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Xbox Vs Warhammer 40k is a crossover fighting game between the Xbox and Warhammer 40k Universe created by Armaxilump.The Parody of "Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe".

(article under costruction. do not edit, leave it to me, and come back some other time!)

Gameplay Edit

Online must be pc on steam and console must be Xbox one and Playstation 4.Only play this game have a buy any characters and upgrade you fighters.

Story Edit

See Xbox Vs Warhammer 40k/Story Mode.

Characters Edit

Xbox Universe Edit

Master Chief




Jack of Blades






Warhammer 40k Universe Edit

Space Marines



Chaos Space Marines


Imperial Guard


Tau Empire

Sister of Battle

Dark Eldar

DLC Characters Edit

Xbox Universe Edit

Ryu Hayabusa

Alan Wake

Jianna Dark


Kaim Argonar

Warhammer 40k Universe Edit

Steel Legion

Witch Hunter

Deamon Hunter

Chaos Deamon


Boss Characters Edit

Xbox Universe Edit


Warhammer 40k Universe Edit


Final Boss Edit


Planet Edit

  1. Cyrene
  2. Aurelia
  3. Kronus
  4. Kaurava
  5. Cybius

Story Mode's Chapter Edit

Xbox's Story Warhammer 40k's Story
Chapter 1: Dust Chapter 1: Imperial Guard
Chapter 2: Cerebella Chapter 2: Eldar
Chapter 3: Gunstringer Chapter 3: Tau Empire
Chapter 4: Volta Chapter 4: Necrons
Chapter 5: Scorch Chapter 5: Dark Eldar
Chapter 6: Jack of Blades Chapter 6: Orks
Chapter 7: Master Chief Chapter 7: Chaos Space Marines
Chapter 8: Space Marines

Trival Edit

  • Fax-Lien was fuse of Faxmod and Adlien was defeat by Master Chief and Gabriel Angelos.How longer to become more power to virus on life event last to going home and back to normal.

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