WoH- New Order

War Of Heroes: The New Order is the first instalment in the War Of Heroes: Armada sub-series for the War Of Heroes Franchise. The game takes place in an Alternate Universe after the events of Call Of The Watch Dogs: Brink of Annihilation, and the Villain Armada has destroyed the Hero Coalition and has won the War Against the Villain Armada, now ruling Earth as the Villain Regime. The game follows Jack Johnson Parr, Dash's 'twin' brother and Scavenger in the Metroville Ruins as he joins the Hero Resistance in an effort to take back Earth. The game is set for release in 2018 and is exclusive to Xbox One. The game was released 4 months before Brink of Annihilation (the reason for this is because BOA is a Prequel that explains how the Heroes lost the War, as all the characters in this game merely mention their loss of the War).

Cast Edit

  • Nicholas Bode as Jackson 'Jacks' Pearce
  • Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine Everett
  • Ian Etheridge as Jack Parr
  • Spencer Fox as Dashiell 'Dash' Parr
  • Noam Jenkins as Aiden Pearce
  • Anne Hopkins as Nicole Pearce
  • Stefanie Joosten as 'Quiet'
  • John Tuturro as Seymour Simmons
  • Alan Tudyk as 'Dutch'
  • Mikal A. Vega as Scarecrow
  • David Vincent as Ozone

Characters Edit

Jack Johnson Parr - In this universe, Jack is a Scavenger who hides from the Armada underground. He is resented by Ozone, who calls him the 'Last of The Incredibles'. Jack occasionally attacks Armada Checkpoints in Metroville, Chicago, San Francisco and other cities, before meeting Clementine and joining the Hero Resistance. He is often shy and reserved, and prefers to be alone rather than join the Resistance at first. Jack carries a rusted and scratched AK-12 with a Red Dot Sight (which has been cracked), Armor Piercing Rounds and Fire Rate Switch. Jack also has a range of Superpowers such as: Pyrokinesis, Telekinesis, Mind Manipulation, Aquakinesis, Cryokinesis, Metal Mimicry and Molecular Manipulation.

Clementine Everett - Combatant during the War Against the Villain Armada and member of the Hero Resistance. She meets Jack during a mission across the Metroville Ruins, and immediately becomes attached to the boy, despite not knowing much about him. Clementine carries a SC-2010 with a ACOG Sight, Muzzle Brake and Extended Magazine.

Jackson Pearce - Member of the Hero Resistance and Clementine's love interest. Now 12 years old, Jacks has changed much since Call Of The Watch Dogs: Brink of Annihilation, both physically and mentally. He is now slightly taller, his hair is longer and down to his shoulders, and his hoodie has been filled with bullet holes and is stained with blood. Jacks carries a Remington ACR with an ACOG Sight, Grenade Launcher and Long Barrel.

Quiet - A mute female Sniper in the Illinois Branch of the Hero Resistance, Quiet meets Jacks and Clementine during a supply run and extraction mission in the destroyed city. She originates from the 2015 video game, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, making her the first Metal Gear Solid character to be included in the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe. She uses an RSASS Sniper with an 8x Zoom Scope, Silencer, Advanced Rifling and Bipod.

D-Dog - Quiet's pet Canid and an Attack Dog in the Hero Resistance. Also called 'DD' by Jacks, he was found by Jacks and Clementine during the Recon Mission in the Chicago Ruins. He has gray hair and yellow eyes, and can also be outfitted with a Military Attack Dog Vest as part of the Squad Customization System.

Dashiell Parr (Original Incredibles Reality) - In this Reality, Dash is 20 years old and is a member of the Hero Resistance. After the Knights Dash (the 11 year old one) was killed at the end of the War Against the Villain Armada, this version of Dash was imprisoned in an Armada Prison. However, Jack and Clementine freed him after infiltrating and destroying the Prison, and Dash now provides R&D Projects and uses any materials to create guns that can help to kill Armada Troops.

Aiden Pearce - Former Vigilante of Chicago and member of the Hero Resistance. After being shot in the back during the Prologue Mission of Call Of The Watch Dogs: Brink of Annihilation, Aiden is now confined to a wheelchair and hides in the Chicago Underground, taking control of a Resistance Base and leading the Elite Circle of Resistance Fighters within this Base. Because of his injuries, Aiden can only use a Colt 50. Pistol, and rarely uses this weapon.

Nicole Pearce - Aiden's sister and member of the Hero Resistance. Nicole is a part of the Resistance's Elite Circle, and she listens to Armada Signals throught America's cities. She carries a KAP-40 Machine Pistol with a Red Dot Sight and Long Barrel.

'Dutch' - Former member of the Hero Coalition and Hacker for the Hero Resistance.

Seymour Simmons - Former member of a Dark Ops group known as Sector Seven, and Field Commander for the Hero Resistance. Simmons uses an M16A4 with an ACOG Sight, Laser Sight and Foregrip (however, all these attachments on the weapon would be called the SOPMOD Attachment).

Villains Edit

Ozone (The New Order) - Ozone is the sadistic and cunning leader of the Villain Regime. Now declaring himself as the Emperor of Earth, Ozone rules the world with an iron fist and has crushed the Hero Coalition under his mighty Regime's boot. Ozone uses a XS1 Goliath MECH 2.0, which is a bigger and much more weaponised version of the Old XS1 Goliath.

Scarecrow - Ozone's younger brother and General in the Villain Regime. Scarecrow and his team have crushed the Hero Coalition and now hunts the Resistance across the world and he will stop at nothing to destroy them. Scarecrow is extremely loyal and even fanatical to the Regime, stopping at nothing to kill his enemies.

