X-Men: Rise of The Brotherhood
Teaser Poster
Developer Ubisoft-Pixar
Publisher Activision
Platform Xbox One
Genre First-Person Shooter
Release December 12th, 2018
Modes Campaign
Ratings ESRB: Mature 17+
PEGI: 18
USK: 18
ACB: R18+
Media Optical Disc, Digital Download
Series Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe
Ubisoft-Pixar Revised Continuity
Predecessor War Of Heroes: Multiverse's Edge
Successor TBA
"Mutants and Humans Fought Together... Now They Fight Against Each Other!"

- Tagline

X-Men: Rise of The Brotherhood is a new Crossover Game in the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, taking place in the newly established and growing Ubisoft-Pixar Revised Continuity. As a continuation from the Plot of War Of Heroes: Multiverse's Edge, this new Installment takes place in an Alternative Reality where Clementine Everett and various other Heroes have joined the Brotherhood of Mutants against The Hero Coalition and a Faction called the X-Men. In this Future, the Species known as Mutants (Humans with Superpowers) are engaged in a massive War with an oppressive and Genocide-bent Human Race, with the X-Men Mutants defending Humans and Brotherhood Mutants such as Clementine killing Humans after the Destruction of The Villain Armada. The game is exclusive to the Xbox One and set for release in Late 2018.

Cast Edit

  • Melissa Hutchison as Clementine Everett
  • Michael Fassbender as Erik Lensherr/Magneto
  • Olivia Munn as 'Psylocke'
  • Raymond Ochoa as Dashiell 'Dash' Parr
  • Ben Hardy as Warren Worthington III/Archangel
  • Zoe Kravitz as Angel Salvadore
  • Jason Flemyng as Azazel
  • Alex Gonzalex as Riptide
  • Josh Helman as William Stryker
  • Craig Fairbrass as Simon 'Ghost' Riley
  • Mark Grigsby as Griggs
  • James McAvoy as Charles Xavier/Professor X
  • Hugh Jackman as Logan/Wolverine
  • Sophie Turner as Jean Gray
  • Billy Murray as Jonathan Price
  • Tye Sheridan as Scott Summers/Cyclops
  • Alexandra Shipp as Ororo Monroe/Storm
  • Ellen Page as Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat
  • Kevin McKidd as John 'Soap' MacTavish
  • Rory Watson as Keith Riley

Synopsis Edit

The year is 2019, and it has been 5 years since the Destruction of The Villain Armada and Victory of The Hero Coalition in the War Against the Villain Armada. For the time during the Multiversal Wars, the two Humanoid Species known as Humans and Mutants lived and fought alongside each other against The Villain Armada in Peace ever since the Great Invasion of Earth-135. However, after the Signing of The Multiversal Concordance, Mutants have been persecuted and treated as outcasts by Human traitors after the War in the Outer Realities of The Multiverse. With two Mutant Factions forming: The Brotherhood of Mutants, who want to destroy Humanity for their selfish misdeeds, and the X-Men who believe a Mutant-Human Peace can be established... But those beliefs were divided into a Global Conflict after the Great Superhuman War!

Now, in 2021, with millions of Humans and Mutants alike dead and the Reality known as Earth-1313 destroyed and in Ruins, an 18 year old Mutant named Clementine Everett (a Mutant who only recently discovered her Powers) must now join Magneto and his Mutant Brotherhood after her own personal loss at the hands of The Hero Coalition!

"Destroy this World" Teaser Edit

The teaser starts off showing the logo of Ubisoft-Pixar, and then shows dozens of Nuclear Missiles flying towards Low Earth Orbit as the X-Men look on in shock, and a shot of Clementine is seen as she holds someone in her arms in what appears to be a Ship Boneyard, sobbing over whoever she is holding (who I won't give away for spoilers) as Professor X says "Clementine wants to destroy this World!" as Peter 'Quicksilver' Maximoff is seen fighting Clementine inside the X-Mansion, but the girl blocks Quicksilver's punch and blasts him down using a Telekinetic Repulse. The City of Metroville is then seen in the United States of America, with its Skyscrapers and Streets being ripped apart and into one massive Armada Pyramid as the X-Men are seen fighting the Brotherhood of Mutants, with Psylocke cutting a Car in half while front-flipping through mid-air. Quicksilver is then seen next to a VTOL Warship as he says "Let's go to War!" as a text comes up saying 'This December...' and then the two Mutants, Nightcrawler and Archangel are seen fighting, Magneto throws a Metal Torrent at the X-Men, New York City is seen being ripped apart just like Metroville, and Wolverine is seen fighting against Archangel also as another Text reads 'Only the Strong Survive!'. In the final shot of the Teaser, Clementine is seen grabbing Quicksilver by the throat as Magneto says "Everything they've built... Will fall!" as Quicksilver is choked by Clementine, and the Teaser ends.

Plot Edit

Prologue: The Great Superhuman War Edit

The game begins showing a black screen with flames flying across it, with Clementine Everett narrating "The Hero Coalition and their Human Soldiers have always had a strained relationship with Mutants, their Evolutionary successors. While the War Against the Villain Armada ravaged The Multiverse for 5 entire years... Nothing could have prepared us for the Great Superhuman War! Mutants were divided into 2 Factions with different goals and ideologies: The Brotherhood of Mutants was formed to combat the corrupt and evil Human Race and United Dimensions Coalition, while the X-Men joined Humanity in an effort to bring Peace between Mutants and the few Humans who dared to help them. I was once a member of the X-Men, a Mutant who had only just discovered her Powers, but the War Against the Villain Armada and Human-Mutant War changed my ideology... And cost me someone dear to me. My name is Clementine Everett, and this is the Story of how I became a Mutant Villainess!" as the game shows the Symbols of both The Hero Coalition and The Villain Armada, which then change into the Symbols of the Brotherhood of Mutants and X-Men.

After the Opening, the game shows a completely destroyed and desolate City of Metroville in the United States of America, with hundreds of collapsed Buildings, thousands of destroyed Helicopters, Tanks and Carrier Ships from both Mutant and Human Factions as a massive Air Battle is seen with dozens of Carrier Ships belonging to The Hero Coalition fighting Mutant Forces in the City Skyline. As even more Ships are blasted out of the Skyline, Clementine is seen as she is blasted through a Building and lands on her feet, yelling "Come on, Brotherhood scum!!" as Archangel (a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants from X-Men: Apocalypse) flies in and tries to fight her in hand-to-hand Combat, only for Clementine to stab him with a Combat Knife. Clementine then throws Archangel into Giant-Man (another Mutant who is an Original Character for these Crossovers), a gigantic Mutant the size of a Building, resulting in an explosion that causes Giant-Man to hit a Skyscraper and crumble down with it. After clearing the area, Clementine runs over towards a group of dead Soldiers and grabs their M16A4 Assault Rifles, gunning down several Mutant Soldiers as Wolverine is seen cutting more Soldiers down as several more X-Men Mutants such as Cyclops, Jean Gray, Storm and even Professor X join the fight and use their Powers to shoot down dozens of Brotherhood Mutants and Carrier Ships as the Battle of Metroville continues. As United Nations Multiverse Forces fly in with their Coalition Carrier Ships and start deploying several CRE-20 Fighter Bombers, Clementine uses her Telekinesis to levitate into the air and causes a Telekinetic Explosion which blasts dozens of Brotherhood Mutants and Soldiers back, alongside Cyclops and others using their Powers. Several XRM-20 Missiles then fly past Clementine and the X-Men, only to be redirected by Magneto on top of a destroyed Building, and the Mutant tells his brethren "Psylocke, time for you to join the party! Annihilate these Human-sympathizing Mutants and their friends!" as Psylocke jumps down to the Battlefield and engages Hank 'Beast' McCoy in a one-one-one fight, Psylocke brandishing her Psionics Sword and Beast using various objects around him. Clementine then runs over to Professor X, where she sees Dashiell 'Dash' Parr (her young Mutant adopted son) as he fights Azazel (a Teleporting Mutant), in combat, and eventually gains the upper hand as Azazel fights him in an intense Plasma Sword duel. After blocking several strikes and Teleportations from Azazel, Dash manages to outrun him using Super-Speed and then blasts the Mutant back in a huge Telekinetic Blast and meanwhile, Clementine severely damages Angel Salvadore after using a Telekinetic Blast to knock her down.

