brown. He also keeps his iconic Scavenger Outfit he wore during the last 2 games, but it is strapped with Shotgun Shells, Ammo Clips and he has added a sewn-on hood to it.

Clementine Everett - Kyle's love interest and resigned member of the Coalition. She now stays with Kyle in San Francisco under the guardianship of Lee's brother, Blake Everett. With a new guardian and Kyle backing her up, Clementine must now face the Armada Knights with their help, and the help of the Hero Coalition, which has now become the Global Superpower known as the United Dimensions Coalition. She uses a HVK-30 with a Recon Sight, Foregrip, Advanced Rifling and a Collapsable Stock.

Jackson Pearce - Member of the United Dimensions Coalition and combatant in the War Against the Villain Armada. After the Battle of Los Angles, Destruction of The Villain Armada and the Rebuilding of Earth-135, Jacks now concentrates on snuffing out the remains of the crippled Armada. But what he and everyone else does not know is that an even more powerful threat is coming: The Villain Order! Jacks uses a Man-O-War (or MOW) Assault Rifle with a Varix Sight, Grip and Advanced Rifling.

John Connor - Leader of the United Dimensions Coalition and new President of The United States. In this installment, John acts as a guardian to Kyle, even becoming the closest thing he has to a father, after Dennis Reese (Kyle's father) was killed in the War Against the Villain Armada. John uses an M18A9 Plasma Rifle with an ACOG Scope, Heat Sink and Parabolic Microphone (the PM being a Tracker that can pick up Silenced enemies and gunfire, and highlight hidden enemies).

Blake Everett - Lee Everett's younger brother and Clementine's adoptive uncle. Assuming guardianship over Clementine after the Destruction of The Villain Armada, Blake is a key member of the United Dimensions Coalition, serving as one of their representatives on the Multiverse Security Council in Lee's place and is their official Secretary of Multiversal Defense. Blake uses a RCEA-15 Hybrid Rifle with a Holo-Sight, Direct Energy Bullets and an Extended Magazine.

David 'Hesh' Walker - Veteran of the War Against the Villain Armada and member of the Multiversal Security Forces. Hesh is a natural born leader, and despite being rough around the edges, manages to pull through in any combat situation. He uses a SC-2010 with an ACOG Sight, Muzzle Brake and Grenade Launcher.

Logan Walker - Member of the now-defunct Hero Coalition and Mercenary for the United Dimensions Coalition, also a Guard for the Multiverse Security Council. Logan uses an ARC-250 Direct Energy Assault Rifle with a Heat Sink, ACOG Sight and Grip.

Trailer Edit

E3 2019 Teaser Edit

The teaser trailer opens with an overshot of a massive platform, which has several Armada Knights standing above thousands of Armada Soldiers, along with Walker Tanks, VTOL Warships and Carrier Flagships somewhere in Deep Space as Armadeus Ren, one of the Armada's Knights, says "There has been an awakening... Have you felt it?" as it shows Kyle Reese looking at the sky in shock as the shadow of a Carrier Flagship looms above him. The trailer then shows Armadeus walking through the woods and igniting a Plasma Sword, while Kyle does the same and gets ready to face Armadeus in a massive Snowstorm.

"Nothing to Fight For" Full-Length Trailer Edit

The trailer opens showing a door opening as Kyle Reese is seen as he starts scavenging through a destroyed and crashed Carrier Flagship, which is filled with holes and dents with dead skeletons all over the place. Kyle then rappels down into the Cargo Bay of the Ship as a voice-over of Kayla Barton asks "Who are you?" and then Kyle answers "I'm nobody." as it shows Kyle walking through the San Francisco Outskirts, carrying Ship Parts he has found in the Carrier Flagship, which is crashed and buried in the Forest behind him. The trailer then shows Armadeus Ren in front of thousands of Armada Troops assembled below under a Platform adorned with Flags of The Villain Armada, and then switches to Blake Everett (Lee's brother) as he takes off a Helmet, and his voice-over says "I was raised to do one thing. Now I have nothing to fight for!" as it shows a damaged Armada VTOL crashing into the Chicago Outskirts.

The trailer then shows Armadeus Ren in the Order Flagship as he is looking into Space, and saying "Nothing will stand in our way. I will finish... What you started!" as it shows Scarecrow's destroyed Helmet and Mask, and then pans over to Ozone's destroyed Omnidroid Armor, kept in a glass casing. It then shows Armadeus as he is torturing Aiden Pearce by tapping into his Umbrakinesis, and then causes Aiden to scream in terror as he sees Chicago being destroyed by The Villain Order (the new, reorganized version of The Villain Armada). The trailer then shows a Fighter Ship flying through the wreckage of the crashed Carrier Flagship that Kyle was seen in earlier, as it is chased by 2 Armada Fighter Jets and Kayla is heard saying "There are legends about you and Clementine Everett, how you stopped the Armada." and then Kyle is seen, and he says "They're true. All of them!" and then it shows several scenes such as: Armadeus and several other Knights of The Armada standing on a muddy hill in the rain, with several dead bodies around them and Armadeus' Plasma Sword is ignited. It then shows several XRE-15 Fighter Jets flying across a lake as they Carpet Bomb a Town below, where the forces of the United Dimensions Coalition and The Villain Order are fighting a huge battle, while Kyle is heard saying "The Coalition. The Armada..." and it shows Blake as he walks towards a Ship, and several other UDC Pilots run to their Fighters, while an XRE-15 fires at an Armada VTOL, which explodes above a City getting destroyed by a huge battle.

Synopsis Edit

The year is 2016, 2 years after The Hero Coalition has won the War Against the Villain Armada, crushing The Villain Armada. Having completely rebuilt Earth-135 across the last 2 years, the Coalition has wiped out the remains of the Armada and has become a Global Superpower known as the United Dimensions Coalition, and is now the largest Government in The Multiverse. However, what the UDC and even its best Heroes doesn't know is that a new faction known as the Knights of The Armada, under the leadership of Armadeus Ren, have founded the Villain Armada's successor... The Villain Order!

Plot Edit

Prologue/Intro Edit

The game starts showing moving stills of characters from the previous games fighting against Ozone, while Kyle Reese narrates "2 years ago, in 2014, a mysterious Military Fleet known as The Villain Armada launched a massive, global Invasion of Earth. After 5 months of brutal death, destruction and all out War... Our side, The Hero Coalition, pulled through and launched a pre-emptive assault on their Main Base, in Occupied Washington DC. We stopped them by killing both their leaders: Ozone, and his younger brother, Scarecrow. Now that the Armada has been pushed back, crippled and destroyed, the Coalition founded the United Dimensions Coalition, rebuilding every City and Nation on Earth. My name is Kyle Reese, salvation of Humanity, and now... This is just the start of my story!" and the screen turns to black, showing a quote: "Nearly all men can withstand adversity. But if you want to test a man's character... Give him power! - Abraham Lincoln" and then the game shows the title: War Of Heroes: The Armada's Knights, and the Game begins.