Plot Edit

The Metroville Ruins Edit

The game starts in the city of Metroville in the year 2014, and the once great 'City of Heroes' is now nothing but destroyed Skyscrapers, streets littered with corpses, crashed Helicopters and destroyed Tanks. The Villain Armada then starts patrolling through the destroyed city's streets, with spotlights and burning buildings lighting the night. In the Metroville Harbour, hundreds of Villain Regime Troops patrol through as VTOL Warships land in the Helipads and the Troops haul cargo out of the ships. However, a young boy with a red hoodie and a yellow Balaclava crawls across the roof of a warehouse silently and takes out a NA-45 Sniper Rifle with a Silencer and Ballistic CPU, zooming in on the Troops as they patrol the area. The boy then zooms in on a crate full of Red Barrels, and says "Got you, assholes!" as he fires, hitting the Barrels and causing a massive explosion that kills several Regime Troops. The boy, now identified as Jack Johnson Parr, jumps from the roof of the Warehouse and air assassinates two Troops, before grabbing his signature AK-12 and firing at 4 more enemies in front of him as he rolls into cover and throws a Grenade at a stationary Chopper, blowing it up and killing several Armada Troops. A Commando in the area then says "All units, converge near Warehouse 12! The little Scavenger is back..." and he is then shot dead by Jack, who jumps out of cover and uses his Pyrokinesis to blast several Armada Troops back, before grabbing a Weapons Bag and slinging it over his shoulder, running away as he throws a C4 Charge to the side of a VTOL and blowing it up. The ensuing explosion then spreads towards the other aircraft, destroying the whole Harbour as the Armada Troops scatter in panic.

The game then switches to Clementine Everett's point of view as she walks across the ruins of the Metroville Bank Tower, before hearing the explosions at the Harbour. Clementine then activates an Earpiece and says "Aiden, it's Clementine. There's something going on in the Harbour, I'm gonna check it out." and Aiden says "Alright, but be careful. Metroville is an Occupied City." as Clementine runs across the rooftops and heads for the Harbour to find who is fighting the Armada. It then switches to 30 minutes later, where Clementine traces the signal of the Scavenger who attacked the Harbour earlier, and she says to herself "So, this is the Scavenger who's been doing the Resistance's job for us!" and she goes down into the destroyed Subway System, and she walks through the abandoned R-Train Tunnels. After a couple minutes, Clementine comes across a locked door and gets a Superhuman Detection Signal through the wall in her Wrist MOD Computer. She then goes to the door and unlocks it, before running into the room and aiming her gun, but Jack, who was on the other side, aims his AK-12 at her and back up under a table in fear, breathing heavily in exhaustion.

Clementine then puts her gun down and says "Hey, are you... Alright?" and approaches Jack, but the boy aims his gun at her again and says "Stay back! Please... Don't hurt me..." and Clementine puts her hands up, before tossing her gun to the side and saying "I'm not going to hurt you. I'm looking for someone. Was it you that attacked the Harbour?" and Jack just nods in response. Clementine then reaches out to Jack and tells him "It's okay, you don't need the gun. What's your name?" and Jack answers with "My name's Jack." and Clementine says to him "Well, my name's Clementine. I'm not going to hurt you, okay?" and Jack puts the AK-12 down, and Clementine helps him up. Jack then asks her "You're not from the Armada?" and Clementine answers "No, Jack. I'm not from the Armada, and I won't hurt you. You're safe with me." and she picks up the AK-12 and hands it to Jack, who takes it.

The two then go to an abandoned Subway Train deeper within the Tunnel System as Clementine contacts Aiden, saying "Aiden, come in. I've found the one who attacked the Harbour." and Aiden responds "Okay. Get him back to Base." and Clementine looks at Jack, and then says "Aiden, he's a kid, about my age. He looks tired and hungry. I'm going to stay here with him for tonight and we'll leave in the morning after we get some sleep." and Aiden sighs, before saying "Understood. Get back here tomorrow, that's an order! Aiden out." as the signal is scrambled, so Jack and Clementine continue down the Subway Train. Jack then sets his AK-12 down on a table and throws the Weapons Bag he found there too, before rummaging through them for ammo. Clementine then asks him "So, how old are you?" and Jack answers "I'm 11. What about you?" and Clementine says "I'm the same age. How long have you been down here?" and Jack tells her "3 months, ever since the Battle of Metroville, where the Coalition was almost destroyed." and Clementine asks "You fought in the Battle of Metroville?" and Jack explains "Yeah, me and my family did. It was really intense. Missiles and explosions going off everywhere, buildings falling down. I don't know what was worse: dodging falling VTOLs and Choppers or getting shot at with missiles and bullets." and Clementine asks him "What, uh... Happened to your family?" and Jack starts crying slightly, before wiping away his tears and saying "I got separated from my family when the Armada's Havoc Launcher hit the streets with missiles, and I got trapped in the Subway Tunnels. My parents and brother tries to help my back to the surface, but all I heard was my sister screaming, and my whole family got consumed in smoke because of a Smoke Grenade. I know that they're dead..." and Clementine looks at him sympathetically.

The game then switches to 3 hours later, where Jack is asleep and Clementine wakes up, seeing the boy slouching his head on her shoulder. Clementine then gets up and sets the boy's head down and leaves him there, before heading to the Weapons Bag and looking through it. After a few seconds, she finds a File that shows a Blueprint and plan to infiltrate on of the Armada's Prisons in Chicago. Clementine then reads a part of the Infiltration Plan that says 'Dash presumed to be in High-Security Isolation' and she looks at it in shock, before picking up a small, metal Incredibles Symbol from the Weapons Bag. Clementine then hears a voice say "He's my brother, you know." and she turns around to see Jack standing there, awake as he takes the metal Incredibles Symbol and looks at it with a saddened look on his face. Clementine then says "I can't believe it... You're one of The Incredibles!" and Jack tells her "Dash didn't die in Metroville, he's being held in Chicago. We need to get him out!" and Clementine says "We can't do that. It's impossible, the Armada rules America, hell, they rule the world now!" and Jack tells her "We have to try, at least!" and Clementine sighs, before saying "It's a massive risk. The Armada has massive Security Checkpoints across the hills near each city in America. You're putting us on the radar by attacking that Prison." and Jack loads an Atlas 45-A1 Pistol, before saying "It's a risk I'm willing to take to get my brother back. Are you with me, or are you going to sit back and watch me die anyway?" and Clementine thinks it over, before saying "Okay, for The Incredibles and the Resistance. I'm with you, Jack." and they load up their weapons, before heading for Chicago, taking many supplies with them including food and shelter materials.