With Angel wounded, Clementine rips both the Mutant's Wings off and then activates a Plasma Sword and cuts Angel's head off, but then Psylocke blasts Clementine back a few feet with Telekinesis (Clementine and Psylocke share mostly the same powers, only Clementine is far stronger) and then the two ferociously lock Blades. In another area of the Metroville Ruins, Dash is seen by several Hero Knights such as Simon 'Ghost' Riley and Captain Price fighting Azazel again, blasting the Mutant with Telekinetic Energy and weakening him greatly. After beating Azazel to a bloody pulp, Dash grabs the Demon-like Mutant and throws him through dozens of Skyscrapers which then collapse as Ghost and several other Humans look at Dash and the other Mutants battling in complete fear, and then Price says "Alright, that's enough. We need to proceed with Operation: Icepick as planned!" and Griggs asks him "Icepick?! Price, have you gone fucking insane? You know what will happen if we kill these Mutants, the backlash the United Nations Multiverse Forces will face!" but then Price shows Griggs into a destroyed pile of rubble, saying "Listen to me, Griggs: These Mutant scum will continue to wage their War Against Humans, for decades and bring this Reality to ruin! Is that really the World you want?!" and then Griggs concedes, and Ghost asks "Which Mutant is the main Target, Sir?" and Price watches Dash pick up a dying Azazel, and the young Mutant punches Azazel through a huge destroyed Building as Price tells his Squad "It's time that Clementine woke up, and saw that Mutants are a threat: Kill Dash!" and then the Battle continues on the Ground and Sky, with dozens of Coalition and Brotherhood Ships tearing each other apart above the Metroville Ruins Boneyard. Dash then slams Azazel into the remains of a crashed Brotherhood Carrier Ship, pinning the older Mutant down as Dash's body surges with Telekinetic Electricity, and then when he is fully Powered, Dash screams in rage and a massive Telekinetic Explosion emits from his entire body, which then evolves into a Nuclear-like Explosion which begins killing hundreds of Mutants and Humans alike while also bringing down Carrier Ships in the Sky from both Factions as well as destroying the Remains of Metroville, and then Clementine narrowly escapes the Telekinetic Explosion and gets blasted back alongside Professor X, Magneto and dozens of others.

The game then switches to a couple hours later as Clementine is seen running through the Metroville Ruins Boneyard (a huge Ship Disposal Site in the Outskirts of the Metroville Ruins), yelling "Dash? Dash, where are you?! Ghost, Price..! Come out!!" as she runs through the Boneyard and in front of an AC-130, and then she hears a voice saying "Stop right there, Clementine!" as Clementine stops in her tracks, then turns around to see Ghost standing there and holding Dash as a hostage, which a M1911 Pistol to the young Mutant's head. As Professor X follows Clementine and hides hear a Clearing (to be clear, X can walk in this game and still control his Powers) to oversee the action, looking in shock due to Ghost's betrayal towards the Mutants. Clementine then says "Let him go, Ghost..! I don't want to hurt you, or any other Human for that matter!" and Ghost puts the Pistol closer to Dash's head, saying "Oh? And if I happen to blow Dash's Mutant brains out right here and now?" and Clementine tells him "You hurt my boy, and I swear to God I will make Humanity suffer beyond compare!!" and Ghost responds "Ah, the old 'Humans hate Mutants' speech. You see, Clementne... Humans really do hate Mutants, because of what Mutants are capable of. Super-Strength, Invisibility, Telekinesis, Cryokinesis, the list of Mutant Powers goes on. But do you know why the United Dimensions Coalition doesn't trust Mutants? It's because of people like Magneto, and his petty Brotherhood of Mutants: They want to destroy Humanity. Fair enough, Humans have made Mutants suffer throughout the Milennia, but... That's the way Humans are, Clem." as Dash says "Clem, please... Don't listen to him!" and then Ghost takes the Safety off his Pistol, saying "Tell him if one more word comes out of his Mutant trap, I'll shut it for him!" and Clementine furiously tells her former Ally "Leave him alone! Just because he's a Mutant with high Power, doesn't mean you get to kill him! He's my son, and I won't let you hurt him.... Human scum!" and Professor X listens to what Clementine is saying in shock, as the young Mutant just declared her resentment of Humankind.

Ghost then starts laughing at Clementine's last remark, asking "Your son? A bold statement to make, considering he was just a homeless Scavenger you and Kyle Reese both found on the streets!" and then Dash looks at Clementine in fear and almost crying, and Ghost taunts her by saying "Come on, Clementine. Tell your little boy it's gonna be okay. And watch as this ends in Mutant bloodshed!" as he aims his Pistol at Dash's head. The young Mutant then starts fighting back against Ghost and yelling "No, let me go!! Clementine, don't let him kill me!!!" and then both Dash and Clementine start to manifest their growing Telekinetic Powers, and then they both blast Ghost back with a wave of Explosive Telekinesis, and then Dash runs over to Clementine and hugs her tightly. As Clementine comforts Dash, Professor X sighs in relief that no Human or Mutant blood was spilled, however Ghost then stands up and takes out a spare MP12-Rex Revolver and then fires it off a shot, which hits Dash in the back. After the shot hits Dash, the young Mutant boy's blood sprays out his stomach and then goes all over Clementie, who looks in shock and screams "No!!!!" as she holds a dying Dash, while various Mutants such as Wolverine, Cyclops, Professor X, Psylocke and even Magneto arrive and look in shock as Clementine holds Dash, who says "Clem... I l-love... I love you." and then Clementine tells him "No, no, Dash... Stay with me, please! Come on, Dash., please!!" and then Dash closes his eyes after breathing heavily and his body goes limp. As Clementine sobs over the dead body of the young boy she considered a son, Ghost looks at her with a look of remorselessness and says "Now you can see, Clementine. Mutants were never meant to exist in this capacity, and Humans should dominate!" as Clementine, still crying over Dash's body, looks up at Ghost with her eyes glowing purple in rage and Telekinetic Energy. Clementine then turns her absolute grief into complete rage, and she awakens her dormant Mutant Powers as she fires a beam of Psionics Energy at Ghost, blasting the Fallen Hero in the stomach and blasting a huge hole into his stomach which causes his intestines to fall out in a display of blood and gore as Professor X yells "Clementine, no!!" as Clementine uses a Telekinetic Grip to hold Professor X by the throat, then screams in a Power-amplified Voice "You!! You let this happen, Charles!!! You and your fucking X-Men, believing that Mutants and Humans could co-exist! But I see the truth now." as Professor X falls to his knees, and Wolverine tries to charge at Clementine with his Adamantium Claws. However, Magneto siezes the Adamantium and holds Wolverine in place, saying "Clementine, you know what happens next. Human Society will not accept Mutants... So you can join me, and fight alongside Mutants to destroy these oppressive, bigoted Human scum of this Planet!" and Cyclops tells her "Clem don't! Humans and Mutants can live in peace!" but Clementine yells "Never!!" as she blasts Cyclops, Storm and Jean Gray back and then Archangel, Magneto and Psylocke all Tekeport away, and then Clementine tells Professor X "Never again, X. Never again will I let these Human scum subjugate Mutants... And people like you, who believe in Human-Mutant Peace? You're fucking delusional, and I'll show you X-Men scum just how wrong you are!!" as she Teleports away alongside Magneto and the other Brotherhood Mutants.

