"In 2017, It All Ends!"

War Of Heroes 3: The Sinister Six is the 3rd game in the War Of Heroes franchise. It takes place right where War Of Heroes 2: Ragnarok left off, with Jack and his family facing The Rhino, and the other members of The Sinister Six will be implemented into the story later. The game is again exclusive to the Xbox One and will be released on August 5th, 2017.

Cast Edit

  • Ian Etheridge as Jack Parr
  • Melissa Hutchinson as Clementine Everett
  • Bryant Prince as Kyle Reese (Audio Logs)
  • Nicholas Bode as Jackson 'Jacks' Pearce
  • Spencer Fox as Dashiell 'Dash' Parr
  • Sarah Vowell as Violet Parr
  • Mark Grigsby as Griggs
  • Kevin McKidd as John 'Soap' MacTavish
  • Craig Fairbrass as Simon 'Ghost' Riley
  • Mikal A. Vega as Scarecrow
  • David Vincent as Ozone
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Buddy Pine/Syndrome
  • Tony Amendola as Adrien Tombes/The Vulture
  • Dane DeHaan as Harry Osborn/Green Goblin
  • Paul Giamatti as Aleksei 'Rhino' Sytsevich
  • John Ratzenberger as Underminer

Main CharactersEdit

Jack Johnson Parr - Jack Johnson Parr is the youngest, but most powerful of The Incredibles. While he is only 11 years old, Jack has faced numerous villains in both the Battle For Metroville and the Covert War in New York.

Clementine Everett - The 11 year old secondary protagonist of the series and Jack's best friend. After losing her guardian and adoptive father, Lee Everett, during a battle with the Green Goblin, Clementine has joined The Incredibles in their mission to save the world and stop the Sinister Six.

Alexi Sytsevich/The Rhino - The massive, titular Russian gangster-turned-Sinister-Six-member. Using his massive Rhino MECH Suit to it's full potential, Rhino is definitely one of the stronger members of the Sinister Six.

Buddy Pine/Syndrome - Jack's nemesis and the de-facto leader of The Sinister Six. Locked up in prison since the end of the first War Of Heroes. Syndrome has since been freed and plans to destroy The Incredibles and their allies once and for all.


Note: Trailer contains elements from Scrapped Storyline

The trailer would open up with an overshot of New York City, with Green Goblin saying "Oscorp was made to save the world. People would look at me and see the face of... Hope. Now they see the face of fear!" as he goes to a prison and blows the walls up while laughing insanely as he and Underminer free Syndrome from the Ravencroft Institute. Syndrome then says "Time for our ultimate plan!" as it shows a massive Villain Armada flying in giant ships towards New York City and firing missiles at the Skyscrapers, which causes them to topple and land in the street, exploding and killing dozens as New York is torn apart as the Sinister Six's massive army starts to come out of hiding [something it's been doing since Syndrome's defeat in the first game] and killing hundreds as The Incredibles, Clementine, Aiden and many other MAVERICK Heroes fail to contain the situation.

The trailer then switches to MAVERICK Tower, where Jack says "We've tried to beat the Sinister Six before, but this is their biggest offensive yet!" and Clementine responds in shock by saying "Their planning to open a Multiverse Portal!" [yes, War Of Heroes is now officially introducing the Multiverse into it's mix, as it is essential to Infinity War] as the trailer shows the MAVERICK Stealth Jet [similar to the Avengers Quinjet] flying above New York's streets as it fires missiles at the Villain Army Tanks and Infantry below, with Jack and Clementine jumping out and shooting all the troops surrounding them in a massive flurry of explosions and flying bullets. The trailer then shows Green Goblin in a warehouse, with The Tesseract behind him. Goblin then says "The Tesseract will open the portal, and all the Villains in the Multiverse will come here to tear MAVERICK apart!!" as he launches a Shock Ray from his gauntlet, and Jack, who was in the warehouse to face him, gets hit by the lightning.

The trailer then shows the whole MAVERICK Squad in the tower as Mr. Incredible says "Let's show 'em what we've got!" as it shows several action scenes, with highlights including a massive fight in Times Square between Rhino [still in his MECH Suit] and Jack, with the latter punching Rhino up the building, but Rhino grabs Jack by the neck and throws him through a massive window of glass as a Chinook Helicopter is shot down and crashes into a building in the background. The trailer then shows a near-climactic battle between the MAVERICK Heroes and the Sinister Six, with several Oscorp Troops charging the Heroes, and all getting decimated by the Heroes, who have Assault Rifles and Grenade Launchers.


Prologue: Attack on New York Edit

The game opens the minute where War Of Heroes 2: Ragnarok left off, with Jack, Clementine, Aiden, Jacks and the other Incredibles fighting Rhino (who is in a MECH Suit) in Times Square. After a few minutes of fighting, Jack manages to throw Rhino into a building, before blasting him with a grenade. However, Rhino jumps through the explosion and grabs Jack, before throwing him at a wall, which crumbles as soon as Jack hits. Rhino then tries to get Jack, but Dash zooms in and tackles Rhino, shattering some of the MECH's armor and throwing Rhino into the street. Dash then paces around Rhino and mockingly says "Nobody messes with my little brother!" and Rhino yells in frustration and tries to grab Dash by the throat, but Dash dodges and jumps over Rhino. Jack then tosses a sword to Dash, who then delivers the finishing blow by stabbing Rhino's MECH in the back, which hits the Suit's power supply. Rhino then lays on the ground in defeat, with the MECH about to explode. However, Rhino ejects from the suit as hundreds of jets converge on New York. Dash then zooms up to the roof of a building to get a good look at the jets, saying "Wait, what are they? Are those...? Guys, we got Predator Drones incoming!!" as the Predator Drones fire at the roof that he is on. However, Dash runs off the roof and dives off, before grabbing a Grapple Gun and firing at a window from the apartment building across the street.

With the Army of Predator Drones destroying the city, The Incredibles, Clementine, Jacks and Aiden start shootin their way through hundreds of Oscorp Guards who are dropping in from PODS and killing civilians. After minutes of shooting and mauling their way through the Sinister Six Army, the MAVERICK Heroes then get into a armored SUV and join a huge convoy of US Military, New York Police and other MAVERICK Forces are in trucks and Helicopters while huge Sinister Six Flagships start to fire missiles at the New York Skyline, destroying skyscrapers and bringing them down. The Heroes then ride the convoy along the highway, but their Helicopter is hit by a missile from the Predator Drone and crashes into the bridge, causing everyone in the SUV to get knocked out after the SUV is hit by a missile and crashes. Jack then regains consciousness as Clementine helps him off the ground, before passing him a HBRa3 Assault Rifle as the Drone Planes fly above the bridge and bomb it, and the bridge starts to collapse.

As the Predator Drones start destroying the city, bringing down Skyscrapers and killing countless Civilians, Jack, Clementine and all other Heroes start charging their way through Oscorp Guards and killing the, in a massive bloodbath, while several US Air Force Jets come in and Bomb the streets to kill the Oscorp Guards and bring down several Predator Drones. After a few minutes, Jack gets into an Anti-Drone Turret and starts unloading rounds into the Predator Drones above, bringing down dozens of them into the streets of the city. After a couple minutes, a Predator Drone gets hit by a missile and kamikazes straight into the Turret, which explodes and sends Jack flying, and Jack uses his Molecular Manipulation to turn his skin into metal, shielding him from the explosion and a body-full of shrapnel. Clementine then uses a Pytaek LMG to kill several approaching Oscorp Guards, and Jack helps her using waves of Pyrokinetic Energy, and burns all the Troops as Dash, Violet, Mr. Incredible and Mrs. Incredible all kill the enemies, and hundreds of Blackhawk Choppers, A-10 Warthogs and other US Military personnel come in to assist the MAVERICK Squad. After several minutes of fighting in the streets and bringing down buildings, the Oscorp Guards retreat from the city on Chinook Helicopters and VTOL Warships, saving New York City and making the Sinister Six vulnerable. Clementine then goes up to Jack and asks "Where'd Rhino go?" and Jack answers "I don't know yet. I'm going after the Goblin, though. For Lee." and they watch as the U.S. Military chases the Villain Army out of the City, and they also tend to thousands of injured Civilians.

