York Neely
York Neely
York Neely
Gender Male
Species Human
Class Hero
Main Weapon(s) Twin Hand Gun
Debut Cross Edge
Current Status(es) Alive
Affiliation(s) Miko Aiba, Troy

York Neely (Japanese: 神薙 勇刀 Kannagi Yūto) is a hero of Cross Edge.


The boy had in suddenly wandered into "world". Parents have a dojo of the old martial arts, himself familiar with the jiu-jitsu in its influence. However, the jiu-jitsu because it was inculcated forcibly anaerobic has pointing, has been immersed in the shooting since I was a junior high school. Arm of shooting self-styled Olympic class. Impulsive and it is a fast Tsu cheap quarrel up blood to the head, only to Miko Aiba of childhood does not increase the head. Although there is a hate studying, performance itself is not bad, thanks to the life.


If there Also personality If "York Neely" ...

  • Thing is large, it is abusive to reverse to act along with the hero Neptune of "Hyperdimension Neptunia".
  • I have hated to be killed Moe to hero Chou-Chou of "Mugen Souls".
  • I put Tsukkomi when the hero May of "Monster Monpiece" fight.
  • Likely eye horse and hero Fang of "Fairy Fencer F", but I disliked in reverse.

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