Several minutes later, Clementine and the Brotherhood of Mutants then Teleport into an abandoned, partially ruined and desolate City as Clementine looks at the City Ruins, asking "W-What is this place? Why have you brought me here, Magneto?" and Magneto tells her "You remember this, Clementine? This City is in Georgia, and it's the place you truly became a Hero Knight!" as Clementine looks around at the City Ruins and sees a Hotel named 'The Marsh House' nearby, and she starts having various Flashbacks such as: Her parents as undead Walkers, Lee Everett being bitten by a Walker and Lee's mercy killing at Clementine's hands. After seeing various Flashbacks, Clementine starts crying as Magneto tells her "You've suffered so much at the hands of Humans, Clementine. Just like every other Mutant in this World, but you don't have to anymore... You can free Mutants from their Human oppressors, and bring about a Mutant Rule of Humanity. We will enslave them just like they enslaved us, and slaughter their people just like they slaughtered ours!" as Clementine responds "They took Dash from me... I'll take everything from them!" and then Magneto smiles, saying "Good, now... Do you see this City? Savannah, the place where you began your first step as a Hero Knight. Now you must begin here, your path as a Brotherhood Mutant. Tap into your dormant Powers, use them to rip this City apart and form a new one." as Clementine looks at him and says "You shouldn't have brought me here..." and Magneto steps towards her. Magneto then asks her "Why? Are you afraid to be here? You can't escape it, Clementine..." and Clementine glares at him angrily and asks "Who... Are you really, Magneto?" and Magneto responds "Obelisk, Belohimm... Snoke, Ozone. I've been called many things over many lifetimes. I am born of death, I was there to spark and fend the flame of the War Against the Villain Armada, to found The Hero Coalition and Villain Armada. And when The Multiverse grew corrupt and needed clearing for a new Species: I was there to set it ablaze!" and then Clementine looks at him and asks "Where were you? When my parents, and fellow Heroes were slaughtered in this City?" and Magneto responds "I was dead, slaughtered by the Heroes you called friends. You see, of those Hero Knights hadn't interfered, your Parents would still be alive. Lee would still be alive... Dash would still be alive!" and Clementine growls in anger as Magneto tells her "I was not there for you, my fellow Mutant... But I am here now, I'm here... For you!" as Clementine starts tapping into her massive Telekinetic Energy as Magneto, Archangel and Pyslocke watch. While she slowly starts homing her Powers, Clementine starts to have several Flashbacks such as: The events of War Of Heroes: Global Warfare with her and Kyle Reese on Earth-135, Clementine fighting alongside Dash in the events of Incredibles: Multiverse Origins and the deaths of several Heroes from her own Universe (mostly deaths from The Walking Dead: Season 2) and then Clementine screams in rage and anguish at all the Memories as the entire City of Savannah starts crumbling apart with Buildings being ripped apart by Clementine's Telekinesis, and Magneto declares "Everything the Humans have built will fall! And from the ashes of their World... We'll build a better one!!" as Archangel flies in holding the Skeletal remains of Lee Everett, and Magneto tells Clementine "Now this is your last Mutant test: Lee Everett, your adoptive father, was a Human... But are you willing to let go of Lee and resent the Human Race he was a part of?" and then Magneto takes the Skull off of Lee's Skeleton, and presents it to Clementine. As Clementine looks at Lee's Skull in anger and holds it with one hand, and them Magneto tells her "Choose: Mutant or Human?" and then Clementine looks at him for a brief moment, then quickly looks back at Lee's Skull and starts crushing it with her hand, and Magneto smiles seeing that Clementine now holds a deep hatred of Humans, and then the remains of Lee's Skull crumble to dust and Clementine drops it, before continuing to rip apart dozens of Buildings and Skyscrapers from Savannah as the screen then turns to black as the game begins with the end of the Prologue.

Act I-III (Main Missions) Edit

The game then switches to 2 years later as it shows a Public Bar somewhere in the United States of America, and then the Location Text reads 'Los Angeles, California. March 21st, 2021' as Clementine is seen entering the Bar (which at the moment, only has 2 Patrons and a Bartender inside) as she says "Hey, get me a Beer! Fucking hot out there." as she sits down at the Bar, and one of the Patrons, code named 'Phoenix' (an NPC in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2) tells her "Yeah, that's California in the Spring for you." as Clementine looks at a Framed Photo next to the Bar which shows Phoenix and the 2nd Patron, John 'Soap' MacTavish alongside Ghost and Captain Price. After looking at the Photo, Clementine turns away from it as the Bartender hands her a large glass of Beer, and Clementine drinks it, then asks "American brand, huh?" and Phoenix tells her "Yeah, it's Budweiser. You like it?" and then Clementine keeps drinking and laughs, then puts the Glass down and says "The best. So, what brings you to California?" and Phoenix answers "Oh, the climate really. Need a vacation from my job." as he laughs slightly, and Soap says "Yeah, Soldiers. Ever since The Villain Armada was first revealed to the World!" and then Clementine stands up and walks over to their table, and she sits near them and says "So, uh... You two got any kids?" and Phoenix answers "Yeah, I got one. Little boy, 11 years old. His name's Marcus, adorable little kid." and Clementine says "I had a little boy once, same age as yours." and Soap tells her "You look a little young to have a kid that old." and Clementine responds "Oh, he wasn't really my son. He was a little 6-year-old Scavenger during the Coalition Liberation of Earth-1313... But he was taken from me 2 years ago, when he was only 11 years old. He was a Mutant, and I found him when I was 11." as the three drink from their glasses and Soap looks at Clementine in suspicion, but then realized who she is after seeing a Flashback of Clementine at age 11, carrying a 6-year-old Dash in the Prologue of War Of Heroes: Multiverse's Edge. Clementine then smirks at Soap and takes out an MR6 Pistol and shoots Phoenix in the stomach, and the Soldier tries to counter with a Combat Knife only for Clementine to pin him down and grabbing the Knife, reading an indentation and saying "Blood and Honor. Which one would you like to shed first?" and Phoenix tells her "Dash was the target, and we were under Ghost's orders!" and Clementine smirks, saying "Blood, then!" as she stabs Phoenix in the hand and pins him to the table. The Bartender then grabs a stored MK1911 Pistol and tries to shoot Clementine, only for the Mutant to redirect it using her Telekinesis and shooting Soap in the head, blowing his Brains all over the walls and floor as Magneto (in Civilian clothing) enters the Public Bar and uses his Metal Manipulation to take the Bullet out of Soap's head and throw it at the Bartender in high speed. After the Bartender is shot in the chest and dies, Phoenix asks her "Clementine..? You're a Mutant?!" and Clementine responds "Y'know, Dash would have been 13 today... If it wasn't for Human scum like you!" and Phoenix asks her "Wh-what have you become?" and Clementine deepens the Knife into Phoenix's hand, then says "Let's just say I'm Frankenstein's Monster..." as she walks over to the Framed Photo of Ghost, saying "And I'm looking for my creator!" as she Telekinetically picks up the MK1911 and shoots Phoenix in the head.

A few hours later, the game shows the Maximoff Residence somewhere else in the United States as Peter 'Quicksilver' Maximoff is seen watching a News Report of the Bar Shootout, with the Reporter saying "-The assailants believed to be responsible for this event are rumoured to be Clementine Everett and Erik Lensherr. The two are Mutants who are affiliated with the Faction calling itself the Brotherhood of Mutants, with Lensherr better known as 'Magneto' being its Leader. This attack is believed to be a response towards the Human population of America, and their Mutant collaborators known as the 'X-Men' headed by Charles Xavier." and then Quicksilver's mother, Ms. Maximoff, is heard saying "Peter! What are you doing up here?" and then Quicksilver zooms over to the TV Remote and changes the Channel. Ms. Maximoff then enters the Room and Quicksilver tells her "Uh... Just watching TV, why?" and Ms. Maximoff grabs the Remote and asks "Oh, yeah? You sure you weren't watching the News?" as she turns the News Channel back on, with the Reporter saying "Clementine Everett, formerly of The Hero Coalition, turned towards the Brotherhood and forsook Humankind ever since the death of her adopted son, Dashiell 'Dash' Parr during the Battle of Metroville just under 2 years ago." and Quicksilver looks at the TV after hearing Dash's name. Noting her son's response, Ms. Maximoff asks "That boy was a Mutant, wasn't he? He had Super-Speed, just like you." and Quicksilver speeds over to his nearby Desk and takes out a Card which reads 'Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters - 1407 Graymalkin Lane, Salem Center. Westchester County, New York' as Ms. Maximoff asks "You're gonna look for Clementine, aren't you?" and Quicksilver looks at his mother and responds "You wanted me to get outta the House more, right?" as he zooms out of the House towards the X-Mansion, the Headquarters for the X-Men Mutants and Human Allies.