The game then switches to a building in the Metroville Outskirts with the Oscorp Logo on the side, and several shadowed people enter the room marked Organic Reconstruction Lab, and they are revealed to be Green Goblin, Rhino (now out of his MECH Suit), Doctor Octopus, Vulture and Mysterio. Goblin then says "This is it, we're missing one member." and Vulture asks "Well, who's the 6th?" and Rhino says "I think we have that covered." as they look at a massive chamber, which has rocks and dirt in it, and Goblin takes out a jar containing Underminer's Brain (which survived Underminer's death in the final battle of War Of Heroes 2: Ragnarok). Goblin then carefully places the Brain Jar into a Containment Tube, and then flips a switch that causes the Room's Power Nodes to go online and cause a massive white flash with Electrical Currents blasting everywhere. After a few seconds, the flash goes away and the 5 Sinister Six members look into the massive Chamber, and then the pile of rocks starts to quake and then a metallic, digger-like claw comes out, and then Underminer (who, again, was killed in War Of Heroes 2: Ragnarok) slowly rises from the pile of rocks, and Goblin says "Welcome to the Sinister Six, old friend!" as Underminer weakly falls, but then gets back up and starts walking towards the Chamber's exit.

Meanwhile, in the MAVERICK Base, a News Broadcast is showning the Battle of New York, saying "-although thousands were injured or killed, Civilian and Military personnel alike, the terrorists who attacked the city, now known as the Villain Army, was quelled and repulsed away from the city before more destruction could ensue. The MAVERICK Squad has been surprised by the return of The Incredibles in this battle, who had been missing for the past five months due to the death of one of MAVERICK's founding members, Lee Everett." and then Jack and Clementine are seen loading Weapons such as SMGs and Assault Rifles in the Armory. After a few moments of silence, Jack says "Thanks, Clem. For coming back, I mean." and Clementine tells him "Well, you were the one who got me to do it. You were right, we have to be greater than what we suffer, and we need to defend Earth in the name of hope. This new Sinister Six threat might not go away any time soon, so we need every soldier we can get." and Jack asks her "So, what are you gonna do? When this is all over, I mean?" and Clementine stays silent for a second, before saying "I don't know. This 'Multiverse War' shit isn't my kind of thing anymore, Jack. I'm sick of it, and I don't want most of my life to just be bloodshed and killing, destruction... Loss. I want to be better than that." and Jack tells her "Well, you already are. When this is over, I'm going to stop killing. Even if it means leaving MAVERICK, leaving The Incredibles... For good." and Clementine asks "You'd do that? Leave your family, just to stop killing?" and Jack answers "Well, yeah. I'm better than that, Clem. I'm more than just a soldier, a killer. Shooting, stabbing and beating people to death can't be everything I can do with my life." as they keep loading up their Assault Rifles. Clementine then puts her Rifle down and says "You did good against Underminer, Jack. You did good in the Battle of Metroville too... I think I've been worrying about you way too much." and Jack asks "What do you mean, Clem?" and Clementine sighs, answering with "People in America idolize you and your family. They gave you the nickname 'The Jackal', but to me... You're way more than just a name or a person: You're one of the greatest Superhuman's I have ever met." and Jack looks back at her, with his eyes glowing orange.

Clementine then nervously blushes and then says "I've fought many Villains, and fought alongside a lot of Hero Knights, but... None of them were ever like you, Jack. You've made your own history... You're your own person, and I can't thank you enough for that. And from now on... You're a Superhuman of War." and Jack looks her in the eyes, and then Clementine kisses him on the lips. After a few seconds, the two stop as Clementine hugs Jack tightly, saying "This War will be over, Jack. We'll fight Syndrome and stop him... No matter what it takes!" as she gives him a Intel File marked 'From a Provocator', before walking out of the Weapons Room and saying "Open it when this is all over. Only then, you can understand the truth." as Jack asks "W-what truth? What do you mean, Clementine?" and Clementine doesn't answer, walking away as Jack looks at the File and puts it away.

Act I-III (Main Missions) Edit

A few hours later, the MAVERICK Squad is seen in a War Room being debriefed by Griggs, who says "If another Villain Attack is indeed imminent, the Squad is going to need all the help it can get. We've assigned the Marine Force Recon, Delta Force, Task Force 141 and SAS to help us stop Syndrome and his new Team: the Sinister Six!" as it pulls up Holograms of Syndrome, Green Goblin, Rhino and Underminer. Captain Price then says "We've flown our Recon Drones over a suspect Base in the Illinois Mountains that was used back in the days of Imran Zakhaev. We think that Goblin and Underminer are going there to plan their next Attack. Right now, the President has initiated DEFCON Delta, and the Vice President is en route to Chicago for an extensive Safe-Keeping. Jack, Clementine: you two will infiltrate the Suspect Base in the Illinois Mountains to find hidden Documents that detail the Six's next plans." and then McCoy explains "Once you two have given us the Intel, we'll be able to decide on our next move and stop Syndrome. Good luck." and then Jack and Clementine exit the War Room and Ho to load up for the Mission.

The game then switches to 4 hours later as Clementine and Jack are seen parachuting through a Monsoon, before landing and shooing 2 Guards with Sinister Six Symbols on their Uniforms, and Clementine says "Alright, Jack. Remember the Mission: Infiltrate this Base, and find Files for the Sinister Six's plans!" and she goes prone behind a wall and says "Get down, Jack!" as Jack gets behind the wall and a few Guards are seen with Searchlights. Clementine then says "We get caught in those lights, we're done before we're started!" as she and Jack gun down the Guards with their Silenced MP5 SMGs as Jack uses his Telekinesis to pull a Guard in and holds a Knife to his neck, saying "Spit it out, asshole! Where are Goblin and the others?!" and then the Guard says "Our Commander is in... The Control Room!" and then Jack stabs the Guard in the chest and kills him. The two then move towards an Overwatch Tower and see the Base Courtyard, which has several Helicopters, VTOL Warships and Walker Tanks with enough Weaponry to invade a large City, and Clementine scans the Courtyard and detecs dozens of Sinister Six Soldiers. Jack then says "Alright, we should use our Stealth Tech to move through the Courtyard, then head for the Checkpoint to move through the Base Interior. Follow me!" as he jumps down into the Courtyard, followed by Clementine, and the two hide behind several vacant Walker Tank to avoid an incoming Patrol, which is followed by a VTOL Warship flying above. Jack then shoots 3 more Guards with his MP5 Submachine Gun as Clementine kills 2 Guards with a Combat Axe, and then Jack starts planting several C4 Charges on the Walker Tanks, saying "If we get spotted, they'll be scrambling for their Arsenal: We'll give 'em a huge explosive surprise!" as he and Clementine go prone under a Platform and crawl across the mud-covered ground as dozens of Soldiers are heard talking, and Clementine says "Sounds like they're getting ready to move out, away from this Base: We should pick up the pace. Here, just in case they start moving!" as she plants another C4 Charge on the Platform to stop the Sinister Six Battalion from leaving the Base.

Jack and Clementine then stealthily move towards the Eastern Checkpoint (an entrance to the Base) and take out Silenced USP.45 Pistols, and Clementine says "No Powers, Jack. Let's do this the normal way!" and Jack laughs, whispering "You saying Superhumans aren't normal?" and Clementine tells him "You're not a Superhuman, you're a Mutant. You were born with your Powers-" but then Jack opens the Checkpoint Door and guns down several Guards, and then turns off the necessary Security Cameras using a Computer Terminal. After seeing Jack execute the Breach, Clementine sighs and says "Alright, we should search these Computers for Intel." as she starts using a Data Recovery Module (a Device that steals Intel) to extract dozens of Files, while saying "What I mean is, Jack... There's something that you don't know about this War, and I cannot tell you what it is." and Jack looks at her, asking "Back in the MAVERICK Base, when you gave me that Intel Document... What was on it?" and Clementine finishes stealing the Computer Files, before picking up the DRM and cryptically telling him "Before Lee was killed by the Green Goblin, he told me something: 'Jack is not who you think he is... Secrets may have a cost, but the truth can hurt somebody even more'." as she takes out her M4A1 Assault Rifle and starts stealthily moving through the Base Corridors, and Jack follows her.