The game then switches to 9 days later, where Jack and Clementine are climbing over the Hills near the city of Chicago, 1000 feet in the air. Jack then gets to the top and grabs Clementine by her hand, helping her to the top as they look at the destroyed city of Chicago, which has Armada Ships flying above it and a massive barricade near the entrance Highway to the city, and the Armada Prison in the middle of the destroyed city. Clementine then says "You know, my best friend, Jacks... He lived in this city for the first 10 years of his life." and Jack asks her "Is the Resistance Base near the Prison Camp?" and Clementine answers "Yeah, it is. About 2 miles away." and they get ready to infiltrate the Prison.

The two head through the Sewer System and they go through the Underground Exit of the Prison, before putting Silencers on their guns and shooting 4 Guards, before heading through the Ventilation System as a PA says "All Class 5 Prisoners must be transferred to the Execution Area." as several Prisoners in chains are led by armed Guards to the Execution Chamber, and Jack jumps down out of the Vents, before shooting a Guard with his MP-443 GRACH, before using his Pyrokinesis to kill 4 more Guards. Two more Guards then enter and aim their Rifles at Jack, but Clementine enters and shoots the two Guards with an Atlas 45-A1 Pistol. Jack then unlocks all the Prisoners, before taking bags off their heads, and seeing Dash among them. Dash then looks at his brother and says "Jack?! No fucking way!!" and he grabs his little brother, before hugging him. Jack then cries in joy and relief, saying "Dash, I thought you were dead!" and Dash tells him "Yeah, well... Here I was, getting ready to die and then my Armada-killing little brother comes out of nowhere! What you been up to, Jack?" and Jack responds "Well, I've been shooting, stabbing and strangling Armada Troops! You know Clementine, right?" and Dash looks at Clementine and says "Yeah, I know her. Thanks for keeping him safe, Clem." and Clementine says "Jack can take care of himself. We should go, now!" as they run out of the Prison, before taking a car out of the area. Dash then stops the car and goes to a Sewer Entrance, before leading Jack and Clementine down there.

Dash then goes through the Tunnel with the two and says "Welcome to the Hero Resistance Base." as he puts his hand on a wall, which opens a small keypad and scans Dash's hand, before opening and allowing Jack, Clementine and Dash to enter. After they enter, the Base's doors close behind them and a voice says "Holy shit. I can't believe what I'm seeing." and Aiden Pearce comes in on a wheelchair and says "Fuck me! Dashiell Parr. Clementine, you found him?!" and Clementine answers "Yeah, just busted him out of the Prison Camp." and Aiden looks at Jack, before saying "You never told me the kid you saved was his little brother!" and Jack tells him "She didn't know until after she saved me!" as the Heroes see Simmons, Nicole, Dutch and Jacks enter the room. Jack then looks at Simmons distrustfully and slowly starts to take out an Atlas 45-A1, but Clementine holds him back and says "Relax, Jack. Simmons is on our side!" and Simmons tells him "Jack, look... Sorry about what happened back in 2012?" and Jack says "You're sorry?! You almost got me and my family killed!" and Dash says "Actually, he almost got us killed TWICE!!" and Aiden says "We should try and keep the past behind us, we have a common enemy, and that enemy is right above us, ruling Earth! It's our mission as the Hero Resistance to take this planet back from the Armada." and Jack holsters the Atlas 45-A1, and the Heroes all stand in the Resistance Base Control Room.

Aiden then introduces the team to Jack, and says "I'm Aiden Pearce, you might remember me as-" and Jack says "The Vigilante? Yeah, I saw the headlines." and Aiden says "Anyway, you already know Simmons. This is our Hacker, Dutch. He's taken my place after... Well, I can't exactly use my legs anymore." as he looks at the wheelchair he is in, before looking over to Jacks and Nicole, saying "This is my sister, Nicole Pearce, and her son, Jackson." as Jacks says "Yeah, people just call me 'Jacks'. So, you're the new kid here?" and Jack responds "Well, I'm not exactly new to this 'attacking the Armada' thing." as Aiden leads them to a huge screen in the middle of the room. He then says "This is a map of the world, the Armada and it's forces, as you can see here, have an iron grip over the world. We need two of our troops to enter an Armada Tower in the city of Phoenix in Arizona, and retrieve this document." as a file comes on to the screen, and Nicole says 'Project: Whisper. Our sources in the Tower say that this file contains schematics for a new and Futuristic VTOL Warship made of the indestructible Vibranium Metal. If we could get our hands on this VTOL, we can use it to destroy any target, hit anything. Then when we're armed to the teeth with guns and an army, we will rise up and take down Ozone for good, we have to cut the head off of the Armada and free Earth and the Human Race from them." as the team debates who should go on this mission.

Jacks then says "I'll go there." as the whole team looks at him, and he says "I'm really good with stealth, I can do it." and Clementine asks "Jacks, are you sure? There's no turning away from the mission if you accept it!" and Jacks tells her "I'm pretty aware of that, Clem. Plus, I want to watch Ozone burn after what he did in Metroville. All those innocent people, dead. I won't let that happen again." as Aiden says "It's settled, then. Jacks, who do you want to go with you?" and Jacks tells his uncle "I am going alone. I don't want anyone else to get in danger because of me." and the team gets ready for the mission.