The game then switches to the X-Mansion as a Car drives up into the Front Courtyard and parks as Professor X, Beast, Alex 'Havoc' Summers and Moira MacTaggert (a Human working with the X-Men) exit the Car and Professor X enters the X-Mansion with them. After walking into his Study, X and the others all look in shock after seeing an 18-year-old Kyle Reese talking to Wolverine, and then Professor X asks "Logan, Alex, Agent MacTaggert? Could you give Hank and I a minute? We need to speak with Kyle." as everyone else exits the Study and leave Kyle, Beast and Professor X. After sitting down next to his Desk, Professor X asks "So, Kyle... I presume you heard on the News, what happened with Clementine?" and Kyle intentionally avoids the question, saying "This Mansion's in pretty good shape, you know. Clementine would have probably sent Dash here if Ghost hadn't..." as he tears up slightly, then Professor X tells him "I have even bigger plans for the Mansion, I planned on turning it into a Public School, not just for Mutants but Humans as well. Finally, these two Species can live alongside each other in Peace." and then Kyle gets to the point and says "Can you do me a solid, Professor? I need you to use Cerebro to find Clementine, and convince her to come back. Please, Charles..? I miss her." as Professor X looks at him hesitantly. A few minutes later, Professor X and several others such Kyle, Wolverine, Havok, Moira and Beast all proceed to the Basement of the X-Mansion and enter the Cerebro Chamber, and then Professor X says "Moira, I'm gonna have to ask that you keep this a secret." and Moira responds "I don't even know what... This, is." and Kyle tells her "It's Cerebro. The new Model, and this Device lets the Professor tap into the heads of every Human or Mutant on this Reality. Later Models are gonna allow him to see The Multiverse in its entirety!" and Professor X puts the Cerebro Helmet on and says "If those Models are even physically possible. Now Kyle, let's help you find Clementine. Hank, fire up Cerebro!" as Beast activates the Cerebro Global Network, which spawns a massive Hologram of Earth-1313, showing Blue Humanoids as Moira asks "What are those Holograms?" and Professor X answers "All 7 billion Humans on Earth-1313." as he changes the entire Earth-1313 Hologram to a Red Version, showing millions of Red Humanoids as he says "And these are all the Mutants... I'm connected to all of their Minds. Where are you, Clementine?" as he searches through dozens of Mutants, and eventually finds Holograms of Clementine and the Brotherhood Mutants standing in their Headquarters. Inside the Brotherhood HQ, Clementine watches as Magneto gives Archangel a new Metallic Suit and Wings, while Psylocke brandishes a new Metal-enhanced Sword, but then as she walks into her own Quarters, Professor X gets into her Mind and she senses it from her Telekinetic Senses, asking "Charles..?" and Professor X tells her "Hello, Clementine." as he taps into her Mind and senses Dash's death, then looks sympathetic and depressed. As everyone else around him looks in shock, Professor X reaches out to Clementine and says "I'm sorry, I am so sorry... Clementine, I feel your pain and your loss." and Clementine asks him "You think that because you can see into my head, you can sense my pain? Know how it feels to lose someone you love, you're looking in the wrong place, Charles." and Professor X says "What happened to Dash, it was terribly wrong. But come back to us, Clementine, we can help you!" and Clementine asks "Help me..?" and Professor X tells her "Think of Dash, your little boy... What would he have wanted?" and then Clementine shouts "He would've wanted to live!! But because Humans are so bigoted and fearful of Mutants, that's impossible now... I tried the X-Men way, Charles. Tried to get Dash to live alongside Humans, appreciate Humans, but it always ends the same way with Humans... They took Dash from me." as she turns around to see Magneto, Archangel and Psylocke standing in the Doorway.

Clementine then looks at Magneto and smiles evilly as her eyes start glowing purple, and she says "They took my little boy from me, and now... I'll take everything from Humanity!" as Professor X looks in shock, and Clementine says "Thank you for letting me into Cerebro... Professor!" as she uses her Telekinetic Powers to dominate Professor X and Cerebro, and X says "Oh, my God... Hank!" and Beast goes up to him and asks "What is it?" and Professor X looks in complete shock, and then the Cerebro System is overtaken by a gigantic torrent of Psonics Energy from Clementine, and Kyle asks "What the fuck is going on?!" and Hank says "She's taking over Cerebro, and the Professor!" and then Moira asks "To do what?!" as Professor X's eyes glow purple like Clementine's, and he says "I have never felt Power like this before!" as Beast tells him "Charles, get outta Cerebro! Charles!!" and Kyle asks Beast "Wait, what's Clementine doing to Cerebro?!" and Beast tells them "She's connecting, to the Humans!" as Professor X is completely Brainwashed by Clementine, who then connects to a Hero Coalition Nuclear Base in the United States, and then hypnotizes the Staff there alongside dozens of other Nuclear Sites across Earth-1313. In every single one of the Nuclear Sites (located in the United States, Russia, India and Britain), thousands of Nuclear Missiles are slowly launched from the Silos and Clementine is heard saying "Always the same. And now, all this... No more Guns, no more Ships. No more Tanks, no more Plasma Swords. No more Coalitions, no more Armadas!! No more... No more Humans!" as every single Nuclear Missile on Earth-1313 belonging to both The Hero Coalition and Remains of The Villain Armada fly into Low Earth Orbit. In the X-Mansion, Wolverine tries to free Professor X but is shocked by Cerebro in the process, and then Kyle yells "Beast, do something!" and then Beast starts punching the Control Console, and then rips out several Wires as Professor X screams in pain as Beast announces "It won't shut down, Cerebro's acting on Clementine's will alone!" as Clementine watches the Nuclear Missiles fly into Space and she says "So much faith in their tools, their Machines." as Professor X manages to get free of Clementine's Mind Control, saying "Alex, you have to destroy it!! Destroy Cerebro!!!" as Havok (Alex) charges forward, blasting an Energy Wave from his chest and blasting the Cerebro Chamber with it, saying "Wolverine, now!!" as Wolverine takes out his Adamantium Claws and Havok fires an Energy Wave at him, which deflects off the Adamantium and blasts another part of Cebero bringing it down, and Havok uses his left hand to fire a third Energy Wave. The Nuclear Missiles then start to fly into Space, and Clementine declares "The Humans can fire their Arrows from the Tower of Babble... But they can never... Strike... God!!!" but then Havok's intervention causes the Nuclear Weapons to explode in Space, causing a massive Nuclear Force Explosion and then the severe debris of the Missiles float off even further into Space as Earth-1313 is briefly saved.

After the Cerebro Chamber is destroyed, all of the X-Men along with Moira and Kyle run into the X-Mansion Basement as Professor X regains consciousness after Clementine's Mind Control. Kyle then asks "Professor, you alright?" but then Xavier responds "Oh, God... Kyle, Clementine is out of control! She's going to..." and Moira asks "What, Charles? What is she going to do?!" and Professor X looks up in shock and answers "She's going to destroy the Human Race!" as the X-Men get ready to move out and stop the Brotherhood of Mutants. However, a massive Telekinetic Bubble appears in front of them all as Clementine, Magneto, Archangel and Psylocke all appear in front of them, and Kyle looks in shock and asks "Clementine..?" as several Coalition Soldiers run into the X-Mansion Basement and aim their Weapons at the Mutants, only for Clementine to spawn a Telekinetic Energy Pulse and freeze the Soldiers in place, then slowly decapitates all 7 of them with a Telekinetic Blade Wave. Clementine then looks over at Kyle and the X-Men, saying "One of you had Ghost on your Squad 2 years ago, under your watch. But one of you let him kidnap Dash, and then kill him..." and Moira asks "Why are you telling us this?" and Clementine glares at her menacingly, before shedding a couple tears and saying "Because Dash died once Ghost kidnapped him, I was too late to save him. One of you was responsible for Ghost killing the boy I treated and loved like a son! Which one of you was it?!" and Havok tells her "None of us were watching him, Clem! We couldn't have stopped him, or else risk War between Humans and Mutants!" and Clementine looks at all the X-Men, and then over to Kyle as she tells them all "Think of the person you love most in your life... Your wife, mother... Your son." as she waits a few seconds for the X-Men to act on her last words, then she says "Now that person will know what it is to lose someone they love and live with that pain, forever!" as Professor X tries to reason with her, saying "Clementine, please... You don't have to make Humans suffer for Dash!" and Clementine shakes her head in response, then announces "My name isn't Clementine... My name is Scarlet Witch!" as all the X-Men look at her in shock.