The two then move through a huge hole in one of the Base Walls, climbing up several Floors towards the Command Center, hearing Syndrome saying "-Sir, our Forces in Europe are ready to strike. All Arsenals are on standby." and then Clementine and Jack see him through a small boarded Wall. Syndrome, guarded in the Command Room by several Soldiers, walks over to a Computer Screen and says "America is too heavily Defended for an all-out Invasion. What's our next move?" and the Green Goblin is seen on the screen, saying "Sytsevich is ready in Paris. Prepare our Invasion Army for the Battle of Paris!" and Syndrome responds "Yes, Sir. But I have to warn you: The United States and French Army will fight back, and the MAVERICK Squad will be in their support!" and Goblin warns "Silence! We may lose at Paris, just like we lost Metroville and New York... But at least it will be enough to leave France in ruins, and perhaps destabilize MAVERICK's Allies!" as Syndrome salutes him, before walking over towards a Terminal and saying "All Arsenals across Europe, this is Syndrome: Converge on Paris for Invasion!" and Clementine says "Fuck... Looks like it's time to go loud and leave!" as she throws a Frag Grenade into the Command Room, and Syndrome yells "Grenade, get down!!" as the Grenade exploded and kills several Guards. Jack and Clementine then slide down the Interior Walls, and Jack uses his Pyrokinesis to blast through a ceiling, entering a Room as he and Clementine gun down dozens of Sinister Six Guards and charging through the Base Interior, and Jack then activates his Metal Skin Power, jumping in the way of an RPG Launcher and gunning down more Soldiers, charging through and blasting the Base Entrance back with his Pyrokinesis, before he and Clementine charge into the Base Courtyard. As Clementine guns down dozens of charging Guards in an intense hail of Missiles and Bullets, Jack fires a Pyrokinetic Ball at a line of Walker Tanks, destroying them in a huge explosion as he and Clementine detonate their C4 Charges, and then he and Clementine run out of the Base and then dive off a Cliffside, activating their Parachutes and landing in the Illinois Woods. Jack then looks at Clementine and says "Uh... We forgot to plant Charges. The Base is still-" but then Clementine takes out a C4 Detonator and uses it, causing the whole Sinister Six Base to explode as Jack looks in shock, but impressed.

The game then switches to the City of Paris, France as the screen shows the text 'Davis Family. October 12th, 2014. Paris, France.' as Mr. Davis (a character who briefly appeared in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3) is seen recording his wife and daughter in Paris (for those who have played MW3: You know what's about to happen!), and Mrs. Davis asks "Have you got it? You recording, honey?" and then Davis responds "Don't worry, I got it working. City's nice, huh, Sarah?" and then Sarah Davis (Davis' daughter) answers "Yeah, Dad! This is awesome." as several Police Vehicles drive through the Streets, and French Military Helicopters are seen flying towards the Eiffel Tower. Sarah then asks "Dad, what's happening? Why are there-" but then a Predator Missile hits a nearby Building, and then thousands of Civilians run away in shock, along with the Davis Family. From the Camera of the Smartphone (which is ued as the POV in this section), dozens of C-130 Troop Transports drop in hundreds of Sinister Six Troops while F-21 Fighter Jets destroy Skyscrapers and kill thousands of Civilians as Davis runs away with his family, but then the Green Goblin is seen, stabbing Mrs. Davis with his Plasma Sword as Rhino jumps into the Streets in his MECH Suit along with 4 Tanks, and guns Mr. Davis and Sarah down as Paris is invaded by the Sinister Six and their Army... The Villain Armada!

After the Invasion of Paris, the game switches to 4 hours later as Jack, Clementine, the other Incredibles and dozens of other Heroes are seen inside a C-130 Troop Transport, and then Overlord (the Commander of the MAVERICK Forces) contacts them, saying "MAVERICK Squad, this is Overlord: The French GIGN is overwhelmed by the Sinister Six across the entire City. Paris is being torn to shreds, and most of the Six are there: Rhino is the Target, repeat: Sytsevich is the Target!" as the Hatch of the C-130 opens, and then Captain Price tells them "Alright, our Objective is simple: Destroy all Sinister Six Forces, pursue Rhino and end the Battle in our Victory." and Mr. Incredible says "Let's do this!!" as everyone dives out of the Troop Transport in Wingsuits, seeing the Battle of Paris below: Several Buildings crumbling down and destroying the Streets, hails Missiles and Bullets flying everywhere and slaughtering thousands of Soldiers (on both sides) as dozens of VTOL Warships and Helicopters fall from the Sky and into Skyscrapers, and then the MAVERICK Squad land and start gunning down dozens of Armada Troops, dodging Missiles and Helicopter fire as Jack jumps up into a M17-20 Attack Chopper, and then he guns down several Armada Troops and the Pilot, jumping back into the Streets as the Chopper crashes into a Building and destroys it as Jack rolls into cover from RPG Missiles. Clementine then jumps in with a War Machine Launcher, shooting several Grenades at Armada Troops and killing them as she destroys a huge Walker Tank with a Grenade Swarm, and then Jack finishes the Tank by activating his Metal Skin and slamming into the Walker Tank. Mr. Incredible and Price then work together to take down 4 XS1 Goliath MECHs, destroying them with Light-Machine Guns and their bare hands as Violet uses her Invisbility to make her way through a Building, sniping Enemies from a destroyed Building. Jack then sees a massive Battalion of Walker Tanks, VTOL Warships and Armada Troops in front of the Squad near the Coty Center, then contacts an AC-130 Warship, saying "Warhammer, this is Jackal: We have a massive Enemy Force in front of us. You're clear to engage, we are under heavy fire!" as Warhammer (the AC-130) flies in and aims at the Armada Battalion, and then the Operator tells the Gunners "Crew, go ahead and smoke 'em!" as it fores at the Armada Forces with all of its Weaponry, causing huge explosions that destroy several Buildings, along with Walker Tanks and VTOLs as the AC-130 Pilot says "That's about 80 Tangos confirmed dead, there's about 40 left. Calling a Airstrike now!" as several MAVERICK Harrier Jets fly above the City Center and commence a Percision Airstrike, causing huge explosions that destroy any remaining Armada Ordinance as Jack, Clementine, Price and all the others charge through the Streets.

Jack and the others then charge through the City Center and into the Streets, dodging an intense Missile Swarm and Machine Gun fire from an M1 Abrams Tank as he and the others take cover and gun down several Armada Troops, and the AC-130 Gunship supports them by shooting down a VTOL Warship with its 25mm Missile Launcher, then firing a Railgun Shot at the nearby Skyscraper, causing a huge explosion that destroys the Building. Price then says "Thanks for the assist, Warhammer! Everyone, into the Building! We'll cut Rhino off from there!" as everyone runs into the Building, confronted by Armada Troops across the Courtyard along with another Walker Tank. However, Jack and Clementine charge through the side of the Building and start gunning down dozens of Armada Troops, and then Jack says "Clem, grab that Sniper! I'll take care of the Tank while you provide cover fire!" as he blasts several Troops in the Courtyard back with his Telekinesis, before Levitating into the air and smashing the Walker Tank to bits as Clementine uses an RS-120 Sniper to shoot down more Armada Troops, and the Team clears the Building as the MAVERICK and Sinister Six Armies are seen battling across the entire City in an intense Battle (its basically World War 3 confined to one City). The Squad is then contacted by Warhammer, who says "MAVERICK Squad, this is Warhammer: We have spotted the HVT on the Jena Bridge, near the Eiffel Tower!" and then the Squad sees a Live Feed of Rhino in his MECH Suit, charging forward and gunning down dozens of American and French Soldiers with Armada Troops and Walker Tanks, along with VTOL Warships. Seeing a chance for victory against the Sinister Six, Jack orders "Warhammer, this is Jackal: We'll be at the Bridge ETA 2 minutes! Distract Rhino and his Forces until we can send Reinforcements, out!" as he, Clementine and all the other Heroes enter two USC-12 Wrangler Jeeps and drive towards Jena Bridge (a huge Bridge in front of the famous Eiffel Tower). Near the Jena Bridge, the AC-130 Warship targets Rhino and several Walker Tanks on the Bridge, firing all of its Weaponry at the Sinister Six Army, hitting Rhino with a Rail Laser and destroying several Walker Tanks, allowing US and French Forces to charge forward and gun down dozens of Armada Troops.