A Hostage Situation Edit

The game then switches to 3 hours later, where Jacks is loading up his weapons for the infiltration mission in Arizona. Clementine then walks into the room and says "Jacks, you can't do this alone!" and Jacks responds "Clem, I have to. If you come with me, there's a chance you will get killed or captured!" and Clementine goes up to him, before saying "I won't get killed, Jacks. I'm coming with you, because you know that you need me. We're strongest together, or have you forgotten that you said that a year ago?" and Jacks turns around and says to her "You think I asked to do this? I have no other choice except to go to that Tower and get those plans. I just want to keep you safe, that's all I need to do. I promised Lee that I would take care of you, just before Ozone murdered him." and Clementine says "I can take care of myself! I'm not going to stand by and watch you get killed in that Tower!" and Jacks tells her "Alright, then. Give me one single reason why I should risk both our lives." and Clementine kisses him on the lips. After several seconds, she pulls away and says "That reason enough for you, Jacks? I am coming with you, whether you like it or not." and Jacks thinks it over, before saying "Okay, if you insist. We're going there, together." as they head for the Docking Bay, where the Team is waiting for them with a Stealth Chopper. Before leaving the room, Jacks grabs Clementine's hand and says "Clem, I... I love you. That's why I didn't want you to come with me, just to keep you safe." and Clementine tells him "I know, Jacks... I love you too." as they leave the room and get on the Stealth Chopper, with their Assault Rifles in hand, and the Stealth Chopper takes off and activates it's Cloak Mode, before flying through the city's skies.

In the Stealth Chopper, Simmons tells Jacks and Clementine "You two might want to get some sleep before we get there. ETA is about 4 hours. The Armada can't see us, the Chopper's in Cloak Mode." and Jacks responds "Yeah, they don't call it the Stealth Chopper for nothing!" as they keep flying towards Metroville, seeing the Ruins of San Francisco below them. Jacks then asks Clementine "How many Resistance Members are down there?" and Clementine answers "There's a Underground Base just like ours, about 200 Resistance Troops." as they fly above the city and see the Golden Gate Bridge, destroyed and in ruins. Jacks, while loading his Modified ACR Assault Rifle, says "You know, after Metroville fell to the Armada, I started to doubt that the Coalition would win. And I guess I was right about that now." and Clementine tells him "The War isn't over yet, Jacks. We're just losing a lot, and hanging by a thread. Maybe you just need to have a little more faith in the Resistance." and Jacks holsters his ACR, then says "I don't know how I can, Clem. I lost most of my faith that we would win a year ago, after... We failed at Metroville. After I'd failed..." and Clementine puts a hand in his shoulder, then she reassures him by saying "You can't blame yourself, Jacks. Listen... We're going to destroy the Armada. They think that the Coalition is weak, beaten and don't have the guts to oppose them. But as always, they're wrong." and then Dutch walks in and passes them a bag, and then Clementine asks "What the Hell is that?" and Dutch explains "It's full of Fulton Devices, capable of latching on to someone and bringing them up into the sky. Once you have the target at about 10,000 feet, we'll send in a C-130 to snag the Target in." and Jacks asks "What Target?" and Dutch tells the two "The mission is being redirected. The Armada has set up an Outpost in the Chicago Outskirts. You two are gonna drop into the City, and first you need to loot every Gun Store and other places for food, water, ammo and other Supplies. Get some rest, and take all you can using your Fulton Devices." and then he heads to the Cockpit of the Chopper.

The game then switches to 2 hours later as the Stealth Chopper flies over the destroyed and desolated Wasteland that was once Chicago. Jacks and Clementine then look at the destroyed city, which has fallen Skyscrapers and hundreds of destroyed Tanks, crashed Helicopters, VTOL Warships and Fighter Jets all crashed into the streets. Jacks then jumps out of the Stealth Chopper, followed by Clementine, and they land in the destroyed Streets and the Stealth Chopper flies away, while Jacks and Clementine move through the destroyed city with their Weapons raised. After several minutes of looking around, the two manage to grab a few Ammo Boxes and Food Cans, and Jacks says "Looks like we hit the jackpot." and then Clementine says "Let's get these Supplies to the Chopper, then head to the Outpost, eliminate the Troops there. Then we'll get our Target Hostage out of there, and get back to Base in the Stealth Chopper." and then the Stealth Chopper comes in, and the two put the Supplies they found into the Chopper, which then takes off and stays within Extraction Range, ready for the real mission to begin. Jacks then says "The Outpost is 2 miles North of here. Let's move!" and they keep moving. However, a clanking noise is heard from a nearby Building, and Clementine says "Wait! You hear that?" and then Jacks nods, then gestures to move forward towards the door. Clementine then kicks the door in and she and Jacks aim their Assault Rifles, only to see a Dog eating the long-dead corpse of a Coalition Troop, and the two lower their Weapons. Clementine then says "Nothing. Just a Dog?" and the Dog starts walking over to them, and then Jacks starts petting it, saying "It's not gonna hurt us. What breed is it?", noting that the Dog looks suspiciously like a Wolf. Clementine then remarks "Doesn't look like any Dog I've seen before. Are you... Gonna take it?" and then Jacks answers "Yeah. When I was 7, I wanted a Dog in the worst way possible, and... Well, I never got one." and then he stands up and says "Let's go!" and then the Dog follows the two.