The game then switches to the year 2016 in the San Francisco Outskirts as a young boy in a Desert Scavenger Outfit walks through the scarred Dunes, where the city of San Francisco is seen nearby, completely rebuilt and going through huge climate change. A slight breeze then comes in and the boy's hood is blown off, revealing him to be the 13 year old Kyle Reese, who activates his Data Glove and scans 200 metres ahead, before finding a huge Crash Signature on his Holographic Map. Kyle then activates his Earpiece and says "Kayla, I've found the Crash Signal you were talking about. Looks like a Class-V Armada Carrier." and Kayla, in another location, responds "That Ship crashed down here after the Shattered Nexus Explosion. It's been buried after sandstorms and rain." and then Kyle asks "How much Cargo do you think is left?" and Kayla answers "Don't know. But we will make a mint from it all. Get back here safe, Kyle." and then Kyle keeps walking across the Dunes, which are littered with crashed Fighter Jets, VTOL Warships, AC-130s and other Aircraft, along with a massive, 2000-foot Class-V Armada Ship buried within the San Francisco Dunes.

Later, Kyle is seen climbing up the Hull of the Crashed Armada Ship in the San Francisco Dunes, as he reaches the top and stands up, breathing heavily and looking towards the City of San Francisco. He then shields his eyes from the Sun and says through his Earpiece "Kayla, I wish you could see the view from up here. It's beautiful." and Kayla responds "We don't have time for sightseeing, Kyle. Just get those Weapons and Ship Parts, then get the Hell out of there. That bucket's probably hanging by a thread!" and then Kyle throws a Rope down from a hole in the Ship's Bridge, before rappelling down into the Crashed Armada Ship, which is filled with dents, holes and dead bodies of Armada Soldiers, along with Sand that has been swept in by Sandstorms. Kyle then starts going through the Corridors of the Crashed Ship, grabbing several Weapons and pieces of Cargo, before continuing on to the Bridge. However, he hears a clunking noise coming from another party of the Ship, then takes out his Python Revolver and opens the door, but somebody grabs him by the arm and punches him, and he blind-fires at the assailant, who dodges the shots and flips over him, and Kyle aims at his attacker to see that the attacker is a Villain Order Soldier. The Soldier then attacks again, but Kyle counters and kicks the Troop in the head, and then shoots him in the chest, killing him. Then, the whole Ship starts shaking, and Kyle mutters "Oh, crap!" as the floor gives way and Kyle falls down, and Kyle screams as he falls towards the steel floors below. However, someone catches Kyle, and he hears a voice say "It's a long way from San Francisco for you to come dropping in." and he sees Clementine holding him a few centimeters from the floor, and he says "Clementine? What are you doing here?" and then Clementine helps him to his feet, saying "Well, I was... Looking for you, Kyle." and then Kyle blushes, asking "Really? Why?" and Clementine points to the dead Order Troop, saying "It's not over, Kyle. The Armada may be gone, but there's something that succeeded them: A new faction called The Villain Order." and the screen turns to black.

The game then switches to 3 hours later, in the San Francisco Outskirts, as Kyle and Clementine are seen in the now-rebuilt Reese Home. Kyle then asks "So, you came all the way from Chicago looking for me?" and Clementine answers "Well, yeah. You and some Ancient Artifacts left behind after the War Against the Villain Armada." and Kyle asks her "What 'Artifacts'?" and Clementine hands him a File containing pictures of Ozone's destroyed Omnidroid Armor and Scarecrow's melted Helmet and Mask. He then looks at another File and sees pictures of dead members of the United Dimensions Coalition, and asks "How did these guys get killed?" and Clementine explains "Most of the Multiverse Security Council doesn't believe they even exist. The ones that do call them the 'Knights of The Armada'. They're held responsible for dozens of assassination attempts on UDC Officials ever since the UDC was founded, and Earth was repaired." then Kyle tells her "The we should stop them. We stopped the Armada before, we can do it again." and he starts to head over to the Weapons Room, but Clementine grabs him by the hand and says "Wait, Kyle... You need to consider this: the Knights are working for The Villain Order, and that Army is massive on its own. But the Knights of The Armada are only made up of Villain Knights. You know how those Villains operate!" and then Kyle reassures her, saying "I've faced about 9 Knights, and they all got killed facing me. We can do this together, Clem. Both of us." and then Clementine asks him "Is this you trying to make me feel better about this?" and Kyle responds "Yeah. Did it work?" and then Clementine gets closer to him, saying "Not really." and she kisses him on the lips, then pulls away and says "But you knew it was worth a shot, didn't you?" and then Kyle responds "Yeah. Guess it's just you and me to face the Order, as usual." and then they hear a voice say "You two are not doing this alone." and they see John Connor standing in the doorway.

Act I-III (Main Missions) Edit

The game then switches to Deep Space as the camera pans away from Earth, and then shows the Moon get overshadowed by the shape of an Armada Spaceship, which then flies over the Moon and then deploys several Fighter Ships, which start flying towards Earth. At the same time, Luke (a character from Walking Dead: Season 2) is seen in a small Mountain Village at night, and then Mike (another TWD Character) hands him a Data Recovery Module and says "Here, Luke. This contains Intel on the New Armada's plans." and then Luke responds "Thanks, Mike. Listen, the Multiversal Security Forces can help you! If you come with me, we can-" but then Mike says "You know I can't. Because of my past with the Armada..." but their conversation is cut short when they see several lights in the Sky, and hear the roar of Fighter Ship engines. The people in the Village then start arming each other with Weapons as Armada Forces approach, landing and then beginning to fire at the Villagers, charging out as Luke fores at the Troops as well, and Mike yells "Go! I'll hold them off!" and then Luke runs away as the Armada Troops start to destroy the Village, and Mike guns several of them down as the Villagers are all massacred or captured, and then Luke gets into an XRE-15 Fighter Jet and uses the Laser Minigun to kill dozens of charging Armada Troops, but then a Grenade is thrown next to the Fighter Jet, and Luke screams "Shit!!" as he jumps out of the Jet, which explodes and blasts him back.

Back in the Village, which is now in flames and ruins, a massive Carrier Ship lands and then opens the Ramp as Mike is taken by Armada Troops in front of it. As several Armada Troops march out of the Ship, they get into a formation and salute as Armadeus Ren, leader of The Villain Order and successor to Ozone, walks out and then goes over to Mike, breathing heavily through his Mask and asking "There was a Hero Knight here. Where is he?" and then Mike spits in his face (or on his Mask) and then says "Fuck you, Armada scum!" and then Armadeus tells him "You truly do not know who you are mocking, do you, Mike? When you served in the Armada, you could have been so much more. Perhaps one of Ozone's High Guard!" and then Mike tells him "Ozone? That fucking asshole was insane, and the 'Supreme Commander' of an Army made up of fascist psychopaths!" and then Armadeus just stops talking, and Mike tells him "I was with the Armada once. But something far worse happened to you!" and then Armadeus says "You know what I've come for." and Mike snaps back "I know where you come from... Before you called yourself 'Armadeus Ren'." and Armades simply looks at him and asks "The DRM containing the Intel. We know you had it, and now you're going to give it to the Villain Order!" and Mike tells him "The Villain Order originates from the Old Armada. You don't." and Armadeus gets closer to intimidate him, saying "I'll show you the Armada!" and Mike responds "You'll try. But you can't deny the truth. That is your family!" and Armadeus stands in front of him, then says "Give my regards to Lee Everett..." and then he ignites his Crossguard Plasma Sword (which is a replica of Kylo Ren's Lightsaber from Star Wars: The Force Awakens) and then raises it, swinging it through the air and then decapitating Mike with it. Luke then yells "No!!" and then tries to shoot Armadeus using a REX-14 Direct Energy Laser Rifle, but Armadeus quickly turns around and then stops the Laser in mid-air using Telekinesis, before gripping Luke in place as 2 Armada Troops punch him and then drag him to Armadeus, before searching him. However, he finds nothing and then punches Luke, before furiously asking "Where is the Intel?!" and then Luke chuckles, then mocks Armadeus by saying "Oh, what's that? It's just, I couldn't understand you with that dumbass Mask you have!" and then Armadeus just gestures to the Troops to take Luke on to the Ship, which they do as Captain Phasma (another Villain in this game adapted from Star Wars: The Force Awakens) walks up to Armadeus and asks "Sir... The Villagers?" and then Armadeus answers "Kill them. All of them!" as he walks away, and the Armada Troops all slaughter the Villagers.

