#000 000MS Wimpod
コソクムシ Kosokumushi
Turn Tail Pokémon
 Bug      Water 
Abilities Wimp Out
Pokédex Colour Purple
Egg Groups Unknown Egg Group

Wimpod (Japanese: コソクムシ Kosokumushi) is a dual-type  Bug  /  Water  Pokémon.

Biology Edit

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 Wimpod have a cowardly nature and are wary of noises and sudden movements. If you approach them in a group, they’ll immediately run off. When Wimpod feel threatened, they spit out a poisonous liquid. The stench of this toxic fluid signals others that danger is near. Despite their extreme cowardice, their curiosity leads Wimpod to approach people or Pokémon that are standing still. Wimpod eat and store anything that they find fallen on the ground. They also scavenge any garbage that’s been dropped in the sea, so they’re highly valued as cleaners. They sometimes carry pearls or other valuable items, so humans or Pokémon like Murkrow may target them. Wimpod has the new Wimp Out Ability, an Ability that no other Pokémon has had before. With the Wimp Out Ability, if this Pokémon’s HP drops below half in battle, it will run away or swap out for another Pokémon.  

Wimpod is a small, arthropod Pokémon. Its main body is purple and is covered by silver plating across its back. There are four plates total. The first plate covers half of its head, but leaves room for its eyes. The upper lids for its eyes appear to be covered with additional plating. The three plates on its back overlap, and each has a single black triangle in the middle. It has a long spike on each side of its head that curves backward, large yellow eyes with two short extensions over them like eyelashes, and two flat antennae that extend over its back. There are four short legs on its underside, and it has a long, prickly tail.

This Pokémon is cowardly by nature and wary of both noise and sudden movements. However, its curiosity will cause it to approach people or Pokémon that are standing still. It will spit a poisonous liquid when threatened. The stench of this fluid warns others that danger is nearby. Wimpod will eat and store anything, including garbage from the sea. This habit makes them highly valued as cleaners.

Evolution Edit

Canon Edit

in generation VII
 Bug   Water