Woodbury Armed Forces
Logo of the WAF
Area(s) Served State of Georgia, USA
Headquarters Woodbury, Georgia, USA
Number of Members 200,000
Current Leader Phillip 'The Governor' Blake
Notable Members None
First Appearance War Of Heroes: Rise of The Dead
Latest Appearance TBA
"Obedience is Peace!

- Motto of the Woodbury Armed Forces

The Woodbury Armed Forces, also commonly referred to as the WAF, is one of the main hostile and antagonist Factions in the new Ubisoft-Pixar game, War Of Heroes: Rise of The Dead. The Faction was founded after the end of the War Against the Villain Armada, the final battle of which resulted in the Walker Invasion of Earth-23000.

Led by the Governor during the War of The Dead a whole year after the Walker Invasion, the WAF is a highly deadly and armed Faction that seeks to gain control over what remains of the United States of America, as The Hero Coalition has almost been devolved into a new Walker-hunting team known as the Deadkillers.

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