The game then switches to a few hours later as Armadeus walks through the Armada Carrier Ship as General Nux tells him "I wasn't aware that you had one of the UDC's greatest Pilots, Ren. Where is the Intel, though?" and then Armadeus tells him "There was nothing on him. We can only assume he used a Internal Server Download to upload the Intel to the New Coalition Servers, draining the Recovery Module." and then Nux turns to him and says "You know that the Supreme Commander wants the Intel! He requests your presence at his next arrival, Ren. He will not be satisfied with your lack of progress!" and then Armadeus snaps back, saying "Your Troops will be punished for that, General! Snoke will spare me, I am the leader of the Knights of The Armada." and then he walks away, and Nux shudders slightly in fear. Armadeus then goes over to a Holding Cell and then enters, seeing Luke strapped to a Torture Machine, and he says "You have no idea who you are messing with here... Luke. Do you really want to go before Supreme Leader Snoke and answer for your offenses towards The Villain Order?" and then Luke looks at him and laughs, before saying "Go... And fuck yourself, you Ozone knock-off!" and then Armadeus uses Telekinesis to start choking Luke, furiously saying "You dare insult the Ultimate Villain Lord?! You will tell me... Where you hid the Intel... Or you will feel the power of Ozone!" and he starts using his Superhuman Powers to access Luke's Mind, and then starts psychologically torturing him for the location of the Intel, and then Luke eventually lets out a scream of pain, and the Game cuts to Armadeus walking out of the Cell, saying "The Intel, I know where it is!" and General Nux says "Excellent, Ren. The Supreme Leader requests your presence in the Knights Quarters now!" and then Armadeus and Nux walk through the Ship.

The game then shows a shot of Deep Space as two Armada Space Fighters fly through Space and then a huge, Planet-like Flagship with the Symbol of The Villain Order and a gigantic Blast Cannon in its Core is seen, and Supreme Leader Snoke is heard saying "The Intel will soon be delivered to the New Hero Coalition, which will lead them to this Flagship!" and then it shows the Knights Quarters inside the Flagship, as Armadeus, Nux and various other Villain Knights all bow before Snoke. Snoke then picks up Ozone's Destroyed Helmet and looks at it, saying "If the Coalition finds Inflictor Base now... Kyle Reese and Clementine Everett are sure to come here!" and then Nux tells him "Supreme Leader, I take full responsibility-" and then Snoke stands up immediately, bellowing "General! The strategy has now changed..." and then Wiliam Carver (the main Villain of The Walking Dead: Season 2) comes forward and says "Inflictor Base has readied its Blast Cannon. We are ready to lay waste to the UDC with this Super-Weapon! With the United Dimensions Coalition out of the way, the New Hero Coalition will have no chance in defeating us, and we will stop them before they kill every Villain known to exist." and then Snoke sits in his Throne, saying "Go. Oversee the preparation of the Blast Cannon." and then Carver, Nux, Phasma and Armadeus bow before him, and Carver says "Of course, my Lord." and then all of the Villain Knights start to walk out of the Knighs Quarters, but Snoke motions to a shadowed figure and says "Ozone, wait a moment..." and then the shadows figure walks towards Snoke and reveals himself as Ozone, who is now heavily scarred, mangled and burnt after the events of War Of Heroes: Global Warfare. Ozone then kneels before Snoke, who says "There has been an Awakening... Have you felt it?" and then Ozone looks up at the Supreme Leader and answers "Yes." and then Snoke tells him "There's something more. The Intel we seek has made its way to the San Francisco Dunes, and one of the greatest Legendary Heroes is your son... Jackson Pearce." and then Ozone simply stares at Snoke and says "He means nothing to me." and then Snoke leans forward in his Throne and responds "Even you, the former Ultimate Villain Lord, have never faced such a test!" and then Ozone tells him "By the grace of your training, I will not let my emotions overcome me!" and then Snoke says "We shall see, Ozone... We shall see!" as he vanishes from the Knights Quarters, and all that remains in his place is the Throne that Snoke was on, and Ozone's Destroyed Helmet, which Ozone looks at for a few seconds, and then ignites his Plasma Sword and screams in rage, swinging the Plasma Sword and cutting the floor and walls multiple times.

In the Holding Cells, two Armada Troops approach Luke in his Cell, and one of the Troops says "Get up, Luke. Carver wants to talk to you. You remember Carver, right?" as he takes out his E-11 Direct Energy Rifle and shoots the other Armada Troop, before taking his Helmet off and revealing himself as Blake Everett (Clementine's adoptive uncle and guardian). Luke then gets up and asks "Blake? What the fuck are you doing here?!" and then Blake responds "I infiltrated these guys' Ranks and managed to blend in as one of their Troops. Listen, I've been eavesdropping in the Knighs Quarters, and it turns out these guys have a Squad that they call the 'Knights of The Armada'. Their leader is a Villain Lord named Supreme Leader Snoke. Let's move!" and then Luke plays along, being taken by Blake to the Flagship Hangar, and then Blake whispers "Play along, the Troops won't notice us. See that Armada Fighter?" and then Luke looks at an Armada Fighter (which heavily resembles a TIE Fighter from Star Wars: The Force Awakens), saying "What about it?" and Blake answers "I'll shoot, you fly." as they walk towards the Armada Fighter. The two then enter the Armada Fighter, and then Luke powers it up. On the Flagship Command Bridge, Nux asks "Who authorized that Fighter to take off?!" and then Phasma looks at him, saying "Nobody, Sir! It seems one of our Troops has gone rogue!" and then Armadeus turns to them, simply saying "Blake Everett..." and then Hux asks "The uncle to Clementine Everett, the Hero Knight who killed Ozone?!" and then Luke flies the Amada Fighter, then Blake fires the Laser Cannons at several Armada Troops, destroying the Hangar as Luke starts to fly towards the Flagship Hangar Shields, but Armadeus uses Telekinesis to get the Fighter in his grip, but then Blake fires again, causing the Lasers to hit the Command Bridge and blast Armadeus, Phasma and Nux across the room.