Several minutes later (both in-game and real life), the MAVERICK Squad arrived at Jena Bridge and take cover from massive hails of Missiles and Bullets as Price shoots down multiple Armada Troops and a VTOL Warship, before turning to Jack and saying "Parr, grab that Javelin Launcher and destroy the last 2 Walker Tanks! Our Forces will never win if you don't!" as Jack grabs the Javelin Missile Launcher and locks on to a Walker Tank, firing a huge Missile that destroys the Tank, then does the same to the final Walker Tank. Jack, Clementine, Price, Violet and dozens of others then charge forward and absolutely slaughter Armada Forces with the assistance of Warhammer, dodging crashing Fighter Jets, Helicopters and storms of Bullets and Missiles as they reach the Barracks right in front of the extremely damaged Eiffel Tower, and then Warhammer destroys dozens of Armada Troops with its Hellstorm Missiles, while Jack and the other Heroes gun the Troops down. As the Squad, now exhausted and battered by the Battle, starts to run out of Ammo, Jack sees several Walker Tanks and M1 Abrams approaching along with 2 VTOL Warships, throwing a Lasing Smoke Grenade, and Warhammer says "I see it, Jackal. Pacifying enemy Forces!" as the AC-130 Gunship destroys the VTOL Warships and a few Walker Tanks as Jack is hit by a Missile, using his Metal Skin to shield his body, but is heavily wounded by the Missile. As Clementine guns down Soldiers and runs to help him, Rhino uses his MECH Suit's Magnet Grip to grab Jack and throw him into the Eiffel Tower as the MAVERICK Squad looks in shock, then continues to gun down the approaching and relentless Armada Forces. Jack then stands in the damaged Eiffel Tower, wounded as Rhino gets out of his MECH Suit, and says "Now... You die, Jackal!" as he takes out a .44 Magnum Revolver and shoots Jack in the stomach and chest, and the weakened Superhuman is grabbed by the neck by Rhino, but then says "Odin 6-2... Commence Airstrike, danger close!" as he punches Rhino and starts fighting him hand-to-hand, and then Odin 6-2 (a Squadron of A10 Warthogs) is heard saying "Copy that, moving in to Airstrike the Jena Bridge and Eiffel Tower." as Rhino screams "No!!!" as Jack grabs a Glock 17 Pistol and shoots Rhino in the stomach twice, then rams his hand through Rhino and ripping his Heart out. Several A10 Warthogs then fly towards Jena Bridge, and Odin 6-2 says "Airstrike commencing..!" as a Percision Airstrike hits the Bridge and causes a huge series of explosions that decimates remaining Armada Forces, and then the MAVERICK Squad looks in shock as the last few explosions destroy the remaining Support Columns of the extremely damaged Eiffel Tower, which then slowly topples and smashes into the Paris River.

After the Collapse of the Eiffel Tower, Jack regains consciousness as he is seen bleeding heavily underwater, and then starts desperately swimming to the surface as huge pieces of Shrapnel in his right arm, stomach and chest are seen. Jack then reaches the surface of the Paris River, but loses his breath and starts to drown, but then Clementine grabs him and pulls him from the River, and Jack blacks out as dozens of MAVERICK Helicopters are seen flying above the destroyed Eiffel Tower and Jena Bridge, and the Sinister Six are pushed out of Paris as Clementine drags Jack to the Riverside and sets him down, before looking at the destroyed City and saying "Damn... We won. We did it, Jack... It's over." as Fighter Jets fly above them and into Paris. Jack then regains consciousness and looks at Clementine, coughing out blood and saying "Rhino's dead, Clem. That's 1 down, 5 to go." and a Razorback VTOL lands in front of the two, and the entire MAVERICK Squad enters the VTOL as Clementine helps Jack, and then the Razorback VTOL takes off as the whole of Paris is seen, destroyed but taken back by French Forces and MAVERICK, and the Squad looks on as the United States Air Force flies above the City. However, Jack groans in pain as he looks at the huge Shrapnel Pieces across his body (along with several bruises, burns and Bullet wounds) as he starts to pass out, eventually collapsing as Clementine is heard yelling "Jack, no!! Get a Medic down here, now! Jack..! Jack!!" as her voice is heard getting quieter, but then Jack manages to hear one more word before falling into complete unconsciousness, a name: 'Kyle'.

The game then switches to several hours later as Jack wakes up inside the Metroville Medical Center back in the United States of America. As Jack starts to regain consciousness slowly, he hears a News Broadcast that says "-French Forces in joint operation with the United States Military, along with our other Allies throughout the European Union have confirmed the capture of another Villain associated with The Sinister Six, the Terrorist Organization claiming absolute responsibility for the Battle of Paris. The Villain captured has been identified as Adrien Tombes, also referred to as 'The Vulture'. The remaining 4 members of the Sinister Six are currently reported to be in hiding, but still at large!" as Jack regains his vision and looks around, seeing that he is in a Hospital Ward at the Metroville Medical Center. Clementine is then near the side of the bed, sleeping when th her head laid down on the bedside as Jack nudges her gently, saying "Clem... Clementine, wake up. C'mon, get up." as Clementine wakes up and says "Hey, you. How are you doing?" and Jack looks at his torso and broken arm, seeing several scars and bruises, along with his arm in a cast. Jack then sighs and says "Been a lot better. But it makes it alright when you're here... We won at Paris, didn't we?" and Clementine smiles at him, saying "Yeah, the Sinister Six and their Army retreated after the Collapse of the Eiffel Tower. And the MAVERICK Security Forces captured one of their Villains: the Vulture." and then Jack looks at her, saying "I guess this Covert War is over then." and Clementine tells him "No, War never ends... It just evolves. You can't stop or prevent War, you can't contain it. If my time fighting Villains has taught me one thing... It's that you cannot stop War, you can't stop Villains. They'll just keep rising again, no matter what we do." and Jack nods in response, saying "Maybe you're right, but... At least this War, this Legend... It's ours, Clementine!" as he holds her hand with his good arm, and then kisses her on the lips.

The Truth Chapter Edit

The game then switches to 5 hours later as Jack wakes up in the Metroville Medical Center at night, as he sees that Clementine has left the Hospital. However, he sees the 'From a Provocator' Documents that Clementine gave him back at the MAVERICK Base. Jack then picks up the Documents and walks into a Maintenance Room, setting the Documents down and looking in a Mirror, seeing his reflection. Jack then opens the Documents, seeing a Laboratory Rebort which reads "May 21st, 2003, Dr. Kogan's Log: The two Subjects were born last month at a secret CIA Black Site. The parents of the Subjects have been accompanied here to supervise our findings, and with their consent, the two infants have been drafted into the Hero Knight Program. The first Subject, a 1-month-old infant named 'Jack Parr' shows extremely normal pulse, and bodily functions. A perfect Human... However, this would be the case if Jack didn't show his Mutant Gene: he is capable of Pyrokinesis, Metamorphosis, Intangibility, et cetera. However, the 2nd Subject shows normal bodily and Brain Functions, but shows no sign of the Mutant Gene, a 2-month old infant named-' and then Jack notices the name after the text: 'Kyle Reese'!

Jack then keeps looking at the Files inside the Provocator Documents, seeing Files marked with headings such as 'Gene Splicing', 'Subject Brain Cells' and many others, looking in shock and breathing heavily at the revelation that he and Kyle Reese, as infants, were experimented on by The Hero Coalition. Jack then starts to collapse from shock, but steels himself and looks at the Mirror, but doesn't see his reflection, but instead: Sees the Reflection of Kyle Reese. Looking in shock and fear, Jack looks at an Audio Log he is holding, marked 'The Truth', and he activates the Audio Log. Kyle Reese's voice is then heard in the Log, saying "Now do you remember? Who you are, and what you were born to do? When we were infants, our Genes were spliced together and they made what we are today, and thanks to our Genes, we've left our marks..." as Jack's Reflection is seen in the Mirror, but Kyle is the one looking into the Mirror instead of being a Reflection. Kyle's voice then continues in the Audio Log, saying "But you, Jack, you've written your own History. You're your own person. I'm Kyle Reese, and you are too... No, he's the two of us together!" as Jack looks in the Mirror, seeing his own Reflection and him as himself looking to it. Kyle then says "Where we are today? We built it, across The Multiverse. This story, this Legend is ours. We can change the World, and with it the Multiverse. I am you, and you are me, Jack. Carry that with you wherever you go in the Multiverse. Thank you, Jack Parr, and from now on... You're Kyle Reese!" as the Audio Log finishes. Jack then puts the Audio Log back into the Provocator Documents and gathers all of the Classified Files, putting them into the Documents Folder and then walking towards the Door with the Documents in hand. However, he looks in the Mirror one last time and sees the Reflection of himself covered in blood and intestines, with an M4A1 Assault Rifle holstered into his back. Jack then looks at his broken arm in a cast, before punching the Mirror and shattering it, and he sees some of his Reflection in the broken glass, but then Jack's Reflection is completely overshadowed by Kyle, who walks into a cloud of Smoke behind the Mirror as Jack mimics his movement and walks out of the Room.

