Xbox War is a crossover platform fighting game, exclusively for the Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It was developed by Rare in co-operation with 343 Industries and published by Microsoft Studios. The game will be released in October 24th, 2014.


In Xbox War, up to four players fight on screen using characters from various Microsoft and 3rd party franchises. Every character in the game has their own combat style and a super move or three that can be unleashed when a meter reaches its full potential from landing attacks to build AP (All-Star Power), which is used to score K.O.s. The fightning style plays similar to Nintendo's popular fightning series, Super Smash Bros. (this type of fighting game is known as a Mascot Fighter in certain circles). Blocking and rolling, as well as usage of items are also included. However, the system of building up meter to use a special move to score points is unique to the game.


  1. Arcade Mode
  2. Mission Mode
  3. Vs Mode
    1. Free for All!!
    2. Team!!
    3. Bomb Party
    4. Balloon Battle
  4. Online Mode
    1. Single Battle
      1. Ranking
    2. Team Battle
  5. Options
    1. Sound
    2. Controls
    3. Credits
  6. Extras
    1. Custom the Character
      1. Taunt
      2. Quote
      3. Intro
      4. Fanfare
      5. Icon
    2. Xbox Live Store 


John-117 Halo 4 Render



Banjo & Kazooie

Conker the squirrel 06


Gears of War 3 Personajes COG Marcus Fenix V2

Gears of War

1643908-splosionman thumb 1

Splosion Man


Kameo:Elements of Power 

Frank final 2

Dead Rising


Assassin's Creed

Grunty BK

Banjo & Kazooie

Alan (2)

Alan Wake

JagoRender zps7af79c80

Killer Instinct

Blinx 120

Blinx the Time Sweeper


Call of Duty

Joanna Dark 5

Perfect Dark

Jack of blades render 2 by papkapapka-d7lx9ib


Ryu Hayabusa

Ninja Gaiden


Dust:An Elysian Tail 

Michael Trevor Franklin

Grand Theft Auto

Tomb raider lara croft 2 by ivances-d5m3ev1

Tomb Raider

TheAgent art--article image


Gears of War 3 Personajes COG Dom V2

Gears of War


Killer Instinct

Fable Hero Fable

Gunstringer Kinect

The Gunstriger




Minecraft (Unlockable)


Titanfall (Unlockable)


Plants vs Zombies. (Unlockable)


Sunset Overdriver (Unlockable)

Kaim Argonar

Lost Odyssey (Unlockable)

Cooper Chance

Grabbed By The Ghoulies (Unlockable)

??? ??? ??? ???

Unlocking CriteriaEdit

Steve Clear Arcade Mode on any difficult
Pilot Clear Arcade Mode with 3 differents characters
Foot Soldier  Clear Arcade Mode with 7 differents characters 
Player Play 20 matches on Sunset City
Kaim Argonar Clear Mission #24 on medium
Cooper Chance Clear Arcade Mode with Banjo-Kazooie on hard