Luke then flies the Armada Fighter into Space as Blake destroys several Laser Turrets across the Flagship, along with a few Armada Fighters sent after the two. After a couple minutes, the Missile Turrets near the Flagship's Command Bridge locks on to them, and then Armadeus gets up and yells "Fire!!" as Plasma Missiles are fired, which then hit the Armada Fighter that Luke and Blake are in, which starts to fall towards Earth-135 in a wreck. On the Armada Flagship, Nux says "Sir, they're escaping... Phasma says the most likely crash site are the San Francisco Dunes!" and then Armadeus looks at him and says "Dispatch a Fighter Squadron, and capture them both! And find the Intel, before the Hero Knights find it!!" as he walks away furiously, and then Carver says "If Kyle and Clementine get that Intel, we have no chance of destroying the UDC." and the screen turns to black. The game then switches to several minutes later as Blake wakes up inside the crashed Armada Fighter, and then starts frantically getting out while yelling "Luke, shit!! Luke, get out of there!!" as the Fighter starts to sink into the Sand, and then Blake quickly backs up as the Fighter explodes under the Sand, presumably killing Luke. After several minutes of walking across the San Francisco Dunes, Blake walks up a Sand Dune and sees a Marketplace which has hundreds of Civilians and Parts from destroyed Armada Ships last used in the War Against the Villain Armada.

In the Marketplace, Kyle and Clementine are walking along with John, who asks "So, Kyle, this girl helps you with scavenging Armada Ship Parts?" and then Kyle responds "Yeah, and she makes Money off of it. She gives me a bit of the cut, her name's Kayla Barton." and then he sees Kayla (played by Daisy Ridley) and shouts "Hey, Kayla! Over here!" and Kayla walks over, saying "Hi, Kyle. So, this is Clementine Everett? The girl who saved you in the War?" and Kyle responds "Yeah, she's the one that basically destroyed The Villain Armada. Well, with my help." and then Clementine responds by playfully punching him on the arm, and then Kayla gives Kyle a Data Recovery Module, saying "Luke transferred this to me during the Order Attack." and then they hear groaning noises, then they turn to see Blake walking towards them and says "Guys... The Order... It's here!" as he falls to the ground. Clementine then runs up to him and asks "Blake, what the Hell happened?! Are you alright?" and then Blake responds "Clem, listen... I managed to find more information on the Villain Order. They're coming here now, and we have to move!" and then Kayla asks "What are you talking about?" and then they hear the roars of Armada Fighters, which are flying from the Sky and firing Lasers at the Heroes.

Kyle then yells "Everybody move, now!!" as everyone starts running away from explosions from the Lasers, which destroys the Marketplace as Civilians run away and 2 more Armada Fighters fly in, attempting to kill the Heroes. While running away from the Fighters, Blake yells "We can't outrun them!" and then Kayla responds "We have to!" and then Blake says "We need a Pilot!" and then Kyle motions to John, telling Blake "We've got one!" as he and Clementine run towards a Freighter Ship with the other Heroes, and Kayla asks "What about that Assault Ship?!" and then Kyle looks at it, answering "That Ship's garbage!" and then the Armada Fighter shoots a Laser into the Freighter Ship, which explodes. All of the Heroes then stop in their tracks, and Clementine asks "Kyle, what now?!" and then Kyle responds "The garbage should do!" as they run towards an Attack Ship, which is revealed to be an old, rusty Stealth Chopper (which was used by the Heroes in the Call Of The Watch Dogs: Covert Warfare Series). After getting into the Stealth Chopper, Kayla says "Blake, Kyle, Clementine... All of you get on the Chainguns, John and I will get this thing moving!" and then Kyle and the others take the Chainguns and start firing at the Armada Fighters, one of which gets hit and crashes as Kyle says "Yeah, that's one down!" and then Clementine responds "Kyle, don't get cocky!" (everybody loves a Star Wars reference) as the Stealth Chopper reactivates and flies into the air, engaging in a huge dogfight against the Armada Fighters.

After a few minutes, the Heroes start flying through the Interior of a crashed Armada Carrier Ship which is in the San Francisco Dunes, and the Armada Fighters start shooting at parts of the Ship, which fall as Kayla struggles t fly through them, but then Kyle manages to hit the Fighter, which then crashes into a piece of the Armada Ship, then Clementine says "They're all down, get us out of here!" and then Kayla flies the Stealth Chopper up into the Sky and then activates the Chopper's Cloaking Mode, keeping them hidden from the Villain Order, who are now hiding their Carrier Ship behind the Moon. On the Order Flagship, a General walks into Ozone's Quarters and says "Sir... We were unable to acquire the Intel, it's still in the hands of Blake Everett. He escaped with a girl from the SF Dune." and Ozone looks at him menacingly, asking "This Scavenger stole a Freighter Ship?" and then the General answers "No, my Lord. They stole the Stealth Chopper once used by Jackson Pearce." and Ozone, hearing both this failure and the mention of his son, ignites his Plasma Sword and starts furiously destroying the Command Console and wall in front of him. After breathing for a few seconds, Ozone turns around and asks "Anything else?" and then the General tells him "The Heroes were accompanied by two children-" and then Ozone turns around and uses Telekinesis to grab the General, pulling him into his grip and angrily asking "What children?!", suspecting he is talking about Kyle and Clementine.

The game then switches to the interior of the now-reactivated Stealth Chopper, as Kyle puts pressure on a Power Coupling that was hit during the dogfight, and Clementine says "Here, use this." and she gives him a new and more powerful version of the Coupling, then says "You're good at this, aren't you?" and then Kyle laughs, then responds "Yeah. My Dad, he always had a gifted set of hands. Once, he built me a Motorbike for my 10th birthday. Then, he had to repair it after I crashed into a hill and sent the damn thing flying, 5 days later." and Clementine laughs, then tells him "You know, your parents would be really proud of you." and Kyle looks at her, then says "So would yours, they'd be proud of the Hero you've become, Clem. So would Lee..." and then Blake is heard on the Stealth Chopper Intercom, saying "Hey, guys! Come and take a look, you're going to love this view!" and then the two look out of the Chopper, seeing a massive Building in the middle of the Illinois Countryside, and then Kyle asks "Why are we here, Clem?" and then Clementine answers "A mother of a friend owns this Building, it's a Bar. Or a UDC Meeting Building, depending on what mood Nicole is in." and then she an Kyle walk out of the landed Stealth Chopper with the other Heroes.

As the Heroes walk towards the Building, Kyle asks "You're not talking about Nicole Pearce, are you? The mother of Legendary Hero-" and then Clementine finishes his sentence, saying "Jackson Pearce? Yeah, that's the one." and then the Team enters the Building, and Kayla says "Don't get your Weapons out, guys. This place isn't hostile." and then a voice says "You think they need reminding of that?" and the Heroes all look to the source of the voice and see Nicole Pearce standing there. Clementine then says "Nicole, hey. Listen, uh-" and Nicole asks "Let me guess, you need help? You showing up with your boyfriend is never a good thing, Clementine." and then she motions for all of them to follow her, which they do. The Heroes then sit at a table with Nicole, who asks "Alright, what is it now?" and Clementine puts the Data Recovery Module on the table, saying "This is it. This DRM contains extremely valuable Intel regarding The Villain Order." and Nicole looks at her and says "You mean the people that corrupted my husband and tried to invade Earth-135?" and then Clementine answers "Yes, but these guys have a presumed Super-Weapon that can be used to devastate an entire Ship Battalion. They're also tied to the Knights of The Armada, an Organization that is made up of the best Villains in The Multiverse. They also captured one of our Operatives, and massacred an entire Village, which is against Human Rights and The Multiversal Concordance, along with direct violations laid in the Terms of the Coalition-Armada Peace Treaties. We need your help, Nicole. Yours and Jacks' help, to defeat Ozone one last time." as Nicole keeps listening.