Clementine, now under the Mutant name 'Scarlet Witch' (a separate Version from the Avengers Scarlet Witch, as the X-Men Universe is separate from the MCU) then uses her Telekinesis to grab Professor X and pull him towards her fellow Mutants, and then Kyle shouts "Charles!!" as Havok runs after Clementine and the Brotherhood Mutants, saying "Hey, stop! Clementine!!" but then Archangel fires his Metallic Wing Blades and Clementine shoots Psionics Energy from her hand, and Havok counters by firing his Blast Energy as a massive explosion ensues and Clementine shields her fellow Brotherhood Mutants with a Telekinetc Barrier as Archangel covers the captured Professor X with his Metallic Wing. After the Explosion triggers inside the X-Mansion, the game switches to outside the Mansion and turns into Slow-Motion as several X-Men Mutants such as Cyclops, Jean Gray, Nightcrawler and Jubilee (the last who will only make a Cameo in this game) drive up to the X-Mansion in a Car. However, Quicksilver is then seen as Time slows down and he looks at the X-Mansion realizing what is going on, then uses his Super-Speed to zoom through the Mansion and into the exploding Basement as he sees Clementine teleporting Magneto, Professor X, Archangel and Psylocke away. Realizing that Clementine is going to escape, he quickly moves several Shrapnel Pieces out of the X-Men's path, and then zooms over to the X-Men and zooms them out of the X-Mansion one by one: Beast, Kyle, Wolverine and Moira. The Explosion then starts blasting upwards and spreading into the X-Mansion, but Quicksilver runs in using his Time Slowing and Super-Speed and then starts grabbing several Mutants and evacuating them from the X-Mansion quickly, and after clearing the Main Room he sees a Student walking down the stairs, before sighing humorously and running across the slowly exploding Floor, and then grabbing the Student and running across the Walls as the explosion turns to Normal Speed. However, the Explosion then slows down again as it spreads to the Mansion Library, but then Quicksilver zooms in and grabs several Students and evacuates them from the Mansion, even scooping up a Fish with a Bowl as water flies up everywhere, then giving the Fish Bowl to the last Student (because he's X-Men Quicksilver, who is just awesome!) and taking her away from the Explosion. After clearing the Ground Floor in general, Quicksilver proceeds to the Second Floor where the Slow-mo Explosion spreads to a Classroom full of Mutant Students, and Quicksilver zooms in and grabs them, taking them away from the Mansion one by one as the Explosion starts expanding to the Mansion Hallways, but then Quicksilver runs to a Balcony and finds two Students, a Male and a Female. Quicksilver then looks at the Male, who is about to kiss the girl, but then makes a disgusted face as he grabs the two and throws them off the Balcony and aiming them at the Mansion Pool, before zooming into a Dorm Room and grabbing 3 Students, throwing 2 out of the open Window and wrapping the last one in a Sleeping Bag and tossing him as he suavely moves into the Mansion Hallways and rips the Curtains off a Window, shattering the Window and then running outside the Mansion to set up the Curtains as a 'Crash Mat' for the incoming Students, who are either on the ground already or flying in mid-air in Slow Motion. Running back into the X-Mansion to make sure all Students made it out, Quicksilver sees a small Dog (called the 'Pizza Dog' in the X-Men Apocalypse Credits) about to take a slice of pizza from a full box, but then Quicksilver takes every slice and then grabs the Pizza Dog and puts it outside the Mansion with the other Students, then zooms back into the X-Mansion as he kicks a Door in and grabs 2 remaining Students and then jumps through a Window on a Table and then jumps down to the Mansion Pool while holding the two Students and running across the Water as his Slow Motion Ability depletes, and Time turns back to normal. After saving all the Students and seeing the X-Mansion explode, Quicksilver remarks "Wow, Clementine's got anger issues!" as he turns around and asks "Hey, where's the Professor?" and Kyle looks in shock, saying "Clementine, she... They took him." and then Quicksilver facepalms in frustration and says "Shit, I came here looking for her! Where did she go?" and then everyone looks at the burning X-Mansion in shock. The other X-Men (Jean, Cyclops, Nightcrawler and Jubilee) all arrive in their Car and run out as Cyclops asks "What happened? Where's Alex, where's my brother?!" and Quicksilver responds "Pretty sure I got everybody..." but then Kyle says "Alex was closest to the Explosion!" and Cyclops says "No, no... No!!" as he runs over to the Mansion Ruins, then finds nothing as he cries and then screams in rage, blasting his Retinal Lasers into the air.

Meanwhile, Professor X is seen waking up on a Cliffside, and then gets up to see Clementine, Magneto, Archangel and Psylocke all standing above the massive City of Metroville as X groans in pain says "Ah, someone's blocking my Powers. Clementine, stop this!" and Clementine laughs as she walks up to him, saying "My Telekinesis can shield these Mutans from your power, Charles. One of the many gifts Mutants have, that Humans always love to hate and despise! But to inside a Mind, control it... That's your Power, and it's one that I will need, Charles... You saw it, didn't you? The glory of Mutants, the Destruction of Humans and my rise as Mutant Ruler of this Reality!" and Professor X looks at her angrily and asks "You're going to take part in all this killing, destruction?" and Clementine scoffs at him and answers "It's all I've never known, Charles..." but Professor X tells her "No it isn't, Clementine. You just forgotten what it's like to have a regular life!" and Clementine responds "No, Charles, I remember! The way of the X-Men, Peace between Mutants and Humans doesn't work!" and Magneto says "I've shown Clementine a better way, a better World!" but Professor X counters "No, you've just tapped into her rage and pain, that's all you've done!" as he looks back at Clementine and says "I told you ever since the Great Invasion of Earth-135 that there's more to you, Clementine. There is good in you still..." and Clementine kneels down to his level as her eyes glow purple in anger, and she tells him "Whatever it is you think you saw in me, Charles... I buried it when I buried Dash!" as she looks over at the City of Metroville, Dash's former Home City before the War Against the Villain Armada. Looking at the City with a slightly depressed look, Clementine then says "This City was meant to be the Capital of The Hero Coalition. It was Dash's hometown before he was betrayed by those Hero scum... Now it is the breeding ground for Humanity's Downfall and Birth... Of the Mutant Race!" as she uses her Telekinetic Powers to open up a massive Dimensional Portal in the Metroville City Centre, which begins ripping apart dozens of Skyscrapers, Buildings and Vehicles while also slaughtering hundreds of Civilians caught in the Blast Radius. As the entire Citu is ripped to pieces by Clementine's Power, all of the pieces of Skyscrapers merge with the Portal and form a gigantic, Metal Pyramid in the middle of the Metroville Ruins with a Bladed Structure, and a Throne Room which contains a Statue of En Sabah Nur (the First Mutant also known as Apocalypse) sitting on a giant Throne Statue, and underneath it is a Throne for Clementine (which is symbolizing that Clementine is basically En Sabah Nur).

Clementine then looks at her destructive actions and smiles evilly, saying "For you, Dash... This is all for you." as she turns to Magneto, saying "Erik, I have an important task for you: Summon a Metal Barrier around the Mutant Pyramid, one that those X-Men cannot penetrate. Archangel, Psylocke... Stand guard on the City Area while I prepare my Powers to rip Earth apart and extinguish the Human insects that infect it!" as her eyes glow purple, and her voice turns slightly deeper and Cybernetic as she says "I will rip everything they've built from the ground, from the Sky... I will destroy their Fleets, their Tanks, their Robots. And when I am done, there will be no Human Race to speak of. Mutants will finally be free from their oppressive shackles, and I will rule Earth as their Empress." and Professor X asks her "What about me? Am I to play a role in this, this... Madness?" and Clementine leans over to him and smiles evilly, then says "Why, Charles... You have the most important role of all: You will send a Message to every living thing on this Planet, you will tell them that this Earth will be laid waste and it is I, the Scarlet Witch, who will wreak this upon all Humans! The Multiverse will hear its echoes and fear my name! Now: Deliver my message!" and Professor X responds "Even if I wanted to, I couldn't reach 7 billion Humans, let alone 60 million Mutants! I don't have Cerebro!" as she Telekinetically takes control of Professor X, saying "You don't need a Machine to amplify your Power, X... You have me!" and then Clementine conduits her Message to Earth-1313 through X, with every Human and Mutant on Earth hearing across the Globe, in different Languages and the same speech: "Hear me, inhabitants of this World: This is a Message, a Message to every man, woman and... Mutant. You have lost your way, but I have returned. The day of Reckoning is here, all your Buildings, all your Towers and Temples... Will fall. And the Dawn of a New Age will rise, for there is nothing you can do to stop what is coming, this Message is for one reason only, to tell all Mutants among you..." and Clementine tells Professor X to say "All Mutants on this Planet, this Earth will be yours!" and Professor X responds with "All Mutants on this Planet: Protect those without your Powers! Protect all Humans-!" but then Clementine cuts off his Psychic Link to Earth-1313, and X tells her "That's my Message to the World!" as Clementine simply laughs and tells him "You are such a fool, Xavier!" as Archangel grabs Professor X and flies towards the Mutant Pyramid with him, among the Ruins of Metroville.

