Xados Ren
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Full Name Kyle Reese
Current Age 14
Date of Birth February 21st, 2003
Gender Male
Species Human
Hometown San Francisco, CA (Capital City)
Class Fallen Hero
Main Weapon(s) Plasma Sword (Red Crystal)
Debut War Of Heroes: Global Warfare
Current Status(es) Alive
Main Ability/ies Various Superhuman Powers
Affiliation(s) Grand Army of Earth-8000
Alias(es) Emperor of Earth-8000
Relation(s) Clementine Everett (lover and fellow Villain Lord)
Dennis Reese (father, deceased)
Mary Reese (mother, deceased)
Derek Reese (uncle)
Aidan Reese (twin brother)
Portrayed by Bryant Prince

"Humanity kneels before us, Clementine... And now the rest of The Hero Coalition will be crushed under our Army!"

- Xados (Kyle) regarding the Grand Army to Clementine Everett

Xados Ren (real name Kyle Reese) is an 14-year-old Human Male born on Earth during the 21st Century, and a major Hero Knight who fought for The Hero Coalition during the War Against the Villain Armada. From the events of War Of Heroes: Global Warfare in the Ubisoft-Pixar Crossover Universe, Kyle majorly crippled The Villain Armada and saved dozens of Realities from Villains such as Ozone, Skynet and several others.

During the Global War, Kyle also met and fell in love with Clementine Everett when he was 11 years old, and their partnership was highly responsible for the Destruction of The Villain Armada several months later. However, by the End of the Conflict, Kyle and Clementine would both destroy The Hero Coalition due to their attachment being endangered by the Villain Slayers after Clementine wanted to renounce the Coalition and start a new life with Kyle outside of the War.

Killing nearly 200,000 Heroes across the United States of America, Kyle (along with Clementine) founded the Grand Army of Earth-8000 and later took control of the Coalition/Armada Governments, becoming the Emperor and Empress of Earth-8000 respectively. The two would later establish a tyrannical, iron fist across the World, with both Kyle and Clementine ruling at the Throne.

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