Later, Jacks, Clementine and the Dog they found are in the Chicago Ruins Outskirts, and then they see the Armada Outpost up ahead, and an MXR-345 Chopper flies above and lands in the Base. Jacks then takes out a pair of Advanced Binoculars, and zooms in on the Helipad where the Chopper landed. The Hatch then opens and several Armada Troops come out, with two of them dragging a battered and bloody man with a bag over his head, and Clementine says "There's the Target. Looks like the Armada Troops are fucking him up!" and then Jacks sees 3 Armada Troops beating the Hostage senseless and taunting him, saying "Coalition scum!" and kicking him in the face. However, as the Chopper takes off, Jacks uses the noise of the Chopper to shoot an Armada Marksman off a Tower while Clementine shoots 2 more Armada Troops, while she and Jacks starts running quickly towards the Outpost's entrance, and then Jacks shoots down 4 more Armada Troops and then uses his Hacking skills (taught to him by his uncle) and opens the Door, and then Jacks says to the Dog "Go on, boy! Get 'em!" and then the Dog runs up to one of the Armada Troops, jumping on him and biting his throat out, while Jacks and Clementine simultaneously shoot the 2 other Soldiers.

Jacks then helps the Hostage up and removes the bag from his head, and then looks in shock as he sees Griggs, a member of the Hero Coalition who helped Hacks and Clementine during the Battle of Metroville and the Infiltration of Armada Central (in this game's prequel, Call Of The Watch Dogs: Brink of Annihilation). Griggs, now dehydrated and beaten to a pulp, weakly laughs and says "Jacks, Clementine?.. I should have known! Only you two would be arrogant enough to do a daytime Infiltration." and then Jacks responds "Don't worry, Griggs. We have a C-130 waiting to Extract you. Just hold still!" as he takes out his new Fulton Device and puts it on Griggs' back. The Fulton then activates like a Parachute and gets ready to boost Griggs into the Air where a C-130 is waiting. However, the Fulton is shot down by an Armada Marksman and then Jacks yells "Sniper, get down, now!" as he drags Griggs into cover behind a wall, but the Marksman manages to shoot him in the shoulder, and Clementine asks "Jacks, you alright?!" and Jacks groans in pain, holding his wound and saying "I'm OK! I'm alright, we just have to worry about Griggs!" and several Armada Troops come in and aim their Weapons at Jacks, Clementine, Griggs and the Dog (who is still unnamed). However, the Soldiers are shot in the heads and chests by another Sniper, and then Clementine peeks up from behind the cover and sees the Armada Marksman get shot in the head, and then they look to where the new shots came from to see a female, brunette Sniper who signals them to run. Jacks then picks up Griggs and says "Let's move!!" as they start running and are shot at by more enemy Soldiers, and then the MXR-345 Chopper flies in and fires Missiles at the four, which blasts everyone back. Clementine then regains consciousness as she sees the female Sniper charge in and fire at Armada Soldiers with her RSASS and gunning them down while Clementine crawls over to Jacks and then sees that he is still unconscious, and Griggs passes her a HVK-30 Assault Rifle and says "Kill those motherfuckers! We need to get our Stealth Chopper here!" and then they all start firing at the Armada Troops while the Dog rips the Soldiers' throats out, and then the Stealth Chopper comes in and fires Missiles at the ground and the MXR Chopper, which is shot down and crashes next to other explosions caused by the Stealth Chopper, killing whole groups of Armada Soldiers as Simmons yells "Come on!!" and then Clementine picks Jacks up off the floor and she, Quiet, Griggs and the Dog all get on, and the Stealth Chopper takes off.

The game then switches to an hour later as Clementine sits next to the wounded and unconscious Jacks, asking Griggs "So, this is your team?" and Griggs answers "Yeah. This is Quiet, our Sharpshooter. That's her Attack Dog... D-Dog, as I call him." and Clementine asks "D-Dog? That's what you called your Dog?" and then Griggs explains "Stands for Diamond Dog, one of the many sub-factions within the Hero Resistance in Illinois." and then D-Dog is seen lying down on the floor of the Chopper. Griggs then says "Been a while since I seen you and Jacks. After I was captured in Metroville, well... How's everything going?" and Clementine shakes her head, then she says "Not good. Quiet, what's your story?" but Quiet stays silent, and Griggs explains "Quiet, well... She's a mute. Armada Troops cut her tongue out after they captured her." and Clementine responds "Oh. We should be back in the Hideout in a couple hours, though. Good to see you again, Griggs." and then the screen turns to black. Later, in the Hero Resistance Base, Jacks is in the Medical Room with D-Dog, and Clementine comes into the Room and notices Jacks petting D-Dog, saying "Aw. You two look really cute together." and Jacks responds "Yeah, well... You do know that Griggs named him D-Dog, right?" and Clementine answers "Yeah. I heard you call him 'DD' earlier. Cute nickname." and then Simmons comes in and says "Guys, we need to get to the Main Room now. Griggs is about to gives us crucial info about the Armada!" and then Jacks gets up, saying "DD, come on, boy!" and he follows Clementine with D-Dog behind him.

Point of No Return Edit

All of the Heroes then assemble in the Meeting Room, with Aiden saying "We've all agreed that the time for hiding and Covert Strikes has passed. It's now time to start an Uprising. Jack, if you're willing to join us in the field, then we'll be at your side." and they hear a voice say "We will be too!" as everyone turns around to see Dash, Simmons and Dutch enter the Room and stand next to Jack, who whispers "Dash, I thought you didn't want to be in the battlefield anymore." and Dash whispers back "What can I say, little bro? I finally saw the truth." and Griggs says "Guess we have an army, then. We have about 125,000 Soldiers and 500,000 Ships across Earth right now, and with Jack, Dash and Simmons leading us, we have Superhumans on our side." and Griggs declares "Then let this be an official declaration of Uprising! Today, we all vow to change the Multiverse, and Ine day... This Reality will, indeed, be free from the clutches of The Villain Armada!" as he finishes his speech.