After the Destruction of Metroville, the X-Men are seen assembled inside a Coalition War Room as the Battle Captain tells them "There was a massive Telekinetic Spike in Metroville several minutes ago, one with enough Power to rip the whole City to shreds! Looks like Clementine and the Brotherhood are moving through towards their Pyramid!" as Jean tells them "They're planning to destroy Earth-1313, we have to stop them all! Clementine is out of control, and she will destroy Earth to get what she wants!" as Wolverine comments "We all know what that psychotic nutcase wants!" as Quicksilver says "I mean, the X-Mansion is fucked to shit and we have no Blackbird Plane! What the fuck are we gonna do!" as the Battle Captain says "We have a War Plane prepped and ready, along with Flight Suits for your Mutant Squad! Be reminded, our Forces are getting hammered by Clementine down there... The X-Men are Earth-1313's last hope!" as Quciksilver gets slightly more serious, then says "Let's go to War!" as the game switches to several minutes later, showing the X-Men suiting up into their Flight Suits and entering their New War Plane, and Beast says "Setting coordinates for Metroville, Illinois now! All X-Men are onboard, all Systems are a go!" as the War Plane approaches the Metroville Ruins, with all of the X-Men: Wolverine, Nightcrawler, Quicksilver, Jean, Cyclops, Beast, and Moira strapped in (with Moira and Beast piloting). Jean then says "I remember the time where Clementine was on our side, the many Victories we won because of her... And now it feels like we're actually gonna lose this War!" and Beast tells her "That's how I felt when the Team was first formed. Even back then, we called ourselves 'The X-Men'. We were on a Plane like this, about your age..." as he turns to Cyclops and says "Your brother was there, we used to call him 'Havok'. He was a real handful, and when it came down to it he saved our lives!" and Nightcrawler asks "What happened to the others who went with you? The Original X-Men?" as Beast looks at Wolverine, who responds with "Hank anf I are the only ones left, along with the Professor. But we're gonna get him back, and stop Clementine. She's not a Hero anymore." and Jean tells him "Well, her and Dash are to me. Seeing them on Earth-616 in the War Against the Villain Armada changed my life!" and Nightcrawler says "Those to gave me hope too." and Quicksilver says "Mine too... I mean, I still live in my Mom's Basement, but... Everything else is, uh... Well, it's pretty much the same! I'm a total loser!" as everyone (even Wolverine) laughs at Quicksilver's humor, and the War Plane approaches Metroville.

In the Mutant Pyramid, Clementine is seen with Archangel holding Professor X hostage, and the X-Man says "You're just another False God, Clementine! And whoever's left to follow you after this War, they will betray you-" but Archangel slams X down to the Floor as Clementine senses the incoming X-Men, saying "You're wrong, Charles! I will free Mutants from these Human scum and destroy the insects of this Planet. Archangel, intercept the X-Men and do not let them enter the Pyramid. I need to completely take Xavier's Power for my plan to work!" as Archangel responds "Yes, Empress! With pleasure..." as he flies towards the incoming War Plane. The X-Men then look in shock at the Telekinetic Energy dispensed across the Metroville Ruins and around the Mutant Pyramid, and Moira asks "What the Hell is all of that?" and Wolverine looks at the chaos, saying "It's Magneto and Clementine, their Powers are ripping Earth to shreds!!" as several Cities across Earth-1313 such as New York City, Chicago, London, Moscow and Paris are all overtaken by a massive Telekinetic Surge which rips them all apart just like Savannah and Metroville, killing up to 120 million Humans and Coalition Soldiers over the course of the Final Battle as the X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants ready for an epic, destructive Battle!

The X-Men and Brotherhood of Mutants then charge at each other (the Brotherhood Forces backed up by Mutant Soldiers) and clash, resulting in a series of massive explosions and falling Buildings during the massive Mutant Battle. Wolverine then jumps towards Psylocke and engages in a fight with her, the former using his Adamantium Claws and the latter using a Katana and her iconic Psy-Blade, and then Beast punches Archangel several feet back and turns to Jean and Nightcrawler, saying "Get into the Mutant Pyramid, save the Professor!" as he is blasted by a wave of Telekinetic Energy. As Jean and Nightcrawler run away, Clementine enters the Final Battle and summons a Telekinetic Wave which hits Wolverine which blasts his skin and exposes his Adamantium Skeleton, allowing Psylocke to stab Wolverine and pin him to a nearby Helicopter. Beast then grabs a crashed VTOl Warship and throws it at Clementine, but the powerful Mutant summons a Telekinetic Wave and jumps into the air, blasting the VTOL to pieces as she lands on the ground, but then Cyclops comes in and blasts his Retinal Laser at Clementine. However, the powerful Telepath summons a Telekinetic Shield which blocks the Laser and she summons a huge Psionics Repulse which hits Cyclops and blasts him back as Clementine turns around and Wolverine swings his Adamantium Claws at her, but the girl easily dodges and blocks several times and eventually stops Wolverine's attack with her Telekinesis, and then rips one of the Adamantium Claws out as she then grabs Wolverine's arm, ripping it off as the X-Man screams in pain and falls to his knees. Seeing that Clementine and her Brotherhood are winning, Jean tells Nightcrawler "Kurt, find the Professor! You have to hurry..." as Nightcrawler is seen inside the Mutant Pyramid, saying "I'm trying, but it's like a Maze in here!" as Clementine is seen slamming Wolverine into the ground, and then Cyclops tries to boast her with Retina Energy again only for Archangel to jump in front of Clementine and raise his Metal Wings over her, causing an Energy Explosion which spreads across the City and rips apart any remaining Skyscrapers or Buildings, but then Kyle comes in with an EPM3 Laser Rifle and starts shooting Archangel, who jumps back as Clementine summons a Forcefield to deflect Kyle's shots, saying "Archangel, Nightcrawler is inside the Pyramid! Intercept him!!" as Archangel flies up to the Pyramid to stop Nightcrawler. Clementine then jumps past several of Kyle's Lasers and starts blasting him with Telekinetic Energy, before punching him to the ground and saying "You Human scum..." as Kyle tries to punch her, only for Clementine to Telekinetically catch Kyle's arm and break it using Telekinesis, before brutally kicking Kyle's leg and breaking it as Kyle screams in pain. Clementine then kneels down and gets face-to-face with Kyle, tearing up and saying "How could you..? He was our son, Kyle, and you let him down! You and your fellow fucking Humans killed Dash, and for what? Why?! Because he was a Mutant?!" and Kyle tells her "It wasn't me, Clem... It was Ghost who killed Dash!" and Clementine snaps back by punching Kyle in the face and screaming "We were supposed to protect him!! But your fucking Human friends kidnapped him and then murdered him right in front of me..! Do you know how it feels, Kyle? To hold a dying, bleeding little boy in your arms and tell him it's gonna be alright, when really it's not? This World is infested with 7 billion insects that deserve to die for what they've done to Mutants over the last 200 years! And I'll keep you alive, Kyle... Then, when you've seen your Species suffer and go extinct... You will screm in terror, and I will split your Skull open!" as Kyle groans in pain, then says "And what then? When Mutants rule this World, what will you do as their Leader?!" and Clementine answers "I'll find a Reality where Dash never died, and then I'll bring him here. And when he sees how I've perfected this World-" as Kyle tells her "He'll be afraid and disgusted with you!!" and Clementine tells him "Wrong: He'll be alive..." as the Battle continues. Beast then charges towards Psylocke and starts fighting her, occasionally throwing objects at her while dodging her Psych-Blade attacks, then flips over her, but then Psylocke just laughs and summons a Psych-Whip, before grabbing Beast by the neck with it and bringing him the ground, slamming him into several Buildings as Nightcrawler and Archangel are seen fighting in the Sky, slamming each other through Buildings as Nightcrawler teleports over to his location and slamming Archangel through a Skyscraper, which then collapses on to the Mutant Pyramid and causes a huge Explosion, and Jean yells "Grab the Professor, now!!!" as Nightcrawler teleports into the Pyramid and grabs the captive Professor X, before Teleporting into the X-Men War Plane with Professor X.

