World War IV
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Previous War Against the Villain Armada
Concurrent None
Next Unknown
Conflict World War IV
Date November 19th, 2018-Ongoing as of 2018
Place Global
Outcome Unknown
The Hero Coalition:
United Nations
The Villain Armada:
Aiden Pearce
Nicole Pearce
The Underminer
900,000,000 Watch Dogs Troops 865,000,000 Armada Soldiers
90,000 Watch Dogs Troops 100,0000 Armada Soldiers
Metroville Knight
Several Armada Commanders
World War IV (also known as the Second Armada War) is a conflict in the New Watch Dogs Trilogy, and one of the main focuses of that series. The conflict started and first appeared in Call Of The Watch Dogs: Hero Knights, and was instigated by the Villain Militia after Metroville Knight (Dashiell Parr, a Fallen Hero and member of the Armada) invaded the city of Metroville, briefly occupying the massive city and killing thousands. After Metroville Knight was defeated in battle by Clementine Everett and Jackson Pearce, the Watch Dogs Military Unit came to assist, arresting hundreds of remaining Armada Troops.

After the Battle, the Villain Armada fell back from the city in Chinook Helicopters with Tank Drones attached, taking their Invasion Force (or just what was left of it) and pulling back from the city, but they would return. With World War IV now beginning, the Multiverse would be taken to a new level of War.

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