The Warrior is the Players All 1st Mellee Class. But if it zooms in it can Send a Laser out of the sword, making it a hostage on all ranges.

Abbilities Edit

Mega Block Throw (Launch a block damaging everything in the near of it)

Super Spin (Damages everything in near of him/her)

Incredible Kick (Lauches him/her forwoard and kicks everything in his way (Even players, but they arn't getting damaged)

Description Edit

Zombies And Skeletons runs away from him/her. But Warrior thinks it is becouse he/she is scary... But if you smell him/her you'll understand why...

Character Variants Edit

Name Health Weapon Variant Avaivible In Alpha
Warrior 175 Diamond Sword Classic Yes
Fire Warrior 175 Flaming Wooden Sword Fire No
Ice Warrior 175 Frozen Stone Sword Ice
Toxic Warrior 175 Toxic Gold Sword Toxic
Electro Warrior 175 Lightning Rod Electric
Water War 175 Wet Sword Water
Cosmic Warrior 175 Cosmic Brass Knuckles Refrence Yes
Emerald Warrior 250 Emerald Sword Armored No
Super Warior 200 Heroic Fists Sniper Yes

Trivia Edit Edit

  • The Warrior Is Melle Character Together Whit Brewer (It is good at close range)
  • The Warrior Is The Only Character Which Dosn't Have Any Elements Avaivible In Alpha.

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