Xbox 480 is the fourth console in the Xbox Family, preceeding this was the Xbox One.



The Xbox 480 has two cubes that you put on your knee and it makes you the controller like in the Xbox 360 trailer. There is another controller called the X-Pad.


  1. Minecraft Xbox 480 Edition
  2. Plants vs Zombie WAR!
  3. Call of Duty 480
  4. Xbox War Brawl!
  5. Halo for Xbox 480
  6. Pac-man Super Island!
  7. The Lego Movie 2 [ Video Game ]
  8. Super Hero Squad Hero Up! [ The Video Game ]
  9. Capcom Fight!
  10. Super Steve 480
  11. Megaman the Evil Fight!
  12. Steve Steve 480 [2]

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