However, as the others start talking, Clementine starts hearing a voice shout "No, no... Please, don't kill them! No!!" and she starts to walk towards the voice, walking down some stairs and into the Basement of the Building, and she keep hearing the voice of a young girl, which leads her into a Room with a Metal Chest on a table. Clementine then opens the Chest to find an old, rusty Plasma Sword, then hears whispers that say "The Plasma Sword... Take it, Her Knight. See your destiny!" and then Clementine grabs the Plasma Sword, then enteRs a Dream-like state where she finds herself in the Hallways of a Building, then reads a sign that says 'The Marsh House'. After realizing where she is, she hears the voice again, which screams "No, no!! Please. No..." and then Clementine, knowing what this Vision is trying to tell her, runs down the Hallway and sees something that shocks her: her parents, Ed and Diana, both dead on the floor, in the Hotel Lobby as a younger version of herself cries next to her parents' corpses, and the older version of Clementine starts crying and drops to her knees as a voice says "You. Should. Be. Dead!!" as a Plasma Sword is held up to her neck, and she looks to see Armadeus Ren standing there, and she realizes the truth: Armadeus Ren, leader of the Knights of The Armada, killed her parents in Savannah!

After Armadeus puts the Plasma Sword up to her neck, Clementine then sees that she is now in a muddy field in the middle of a Monsoon. However, she hears the agonized screams of several people as Kyle stumbles towards her, painfully saying "Clem, help... Me!" but then a Plasma Sword bursts out of his chest, and Clementine then screams "No!!!" as Kyle falls in front of her, dead. Clementine then looks in front of her to see Carver, who is holding a Plasma Sword and covered in blood as Armadeus, Ozone, Griggs, Phasma and Hux all stand behind Carver as Clementine sees dozens of dead corpses lying in the Field, along with crashed Hero Coalition Ships and a Order Troop Battalion, which marches towards the Armada Knights. However, Clementine then snaps back to Reality as she finds herself holding the ignited Plasma Sword, which has a Blue Crystal powering it. Nicole then says "That was Ozone's Plasma Sword, before he turned against The Hero Coalition. Jacks used that to kill Griggs, remember?" and then Clementine has a Flashback to Call Of The Watch Dogs: Covert Warfare II, where Jacks is dueling Ghost and Price (which is in the end of that game) using the same Plasma Sword. Nicole then tells her "And now, it's calling to you! You can use this to take Ozone down, once and for all." and then Clementine looks at her with a concerned look.

Meanwhile, on board the Order Flagship, Armadeus is seen in the Knights' Quarters as he sits down and says "Forgive me, I failed you again. The Coalition has crucial information regarding our Ultimate Weapon... Supreme Leader Snoke senses it. Show me again, the power of the Armada. Then I will let nothing stand in our way. Show me... Ozone... And I will finish... What you started!" as he stands up and then the game shows Ozone's Destroyed Helmet, which is placed on a Podium, dented and burnt. Armadeus then goes up to Hux, and says "Sir, the Fleet is ready. We have the location of Kyle and Clementine now, and we're ready to strike." and then Armadeus responds "Excellent. The diversion is in play, and now the entire Coalition Fleet shall fall into our trap! Once the Coalition Fleet arrives, be sure to ready Inflictor Base's Blaster Cannon!" as Hux salutes him and says "Yes, my Lord. Of course." and then Armadeus walks away.

Back down on Earth-135, Clementine tells Nicole "I am NOT using that Plasma Sword, ever again! I don't want to hear about stupid Hero Prophecies again!" as she walks away, throwing the Plasma Sword back into Nicole's hands. However, just as she is about to leave, a huge explosion is heard and the whole Building shakes as Kyle and the others are heard shooting at several Order Troops, while several Coalition Soldiers (who were undercover at the Building) also charge in and start a Battle against the Villain Order, who are flying in with Armada Fighters and Spaceships which are shooting a the Building, which is now partially destroyed as Clementine and Nicole grab Assault Rifles and start gunning down Armada Troops, rejoining Kyle, Kayla, Blake and John in the Battle. After a few minutes of gunning down Armada Troops, Heavy Soldiers and even using Missile Launchers to take down Armada Fighter, the Team is about to get surrounded by Armada Forces. The Heroes then all get into a back-to-back position as they start using their various Weapons to kill charging Armada Troops, in a ferocious and explosive Battle. After clearing the Armada Troops, a MAAWS Missile comes in and hits the Heroes, blasting them all back in a huge explosion, and Armada Trops start gunning down the remaining Coalition Soldiers and charge in. However, just as the Tea is about to get surrounded, several Capital Ships of the Coalition Fleet come out of Hyper Flight (a type of flight that allows Ships to rapidly appear in a location), and then Clementine hears Luke over the Comms, who says "Hey, you guys okay?" and then Blake asks "Luke? You're alive?!" and then Luke responds "Hey, better late than never, right?" as he is seen with a Squadron of XRE-15 Fighter Jets, which fly in and start engaging Armada Forces.

As the Coalition Fleet fights the Armada Forces in the air, Clementine hears a voice shout "Hero scum!!" as everyone turns around to see Griggs (one of the Villain Knights) standing there, readying a Shock Staff as Clementine motions for the rest of the Team to move up, and Kyle looks at her and says "Clem, are you crazy? You can't face him!" and then Clementine puts a hand on Kyle's shoulder and kisses him on the lips, saying "I'll be fine, now move up with the others!" and Kyle does as she says, running away. Griggs then laughs and says "Ah, Clementine. I've been waiting for this day ever since before the Great Invasion! You remember, when you and Jacks destroyed the Devil Team and almost killed me?!" and Clementine ignites the Plasma Sword that Ozone once used, and then yells in rage as she charges at Griggs. The two then start clashing their Weapons in the middle of the Battle, eventually getting into a Lock as Griggs says "You were always the strong link within the Watch Dogs, Jacks was always a weakling! No wonder you abandoned him for Kyle!!" and then Clementine screams in rage and starts swinging the Plasma Sword against Griggs, managing to cut a few chinks in his Armor. Clementine then shoots Griggs in the chest with a RK5 Semi-Auto Pistol, destroying Griggs' remaining Armor and saying "I didn't abandon him! He put his life on the line, for me!!!" and then Griggs starts using his Shock Staff's heavy Attack to break Clementine's defense, which works as he throws her several feet backwards, then lunges at her in an attempt to kill her. However, a Laser comes in and hits Griggs in the chest, blasting him back as Clementine gets up and looks behind her, only to see Jacks there aiming a REX-367 Plasma Pistol at Griggs, who retreats into the Woods nearby. Clementine then looks at Jacks and says "H-hey, Jacks..." and Jacks looks back at her and cracks a smile, saying "Hey. Uh... Welcome back." and then Clementine looks at him and says "You still got that same Hoodie, huh?" and Jacks laughs slightly, then responds "We need to talk later, Clem. Right now, you should go after Griggs. Finish what we started 2 years ago, take this!" and he throws his Plasma Pistol to Clementine, who catches it.