The game then switches to several hours later as Jack walks into an Interrogation Room and then walks over to Dash and Violet, asking "How long's Clementine been at it?" and then Dash points to the Room where Clementine is seen punching, kicking and even shooting The Vulture (a member of The Sinister Six) several times, and then says "Alright, Tombes... I'm gonna ask you one more time: Where are the Green Goblin, Underminer and Syndrome?!" and Vulture spits blood, saying "So, this is how Clementine Everett interrogates Villains? I must say, I'm quite underwhelmed!" and then Jack walks in, saying "You're breaking under her methods... You'll shatter under my Interrogation!" as he takes out a Wrench and swings it at Vulture, hitting him in the leg and breaking it as the Villain screams in pain. Vulture then looks at the two and asks "Why are you doing this to me? I thought the method of Torture was illegal in the United States!" and Jack tells him "To remind you, MAVERICK isn't directly affiliated with America, so we can do whatever we want to make you talk. Waterboarding, Electrotherapy, straight up body-breaking. So... Let me ask you a question: You were a part of it? There from the beginning? The CIA sponsored a Gene Splicing Program!" and Vulture desperately says "I have no idea what you're talking about! What do you want from me..?" and Jack looks at Clementine, then back to Vulture and says "Tell me about... The Test Subjects. The young, infant boys you abducted and took to the Central Intelligence Agency for the Gene Experiments!" as Vulture explains "The Subjects were nothing, at least in their bodies. But their Genetic Code? That was everything! The CIA wiped their Memories after the Experiments, and sent them across America..! It was to help them find peace after the traumatizing Experiments!" as Jack listens to his explanation. Jack then says "You mean the fucked-up, inhumane DNA Tests you ran on newborn babies? The CIA's cover-up that killed over 300,000 Humans during the Battle of Metroville!" and Vulture says "That wasn't my fault..! Something happened during one of our Experiments, and the Subject got loose. He tore the Laboratories apart and escaped... The Guards never found him, but we managed to contain the other Test Subjects!" and Jack asks "These... Subjects, they were... Genetically identical after the Experiments, weren't they?" and Vulture responds "Yes, they were. They never looked the same, sounded the same... But they were formed from one of the Infants we abducted!" and Jack asks him "What was his name? The infant boy who was the Genetic Template?" and Vulture answers "The Project was headed by Norman Osborn, the father to Harry Osborn." and Jack tells him "I won't ask again. The boy, who was the Genetic Template... What was his name?" and Vulture looks at him, then says "The boy's name was... Kyle Reese!" as Clementine looks at Jack in shock, knowing he has found the Truth. Jack then pauses for a few seconds, then says "This CIA Station... Where is it?" and Vulture says "The Station is under the guise of a massive Diamond Mine, in Siberia!" and Jack tells him "Thank you..." as he takes out an MR6 Pistol, and shoots Vulture in the head, blowing the Villain's brains out and killing him.

Act IV: Battle at the Diamond Mine Edit

The game then switches to a few hours later, showing a Holographic Map of a huge Diamond Mine in Siberia, and then Clementine is heard saying "So, you want to go to the CIA Fortress and kill the Sinister Six? That's a huge leap, Jack." and Jack tells her "Clementine, we have one shot to kill Goblin and Underminer before they rally their Forces, and turn this Reality into ashes. This Diamond Mine is a massive Crater with several Bunkers inside, a huge Army Force... Goblin is likely located inside the Underground Bunker!" as the Holographic Map goes past the massive Outer Base, into the Diamond Mine and shows a gigantic Underground Bunker miles underground, and Dash comments "Underminer..? Course he'd be underground!" and then Mr. Incredible tells the Squad "Okay, the entire MAVERICK Battalion and US Army are on standby, our Initital Forces are mov ng in. This War ends now, today..!" as the Holographic Map shows dozens of VTOL Warships, Helicopters and Predator Drones heading for the Diamond Mine, ready for the Final Battle of the MAVERICK-Sinister Six Covert War!

The game then switches to Jack's point of view as he takes control of a Minigun aboard a VTOL Warship, and then with all the other Heroes assembled behind him, Mr. Incredible says "Alright, listen up! This may be the last time we ever fight alongside each other, as fellow Heroes. Today we fight for those who have died to stop the Sinister Six, and fight for those who will die today..! But I just want you all to know this: Friends, family..." as he looks around at the other Incredibles, Clementine, Ghost and Captain Price, then finishes his speech with "You are all amazing examples of what a Hero should be. You fight with bravery, valor and loyalty... For MAVERICK, for Earth... For Humanity!" as all the other Heroes repeat the MAVERICK line, then Jack opens the VTOL Door and says "Let's finish this thing!" as he sees the Diamond Mine, the Battle of Siberia is in progress: dozens of massive explosions, Missile fire, hails of Bullets, dying Soldiers and crashing Aircraft from both sides as Jack fires the Minigun at Sinister Six Forces below, killing dozens of Troops as Warhammer (the AC-130 Gunner from the Battle of Paris) fires all of his Weaponry at the Diamond Mine, obliterating Sinister Six Forces as Jack and the others Rapell into the Outer Base and charge through RPG Missiles and hails of Bullets, gunning down dozens of enemy Soldiers as the Incredibles all use their Powers to destroy Sinister Six Forces, but while Jack constantly persists through the Battle, he hears Kyle saying "Listen only to the sound of my Voice... Let your Mind relax. Let Peace be upon you!" as he snaps out of it, and is hit by an RPG explosion and blasted back a few feet. Jack then gets up and starts gunning down more Troops, using Telekinesis and Pyrokinesis to kill several more of them as he and the others dive into a Trench for cover as their VTOL Warships and Helicopters are shot down, and then Dash says "Warhammer, hit that Bunker in front of us now!!" as Warhammer fires at the Sinister Six Forces, causing huge explosions that kill dozens of Soldiers, destroys several Aircraft and blasts the Diamond Mine Entrance open.

The MAVERICK Squad then charges into the Base, gunning down dozens of enemy Soldiers as the Battle of Siberia rages on outside, and then after 6 minutes (in-game and real life gameplay), Jack sees Underminer running for a Bunker Elevator, and then he and the Team start gunning down several more Soldiers. Dash then says "He's locked down the Elevator! Any bright ideas?" and Violet tells them "We can use my Forcefield to float safely down to the Underground Section, but there's gonna be a hell of a lotta Soldiers down there!" as she activates her Forcefield and wraps all the others with Force Energy, before leaping off the Mine Bridge and moving to the Underground Section, dodging RPG Missiles and hails of Bullets as they all gun down dozens of Sinister Six Soldiers. However, just before the Troops retreat, Underminer jumps out of the Underground Bunker in a huge XS1-Goliath MECH Suit, jumping in and firing at the Heroes who fight back in an intense hail of Bullets and Missiles. After a few minutes of fighting Underminer and dozens of Sinister Six Troops, Jack critically damages Underminer with a Pyrokinetic Blast, and then starts punching the MECH Suit with Pyrokinetic Strikes as Mr. Incredible grabs Underminer and throws him into the Balcony beloe Diamond Mine Entrance, but then hundreds of Sinister Six Troops start charging in and shooting at the Incredibles, with dozens of RPGs flying in and exploding, causing one explosion to hit and critically wound Jack, who is knocked unconscious.

