War of Heroes Octalogy:
Part I
Official Poster
Developer Ubisoft-Pixar
Publisher Activision
Platform Xbox One
Xbox 360
PlayStation 4
PlayStation 3
Genre First-Person Shooter
Release June 1st, 2016
Modes Campaign
4-Player Co-Op
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: R18+
Media Optical Dusc, Digital Download
Series War Of Heroes Octalogy Series
Predecessor None (Chronologically)
Successor War Of Heroes Octalogy: Part II
War Of Heroes Octalogy: Part I is the first installment of the newest series of WOH Games, the War Of Heroes Octalogy Series. The game and new Series are both considered as either Spin-offs or Reboots of the current Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe first launched in 2015 by Ubisoft-Pixar. The game takes place in 2014, in an Alternate Universe known as Earth-2340 where The Hero Coalition and The Villain Armada do not even exist, instead replaced by two Factions known as the Hero Alliance and First Villain Order, who are at War on Earth-2340 in an effort to control it and have their own objectives for The Multiverse: the Alliance stands for Freedom and Heroism, while the Order stands for Oppression and Tyranny! The game is set for release on all Consoles in 2016.

Cast Edit

  • Raymond Ochoa as Dashiell 'Dash' Parr
  • Melissa Hutchison as Clementine Everett
  • Bryant Prince as Kyle Reese
  • Nicholas Bode as Jackson 'Jacks' Pearce
  • Jack Riedy as James Pearce
  • Mark Grigsby as Griggs
  • Craig Fairbrass as Simon 'Ghost' Riley
  • Kevin McKidd as John 'Soap' MacTavish
  • Billy Murray as Jonathan Price
  • Craig T. Nelson as Robert Parr/Mr. Incredible
  • Holly Hunter as Helen Parr/Mrs. Incredible
  • Sarah Vowell as Violet Parr
  • James Karlson as Commander King
  • Timothy Olaphant as Pvt. Massey
  • Keith Arem as Cpl. Barton
  • Alexander Roycewicz as Sgt. Arem
  • Benedict Cumberbatch as Buddy Pine/Syndrome
  • David Morrisey as Phillip Blake/The Governor
  • John Ratzenberger as The Underminer

Synopsis Edit

The year is 2014. Since the War Against the Villain Armada began, it has sent huge Dimensional Ripples across The Multiverse, and has killed trillions of Heroes and Villains across dozens of Realities. Earth-2340 is now one of these Realities within the War, between the Counterparts of the Hero Coalition and Villain Armada: The Hero Alliance and First Villain Order. After months of Global Warfare and 4 billion deaths (totaled from both Factions), the Hero Alliance is exhausted and on the verge of defeat by the Order, and as time is running out and few are left to face the enemy: The Hero Knights must find a way to leave Earth-2340 to find Reinforcements to turn the tide in the War that changed the Multiverse... And decided it's Fate!

Plot Edit

Prologue: Flashforward to the Portal Edit

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