Meanwhile, on board Inflictor Base (the massive, Spherical Flagship of The Villain Order), General Nux is seen with Phasma and Carver on a Platform in front of thousands of Armada Troops, Fighter Ships and Tanks, as Nux gives a speech: "Today is the end of the Hero Coalition. The end of a Government that acquiesces to disorder, and the Freedom of Humanity! At this very moment, in a Reality far from here, the New Hero Coalition lies to The Multiverse, while secretly supporting the treachery of the loathsome United Dimensions Coalition! This fierce Machine which you have built will bring an end to the Coalition, to their cherished Fleet... All remaining Realities will bow to The Villain Order, and will remember this as the last day of The Hero Coalition!!" as all of the Armada Troops salute him in a Nazi-like posture. Nux then shouts "Fire!!" as every Armada Troop turns around as Inflictor Base fires it's gigantic Blaster Cannon, which emits a massive red Laser Beam, that flies across Deep Space and flies past the Order Flagship as Ozone watches it fly towards Earth-135, which has the Coalition Fleet directly in the way of the Laser. As the Heroes start to finish off the remaining Armada Forces, the Laser from Inflictor Base is seen in the Sky as the members of the Coalition Fleet look at the Laser, screaming in horror as the Laser spreads into 5 Beams and then takes out the entire Coalition Fleet, but keeping Earth-135 intact.

As the Heroes on the ground look up in shock, Kyle watches as the remains of the Coalition Fleet falls down to the Atmosphere, running over to Jacks and saying "That was the Coalition Fleet! The Villain Order, they've done it! Where's Clementine?" and then the game switches to Clementine as she runs through the Woods searching for Griggs. However, she hears a Plasma Sword igniting, and then turns around to shoot at the source, only for Armadeus to block her blasts and start walking towards her, swiping her blasts away and then using Telekinesis to freeze Clementine in place, saying "You..? I remember you. The girl from Savannah... Clementine Everett, the greatest Hero Knight in the Multiverse's history!" and Clementine keeps trying to aim her Plasma Pistol, but her arm shakes violently because of Armadeus' Telekinesis. Armadeus then uses his Telekinesis to crush the Plasma Pistol, and then Clementine falls into unconsciousness as a result of the Telekinesis, and then an Armada Troop runs up to him and says "Sir, the Coalitin Fleet has been successfully incapacitated! What about Kyle Reese?" and then Armadeus picks Clementine up, answering "Kyle Reese..? He loves this girl so much, he will come for her." and then he starts walking to his Command Shuttle with his remaining Troops. On the main battlefield, Kyle sees Armadeus carrying Clementine and starts running, yelling "No, Clementine!! Get back here, Ren!! No!!!" as he tries to get to the Shuttle, which takes off as Kyle screams "No!!!!" and he drops to his knees, sobbing as everyone looks in shock, and then the remains of the Coalition Fleet lands.

Act IV (Final Battle on Inflictor Base) Edit

A couple hours later, every Hero is assembled in the War Room of the Coalition HQ, with Luke saying "Alright, listen up! The Villain Order just attacked our entire Fleet and wiped it out. If we don't succeed on this, the Order will win and Earth-135 will be destroyed in minutes!" and then Jacks asks him "How, though? How did those Lasers wipe out the Fleet?" and then Blake tells them "When I was undercover at their Flagship, I was transferred to Inflictor Base. It's a huge, Planet-like Base that has a huge Blaster Cannon built into it which is capable of destroying an entire Fleet! When powered up to the max, it can even wipe out the entirety of Earth-135 in one Laser Blast!" and then Aiden says "We blow it up, then! Just how we destroyed the First Armada!" and then Nicole says "Well, that's the problem: this is Ozone's Flagship, and this... Is Inflictor Base!" and then he brings up a Hologram of Ozone's Flagship, which is much smaller than the Inflictor Base Hologram, and the Heroes all look in shock at the huge Super-Weapon. Luke then says "We need the entirety of what we have left on this: Soldiers, Ships, and Fighters. There are several Ventral Ports that power th Blaster Cannon of the Base, and once we destroy them, we'll be able to fly in and use our Photon Torpedoes to destroy the Fuel Cells. Once tha happens, we'll pull out of there, because the Base will implode!" and then Kyle stands up and says "You're forgetting something here! Let's not forget that Ren just abducted Clementine and took her to this Base! We're getting her out, we'll use our own Stealth Chopper!" and then General Sakarya tells him "Kyle, you must not allow your feelings for her get in the way!" and then Kyle just turns to the other Hero Knights, asking "Who's coming with me to get Clem out of that Base?" and then Nicole answers "I will. 13 years ago, I made the mistake of not killing Ozone myself!" and Aiden stands with her, saying "Same here. We're not gonna make that mistake again!" and then Jacks is the final Hero Knight, telling them "Ozone's my father. He started this when I was born, I won't let Armadeus and Snoke harm my friends. Or destroy this Reality!" and then Kyle nods at them, and shouts the Hero Coalition's motto: "Freedom for The Multiverse!" and all the Soldiers repeat him, and then everyone readies their Ships, Fighters and Soldiers while Kyle, Aiden and Nicole ready the Stealth Chopper for the Final Battle.

Meanwhile, on Inflictor Base, Clementine wakes up restrained to a Holding MachIne, as Armadeus sits in front of her, saying "You know that what I did to your parents was necessary, Clementine. Your Team has given that Intel to the Coalition now, and there's no point of chasing it anymore. But you... You are still worth something!" and then Clementine says "That's kind of unbelievable when you're being captured by a creature in a Mask." and then Armadeus presses a button on his Helmet, which cybernetically starts removing his Mask. Armadeus then takes the Helmet off and reveals his face, saying "Remember my face, Clementine. This is the face of the man, that turned your life upside down. Now, you will obey Snoke!" as he uses his Mind Corruption Power to try and get into Clementine's head, and Clementine starts shaking and grunting as Ren starts getting into her Mind, saying "Don't be afraid... I see it too. The Reality, at the Core of The Multiverse. A Reality where none of this ever happened. Where the Coalition Government stayed in power, and the Armada never existed. You and Kyle want that life, don't you? But you're afraid... Afraid that you'll be all alone. Without Lee, without your parents... Without Kyle!" and then Clementine suddenly starts fighting back in a mental battle. As Armadeus begins to struggle, Clementine finishes him off by saying "You... You're the one who's afraid. That you'll never be as strong as Ozone!" and then Armadeus stops, and then starts backing up in shock, putting his Helmet back on and walking out of the Holding Cell, saying "Keep an eye on the Prisoner, I want her kept under surveillance!!" in complete rage, walking towards the Knights' Quarters to report to Supreme Leader Snoke.