Jack, now seeing blurry RPG Missiles and crashing Helicopters in the Diamond Mine, alongside dying Soldiers surrounding the MAVERICK Squad, he hears Kyle saying "Let the bad Memories fade. You are in control... Calm, and at Peace!" as Jack regains complete consciousness, and then Violet runs to him through Bullets and explosions, before dragging him towards the Underground Bunker as the other Heroes cover them, gunning down even more charging Soldiers. Mr. Incredible then says "Clementine, Dash, you've gotta go! Make sure Jack gets out!" and then Underminer (still inside his damaged MECH Suit) jumps on a Support Column and fires several Missiles at them, causing explosions as Mrs. Incredible says "Violet, cover our right flank! Dash, go with Clementine and Jack!" as Dash turns to his father, saying "You'd better be right behind us!" as he runs towards Jack, passing him an M4A1 Assault Rifle and dragging him towards the Bunker Entrance, and then Violet, Mr. Incredible and Mrs. Incredible all begin making a final stand against the Sinister Six in the middle of hails of Bullets and Missiles, gunning several Soldiers down. Violet then jumps away from an exploding RPG Missile, then gets back up and starts gunning down Soldiers as 3 more approach the Incredibles, and the critically wounded Jack guns them all down as Mrs. Incredible is hit by an explosion, but uses hand-to-hand Combat to kill 2 more Guards, and Jack guns down 3 more near his family and 4 on a Scaffolding. Violet is then shot in the stomach by a Stealth Soldier, and drops her MK14 Marksman Rifle, replacing it with a Forcefield and MK-1911 SMG-Pistol as she guns down more incoming Soldiers, and then an RPG Missile explodes next to Mr. Incredible, hitting him full force and weakening him as Underminer (with what remains of his shattered MECH Suit) charges in and tries to kill Mr. Incredible, who hits him in the face with his M249 SAW Light-Machine Gun, and then stabs Underminer in the throat with a Combat Knife. However, as Underminer falls to the ground, a stray Bullet hits Mr. Incredible in the chest, sending him to the ground in weakness as Jack gets up and tries to get to his family, but Dash and Clementine hold him back and pull him into the Underground Bunker, and the boy shouts "Guys, it's time to move! Come on!!" but Mr. Incredible gets up and takes out a Desert Eagle Pistol, gunning down more Soldiers as he says "Just go, get outta here!" as several more RPG Missiles fly in as Dash closes the Bunker Entrance, and Jack screams "No!!!" as the explosions and Bullets obscure the 3 Incredibles, and the Entrance closes as Jack falls to his knees, sobbing over the loss of his family (apart from Dash).

The game then switches to 30 minutes later as Jack is seen sitting inside a Diamond Mine Tunnel, loading his M4A1 Assault Rifle as Clementine talks to Dash, saying "He hasn't said anything in the last half hour, Dash. I'm gonna go and talk to him." but Dash stops her, saying "Clem, please... You'll only make him worse. That kid's been traumatized enough." and then Clementine gives him a 'death stare', and Dash stands aside and says "Uh... Nevermind." as Clementine walks over to Jack and says "Hey, Jack. You alright..?" as she turns to Dash and gestures for him to look for a way out of the Tunnel, and Dash uses his Super-Speed to look around for a way out. Clementine then sits next to Jack and looks at him, seeing that he has bloodshot and teary eyes. Jack then hugs her tightly and starts crying, then says "They're dead, Clem... All of them. Dash and I are the last." and Clementine tells him "Kyle and the Genetic Clones, you and Dash are 2 of them. Kyle was your Gene Code, and now his Legacy lives in you." and Jack asks her "Which one is Dash? Another version of Kyle?" and Clementine explains "I can't tell you that, Jack... Everything you need to know is already at the Provocator Documents. Where did you put the Files?" and Jack answers "At the House, in my Room. I'm gonna keep them there so Dash doesn't know." as Clementine sees a large blood stain on Jack's hoodie, looking in shock and saying "Oh God, Jack... You're bleeding!" and then Jack notices the blood and groans in pain, saying "Oh, shit. It's on the arm that was... Broken..." as he passes out from blood loss, and Clementine screams "No, Jack! Dash, get back here! Dash!!" as the screen turns to black.

Act IV End: Return to Diamond Mine Edit

After the Victory of MAVERICK in the Battle of Siberia, the game shows Jack, Clementine and Dash are seen in Metroville (in Illinois, the United States) in a Car, with Dash driving through the Metroville Outskirts as Jack and Clementine sit in the back (with Jack suffering from a broken arm again, with a scar now under the cast). Dash then tells them "Arrangements are being made for a Funeral all the Arlington National Cemetery... For all 3 of them." as Jack lays his head on Clementine's shoulder, using his good arm to grip her hand, and Clementine plays along to the conversation, saying "Good, they were Heroes. They deserve a Hero's burial..." as Dash responds "Thank you, Clem, for... Helping Jack through all this. It means a lot to us." as Jack holds Clementine's hand tighter, looking at her with bloodshot eyes. Clementine then tells Dash "Alright, Dash, just... That's enough." as Dash sees the two through the rearview mirror, saying "Alright, sorry. Is he alright?" and Clementine responds "The Doctors did a Psycheval on him at the Hospital, and they told me that he might have long-term PTSD." as Dash keeps driving through the City, and Jack falls asleep next to Clementine. A few minutes later, Dash is seen outside the Car in a Gas Station near the Metroville Outskirts, while Jack and Clementine stay in the back of the Car with Jack sleeping next to Clementine. Jack then starts mumbling in his sleep and slowly wakes up, asking "Clem, what time is it?" in an exhausted voice, and Clementine answers "Don't know. It's about midnight... You alright?" and Jack tells her "I'm not really doing too good, Clem. My arm hurts, and I feel like an emotional wreck. I heard Dash already say this, but... Thank you, for looking after me. I have no idea what I'd do without you." as he starts crying slightly and leans his head on Clementine's chest, and Clementine says "It's alright, Jack. I'm here for you, alright?" and Jack nods in response, and then Clementine kisses him on the forehead and wraps her arms around him. Jack then starts sobbing, saying "I don't know what I'm gonna do, Clem. My parents and sister are dead, and... What if I lose Dash as well?" and Clementine runs her hand through Jack's hair, saying "Don't talk like that, Jack. You will never lose your brother, because we're a Team that can never be stopped even if one of us dies! Besides, even if you do lose him... I'll still be there for you, to protect and take care of you." as Jack grips her hand affectionately, and Clementine says "I'll always be there for you, no matter what. You got that?" and Jack just nods in response, and after that Clementine gently grips Jack's broken arm. Jack then says "I know you'll always be there for me, Clementine... And that's one of the reasons I love you. I mean, you're an amazing person, you have a good personality, and... You're so beautiful." and then Clementine looks at him, then says "I promise you that I will protect you, and never let anyone hurt you for as long as I live." as Jack's eyes glow yellow with Telekinetic Energy as he starts to fall asleep next to Clementine. A few minutes later at the Parr Residence, Dash parks the Car and gets out of it as Clementine opens the back Door and sees Jack still sleeping next to her as Dash walks up and shakes the young boy, saying "Jack, wake up-" but then Clementine sways his hand away and says "No, don't wake him. I'll carry him inside the House... He's real light." as Dash responds "Alright, just set him down on the Couch and I'll cook something. You think he's hungry?" and then Clementine tells him "He ate some food before he left the Hospital, so how about we order some Pizza and I'll save him some?" as Dash nods in response and says "I'll order it, then. The standard alright?" as Clementine simply responds "Yeah, make sure they get a Large! After tonight, we'll need it." before she gets out of the Car and picks Jack up, holding him in her arms as she enters the House and feels Jack moving around very slightly and mumbling, so then Clementine gently sets the boy down on the Couch and runs her hand through Jack's long Auburn hair and saying "Shh, Jack... It'll be alright." as Dash walks into the Living Room and puts his Phone down, turning it off and saying "Right, I've ordered it and they'll be here in about 20-" as he sees Clementine comforting Jack and chuckles, saying "Aww, that's just fucking adorable. You two are adorable together, y'know that?" as Clementine blushes and then says "What? He only needs someone to comfort him." and then Dash responds with "Clem, he adores you. You know that, right? He absolutely adores who you are... You're his idol." as Clementine looks at Jack (who is still sleeping) and says "Well, he was my idol. After he led us in the Battle of Metroville and stopped Syndrome, I... Always thought about him for months on end since the Battle ended, and then when Lee died he was always there to look out for me. He was in a few of my Classes at School, and we always sat next to each other and talked about what happened." as she laughs and says "We sat on the School Roof for all of Recess, and for 10 minutes I was laying my head on his shoulder and he'd tell me everything was fine... I'd just cry into his hoodie." and then Dash looks at her in sympathy and sees a tear escape from Jack's closed eye, which Clementine then wipes away as Dash tells her "You two adore each other. And you're both cherishing each other now, aren't you..?" as Clementine simply nods in response and Dash walks out of the Room for her to stay with Jack.

