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Wonder White

The Claws of Calamity.

Wonder White (real name: Momoe Byakkoin) is one of the recruitable team members in Locked Gaming's upcoming crossover role-playing game Multiversal Legion. He is a character from the Wii U's launch title, The Wonderful 101.

In Multiversal Legion, he is recruited after completing the first mission. He starts at Level 2. He is a melee fighter with his main ability being Wonderful Union. His weapon type is Claws.

Ability: Wonderful UnionEdit

Wonderful Union is Wonder White's ability which allows him to temporary gain the characters abilities and powers for five turns. The abilit has its drawbacks, since he also gains the disavantages from the other characters. If used with other Wonderful 101 team members, it will instead give him his Wonder Claw attack, which summons a giant claw which hits the opponent at least 10 times.

Wonderful Union can only be done if all the team members are alive and if Wonder White isn't affected by any status down condition (like Sleep, Blind, etc). If used in battle, Wonderful Union will also give extra experience points to the other team members on the team at the time.


Offensive-wise, Wonder White only uses claws as his weapons. Claws gives him a speed boost and has a high chance of critical hit opponents or give mortal damage to them, but it gives low damage to the opponents.

Defensive-wise, Wonder White only uses light-weight armors. This gives him a small defense boost and unlike other type of armors, it doesn't slows him down, however this doesn't protects him from super attacks or critical hits which can break the armor in one hit.

Wonder White's equipment when the player first meet him are:

Equpiment Name Notes
Weapon Tiger Claws Gives low damage but hits the enenmy five times.
Armor Wonder Armor Light-weight armor, can be broken if hit by a powerful blow.
Accessory Wonder Mask Allows Momoe turn into Wonder White.

If the Wonder Mask is removed, Wonder White will turn into his human form, who will not be able to use weapons or armor and deals very low damage to enemies. This makes Wonder White be one of the few characters whose starter accessory cannot be changed.

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