Armadeus then enters the Knights' Quarters as Snoke looks at him, then yells "You left the Intel?! And then you, Ren... You were beaten, by a child?! You're no better than Ozone was!!" and then Armadeus tells him "My Lord, she is more powerful than you think. I just need your guidance, and with that we can destroy Earth-135 and continue our search for the Multiverse's Core!" and then Snoke calms down, saying "Ozone, if what you and all the other Villain Knights have seen about this girl is true. Bring her to me!" and then Ozone says "Yes, my Lord. Of course..." and then he walks out of the Knights' Quarters, followed by Armadeus, Carver and Nux. In the Holding Cells, Clementine looks at the Guard and concentrates, trying to use her Telekinetic Powers. before saying "You will remove these restraints, and leave this Cell with the door open." and then the Armada Troop walks over to her, saying "You're lucky I don't tighten those restraints, Hero scum!" and then Clementine closes her eyes again, then opens them. As her eyes are now glowing purple in Telekinetic Energy, she says "You will remove these restraints and leave this Cell with the door open." and then the Armada Troop responds "I will remove these restraints and leave this Cell with the door open." as he frees Clementine and starts walking away, but Clementine says "And you'll drop your Weapon!" and the Trooper responds "And I'll drop my Weapon." as he drops his E-11 Laser Rifor, and then Clementine takes it and starts to quietly make her way through the Hallways of Inflictor Base.

Outside the Interior of Inflictor Base, the Stealth Chopper uncloaks as Kyle, Jacks, Nicole and Aiden all load their Weapons and then start moving across the snowy Terrain, and Kyle uses his Thermal Binoculars to find and kill several Armada Troops, and then says "Clementine's being held in the Prison Area. Let's move!" as he places a Thermite Charge on the Blast Door, which explodes as Kyle and the other Heroe enter and start gunning down several Armada Troops in a shootout, taking cover in a Hallway, and Jacks fires his Explosive Crossbow, which destroys the Hallway as the Bolt explodes and kills several Armada Troops. Ozone then hears the explosions and says "Nicole... Jacks..?" as he walks into Clementine's Cell, only to find it empty. Ozone then grunts and says "No..." and then ignites his Plasma Sword, before screaming in rage and cutting the Cell apart, as two Armada Troops outside stop their Patrol and stand there for a few seconds, before walking in the other direction.

After a couple more minutes of killing Armada Troops, Kyle runs down the Hallway and hears a voice shout "Kyle, over here!" and then he turns to see Clementine standing in the middle of several dead Armada Troops covered in blood. Kyle then runs up to Clementine and hugs her, crying in relief and saying "I thought Ren was gonna kill you..." and then Clementine responds "No, but... I know some people he has killed." and then Kyle looks at her, asking "He killed your-" and Clementine nods, saying "My parents, right in front of me. I blocked that Memory out for 5 years, but when I interacted with Ozone's old Plasma Sword... I knew it was him." and then they hear footsteps, and everyone hides as Captain Phasma walks through the Hallway, and then Kyle punches her in the stomach as Clementine kicks Phasma in the face, aiming an E-11 at her and saying "The show's over, Phasma! Now, listen to my next question very carefully: What is the Multiverse Core?!" and then Phasma answers "It is the very thing that defines The Multiverse, and the people living in it. For every Reality in the Multiverse, there will always be incarnations of two Factions: The Hero Coalition and The Villain Armada. The Supreme Leader has sensed an Awakening within the Multiversal Core, which is at the Centre of The Multiverse, in a Utopia Reality known as Earth-1. This is an Incarnation of Earth where both the Coalition and Armada originated." and then Kyle hears Luke over the Comms, saying "Kyle, you need to get the Base Shields down now! The Fleet is ready to attack." and then Kyle aims his Pistol at Phasma, getting her up and moving towards the Inflictor Base Shield Controls.

After Phasma forcefully takes down Inflictor Base's Shields, the entire Hero Coalition Fleet comes out of Hyper Flight and then dozens of XRE-15 Fighter Jets fly in, and Luke shouts "All Teams, remember the plan! Give them everything you've got!" as he and his Fighter Squadron start firing Laser Miniguns and Plasma Missiles at dozens of Armada Fighters in the air and Troops on the ground in an all-out assault on Inflictor Base to save Earth-135 as both Coalition Ships and the Order Flagship start firing at each other and deploying dozens of Ships. Inside the Inflictor Base, Nicole tells the others "Alright, we need to split up. Kyle and Clementine, you two move to the Upper Levels and signal our Ships to make a Bombing Run. Aiden and Jacks, you two head to the left and plant Crater Charges on the Base's Exhaust Systems, that should allow Luke and the other Pilots to move in and destroy this Base. Once we're done, we run like Hell to the Stealth Chopper." and then everyone splits up. Below them, Ozone walks into the Central Room with several Armada Troops, then says "Find them, and bring Kyle, Clementine and Jacks alive." as the Troops spread out, and Ozone begins walking across the Scaffolding towards the Base Control Room as Nicole sees him, slowly walking behind him. After a few seconds of thinking it over, she shouts "Ozone!" and then the Villain Knight stops and turns to her. As everyone else watches from the Upper Level Balconies, the light from the Sky shines into the Chamber and on to Nicole and Ozone (which is symbolic) and Nicole walks across the Scaffolding, saying "Take off that Mask! You don't need it..." and then Ozone asks her "What do you think you'll see if I do?" and Nicole walks towards him, responding "The face of my husband!" and then, after a few seconds, Ozone starts removing the Mechanisms of his Helmet and then removes it, revealing his scarred face. Ozone then says "Your husband is dead. He was weak and foolish like his son, Jacks... So I destroyed him!" and Nicole tells him "That's what Snoke wants you to believe. He's lying to you!" and then Ozone responds "No. The Supreme Leader is wise." and then Nicole gets closer to him, saying "Ozone, please... Don't let Snoke manipulate you. When he gets what he wants, he'll destroy you and the other Knights..! Come back home, Ozone. I've missed you, Jacks has missed you!" and then Ozone starts crying, looking at Nicole and saying "I'm being torn apart. I want to be free of this pain. I know what I need to do, but I don't think I even have the strength to do it... Will you help me?" and Nicole gets face-to-face with him, saying "Yes, anything!" and Ozone looks up at Jacks, then over to Kyle and Clementine, before dropping his Helmet.

As everyone looks in complete surprise at Ozone's sudden turn, Ozone then takes out his Plasma Sword and holds it in front of Nicole, before nodding. Nicole then grips the Plasma Sword as everyone, even Aiden, begin to out their Weapons down. After that, the clouds above Inflictor Base block out the Sun as the entire Chamber goes dark, and then Ozone and Nicole look each other in the eyes. However, Ozone then ignites his Plasm Sword, which impales Nicole and runs her through as Jacks screams "No!!!!" and then he tries to shoot Ozone, but Aiden holds him back as Kyle and Clementine both look in complete shock and sadness, and then Ozone looks at Nicole and says "Th-thank you..." as Jacks starts sobbing, saying "Mom, no..." and then Ozone rips the Plasma Sword out of Nicole's stomach, and then Nicole simply looks at Ozone and places a hand on the Villain Knight's cheek, before falling to the side and off the Scaffolding, plummeting to her death. Jacks then screams in rage and shoots Ozone in the stomach, and then Kyle and Clementine run out of the Chamber as Jacks grabs the Detonator, causing the C4 Charges to explode and cause a Chain Reaction on Inflictor Base. In the air, Luke witnesses this and contacts the other Pilots, saying "Red Squad, this is Red Leader. The Thermal Ocelators are down, commence Attack Run on Inflictor Base's Main Core!" as he and the other Pilots regroup and fly towards the opening in Inflictor Base, destroying any Laser Turrets and Armada Fighters getting in their way.