The game then switches to the next morning as Jack wakes up in the Parr House as it is seen raining heavily outside, and he gets up as Clementine walks into the Room, saying "Hey... You alright?" and Jack looks at his broken arm and moves it around slightly in the cast, answering with "Not doing too good. Where's Dash?" and Clementine tells him "He's heading to the Pentagon in Washington DC to find more about the Green Goblin and Syndrome's whereabouts. No bodies were found inside the Diamond Mine after it was destroyed, but we may have a lead: Several PMC Soldiers were seen moving across US-held Borders in Afghanistan, and into an old US Military Bunker, code named 'Site Hotel Bravo'. The PMC Forces in the area were sent by the Central Intelligence Agency, but they haven't had contact in 20 hours." as Jack asks "So, you think these PMCs got killed by what's left of the Sinister Six Army?" as Clementine nods in response, then says "By the way, have you heard the News? The President made a speech this morning." as she turns on the TV next to Jack, which shows a News Broadcast. A Reporter is then seen in front of the White House, saying "Today, the President of the United States met with the French Prime Minister and Russian Secretary of Defense in order to discuss recent, Global Events involving the massive Conflict between two Factions: The MAVERICK Squad, defenders of America, and their rivals: the Sinister Six." as it shows POTUS, the French Minister and Russian Secretary inside the Oval Office, and the Reporter states "After the Meeting between the 3 Officials, the President stated: 'This Administration, along with our Allies throughout the United Nations has decided to fund even more MAVERICK Forces to combat any threat to the World, whether it be deemed Otherworldly or foreign'. For the first time in an entire year, it seems the World will finally know Peace. The United Nations has now pledged full support towards the MAVERICK Squad." as Clementine turns the News Report off.

Jack then sits down on a couch and says "I guess the War is over, then... Officially." and Clementine tells him "Unofficially, it isn't. Our War ends when Goblin and Syndrome are both dead!" as she sits next to him and puts a hand on his broken arm, saying "You'll be alright in a few weeks, then we can go to Afghanistan to investigate Site Hotel Bravo. You're gonna be fine until then, right?" and Jack nods in response. Clementine looks at him and notices his disheveled look and long Auburn hair, says "Jack, you look like a mess, and man, you really need a haircut. You want to take a shower or something?" and Jack sadly responds "No, I just wanna stay with you, Clem." as he lays his head on Clementine's shoulder and tells her "I... I love you. I really do, and... You and Dash are the 2 most important people in my life." and then he kisses her on the lips. Clementine then runs her hand through Jack's Auburn hair, saying "Kyle..." and Jack says "I know that I'm his Clone, you know... Why didn't you tell me?" and Clementine explains "I couldn't, Jack... Not without changing The Multiverse, and if I did that it would have massive repercussions. The very fabric of our Reality would be torn apart, along with hundreds of others." as she looks at the Provocator Documents on a nearby Desk. However, Jack then hears a sound coming from the doorway and sees Dash standing there, and the older Incredible teasingly says "Aw, you two are so cute together." and Jack gets up, asking "Dash? The hell are you doing here?!" as his face goes completely red, and Dash laughs, saying "Alright, well... You two lovebirds need to know something: The Russian Army was just deployed to retake and guard the Diamond Mine after the Alliance Treaty was signed, but this morning we lost all contact with the Russian Forces in the Mine. We've sent our US Soldiers to investigate the Incident Site, but they're waiting for us at the US Military Base in San Francisco. Jack, I'll give your arm a few days to heal, but... This Mission is top priority, so don't take too long!" as he zooms out of the House. Jack then looks at Clementine with a red face from embarrassment, and then Clementine smiles at him and says "Come here." as she kisses him on the lips again, holding Jack's broken arm while the young Mutant wraps his good arm around Clementine's waist.

The game then switches to 4 days later as it shows the destroyed Diamond Mine under Quarantine by the Russo-American Joint Forces, and then a UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter approaches the Base Camp set up near the destroyed and abandoned Diamond Mine. The Chopper then lands on a Helipad as Jack, Clementine and Dash exit it and aim their Weapons, seeing several dead Russian and American Troops. Dash then says "Looks like we're gonna have company: You two stay behind me, we should head deeper into the Mine!" as Jack sarcastically responds "Oh, that's an awesome idea, bro!" as the 3-Hero Squad moves up and patrols the Base Campmto search for survivors, only to find dead Soldiers with no traces of the Attackers. However, Clementine enters a small Listening Post and sees several dead Russian Troops with Blade cuts in their stomachs and chests, along with Bullet Casings on the ground, and then she looks at the wall and sees a Message written in blood: 'The Truth hurts, Clementine. You kept a Truth from him... But he also kept one from you!' as Clementine hears Kyle talking to her, saying "Imagine yourself... In a Multiversal Forest!" as she falls to the floor, but then gets back up and dismisses the voice of Kyle. The Heroes then Repel into the destroyed Diamond Mine Ruins and ready their Weapons, and Jack says "Stay frosty, there could be anyone here... Or anything!" as Clementine keeps hearing voices when patrolling the Mine, saying "Imagine somewhere calm... Imagine somewhere safe!" and then they enter an Incubation Chamber deep inside the Diamond Mine, seeing several Containment Tanks which contain something that shocks them all: Several different Clones of Kyle Reese, all filled with Bullet holes and the Tanks smashed to pieces. Looking completely shocked, the Heroes then hear a voice saying "Didnyou really think that 6 more versions of Kyle Reese was actually good for The Multiverse? No..!" as a Command Room opens after the Lights turn on, and Syndrome is seen standing there holding a G18 Machine-Pistol. Syndrome then mockingly tells them "You do realize... There's 2 in the Chamber right now, live Specimens?" and he points to Jack and Dash, then over to Clementine and says "But you, Everett. No, you are something else to Kyle! You're a Conduit for a message that the Multiverse sends throughout itself... And I have a Truth to show you!" as he turns on a Computer Screen near Clementine, showing the text 'Mission #1780: September 19th, 2012' as the Screen shows the perspective of a Security Camera on the Streets of Savannah, and Clementine looks in shock and says "Wait... I recognize that place!" as the Computer Screen shows a Car driving in the Streets at night.

However, Clementine looks in complete shock as the Car is hit by an Grenade Impact, causing an explosion that blasts the Vehicle forward several feet, and then sounds of pained groaning is heard from a man and a woman, and Syndrome (knowing what the Footage shows) laughs and says a phrase: "You love Kyle Reese, don't you, Clementine? Love him more than anyone else in the Multiverse, but what if I told you, showed you even... That he took love away from you?" and Clementine looks in shock at the Footage, asking "No, no..! What is this?!" and Syndrome tells her "Savannah, Georgia... September 19th, 2012. The night your parents died! Lee told you it was a Car accident, but... In a way he was right, however, in a way he also lied to you. The one who killed your parents..?" as it shows the Camera Footage from the Assassin's point of view as he walks up to the flaming Vehicle, and then Ed (Clementine's biological father) crawls away from the crash and says "Please, my wife... You have to help her!" but then the Assassin grabs Ed by the neck and takes out a Glock 17 Pistol, shooting him in the head and blasting his Brains all over the crashed Car as Clementine (watching the old Footage) starts crying, and then Diana (Clementine's mother) is seen in the crash, desperately shouting "Ed... Ed?! Help me, please..." but then the Assassin grabs her by the neck and snaps it, killing the woman and then walking away from the crash. However, the Assassin looks up at the Security Camera and reveals himself as the true killer of Clementine's parents: Kyle Reese! After Kyle shoots the Camera, Clementine smashes the Computer Screen in rage and sadness, and then stops as she looks at Jack furiously, and then asks "Did you know..?" and Jack asks "What do you mean? How would I-" but then Clementine grabs him by the hoodie and says "Don't fucking play dumb with me! When I gave you the Provocator Files, did they mention my parents at all?!" and Jack looks at her in fear, then sighs and says "They said something about an Assassination in Savannah, but... I never made the connection to your parents, I swear!" and Clementine looks at him and cries, but then Jack puts a hand o her shoulder and says "Clementine, I-" but then Clementine screams in rage and punches Jack in the face, sending him back down to the floor as Dash uses his Super-Speed to try and grab her, but Clementine elbows him in the stomach and starts fighting the two, and Syndrome laughs evilly as he tries to leave the Diamond Mine with his Copy of the Provocator Documents.