However, the roof of the Hideout is then blasted off as everyone looks up at the sky, and Jack says "No!!" as everyone sees dozens of Armada Ships, Jets and Helicopters flying in and firing Missiles at the Base, as hundreds of Resistance Soldiers battle Regime Troops, firing bullets and missiles across the Battlefield. Jack and the others then start running through the Halls of their Hideout as one of the Troops yells "We've got incoming Regime Forces! It's an entire Battalion out there, get to the Defense Line!!" as Jack, Clementine, Dash, Simmons, Griggs and Quiet run to the front of the Base, as the Blast Door explodes and several Regime Troops come in and starts gunning down Resistance Soldiers, but Jack and Clementine work together to fire at the Regime Troops and kill them. Jack then throws a Proximity Grenade into a nearby Trench, which explodes and kills several Regime Troops. Aiden then contacts the Heroes and says "The Regime's called in their Terrain Walker Robots! We need to take them down!" as Dash takes out his Binoculars and sees 3 Terrain Walker Robots, which are 500-foot, 4-legged Robots with 3 Plasma Rocket Launchers on it's front (looking very similair to the AT-AT from the Star Wars Franchise), while Jack, Clementine, Griggs, and Simmons are all firing at incoming Regime Troops as other Resistance Soldiers are shot down around them.

After a few minutes of dodging Missiles, gunfire and crashing Aircraft from both sides, Jack and Clementine are gunning their way through the Trenches, which is being hit by dozens of Lasers and Mortars from Regime Forces, and then Aiden is heard over the Radio Frequency saying "Activating the Base Plasma Cannon! Everyone, don't let those TW Robots reach the Base!" as the Plasma Cannon fires at a Terrain Walker, which explodes and is sent falling into the ground. Jack then guns down several Armada Troops, and then picks up a Rocket Launcher, and fires a Rocket at an advancing H-K Tank, which explodes on impact from the Rocket, and then Jacks hacks into the nearby Regime Uplink and Clementine calls Dash, saying "Dash, you in the Fighter?" and Dash responds "Yeah, me and the other Fighter Pilots are coming in now, and we're getting ready for the Airstrike. How's that hack coming along, Jacks?" and Jacks responds "I'm through the Firewall of the Regime's Orbital Station! I'm lining it up for an Orbital Strike on those Terrain Walkers now! If we can Airstrike the second one at the same time, the Regime will high-tail it outta here!" and then he uses a Firewall Hack to take control of the Regime Orbital Station, getting ready to line it up with the 2nd Terrain Walker's path.

Clementine then passes Jack a SOFLAM Target Marker and says "Once Dash and the other Fighters fly in for the Airstrike, mark the Terrain Walker that isn't being hit by our Airstrikes." and Jack says "I'll handle it. Just cover me while I move to line up the Marker!" and then Quiet takes a vantage point on the Hill above, sniping several Regime Troops and destroying H-K Tanks and VTOL Warships while Jack and Clementine run for the Trenches under heavy fire, with Jack holding the SOFLAM Target Marker in one hand and a DH-14 Direct Energy Pistol in the other. Jack then shoots 3 Regime Troops in front of them, and Jacks contacts them, saying "Alright, the Orbital Station is under our control. Jack, mark the Terrain Walker with the SOFLAM! Dash, fly in there and Bomb the other one!" and then Jack looks through the SOFLAM and gets into range of the Terrain Walker, which is flattening Resistance Forces. Then, several Fighter Jets fly in and drop Plasma Bombs on one of the Terrain Walkers, while an Orbital Strike from Jack's SOFLAM hits the other one, while the TW getting hit by Airstrikes explodes, and the one hit by the Orbital Strike topples down, and then Clementine yells "Get to cover! The Regime's got another Orbital Strike!!" as she deploys a massive Squad Shield, which deploys over her and Jack. An Orbital Strike then comes in and hits the top of the Squad Shield as Resistance Soldiers push the Regime back, and then the Shield gives out, and then Jack and Clementine start firing at several Regime Troops, and then Simmons comes in firing his M4A1 SOPMOD, yelling "For the Resistance!! Let's go, let's go-" but then he is levitated into the air as he chokes and holds his throat, saying "N-no!!!!" as he is choked unconscious and then drops to the ground, and then Jack and Clementine look behind them to see Scarecrow with 2 Regime Troops, and Scarecrow ignites his Plasma Sword. Just as Scarecrow raises his Plasma Sword to kill Jack and Clementine, the 2 Regime Troops that were with Scarecrow are shot through the head by Quiet, who is still sniping enemies on the Hill, as Griggs cuts down several other Regime Troops and charges at Scarecrow, clashing his Plasma Sword with Scarecrow's and saying "You traitor!! Look at all the countless atrocities you've committed!!!" and Scarecrow smiles evilly, then says "It's glorious, isn't it?" and then Griggs screams in rage, and then starts to fight Scarecrow in a ferocious Plasma Sword duel, performing flips, kicks and deadly combo moves as Jack and Clementine run towards the Evacuation Ships with dozens of others to escape the Battlefield, while the Hideout Plasma Cannon fires at several Regime Ships above, and one Carrier Flagship crashes into the ground.

Griggs then keeps fighting Scarecrow, clashing blades with him several times, and then kicking the Villain Lord in the face, catapulting him into mid-air. However, Scarecrow manages to land on his feet and then blast Griggs back using Telekinesis, and then lunges at Griggs, who manages to grab his own Plasma Sword just in time and get into an intense Blade Lock with Scarecrow. Griggs then manages to blast Scarecrow back, and then gets up, but Scarecrow uses Teleportation to appear behind Griggs and jump into the air, and then lunges at Griggs again. Griggs then puts his Plasma Sword up just in time to block, but the force of the strike causes him to lose his footing, and then Scarecrow reiterates the words that Griggs said to Jacks in Call of the Watch Dogs: "It's over, you Hero scum!" and then ignites his second Plasma Sword, then brutally stabs Griggs in the stomach, and then disengages both of his Plasma Swords, and then Griggs falls to the destroyed ground of the Battlefield, dead. Scarecrow is then contacted by a Regime Commander, who says "My Lord, this is is Commander Neath. We have cleared the Resistance Base, and captured most of their Leaders. Jackson Pearce and the Vigilante are in custody, but..." and Scarecrow furiously asks "But what, Commander?!" and then Neath tells him "My Lord, Jack Parr and Dash have escaped, along with Clementine Everett and a Battalion of Resistance Soldiers." and then Scarecrow pauses, then lividly says "You've failed me for the last time, Commander Neath!" and then Neath tells him "If that is the case, I assure you, I take full responsib-" and then Scarecrow reaches out with his Telekinetic Grip and chokes Neath from outside the Base, killing his failure of a Commander.