With Professor X secure but the Final Battle semi-lost, Nightcrawler tells MoIra "I'll be back!" as he Teleports into the Battlefield and grabs the X-Men, placing them in the War Plane and then Beast sees this as Psylocke chokes him. Seeing an opportunity, Beast uses his athletic skill and kicks Psylocke on to a Rooftop, then Teleports away with Nightcrawler and then says "Clementine's still got Kyle!" as Clementine grabs Kyle by the throat and says "Your fucking Species disgusts me, Kyle. And now you'll bear witness to its Extinction!" as Kyle weakly says "No... You will never... Win." and then Nightcrawler comes in and tries to punch Clementine, but the latter floats into the air using Telekinesis and then Nightcrawler grabs Kyle, Teleporting into the X-Men War Plane with him. Kyle then shouts "Now, get outta here!" as the War Plane starts flying away, and Clementine sees this and re-enters the destroyed Mutant Pyramid, screaming "No!!!!" as her Telekinetic Energy spreads across the City. Seeing the X-Men are about to escape, Archangel blasts up from a Destroyed Building and flies through the City Skyline, yelling "Psylocke!!" as Psylocke jumps on his Metallic Wing and the two fly towards the War Plane, before blasting a hole in the Roof and the two Brotherhood Mutants enter the War Plane, but then Jean Grey says "Kurt, everyone grab hold of Nightcrawler!!" as everyone grabs Nightcrawler, and then Jean uses her Telekinesis to move the War Plane to kamikaze the Metroville Ruins, causing Psylocke to fall off the War Plane and Archangel to get trapped in the back. As Archangel lunges at the X-Men, a struggling Nightcrawler screams in pain and then Teleports out alongside all the X-Men Mutants, leaving Archangel in the War Plane as it hits the Metroville Streets and explodes, causing a huge explosion which Psylocke is hit by, getting blasted down a Hotel Building as the X-Men, Professor X, Moira and Kyle all land in a closed and somehow unharmed Building.

Act IV: The Final Battle Edit

After the Final Battle finishes it's first stage, Clementine floats in and lands in the War Plane Crashsite, seeing Archangel's dead body and Psylocke unconscious as she scoffs, saying "Useless..." as the X-Men are seen inside the Building, setting down an unconscious and drained Nightcrawler as Professor X hears Clementine saying "Charles... I know you can hear me. We're still connected!" as Kyle, Moira and all of the X-Men listen to her. Growing extremely impatient, Clementine screams "Charles, show yourself..! Charles!!!" as everything freezes in place, and then Quicksilver runs in using his Super-Speed with Psylocke's Katana and slashes Clementine's throat, causing Clementine to reel back as blood spills from her sliced throat. However, Clementine then seals up the wound on her neck using a Healing Factor and then grabs Quicksilver by the throat, and Professor X says "Peter..!" as Clementine holds Quicksilver by the neck and starts choking him, saying "The one who's been looking for me! You're weak and feeble, just like the others!" as she holds Quicksilver up and tightens her grip, yelling "Charles!! Come, rescue your weaklings! Give your life for theirs!!! Charles, will you do nothing?!" as Professor X starts crying, saying "No..." as he gets up, but then stops in his tracks and says "She was right: There is still some part of me connected to her!" as everyone looks in shock as Professor X tells them "I can get Quicksilver into her head! He can do this..." as he lies down and taps into his Mind Manipulation, saying "Thank you for letting me in..." as he taps into Clementine's Mind, causing her and Quicksilver to fall unconscious in the Physical World and go into the Astral Plane. Quicksilver then walks over to Clementine in the Astral Plane and says "Clementine, stop this! Come back to the X-Men!!" as he grabs her by the head, causing Clementine to scream in pain as she senses billions of Humans and millions of Mutants in the Physical World as she and Quicksilver manifest inside the X-Mansion and start a massive Mind Battle.

Quicksilver then starts punching Clementine in the face, saying "You're in the Professor's House now!!" as he punches Clementine several times, but the girl blocks his last punch and responds "You're gonna need a bigger House!" as she tightens her grip on Quicksilver's arm and then suddenly starts growing to an abnormal size (similar to Apocalypse in X-Men: Apocalypse) and then she slams Quicksilver to the Mansion Floor. While Clementine and Quicksilver fight in the Astral Plane, Magneto is seen in the Physical World ripping the Building where the X-Men are hiding apart using the Metal Pipes, before seeing all the X-Men and walking towards them in an effort to kill them and move forward with Clementine's plan, but then a giant Metal Shrapnel slams down in front of the Building alongside another one which forms the 'X' Symbol of the X-Men. Magneto then turns around to see Jean Gray standing in mid-air, and asks "You think you can stop me, Jean..?" and Jean answers "No. But I can slow you down!" as she summons a massive amount of Objects such as Shrapnel, Building Pieces and other materials and starts throwing them at Magneto, who summons a massive and powerful Metal Forcefield around him as Jean pummels him with her Telekinetic Energy and Materials. Seeing that Jean is distracting Magneto, Beast and Wolverine both run in and grab Quicksilver and Clementine, putting the two unconscious Heroes behind a Wall as Wolverine charges at Magneto and claws at the Metal Forcefield, only for Magneto to blast him back and pin him to a Car, before throwing a torrent of Shrapnel into him and pinning him down. In the Astral Plane, Clementine is seen throwing Quicksilver around and slamming him into the X-Mansion walls several times, then slams him into the Floor and saying "The X-Men lack strength, Peter!" as she throws Quicksilver through a Wall, and the weakened Hero Knight starts crawling across the Floor bleeding and broken as he says "D-Dash... Help... Me..." in both the Astral Plane and Physical World, where all the X-Men are struggling against Magneto, and Cyclops continues blasting Magneto with his Retinal Laser as the former grabs Beast and throws him through a crashed Helicopter, knocking Beast unconscious as Cyclops struggles to control his Mutant Powers. Cyclops then stops his assault due to the sheer might needed, and then Magneto blasts him into a wall and covers him in a Metal Cocoon, and Cyclops looks at Beast and yells "Hank! Hank!!" as Beast is seen unconscious and unresponsive, and a wounded Kyle looks at the Battlr and says "They can't stop him..." as the X-Men continue their Assault, and even Jean struggles to hit Magneto with her Telekinesis as the latter walks towards Professor X, Kyle, Moira and Nightcrawler while maintaining his Metallic Forcefield. In the Astral Plane, Quicksilver crawls towards the Cerebro Doors as Clementine slams her fist down on Quicksilver's back and says "It's over, Peter, you're finished! You're mine now..." as Quicksilver struggles to breath, then says "I know why... You hate... Humans." and Clementine asks "And why is that?" as Quicksilver tells her "Because they took everything from you... But we can give you them back!" as the Cerebro Doors open, and a young boy walks out towards the Hallway: Dashiell 'Dash' Parr!

Clementine then stands up and looks in shock at Dash, and Quicksilver says "Come back... Unleash your Power, Dash! No fear..." as Dash looks up at Clementine, while in the Physical World the X-Men are subject to Magneto's wrath and are about to lose the Final Battle. However, as Dash starts walking towards Clementine and his eyes start glowing orange, Quicksilver says "Unleash your Power! Come back to this Reality, Dash!! Dash, come back!!!" and then Dash screams in rage inside the Astral Plane. After Clementine and Quicksilver are both vanquished from the now-destroyed Astral Plane, the two awaken in the Physical World as a gigantic Red Phoenix appears in mid-air and blasts Magneto's Metallic Forcefield, which hits Magneto in a combined Torrent of Metal and Fire as the X-Men look in shock, and then Jean launched massive amounts of Metal Shrapnel at Magneto, the sheer amount of which overwhelms the Mutant as he is stabbed and ran through dozens of times by the huge Shrapnel Pieces. Wolverine and Beast are then awoken by the sound of Battle and then the latter frees Cyclops, who blasts Magneto with his Retinal Laser and wounds him heavily and a Telekinetic Shield wraps around the incredibly weakened Magneto, and Beast says "Clementine's letting him get away..." but then Clementine blasts Magneto with her Telekinetic Blast, weakening him even further due to the sheer might and power of Clementine's Psionics. Now on the brink of death and his body burning in decay, Magneto looks at the Red Phoenix Aura in front of him and says "All... Is revealed!" as the Red Phoenix blasts Magneto with a huge amount of Telekinetic Energy, causing the Brotherhood Leader to disintegrate into a Skeleton and then to ashes as the Final Battle is won by the X-Men Mutants.