Clementine then keeps fighting Dash and Jack, using an EM1 Quantum Laser to blast Dash into a Ventilation Shaft and fighting the two Incredibles, smashing each other around and then Dash and Jack team up on Clementine, hitting her with their Powers and blasting her through a Wall and into the Diamond Mine Command Room, and then Clementine jumps up and punches Jack to the side, grabbing him by the neck and saying "Do you even remember their names?!" as she fights both of the Incredibles at the same time using flips, kicks and Weapons such as her KF5 Submachine Gun. However, Jack and Dash then regain their advantage and start simultaneously fighting Clementine, hitting her multiple times as she desperately tries to shoot them both. Clementine then kicks Jack in the stomach and then in the face, knocking him aside as Dash throws her into a wall and Clementine takes out a LR-45 Sniper Rifle, and then Dash grabs it and attempts to stop her from shooting Jack. However, Clementine pulls the trigger and Dash is shot in the chest by the Sniper at point blank, and then Dash falls the floor bleeding heavily as Jack screams "No!!!" and his eyes start glowing orange in rage, then he lunges at Clementine and starts to fight her again, throwing furious punches and hitting Clementine multiple times as the two carry on with the ferocious Battle. A few minutes later, Syndrome walks out of the Diamond Mine and looks at the Russo-American Forces approaching the Diamond Mine, he hears Dash ask "Why, Syndrome? Why did you do this..? All of this?" and then Syndrome sits down in the snow and says "Back in 1989, when Mr. Incredible was a Hero Knight... He stopped a Bank Robbery headed by an Armada Sleeper Agent, but after a huge shootout with the Metroville Police and capture of the Sleeper Agent, Mr. Incredible was faced with a disaster. The Agent planted a C4 Charge in a Train Station, which was rigged to an L-Train... The Charge detonated when the Train reached the Station, and it killed 287 people." as Dash walks up behind him, clutching his bullet wound, and Syndrome tells him "My mother was inside that Train when the Bomb detonated. Because of your father's incompetence, it cost my mother and 286 Civilians their lives..! And I knew that, after my Omnidroid failed me 15 years later, and after you and the other Incredibles stopped me 10 years ago, I knew that I wouldn't be able to kill the Incredibles... But what if I could get them to kill each other?" as it shows Jack and Clementine still fighting in the Diamond Mine, with both of them battered, bruised and bloody.

Clementine then blasts Jack with an EM1 Laser, but the boy blocks the Laser with his Pyrokinesis and screams in rage as he manages to blast Clementine with the Pyrokinetic Barrier, and then starts punching her to the ground, taking out a Combat Knife and raising it into the air. However, he stabs the floor next to her instead of killing her, and outside the Diamond Mine, Dash stabs Syndrome through the throat and brutally rips the Knife through the Villain's throat, and Syndrome falls into the snow and says his final words: "Jack and Clementine, there's... No coming back from this. War has begun, and it will not... Be averted..." as he slowly draws his last breath and dies slowly as Dash looks at Syndrome's dead body and then falls to his knees, and then hits the ground himself. Inside the Diamond Mine Ruins, Jack stands up and coughs out blood, saying "Clementine, I'm not gonna fight you... I care about you too much." and Clementine starts getting up, before yelling "No, you don't!!" as she punches Jack in the face, knocking him to the ground and then Jack says "Clem, please!! I don't want to fight..." and Clementine punches him again, furiously asking "Did you listen to my parents when they pleaded for mercy?!" as she punches him in the face several times, yelling "Did. You. Listen?!" as she holds Jack by the neck. Jack, now extremelt bruised and heavily bleeding from his nose and mouth, tells her "I couldn't have. Because I'm not Kyle Reese, Clem... I'm Jack Parr, a Clone of him!" as Clementine freezes in place, and then looks in shock as she stops fighting Jack, standing up and looking in shock and sadness at what she has just done, and then Jack falls into unconsciousness as he hears Kyle's voice saying "You are standing in a clearing... Trees so tall around you they touch the Sky!" and as Jack passes out, Kyle says "Pure white snowflakes fall all around, and you can feel them melt on your skin... But you are not cold. It cannot overy helm the warmth of your beating Heart!" as the screen turns to black.

Epilogue: Making Amends Edit

The game then switches to a couple of days later as Jack wakes up inside the Metroville Medical Center, looking around the Hospital Ward and seeing himself attached to IV Machines and his torso bandaged as he looks towards a nearby Desk, seeing his Cellphone and then picking it up. Jack then sees an Email left by Clementine, and then listens to an Audio File that says "I didn't choose to keep Kyle Reese and the other Clones a secret. I wanted to tell you about my feelings towards you, Jack... But the Multiverse only knows cruelty towards the Hero Knights!" as he listens to the Audio Log, with tears in his eyes, and Clementine explains "Vengeance was what drove me in that fight, and all I saw was red when I attacked you. But I knew that still, deep down, I still cared about you so much. Just like you never stopped fighting, I never will... Not for Kyle Reese, but for you! You're Jack Parr, and I wouldn't have it any other way. Please, don't try and find me after you listen to this, because all you'll find is a life of endless pain and sadness, and that isn't what I want for you... I am Clementine Everett, and I am the Silent Protector of The Multiverse!" as the Audio Log ends, and Clementine is seen on the adjacent Building towards the Hospital, loading an RS-120 Sniper Rifle and walking away, using Active Camo to turn invisible.

The game then switches to the Arlington National Cemetery as Jack walks over to the Graves of Mr. Incredible, Mrs. Incredible, Violet and now a new Grave for Dash (who died from his wounds in Siberia) as he takes out a Glock 17 Pistol, alongside a metal Incredibles Symbol, and then slowly puts the two Mementos on the Gravestone and walking away. Several hours later, Jack is seen holding the Provocator Documents in his hands, crying as he reads them one last time (having learned about his Past as Kyle Reese) and then hearing the voices and screams of Clementine's parents, and then he uses his Pyrokinesis to burn the Documents, throwing them on to a Fireplace and then watching as they burn. After the Documents all burn away completely, Jack hears a voice from behind him say "Jack? Jack..?" and then Jack turns around to see a young boy holding a MP5K Submachine Gun standing in the Doorway, saying "I knew you'd have figured out the Past by now. I, uh... Didn't want to mess the Multiverse up, did we?" and Jack looks at the boy, saying "Whoa, whoa... You stay right there!" and the boy responds "I'd like to tell you a few things, if that's alright. I know that this is impossible to understand, Jack, and I don't know what to say at all, except I'm sorry, but... I'm Kyle Reese!" as Jack looks at him in shock. Jack then says "You're not my brother!" and Kyle tells him "I am your brother, Jack. I need to-" but then Jack yells "My brother is dead! He's dead, who are you?!" and then Kyle explains "I had to escape the Diamond Mine, so I could free all the other Clones. Alright, I needed to-" but then Jack grabs him and shouts "What?! Say what you need to, just say it! Where the fuck have you been?!" as he starts crying uncontrollably and says "You're dead..." and Kyle holds Jack's shoulders, saying "I had to disappear and free you from the Cloning Facility, to stop Osborn and the Sinister Six from hurting you! If Goblin or Syndrome found out you were my Clone, he would have killed the Incredibles and destroyed Metroville when he unleashed the Omnidroid 10 years ago! It was the only way to keep you safe, and I hate myself for it..." as Jack grabs Kyle and hugs him, sobbing as Kyle comforts him saying "Hey, it's alright. Don't cry, Jack... It's okay." as the two brothers stand inside the Parr House.

Meanwhile, Clementine walks into an abandoned Warehouse in the Metroville Docks, holstering her SC-2010 Assault Rifle and saying "Alright, I'm here. What do you want... Jacks?" and then Jackson 'Jacks' Pearce walks into the Room, saying "So, Dash is dead too? Shit." and then Clementine says "His death was necessary, we can't have another Kyle Reese Clone walking around." and Jacks tells her "You will not believe who I found and fought against today: Dash was not a Kyle Reese Clone, but there's another one that is." as he opens a Steel Dor and Clementine sees a young, blonde-haired boy handcuffed to a Railing, and she realizes who it is: A younger version of Dash, born from the Provocator Cloning Project! Clementine then looks in shock and says "Oh, fuck, shit!!" as she punches a wall next to her and yells in rage, but then stops and asks Jacks "Which one is he? There's 3 children born to Dennis and Mary Reese: Kyle, Aidan and the 3rd was sent of to another family. His name is John Connor, now which of those triplets..." as she points at the Young Dash, then asks "..Is he?" and Jacks hesistates with his answer, then responds "I don't know. We need to take him to a Hospital, get a DNA Test done and take a look at him, but... If we can get Jack to help us-" and Clementine tells him "No, Jack must not know about this! He'll never believe there's a 3rd Clone." and Jacks asks "How many Clones were there, exactly?" and Clementine answers "3 for each of the Reese triplets, 5 of them were killed by Syndrome. The ones left are Jack and this version of Dash... And 2 of them are unaccounted for!" and then they both look at the 11-year-old version of Dash, and the screen turns to black as the game ends and the Credits roll.

Sequel Edit

Main Article: War Of Heroes 4: Phantoms

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