The Daring Rescue Edit

The game then switches to 3 hours later as Jack regains consciousness in a XKR-250 Troop Transport, and then Clementine says "Hey, Jack. You've been... Out for a couple hours now." and Jack gets up, groaning in slight pain from a shot in the shoulder, and he asks "You alright?" and then Clementine tells him "Jacks and the others are gone. The Regime got them, and... They're probably going to execute them." and then Jack asks again "What about Griggs?" and Clementine just shakes her head, and then Jack looks down sadly, saying "I'm sorry, Clem. It's... All my fault. I'm so weak, I can't face a Villain Lord. I'm so sorry." as he starts to cry slightly, and Clementine puts a hand on his shoulder, saying "You couldn't have done anything." and then she sees Jack's eyes glowing yellow, and she asks "What are you doing?" and then Jack explains "Chronokinesis. I can use this Power to see the Future." and then Clementine looks in surprise, then asks "You ever done this before?" and then Jack answers "No, it's way too dangerous." and then he starts to have a shocked look and says "No, no! No! Simmons!!!" and then Clementine snaps him out of it, asking "What? What did you see?!" and Jack shockedly says "The Regime... Flagship!" and then the screen turns to black.

The game then switches to Low Earth Orbit as the Troop Transport approaches the Armada Flagship: the World Destroyer, and then opens its Hatch after landing in the Flagship, and Jack tells Clementine "Keep the Transport cloaked, and tell Dash to wait beyond Scanner Range!" and then Clementine tells him "I have a bad feeling about this." and then Jack responds "Well, maybe that's because we're doing something heroic." and then he jumps out of the Troop Transport and then lands in the Hangar Bay of the Flagship, using a Telekinetic Repulse to blast dozens of Regime Troops away, before others come in and aim their guns at Jack, who activates his Plasma Sword. In Ozone's Throne Room, Jacks, Nicole, Aiden, Simmons and Dutch are brought before Ozone, who tells them "You are all traitors to the Regime! You will be interrogated, tortured, you will give me the names of your fellow Heroes, and informants... And then you will all die!" and Jacks tells him "Our deaths will only rally others against you, Villain scum!" and then Ozone snaps back "Your very public and painful executions will serve as an example to the rest of Earth-690!!" and then an Alarm goes off, and Simmons looks at a Camera Feed on a Screen, saying "There might be a Resistance yet!" as Ozone and Scarecrow look at the Camera, which shows Jack cutting down Regime Troops and running through Hallways. Ozone then says "The son of Mr. Incredible?! Scarecrow, deal with that Superhuman scum!" and Scarecrow replies "With pleasure, brother!" as he walks out of the Throne Room and into the Hallways, encountering Jack. Jack then stops running and ignites his Plasma Sword and then Scarecrow does the same, and then the two walk towards each other and Scarecrow says "Clementine has trained you well, boy. But you still have much to learn!" and then Jack responds "She has nothing left to teach me. Nothing!!" and then he strikes first with his Plasma Sword, and Scarecrow counters and the two engage in a duel, with flips, kicks and Plasma Sword strikes.

After a couple minutes of hard strikes, Plasma Sword cuts and using Telekinetic Powers, Scarecrow uses his Telekinesis to blast Jack back, before running into the Flagship Shield Room. Scarecrow then backflips over to the Platform in the middle of the room and says "Jack Parr... You will die like your father!" and then he uses Telekinetic Grip to grab some Engine Parts and throw them at Jack, who easily Grips them and throws them back at Scarectow managing to hit him a few times. Jack then jumps up and lunges at Scarecrow, landing on the Platform in front of Scarecrow and continuing to fight with Plasma Swords. Jack then manages to use a Telekinesis Repulse to blast Scarecrow forward, before gripping some Rodirium Fuel Tanks (Rodirium being the Fuel Supply of the Villain Regime Fleet) and then throwing them all on top of Scarecrow, grievously injuring the Villain Lord. Jack then jumps into the air and lands next to Scarecrow, whose Battle Armor is now destroyed and dented, and his torso, legs and arms burnt by the Rodirium Explosion. Scarecrow gets up weakly and ignites his Plasma Sword, but then Jack starts attacking ferociously using his own Plasma Sword, easily overpowering Scarecrow and taking a swing at his leg, and the Villain Lord groans in pain as he is knocked forward, and Jack keeps the up pressure, mercilessly hitting Scarecrow's raised Plasma Sword with his own. Scarecrow then gives up, allowing Jack to swing his Plasma Sword at his face, which knocks Scarecrow's Helmet and Goggles down into the dark chasm below.

Jack then uses his Telekinetic Grip to lift Scarecrow into the air, before throwing him down into a Shield below, which burns one side of his body. Jack then levitates Scarecrow in front of the Throne Room Entrance, and then tackles him through the air, before using a Telekinetic Blast to send Scarecrow flying, blasting through the Entrance in a huge explosion, which then sends his charred, scarred and ultimately battered body sliding across the floors of the Throne Room. Scarecrow then weakly stands up as Ozone watches him with fascination and intrigue, along with all the captured Heroes. However, Jack charges in and ignites his Plasma Sword, before stabbing Scarecrow through the stomach, then taking the Plasma Sword out of Scarecrow, getting behind him and then stabbing the Villain Lord in the back, and the Plasma Sword bursts out of Scarecrow's chest. Jack then brutally rips the Plasma Sword out and disengages it as Scarecrow falls to the ground, dead at Jack's feet.