With Magneto now dead and the Final Battle won, the X-Men assemble around the pile of Metal and ashes where Magneto stood, and then Clementine walks over to Quicksilver and says "Humans are still my enemy, Peter. Magneto's death doesn't change that." as she sees a now conscious Psylocke walking into a destroyed Skyscraper and Teleporting away as Quicksilver tells Clementine "No, Clementine. For once, the Humans are giving you something back." as Clementine looks at him and asks "What do you mean by that?" and Quicksilver points towards the X-Men, saying "Turn around." as Clementine turns towards the X-Men and sees Dash standing there, in the middle of the Mutant Faction. Looking in shock, Clementine starts to cry as she says "Oh, my God... Is it really... Him?" as Dash walks towards her and nods slightly, and then Clementine runs up and hugs him tight, holding her adopted son in her arms. After a few seconds of a happy reunion, Dash asks "Clem, I hate to kill the moment, but... What City are we in? This place looks like a Warzone!" and Clementine answers "I'm in the New Incredibles Tower. On Earth-616... With you." and Dash looks at her and asks "What Tower?" and then Clementine hesitates for a few seconds, then touches Dash's head and gives him all his Memories back: Dash and Clementine fighting Scarecrow in Incredibles: The New Alliance, the two in the Celebration Party laughing on the Coalition Tower Roof, Destruction of The Villain Armada in the ending of Incredibles: Rise of Scarecrow and the two inside the Metroville Hospital after the Final Battle in the same game, and the Memories end with Dash and Clementine (both 11 on Earth-616) kissing in the end of Incredibles: The New Alliance. After the Memories end, Dash looks at Clementine in complete shock as tears flow down his face, and Clementine sadly tells him "I'm sorry, Dash... I never should have hidden those from you." as Dash looks at her and is about to say something back, but then Nightcrawler (unconscious since the War Plane Crash) shoots up and yells "Hold on!!" as everyone looks at him, and he asks "What did I miss..?" as everyone looks at the Metroville Ruins.

Epilogue: Rebuilding and X-Men Assembled Edit

The game then shows several other Cities such as New York, Chicago and Paris which were also devastated by the Final Battle, and a News Reporter says "It seems only by the grace of God that the disastrous Destruction felt from one end of Earth-1313 to the other, has been averted." as another News Report os heard saying "-Our sources confirm that Mutant Faction, the X-Men, succeeded in their Battle against the Brotherhood of Mutants-", "We can confirm that wanted fugitive, Clementine Everett, contributed in defeating this powerful Mutant threat!" as a US Defense Secretary is seen watching all the News Reports, saying into his Phone "It appears our prayers were answered... Yes, thank you, Mr. President." as he hangs up, and a News Reporter is heard saying "While at least 95% of the World agrees that Mutants are a benefit to Humankind, this Battle is sure to fuel new controversy and debate on the Power of Mutants at a time where Mutants couldn't be more accepted and beneficial around the World." as all the X-Men and several Mutant Students are seen outside the X-Mansion, which is now being rebuilt by Dash, Clementine and Jean Gray using their Telekinetic Powers respectively. As Kyle (now with his leg in a cast and in crutches) watches the three rebuilding the X-Mansion, Quicksilver walks up to him and says "Jean told me that Clementine is actually Dash's adoptive mother... That true?" and Kyle answers "Yeah, technically. But on Earth-616, those two are... Really, really close. What about you?" and Quicksilver responds "Guess I'm just gonna hang out here for a while..." as Dash, Jean and Clementine all finish rebuilding the New X-Mansion.

Several days later, Clementine and Dash are both seen with Professor X as he says "Earth-1313's Governments have already begun bringing in the United Nations Multiverse Forces." and Clementine responds "It's Human nature, Charles." and X tells her "Well, I still have hope for Humanity." and then Clementine laughs, then says "Ah, yes... Hope." as Professor X looks at her and reminds her "I was right about Raven at one point. I was even right about you!" and then Clementine says "I still hold a deep hatred for Humans, Xavier... Doesn't it ever wake you up in the middle of the night?" as she holds Dash by his shoulders protectively and asks "The feeling that some day, Humans will come for you and your children? Just like they came for Dash?" and Professor X looks at her and answers with "It does indeed." and Clementine asks him "Well, what do you do when you wake up to that thought?" and Professor X starts tearing up as he says "I feel a great swell of pity for the poor soul who comes to my School, looking for trouble... You sure that I can't convince you and Dash to stay?" and Clementine responds by laughing, then says "You're Psychic, Charles. You can convince me to do anything!" as she walks towards an Elevator with Dash. Professor X then says "Goodbye, you two." and Clementine responds with "Good luck, Professor." as she walks into the Elevator and leaves the X-Mansion with Dash, and then Professor X looks into the Danger Room (a Training Simulation Area) as Wolverine is seen with the New X-Men Team, saying "Forget everything you think you know. Whatever lessons you learned in School, whatever your Parents taught you... None of that matters! You're not kids anymore, you're not Students... You're X-Men!" as he comes into a Spotlight and Wolverine is seen in an Updated Version of his Original Costume, alongside Cyclops, Jean Gray, Nightcrawler, Storm, Beast, Iceman, Bishop, Warpath and Shadowcat as the Danger Room activates and 3 Robots walk towards the New X-Men: A T-800 Terminator, Mark I Sentinel and an Omnidroid V.6 as the X-Men Attack the Robots, and the Credits roll as the game ends, officially cementing the X-Men into the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe!

Mid-Credits Scene Edit

After the Credits are in halftime, the game cuts to a scene showing several Mysterious Figures in suits walking through a Military Complex, accompanied by Hazmat Soldiers moving through the Complex as the Suited Officials carry a Briefcase into a Testing Laboratory, then set the Briefcase down and open it to reveal several Blood Vials. Walking over to a Surgical Table and then grabbing a 3rd Blood Vial marked 'X-23', one of the Government Officials walks over to a Military Commander and says "Magneto and his Brotherhood have just set the wheels in motion. Now the World ultimately knows that Mutants are their allies, but... Can we twist this to our advantage, Major Stryker?" as William Stryker (a Villain from the X-Men Movies) is seen walking up to him, then smiling evilly and saying "Of course we can... Nathaniel!" as the Government Official (whose face is not seen) turns to see William Carver and Scarecrow opening up the Briefcase seen earlier, which contains 2 Blood Vials marked 'James Fairbanks' and 'Alex Fairbanks' inside, and then Stryker reaches towards the two Fairbanks Blood Vials, but then Nathaniel grabs his arm and glares at him, saying "You're too narrow-minded, William. Do you really think I wanted these Blood Vials? No..." as he shoots Stryker in the stomach and takes a Blood Vial from a Cryo Unit. The Vial is then taken by Nathaniel Essex and has a mark on the side saying: X-23. Essex then puts the X-23 Blood Vial in with the two others, and then Carver closes the Briefcase which reads: Essex Corp, teasing Mr. Sinister as a Villain for the next game!

Post-Credits SceneEdit

Once the Credits end completely, the game switches to show a young boy walking through an American Airport and towards the Security Gate, with the camera angle following his legs and not revealing his face. The boy then walks past several people and shows his Passport and Boarding Pass to the Security Team, who allow him to pass through to the Airport Lobby as the young boy enters a Coach. After sitting down and allowing the Coach to start driving, the boy calls someone on his Smartphone and says "It's done, Sir. I'm in Illinois now, I repeat: I have reached the Target Area!" and an Unidentified Caller responds "Good performance, Agent Whisper. The Security didn't suspect anything?" and the boy says "Oh, don't worry... Even if they did, that realisation is about to go up in flames!" as it cuts back to the Airport, where a Crater Charge Bomb has been placed in the Sevurity Checkpoint. Inside the Coach, Agent Whisper (the young boy) responds by saying "And by the way, Major: I have what you need, and I will have my Revenge!" as it shows Whisper's Passport, showing the name 'Keith Riley' and then zooms in on Whisper's Suitcase, containing a Skull Balaclava and a Sentinel Mark X Head!

Soundtrack Edit

  1. Main Menu Theme (John Ottman - Apocalypse)
  2. The Year 2016
  3. Battle of Metroville
  4. Death of Dash (John Ottman - Shattered Life)
  5. Clementine Becomes Scarlet Witch (John Ottman - Eric's Rebirth)
  6. 2 Years Later (John Ottman - Pyramid Collapse/Opening Titles)
  7. Bar Assassination
  8. Quicksilver's Vendetta
  9. The X-Mansion
  10. Cerebro Effect (John Ottman - Contacting Eric)
  11. Clementine Takes Over (John Ottman - Beethoven Havok)
  12. The Quicksilver Scene (Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams)
  13. Charles Taken
  14. Message to The World
  15. The Destruction of Metroville
  16. Mutant Pyramid
  17. The Final Battle (John Ottman - Magneto Effect + Split Them Up)
  18. Finding Charles & Jet Escape
  19. Rescue Your Weaklings (John Ottman - Great Hero)
  20. The X-Men's Last Stand (John Ottman - You Betray Me)
  21. Dash, The Red Phoenix (John Ottman - Like A Fire)
  22. Clementine & Dash Reunited (John Ottman - What Beach)
  23. The Mutants Rebuild (John Ottman - Rebuilding ~ Cuffed ~ Goodbye Old Friend)
  24. X-Men Assembled (John Ottman - You're X-Men/End Titles)

Sequel Edit

Main Article: X-Men: The New Mutants

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