World War Z: Invaded (or World War Z: The Official Video Game in Great Britain; working title: World War Zombies) is an action RPG by Starlight Entertainment released for Xbox One, PS4, Wii U, iOS 6+ and Android 4.1+


The player plays Gerry Lane, the famed veteran who succeeded in discovering a vaccinne for the "Zombie Pandemic".  In the game, players move Gerry with a D-pad and punch/kick with [Y]. To use/switch weapons, click [A] and to attack with them, you click [B]. And to interact with others, click [X]. For the Wii U, players control Gerry's movements with the nunchuk, [c] to use/switch weapons, [Z] to attack with weapons, [A] (on Wii Remote) to interact and [B] to punch/kick.

On the bottom of the screen, it shows the number of people infected so far (only story mode), type of weapon, amount of money earned and Gerry's emotions.


The plot spans from before the movie to after it.


Gerry is watching television with his family, when there is breaking news - in Moscow, Russia, zombies have evolved to see through the vaccinnes by the Russian Government and have infected 71 individuals in total so far. Almost immediately, the UN Deputy Secretary General, Thierry Umutoni, calls and requests for Gerry's presence. However, en-route to the base, the helicopter is attacked by several zombies. A soldier, Matthew, passes him a rifle which he uses to quickly rid the helicopter of the infected.


However, when Matthew, Thierry, Gerry and his family land on the base, it is revealed that the base has already been invaded, and upon this realisation, Matthew steers the heli away. However, it runs out of gas and crash lands in Alaska. Upon landing, Karin ( his wife) and their two daughters transform into zombies and Gerry and Matthew are forced to shoot them down.

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