Zhao Ma
Zhao Ma

Character Info

Height: Medium
Age: 43
Role: Informant
How to Unlock: Get Gold in Looting for Lanterns
Stages: *Level 2
Other Appearances: *Chinatown BOT set
~Accuracy: 4/15
~Speed: 7/15
~Stamina: 5/15
~Health: 75hp

Zhao Ma is a 43 year old who is an informant about the Necklace of Shìlì in Side Scroll. He appears in the second Story Mode level but is not unlockable.


Zhao Ma is a teacher of history at the local school. He is the husband of Dao-Ming Ma and father of Bik. He was working on morning when he found a letter in his pigeon hole. It was unnamed, but when he opened it he realised it was for the headmaster. Reading on, he discovered the headmaster was corrupt and working with the holders of the mystical Necklace of Shìlì so he contacted the NPA which lead to his involvement with you.


Main StoryEdit

  • Level 2: He is a person who can inform you about the location of the Necklace of Shìlì, however you must protect him and his family before he will help you.

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