Stage Name Franchise Music
High Charity Infested Cortana Halo
  1. Main Theme (Orchestral)
  2. Finish the Fight
  3. Halo Theme (Mjolnir Mix)
Forge world Forge World Halo
  1. Main Menu (Halo 4)
  2. Peril
  3. Earth City
SpiralMountainNB Spiral Mountain Banjo & Kazooie
  1. Spiral Mountain (Banjo & Kazooie)
  2. Spiral Mountain (Banjo & Tooie)
  3. Treasure Trove Cove
Freezeezy Peak1 Freezeezy Peak Banjo & Kazooie
  1. Freezeezy Peak
  2. Mumbo's Mountain
  3. Hailfire Peaks (Ice Side)
Arena The Arena Conker
  1. Uga Buga
  2. Rock Solid
  3. Windy
Gears-of-war-3-blood-drive Blood Drive Gears of War
  1. Hope Runs Deep
  2. Mad World
  3. Fish In A Barrel
Library Library Gears of War
  1. Judgment
  2. Finally a Tomorrow
  3. Hold Them Off
AC2 Animi Room Animi Room Assassin's Creed
  1. VR Room
  2. Assassin's Creed III Main Theme
  3. Assassin's Creed Black Flag Main Theme
Jago TigerLair Blue Jago's Tiger Lair Killer Instinct
  1. Jago's Tiger Lair
  2. Jago's Theme
  3. Character Select
Ultratech Fulgore's Ultratech Industries Killer Instinct
  1. Fulgore's Theme
  2. Fulgore's Theme (Arcade)
  3. Spinal's Theme
Nuketown-Featured-600x368 Nuketown 2025 Call of Duty
  1. BO2 Theme
  2. Adrenaline
  3. MW3 Main Theme
Hayabusa no sato zps488b5989 The Hayabusa Ninja Village Ninja Gaiden
  1. Ninja Soul
  2. Battle With the Dead
  3. Ryu Hayabusa Theme (Act 4-2 remix)
Stage454 Ivydale Glen Dust:An Elysian Tail 
  1. Main Menu
  2. Twin Souls
  3. Abadis Forest
Shot Vespucci Beach Grand Theft Auto
  1. Oh No-Welcome to Los Santos
  2. Ogdens' Nut Gone Flake
  3. GTA 3 Theme
Base Exterior Base Exterior (Unlockable) Tomb Raider
  1. A Survivor Is Born
  2. Main Theme
  3. Menu
Overworld2 Overworld (Unlockable) Minecraft
  1. Main Theme
  2. Menu 2
  3. Clark
Fracture Fracture (Unlockable) Titanfall
  1. Main Theme
  2. PILOT
  3. Lobby IMC 2
Chomp Town Chomp Town (Unlockable) Plants vs Zombies.
  1. Main Theme
  2. Bad Juice
  3. Zomboss Theme
Xboxethernet1 Xbox Home (Unlockable) Xbox
  1. Avatar Editor
  2. Avatar Editor 2
  3. Eyes on the Prize
Maxresdefault Kinect Sports  Kinect Sports
  1. Party Music 01
  2. Party Music 03
  3. Party Music 05
Sunset-overdrive-wondertown-environment Sunset City Sunset Overdrive
  1. Gazoline
  2. They come to get us
  3. Count Batula's Theme
Alphs Bernese Alps (Unlockable) Forza
  1. Forza Motorsport 3 Menu
  2. Forza Motorsport Main Theme
  3. Paris Rouen
Kaido art 1 Bridge Wide Forza
  1. Forza Motorsport 4 Main Theme
  2. Forza Horizon 2 Main Menu
  3. Kingpin
Solve-summer-mind-bonus-level-game-ilomilo.1280x600 Summer Mind (Unlockable) IloMilo
  1. Cozy Sofa
  2. Jelly Moonlight
  3. Sunny Days

Unlocking CriteriaEdit

Base Exterior Clear Arcade with Lara Croft 
Overworld Unlock Steve
Fracture Unlock Pilot
Chomp Town Unlock Foot Soldier
Xbox Home Clear Arcade with Avatar
Bernese Alps Play 15 matches on Bridge Wide
Summer Mind Win a Bomb Party Match


Image Item Franchise
Helperball Helper Character Xbox War
H4 sword trans Type-1 Energy Sword Halo
Egg1 Blue Eggs Banjo & Kazooie
Grenade-egg Grenade Eggs Banjo & Kazooie
Beacon Grenade Beacon Grenade Gears of War
Golf Golf Club Grand Theft Auto
Fireworks Launcher Fireworks Launcher Grand Theft Auto
Ender Pearl Ender Pearl Minecraft
Bow Bowling Ball Kinect Sports

Helper CharactersEdit

Character Name Franchise
Arbiter crop Arbiter Halo
MumboJumbo Mumbo Jumbo Banjo-Kazooie
Bottles2 Bottles Banjo-Kazooie
Berserker2 Berserker Gears of War
BOOMl Boomer Gears of War
Witch Witch Minecraft
PeashooterGardenWarfare Peashooter Plants vs Zombies.
Joyf Jack Joey Quantum Break
Marius Marius Titus Ryse:Son of Rome