So if you see that little bird, you should go check the bulletin board too!  

Normal villagers, Animal Crossing City Folk (2008)
Yellow Bird
the Yellow Bird
Gender Female
Species Bird
Debut Animal Crossing: City Folk (2008)
Current Status(es) Alive

The Yellow Bird (Japanese: 黄色の鳥 Kiiro no tori) is a minor character from the Animal Crossing series, and one of the only non-anthropomorphic animals seen throughout the series. First appearing in Animal Crossing: City Folk, the Yellow Bird appeared on top of the message board when new messages were posted. Their role was expanded in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, as multiple Yellow Birds appear on Main Street after a renovation. At night, the one that sits on the message board is replaced by the White Owl in New Leaf.


My Animal CrossingEdit

The Yellow Bird once again returns in My Animal Crossing, and has a similar task as per the previous games. Unlike other games, the Yellow Bird is referred to as a female by the normal villagers. Like before, the Yellow Bird sits on the message board when there is an unread message posted. Three Yellow Birds also appear on a shop once it has been renovated, but fly away when approached.

Kiki often mentions the Yellow Bird, and calls it the "best singer ever".

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