Fall of The Villain Regime Edit

With Scarecrow now dead, Jack slowly walks up to Ozone, who gets up off his Throne and then stands opposite of Jack. Ozone then uses Telekinesis to grab Scarecrow's Plasma Sword while Jack ignites his, and the two clash Blades. Ozone then starts laughing, mocking Jack as he deflects the young Superhuman's attacks and swings, so Jack backflips up to a Balcony for safety. However, Ozone simply throws his Plasma Sword at the Balcony, which causes it to collapse and Jack falls down, and the boy runs into the dark and hides.

Ozone then walks through the dark and, trying to get under Jack's skin, says "You can't hide forever, Jack. It's inevitable that the Resistance will die, and my Regime will prevail and rule the Multiverse. I can sense your anger, your urge to kill me. Because I killed your... Family. Ah, yes, that felt amazing. Their dying screams of terror were pitiful, though. I-" but Jack ignites his Plasma Blade, screaming "DIE!!!!" as he charges at Ozone and attacks quickly and ferociously in a huge fit of rage, causing Ozone to fearfully back up. The Villain Lord then desperately puts his Plasma Sword up defensively and counters, but Jack manages to bring Ozone to his knees and starts smashing his Plasma Sword down on Ozone's and then knocks the Plasma Sword out of Ozone's hand, and then brutally cuts the Villain Lord's entire lower arm off as all the other Heroes look on in shock.

However, as Jack raises his Plasma Sword for the killing blow on Ozone, Lightning comes out of nowhere and hits Jack, sending him quickly falling to the ground. Scarecrow, still alive, gets up with Lightning cackling at his fingertips. Ozone then looks at Scarecrow as then latter approaches Jack and uses Electrokinesis to fire waves of Lightning at the boy, who screams in agonising pain as Jacks yells at Ozone, saying "Help him!! For fuck's sake, Scarecrow's gonna kill him!!!" and then Jack, under his pained screams, yells "Ozone, please! Ahhh!!!!!" and then Scarecrow stops shocking Jack, but then says "Now, young Superhuman... You will die!!" as Jack crawls on the floor in pain. Scarecrow then fires his Electrokinetic Lightning again, but then Ozone comes in and blocks the Lightning with his remaining hand, but groans in pain as the Lightning hits the amputated area of his right arm, and sees several Regime Troops charge in, and yells to the Heroes "Go! Hurry!! Get to your Ship!" as the Heroes all run away, and Jack quickly starts to run into cover. Ozone then starts walking towards Scarecrow and the Electrokinetic Lightning starts to shorten and then, as Ozone gets close to Scarecrow, he screams "NO!!!!" as his hand collides with Scarecrow's, causing a massive explosion that blasts Jack and all the Regime Troops away, completely destroying the Throne Room, the whole Ship's Life Support Systems and all the Engines (along with splitting the Ship in half due to a Chain Reaction Explosion).

A couple of minutes later, the Troop Transport lands and then the Heroes run out, and then Dash, Clementine and Jacks run out of it and then they see Jack lying in a pool of his own blood, with a piece of Shrapnel in his stomach. Dash then runs over to his unconscious brother and then rips the Shrapnel out, saying "Jack, come on! You can't die..." and then Jack coughs blood and opens his eyes, which are glowing orange, and he weakly says "D... Dash..?" and then Dash hugs his younger brother, saying "Oh, thank God! You're alive." and then Jack laughs weakly, then jokingly says "Better than... Scarecrow..." as he falls unconscious again, and then Dash picks him up and says "We have to get him into the Transport Medical Bay!" and then they all run to the Ship, which closes and takes off after they enter, and then the Regime Flagship falls towards Earth in flames. Jacks then says "So, what now?" and then Clementine responds by kissing him on the lips, and then saying "I thought you were dead, Jacks. Well, I guess... The War is over. The whole World is going to know now, that the Resistance has won, the Regime is gone... And now we're all free." and then the two kiss again, and the screen turns to black.

The game then switches to '2 days later' and shows various Cities across Earth such as London, Washington DC, and Moscow as billions of people celebrate the Fall of The Villain Regime, cheering and tearing down Statues of Ozone and Scarecrow, while some start shouting "The Regime is gone! The War is over!!" and people give an uproar of cheering as fireworks are set off in the sky as Fighter Jets and Helicopters fly in as everyone celebrates below. The game then turns to black, showing the text "The Regime was purged within hours of their Leaders' deaths. All traces of Villains were annihilated from Earth, and the world would finally see freedom, democracy and peace" and the End Credits roll.

Post-Credits Scene Edit

After the End Credits, the sound of Cybernetic breathing is heard, and the screen shows a hand which has burnt skin and a Robotic Skeleton as the man tries to break the chains holding him, but a Medical Slab pushes the chained man up, and shows he has a Robotic Ribcage and small Knives sticking out of his fingers, along with a Robotic Breathing Helmet. Scarecrow, now in the Medical Room, tells the man "You have forgotten your place, Ozone. By taking the side of those pathetic Heroes, the Regime has been destroyed." as the man (now identified as Ozone) tries to break free, but Scarecrow says "But there is some small use for you. The Heroes have taken back Earth, and we've had to go into hiding. Now, you will do my bidding until we can take Earth back. And then, once Humanity has been destroyed... You will be cast aside. Drones, resume Cybernetic Reconstruction!" as 2 Medical Drones surround Ozone and start injecting him using Syringes and putting Cybernetic Wires into his body, and Ozone screams in pain as the screen turns to black.

Sequel Edit

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