[player name]

Character Info

Height: ???
Age: 21
Role: Protagonist
How to Unlock: Default
Stages: All Main Story Stages
Other Appearances: *Stacey's Survival
*Looting for Lanterns
~Accuracy: ?/15
~Speed: ?/15
~Stamina: ?/15
~Health: 100hp

You are a 21 year old character who you design who acts as the protagonist in Side Scroll. You appears in all the Main Story Levels and is a character you can select for Arcade Modes. You are able to both design your character as well as select what stats you want them to have (you have 22 points to use) and these can be adapted at any point, when not in mission.


Main StoryEdit

  • Intro: You enter the Airport with Joe and Hannah as you are about to go on your holiday when the terrorists strike.
  • Level 1: You wake up with Joe in the storage cupboard after the initial attack. Together you must escape from this room and go and find Hannah. You three then go and battle the terrorists and rescue the hostages allowing you to continue with the story.
  • Level 2: You, Joe, Hannah & Justice are flying out to China to meet an agent in the safe house, now you have been recruited to the agency. He tells you about the mythical Necklace of Shìlì. He also tells you of a person who has information about it's location. You must find them and use their information to go and stop this weapon falling into the wrong hands.

Bonus MissionsEdit

  • Stacey's Survival: You must protect Stacey from the terrorists as you help her escape the Airport.
  • Looting for Lanterns: You must steal 10 lanterns from all around the market place, as part of your stealth training.

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