Kyle and Clementine then start running through the snowy, Forest Terrain of Inflictor Base's surface, but then stop as Ozone is seen standing in front of them. Ozone then laughs, saying "It's just the 3 of us, Hero Knights! Nicole Pearce won't save you now... She's gone!" and then Clementine glares at him angrily, and she says "You're a monster!" as she aims her Plasma Pistol at him, but Ozone uses Telekinesis to send Clementine flying into a tree, which she hits hard and falls to the floor. Kyle then screams "No!!" and then runs over to Clementine, saying "Clem, no!! No, please, no... Don't die, come on..." as he starts crying, and then Ozone shouts "Hero scum!!!" and then Kyle stops crying, and turns his grief into anger as he stands up and holds Ozone's old Plasma Sword in his hand, and Ozone tells him "That Plasma Sword... It belongs to me!" and then Kyle responds "Come and get it!" and then ignites the Plasma Sword. Ozone then walks towards Kyle and then the two clash their Plasma Swords, and start dueling as the Battle rages on above, with the two using their Plasma Swords and performing flips, kicks and deadly combos to take each other down. After a couple minutes of intense fighting, Ozone brutally reigns down a heavy attack on Kyle, weakening his defense and allowing Ozone to stab Kyle in the shoulder with his Plasma Sword, pinning the boy against a tree and digging the Blade in deeper as Kyle screams in pain, and then kicks Ozone with both his legs and then striking at Ozone, who merely gets into a brief Blade Lock with Kyle and manages to swipe the Hero's Plasma Sword to the side and into the snow, and Ozone gets behind Kyle and brutally cuts up his back, causing Kyle to scream in pain and fall to the ground.

With Kyle out of the way, Ozone reaches out to his Plasma Sword using Telekinesis to try and get it out of the snow. However, after a few moments, the Plasma Sword flies out of the snow and past Ozone. The shocked Villain Lord then looks behind him to see Clementine reaching her hand out and holding the Plasma Sword, still standing with the Blade ignited. Ozone then ignites his Plasma Sword and then lunges towards Clementine, and the game switches to Luke and his Squadron flying through a huge opening in the Walls on Inflictor Base and shooting down several Armada Fighters. Luke then sees the Central Core as he yells "Fire, now!!!" as he andn lk the other Pilots fire all of their Photon Torpedoes, which hit the Core and cause a gigantic explosion, which the Fighters all barely escape as everyone, including the Coalition Command back on Earth-135, cheers at the victory. In the Base Control Room, Nux and Carver both look in shock as the Inflictor Base begins to fall apart, and Carver runs away as Nux shouts "Where the fuck are you going?!" and Carver responds "Anywhere but here!!" as he runs away, and Nux runs into the Knights' Quarters, saying "Supreme Leader, the Fuel Cells have ruptured! Inflictor Base is about to implode!" and then Snoke looks at him, saying "You must ensure the survival of the Villain Knights. Come to me with Armadeus Ren... It is time, to complete his training!" as he vanishes from Inflictor Base.

In the Forest Terrain, Clementine and Ozone continue to fight in an intense Plasma Sword duel, with Ozone cutting up trees and the Plasma Sword in an attempt to break Clementine's defense, eventually getting into a Blade Lock with her as the Surface of Inflictor Base is split in half below them, and Ozone pushes Clementine to the edge of the cliff. However, just as Ozone is about to win, Clementine begins having Memories of what Ozone has done: The assassination of her parents, the Great Invasion of Earth-135, Lee and Nicole's deaths, and Ozone's duel with Kyle just moments ago. Clementine's eyes then start glowing purple as she screams in complete rage, pushing Ozone back and then beginning to brutally attack the Villain Lord with brutal, fast-paced and deadly Plasma Sword swings. A few moments later, Clementine eventually slips through Ozone's defenses and then cuts Ozone's hand off, disarming him. Clementine then brutally cuts Ozone's entire torso, then cuts across the Villain Lord's face and then gets behind him. Clementine then finishes Ozone off by stabbing him in the back and causing him to fall to his knees, and Clementine brutally rips the Plasma Sword out of Ozone in a fit of rage, and then decapitating the Villain Lord. After killing Ozone, Clementine takes the other Plasma Sword that the Villain used and holsters both of them, before running over to Kyle, who is lying on the ground. Clementine then holds Kyle in her arms, before bursting into tears and saying "Kyle, come on. Get up, please... Don't die, Kyle, come on. Get up, damn it... I love you..." and then she starts crying as the Inflictor Base starts to implode. However, the Stealth Chopper flies in as Jacks yells "Clem, come on!! We have to get out of here now!!" and then Clementine picks Kyle up and runs to the Stealth Chopper, getting inside as the Stealth Chopper regroups with the Fighter Squadron and flies through Deep Space as Inflictor Base starts crumbling from the inside, before exploding into a huge ball of Solar Energy, signifying the Defeat of The Villain Order.

Epilogue: Beginning of a New Era Edit

The game then switches to a couple hours later on Earth-135 as the New Hero Coalition is celebrating the Defeat of The Villain Order in their Base, and Clementine is seen in the Medical Bay, and she looks at him and sighs. Jacks then walks in and says "Clem, hey. Look, the celebration out there's going pretty good. You want to come and, uh... Have a few drinks?" and then Clementine answers "I'm alright, Jacks. So, how are you doing? After what happened, I mean." and Jacks sighs, saying "First Lena, then my Mom... Everyone who loves me, all of them... They die." and then Clementine tells him "Ozone's dead. I killed him, in a fit of rage. I'm sorry, Jacks, I had to." and Jacks tells her "Don't worry about it, Clem. He was an evil bastard, anyway. I have to go, and just a reminder: this War isn't over, not by a long shot. The Coalition-Armada Peace Treaties have been abolished, and now we're going back to War. The Second Multiversal War has begun, and I don't like it. We need to be more careful from now on, Clem." and then he walks out of the Room. After Jacks leaves, Clementine looks at Kyle (who is in a coma) and says "I'll be back, Kyle... I love you so much." as she kisses him on the forehead, before walking out of the Room as the Credits roll, ending the Game and beginning a new Era for the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, the Second Multiversal War!

Post-Credits Scene Edit

After the Credits, the Game shows a Villain Order Flagship somewhere in Deep Space as a Command Shuttle lands in the Docking Bay, and Armadeus walks out as Carver approaches him. Carver then tells him "We're getting reports of an Emergency Meeting for the United Dimensions Coalition on Earth-135. The Multiversal Concordance has been abolished, and now the New Hero Coalition has declared another War on us. The Military of The Villain Order is weak, vulnerable..." and then Armadeus looks at him, saying "There's nothing to worry about, Carver. Supreme Leader Snoke has sent an alternative solution." as he walks forward, and then Carver looks in shock as the final Villain Knight walks off the Command Shuttle: Skynet!

Sequel Edit

Main Article: War Of Heroes: New Multiverse War

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